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Translate the Note [LeeAnn]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Translate the Note [LeeAnn] Empty Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:45 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn took another job that was something even more simple than the last one. It was less physical and more intelligence. She had to meet someone in a library to translate some note. The client did not have enough time to really do it herself. This was right up LeeAnn's alley. Knowledge was her thing. The others may not know of it, but she was a huge bookworm. Especially, since it gave her more background information on possible leads in finding her mother. Though, her sense in direction was a bit flawed. Getting lost, she had to go east. Not north like she originally had thought. The redhead finally made it to the library. Entering it, it was huge. Bigger than the one in her family's mansion in Era. She held a note and the job said she had to translate this note from an ancient language. It looked to be a list of some sorts.

The redhead sat down. She studied the note and just stared at it for some time. "Old latin? Wait...hmmm. I really don't know. Time to do some research" she said. LeeAnn stuff the note into her pocket for safe keeping. The library was huge and going to take some time in finding what she wanted. Past the history of Fiore, she found languages of differentiating varieties. There were some books here that were not found anywhere else. LeeAnn grabbed a random dictionary. It was her luck that it was the wrong one. None of the letters matched the ones on the none. How unfortunate! Oh well, next book. The next one was no luck either. Same thing as the last book, she placed the old dictionary back into the slot where she had gotten it. The redhead remembered her mother always reading her stories. Her favorite was the Kitsune and the princess. It was about a kitsune named Hiro, who loved to play. He was very lonely and sad when one day a young princess crossed his path. She asked the kitsune for help. Her dress was stuck under some rocks. The kitsune agreed to help as he made the rocks disappear. The princess was so awed by this strange power that she asked him to follow her back to the castle. The kitsune agree hoping that he would make a friend. The princess would tell him to stay as they both became good friends. Slowly, the kitsune formed a love towards her. The power of the kitsune spread like wildfire. Everyone was going to him for wishes as he would grant them. He loved the attention. Overtime, he grew tired as everyone only wanted him to fulfill their desires, but no one would fulfill his. Growing hatred towards mankind, his body split into two. One of a white kitsune, the good, and the other one a orange kitsune, the bad one. The evil one killed the princess and vanished causing chaos to enslave mankind. The white one began to repair what his brother had caused.

It was an odd story. Perhaps they had it here? Back to the mission, she was on a job. Remember? LeeAnn broke her trance with a simple shake of her head. She skimmed her finger along the spines of each foreign language dictionary. Finally, something caught her eye. It said "Valan Runic Language" along the spine. Perhaps she was looking in the wrong section again? Once again the stupefied detective LeeAnn done it again. She pulled out the old dictionary and plopped it on the table carelessly. It made an echo throughout the building as people gave her a look. She blushed a little out of embarrassment. She began her work. It was quite easy for her to translate since it was few words. Translating the words, it was Hare Meat, Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves. This made her laugh a little. It was just a simple list. LeeAnn would go to put her book away as she noticed the children's book, The Kitsune and the Princess, on the shelf. She took it and opened it. It looked worn and old. Looking at the card of who checked it out last was "Elizabeth Nakamura" with no date. She flipped through the book getting side tracked. A small note fell out to the ground. LeeAnn blinked as she placed the book back onto the shelf. She leaned down to pick up the note.

It said:

The blooming flower,
At the center lies its core,
You can find your first clue there,
In a manticore where lies the next trial,
You may find it there, my dear daughter

LeeAnn read. To a daughter. Leeann grasped the note tightly. This was weird She placed the note in her pocket separate from the old shopping list and its translation she wrote on a different sheet. The redhead placed the Valan Runic Language dictionary back where she had founded it. The redhead got up and looked at the list. Where she she put it? The book she still had in her hands was some sort of importance. Grabbing the book, she rushed to the front desk as she placed it on the counter. "I would like to check this out please" she said, so sudden and in a hurry. She might have a lead to why her mother was missing and this note could be hers. It looked like her handwriting. She always wrote in a neat and italic fashion. Sad enough, Leeann inherited her father's handwriting skills. Not as pretty as her mother's, but still eligible. Gently, the libararian took out a pen and wrote the on the card. Looking up at LeeAnn for a name, she gave her ID card to the lady. A few moments passe as her name was written on the card and the date it was checked out and due. The librarian gave back the ID card and the book. Leeann placed the note on the table showing it was for her client to look over and her notes. LeeAnn happily left with the book and went on her way to collect her reward.



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