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Translate the Note [Alek]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Translate the Note [Alek] Empty Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:27 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
‘Beep, beep, beep.’

Aleksandr had of course had enough of this alarm continuously snoozing in his face, seriously tired of it. So with disgust in his voice, he shouted “Shut the hell up!” and threw it on the door through which people entered his room. He was currently staying at an inn and he was broke and didn’t have money to pay for another day of stay. Broke reminded him of money which he didn’t had. Also, he really hadn’t done any request while he was in Crocus. A shame really because it was his job to help the community and he really wanted to help it. So he fell out of the bed while not paying attention and hurt his head. It did really hurt though enough to make him scream “Ow!” which would echo throughout the room. Getting up, he ran into the bathroom and defecated. Then he grabbed his brush after washing his hands and flushing the toilet and entered the shower while brushing his teeth, and he was doing it rapidly and almost hurt his gums in while brushing, after he was done. He threw his brush right into the place where it was, good fluke though and ran out of his bathroom grabbing his towel and drying himself. He would take out a tracksuit and athletic shoes and wore then up real fast while throwing his towel on the bed. He ran out of his inn room in a hurry to reach the request board, it was around 6:30 PM, which was well enough late for him and also because he slept for 12 hours straight and gave his night duty to a fellow officer.

Aleksandr was of course, not the first one to reach the request board. There was a crowd of 6 to 9 people in front of the request board. Jumping into the crowd, he would looks for the ‘easy money’ request and without much effort he found it: Translate the note. He went for it and just as one person in the crowd was about to grab and tear the request off the board, he would snatch it and run away shouting “It’s mine! Now cry your life away you slowass!” Being mean was a bit fun though because it got him his request while the thing was that the people in the crowd didn’t know he was a Rune Knight so their reputation won’t get ruined because of his somewhat immature behavior. So running a considerable distance away, he would see and read the description. Seemed a girl named Luciel wanted the request taker to translate a note for her for which she didn’t have time to do. So he made his way towards the Library, thankfully he didn’t have to turn back because he came the right way, so much flukes happening today. He could gain access to any section of the Library due to him being a Seated member of the Rune Knights, or just being a Rune Knight.

Aleksandr met up with that oddly sounding and looking woman, Luciel who provided him with all information needed for him to find the dictionary and that one dictionary would be enough for translating it the list. Sounded good to him, he nodded while panting because he had ran all they way to here, The Library. The woman went to handle her own business as he went inside, still panting to find a Librarian that could help him find the book or to be more precise, dictionary. He found a Librarian, a male one and asked him about the dictionary’s location to which he would say that he’ll lead him to the section, where he could find it himself. It took the ‘old’ Librarian 5 minutes to find the section because the old man couldn’t walk fast enough and would leave Alek in the section where it was located to mind his own business and find the dictionary (or book). He started looking through the books and climbed the ladder nearby, leading to him finding the b labeled ‘Valan Runic Language’ on the top of the section, in the middle. Grabbing it and going down the ladder, he would get the dictionary and take out the list from his thigh pocket and then put them on a table. Then he would open the the book and start to look for the meaning of the words. He would read the book and it started getting really confusing to him, the first word he could figure out in the list using the book was ‘Hare Meat’ and he thought ‘Hare meat..really?’ because it was a bit confusing for him because he didn’t know that people hares or do they now? Well, he was straining on the subject of Hare Meat. So without paying more heed to it, he would turn the page of the book and look for the second word.

Next word was ‘Potatoes’ and it made him think something ‘Is this a grocery list or something?’ but would then shrug it off because it was wasting his time and time is money. So he started looking for the third word which he found with relative ease and really quickly, it was ‘Cabbage’ so it was really a grocery list after all, which would make him think ‘So it really is a fucking grocery list and a really old one at that from the looks of it!’ and realizing it’s a grocery list, he decided not to pay much attention to it but really the fourth word would confuse him a lot now because it was a bit of complex word from his knowledge and he would turn the pages and would keep turning it until he found the word and almost shouted the word:

“Ox Hooves!”

Aleksandr would then write the translation of the words next to them, separating them with a hyphen. Of course, he was a bit annoyed with him translating this ‘of no use, bloody old note’ but he would just shrug it off cause he would get his reward for it, for his waste of energy on a useless matter. He would then put the book in its respective place using the ladder and then go to the Library desk and leave the list there, telling the receptionist to tell Luciel that he left it there for her and saying that his name was Aleksandr and the receptionist gave him the reward that Luciel had kept for her. Despite its uselessness, he earned some money off it.

Aleksandr would then go to his room in the inn he was staying at and stored the money for until he stayed there, so that when he checks out he pays it. It turned out to be a boring day, he also hadn’t done breakfast. He yawned and set out to get breakfast for himself.

Words: 1146

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