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Lets get physical (Quest)

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#1Dane Siph 

Lets get physical (Quest) Empty Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:53 pm

Dane Siph
Dane had decided to go out and look for at least one job before leaving crocus. Looking over the board he saw something that caught his eye, TRAIN CHILDREN, he liked kids, why not.  After excepting he followed the instructions on the sheet he ran through the crowded streets to the park. he wondered for a little while through out the park.

Dane wasn't one to exactly be mean to anyone, and he didn't really know what it was like to be a rune Knight either, BUT he did know how to train. Running from things on a  job was pretty much a normal for any wizard.

he found them in the less populated park. The five boys already looked some what in shape...but not enough.  He looked them all over, reading their expressions. The one to the right was the oldest, all the others seemed to have a mutual respect for him. Probably best to push him the hardest he thought. The only other one who seemed a slight problem was the one at the end of the line, the rebellious one, he dubbed him. "Okay let's get started. 40 laps, you'll never do anything if you aren't in shape!" He watched the oldest one run as fast as he could with his little possy of three following him, sweating profusely. The Rebellious One was wondering behind, " HEY, YOU!" He pointed at the Rebellious One, " Do 60, and if you don't book it you'll have 25 push-ups waiting for you when you're done!" He watched pleasantly as the kid grudgingly sped up. Turning away for a few minuted he looked at the schedule, they had a obstacle course. After setting up the course he had about 15 minutes of waiting for the first three then another 5 for the Rebellious One. he gave them 3 minutes to drink some water, he didn't want to make them sick, at least not yet. " Okay now you're going to have to do that obstacle course! in...7 minutes, first person to pass gets to decide the next exercise and how many, the person in last has to do triple the amount." Dane started his watch and began to wait. One of the scrawny kids, who followed the eldest actually pulled through in 4 minutes or so, coming in first, then the other scrawny one's, the eldest in 3rd, he was clearly not built for maneuvering, Dane would work on that, and of course the rebellious one came in last. " Okay scrawny, whats your exercise?" The kid decided on doing 25 sit-ups, " okay last place do 75." Dane ordered. At the end of it he told the 4 boys to pair up and begin learning close-combat. " You." He pointed at the rebellious one, " Come with me." He said sternly.

Once they we're out of earshot he leaned down so he was face to face with the kid. " Do you understand that slacking off is going to get you killed if you actually go out in battle?! The moment some Phantom Lord Wizard runs after you, and you never ran in training you're dead." Standing back up, he towered over the kid. "We're going back." He gave the startled kid a nudge with his hand.

"Okay," Dane began, " Training isn't the only thing you need to know about. Onto magic, now we're not doing any magic today, but you need to know about it. No mana, no magic, simple as that. You need to train to increase your ability and thats what were doing. I want to see push-ups now, 30 of em' eldest you run the obstacle course again." He swung his head around and watched the eldest run the course, " Again Until you can do it in under 5 minutes without touching anything!" He yelled at him. Dane decided to set up his own version of training, he gathered some ropes and found a strip of rocky path. He waited for the next 20 minutes for everyone to finish. " Okay, this ones called the escape, you have to make it to the other side of the path in 4 minutes...with your legs and arms bound. You don't make it, you're caught, and you have to run 7 laps. Got it? Now tie yourselves together!" The 5 kids tied their hands and feet and began to hop across the field. The eldest took good lead, but the scrawny kid was hopping short but fast, having a less of a chance at tripping on impact. The No longer- Rebellious one fell a few times but triumphantly made it to the end on time. After they had all made it he had them do it again, " Tie yourselves in a group this time, you still have 4 minutes, work together."  He demanded. It ended in disaster, the eldest ordered everyone...but no one listened, " Run seven laps!" He yelled. Once again he tied them together but with some tips this time, " You're not going to make it very far if you don't time your jumps, begin counting as soon as you start, jump at 3, so 1, 2, 3 JUMP. Okay?" He said. This time they managed to escape in the nick of time. " Okay we're done here, i think Armin wanted you alive."

Dane left the park and wondered once more though the streets of crocus and stopped at the fancy house. Once inside he stopped at the man's bed table and handed him the sheet, " They're pretty worn out." Dane laughed awkwardly. HE stepped out of the apartment and set out once more, he might do a few more jobs he thought. Crocus was SLIGHTLY pretty. Nonetheless he set off from a strict day training to go sit on a bridge again.

word count: 1,006/ 1,000

Lets get physical (Quest) CvIh5Ca

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