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Let's Get Physical(request)

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Let's Get Physical(request) Empty Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:11 pm

Malacanth couldn’t help but look forward to the day ahead. It was six am, the sunrise lit up a quaint park that would be the training ground for today. Considering how early it was, the fact that he was chipper about the whole situation surprised even him. Of course he didn’t let this fact slip to the children before him today. If they were to respect him as their replacement instructor, he needed to come off as an authority figure. If the lack of emotion affected any of them, they didn’t show it. If anything, they somehow looked happy, as if they enjoyed having to wake up to work out. Malacanth could only muse about how one could be so dedicated to anything, but that wasn’t the reason he was here today. He was here to make these kids sweat, so that's what he was going to do. “Alright men, time to warm up, hurry up and follow me.” He said this with his usual neutral tone, betraying no hint of excitement. The kids, probably use to a more lively teacher, followed along with some muted agreement.

Malacanth would lead them through some stretches for about fifteen minutes. He went through the basics, sit and reach, lunges, and butterfly to name just a few. He made sure to watch each kid individually for at least a minute, making sure none were taking it easy. After these stretches, he would then tell them “Time to jog kids, run around the perimeter of the park. Go for ten laps, after that you’ll get a break.” Some groans were heard, but Malacanth was not going to let that change his mind. The kids started running at a solid pace, and Malacanth took the time to set up some equipment Armin had provided for the training today. There wasn’t too much to do, just some weights to set out and some steps to put into place.

Malacanth couldn’t help to notice during the setup that some kids weren’t doing their due diligence. Two were walking behind some shrubbery where they thought he couldn’t see them, only starting again when the shrubbery ended. He didn’t know how hard Armin usually ran his training sessions, but he wasn’t doing the kids any favors by allowing them to slack off. When the final kid finished the ten laps, Malacanth voiced his disapproval. “While three of you did exactly what you were supposed to, two of you decided to slack off. As potential rune knights, you must know that you cannot get away with laziness. You must try your hardest, and since some of you didn’t, you all will have to work harder. Two more laps.” Groans were heard all around, even if the two who were lazy looked sheepish and ashamed. After two more laps, they were given a break they now desperately needed.

Each drank water and snacked if they had brought any to eat. Malacanth had them sit in a circle, deciding to take this time to get to know them. He couldn’t help but want to be friendly, the children reminded him of the kids he had grown up with. In a sad way, these kids represented everything that was taken away from him and the kids he grew up with. It didn’t help that even today he still didn’t know what he truly wanted. These kids on the other hand were so determined to be rune knights. While he couldn’t learn what he wanted to do from these kids, he was at least intrigued enough to learn their names. “While you guys rest up, let's go through names, mines Malacanth.” Each kid suddenly looked much more animated, as if waiting for an excuse to talk with him. They went around, saying their names in rapid fire succession. “John!” “Randy!” “Erin!” “Finnick!” “Warren!.” Malacanth did his best to remember each one. “Ok, seeing as you guys know nothing about me, any questions?” Malacanth had expected a torrent of questions but instead, only one kid said anything. “Do you have magic!” Once he heard that, he should have expected that to be the only question on their minds. His eyes gave it away that he was hardly a normal mage. Sadly, he was not willing to share his particular brand of magic, better for them not to know the specifics. “I do, it has something to do with ice.” The kids looked expectantly for a few seconds, probably assuming he would go into more detail.

He cut off that wait though, saying “ok kids, breaks over, time to get back to work.” The now familiar sound of groans was heard, although much more muted than before. “Ok, time to lift some weights, need to be strong if you're going to live a military life.” The weights they were lifting weren’t terribly heavy for a grown man, but for a group not even past twelve, it was more than enough for a workout. They would next do fifteen minutes of the steps that he had set up. By the end of all this, they were well and truly spent. An hour and a half of workouts was a tall order for kids of their age, and for the most part they toughed through it admirably. “Nice job kids, you're done for the day. I’ll let Armin know you guys worked hard.” Cheers followed this pronouncement, and they dispersed, going their separate ways home or to play the day away. Malacanth spent fifteen minutes cleaning up the gear, and carrying them back to Armin’s place. Armin was sadly disposed and not really capable of waking up in his current state, but he left a note, telling him a summery of what occurred at this morning’s training session, omitting the two kid’s attempt to walk parts of the jog. Malacanth knew they were good kids from what he had seen, no point in potentially getting them in trouble. With that out of the way, he was done for the day. He left Armin’s place, moving on to whatever the day had to offer.


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