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Conman Coward [ Andromeda ]

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Conman Coward [ Andromeda ] Empty Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:15 pm

A peek into the not so distant past

It had dawned on her that she wasn’t as informed as she should have been on a lot of things before leaving Baska. In mind she was still a child and at her age that wasn’t something that was good. Having just returned from a beautifully wooded area called Worth Woodsea, Andromeda had never experienced tranquility like that before and for the short  time she was there she was left with her own thoughts. Thoughts of a future that she was unsure of, thoughts of a past that she could never fully enjoy, and thoughts of her current present which she was silently dreading. Walking the bustling streets of Crocus she counted out her jewels and realizing  that she was low on  funds placed her in a very bad position. “ Oh jeez.. I won’t be able to go back to missi’s like this.” A soft sounding sigh with a heavy weight slipped from her as she leaned herself against a building wall. How was she suppose to continue on with her job if she didn’t have funds to take care of her most basic needs. For the first time in a long time she felt hopeless and not even the reassurance of Zeus’s could fix it.

“ Hey kid, you alright? “
Quickly standing to her full height which wasn’t much to begin with, the young blond turned her attention to the direction of the voice. Fluctuating pools of blue and green met with deep and soothing brown orbs. It was probably written all over her face, stress and uncertainty but more than that she couldn’t even answer the question given to her right away. “ How about you come inside? It’s about to rain real soon, don’t want ya to get soaked out here. “ Andromeda raised an eyebrow and looked up at the sky. There weren’t any indications of rain coming, and she would know she was the vessel for a god who was in control of that sort of thing. “ Thanks. “ Smiling to the man she followed him inside the Inn which she realized that was what she was leaning against once she looked up at the sign leading into it. “ I haven’t seen your face around here before. What’s your name? “
Andromeda Dios, I’m not from around here ya right about that.. I’m from Baska but now I’m just uh well...I don’t know.” Her voice trailed off and at that moment she just wanted to go home but it was already obvious to her that she didn’t have one of those. “ Ah well sometimes it is like that, ever thought about takin on some side jobs? Might put a little extra jewels in your pocket and give ya something to do while you figure it all out.” In truth Andromeda hadn’t thought about that at all, she didn’t even know how to go about it. “ I never thought about it before…. But where am I even gonna find these jobs?
“ Oh they are all over the place, there is even a board where you can take up things like that. Heck I even have a request myself if ya willin…”

The here and now

The sky had darkened considerably since she had left the Inn. Andromeda didn’t believe it but now she couldn’t ignore Batra’s weather prediction. Dipping and weaving past the people of crocus who were in a hurry to avoid the rain, Andromeda paid attention to each face. She had already gotten a picture of the man and since he looked like such a rat it wouldn’t be hard to spot out a face like that. “ Bingo “ A light drizzle began to fall but she had caught her man right on target, standing next to some sort of store with three other people she approached the man quickly. “ Hey you! With green tie! Over here! “ Waving her hands to get the man’s attention she continue to dip past people until she came to the man. His face was even more rat like up front.
“ Oh hey little girl what can I do for you? “ His voice was fake and saturated with sweetness like cotton candy dipped in honey and sprayed with sugar water, making the cotton candy melt into a puddle that could trap anyone in it’s stickiness. “ You took jewels from my friend. Now give it back. I won’t be askin twice. “ Putting one hand on her hip and placing one hand out to the man she waited, even as the men around him chuckled and made comments about how she was cute and how she should run along. “ No, no guys she is right, what I did wasn’t right. Sorry kid I was just in need of the jewels, I guess I should just get a job. Here take it to it’s rightful owner. “ Handing over the jewels Andromeda took them from him quickly and nodded her head. “ Yea you do just that, don’t let me catch you doing anything else you got that? “ Andromeda’s voice was almost like a parent scolding a child. Taking a quick look over of the jewels she quickly ran off towards the inn so that she could return the jewels to the innkeeper. It didn’t take long but she would soon find out that the jewels weren’t even real. A feeling of anger washed over her as she realized that she had gotten scammed. “ Oh I’m gonna get that rat!

Running to the area where she found the man named Kyle, Andromeda frowned when she met his eyes. The drizzle of the rain turned into downpour but that didn’t stop the rat from running away from her. “ HEY GET BACK HERE RAT “ The streets were empty and so this made it easier to keep up with the conman. The rain soaked her and slowed her down but in  flash of lightning she began to transform into her godly state and quickly caught up with him, cornering him into a alley. “ You dumb bitch. Why don’t you just run along before you get hurt. “ Taking out a bat from seemingly nowhere Kyle sung at her. It was sloppy swing, a frantic and panicked swing. Andromeda with lighting dancing in her eyes caught the bat in her hand before it made contact. Thrusting her free hand in the air she brought it down as if she was throwing something to the ground. In doing this action a confused look crossed Kyle’s face he didn’t think to look up as he tried to snatch his bat back but it didn’t matter. Above the poor rat faced man’s head a magic circle that looked like a white fluffy cloud came into view and as quickly as it came a burst of lightning shot from it. This bolt of lightning coupled with the rain made for some rather shocking results as Kyle dropped to the ground, letting his bat go in the process. Pushing dark locks from her face the rain slicking it back with ease. “ I shouldn’t have had to change for something as lowly as you…” Picking up the trash and throwing it over her shoulder she delivered kyle to Batra. Making sure to return to her normal state before walking into the inn, Andromeda dragged Kyle by the scruff of his shirt not caring what he hit his head on. “ It was hard to lug this trash around. But there ya have it. “ Smiling proudly Batra looked surprised, praising Andromeda before paying her. With her sweet earned jewels Andromeda felt she had a newfound purpose and it's name was... Jewels.

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