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Worth to Crocus { Foot Travel }

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Worth to Crocus { Foot Travel } Empty Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:59 pm

She hadn't done much in the way of exploring the tree filled area of Worth Woodsea. It was really unlike her to do something like up and leaving a place without mapping it out fully. Sighing Andromeda sorted around her pack to make sure she had everything she needed this time around. A mistake was made when she rushed outta crocus, she had forgotten something of hers at the tavern she was staying at. "mm ribbon..Extra socks...Mango.. Uh huh, uh huh, " Her hands rummaged around in her small pack as she nodded to herself. For now this was all she needed in order to get to Crocus, she could restock any supplies on the way there if she really needed to.

Once she was ready she left the quiet wooded area and began her trek towards Crocus. The journey itself took about two days. Stopping at a town she seemed to missed before, Andromeda stocked up on some supplies. She didn't stay long but she would have to remind herself to come back to that town and stay a bit longer. The rest of the trip was more or less smooth sailing. Croous didn't a change a bit since she had left it, but then again she didn't really expect it too. Still pretty impressive place to be in.

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