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Let's Get Physical [LeeAnn]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Let's Get Physical [LeeAnn] Empty Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:28 pm

Lee Nakamura
The young Rune Knight taken another small job to keep her busy and avoid the patrolling again. A fellow Rune Knight needed someone to fill in his position to teach young aspiring soldiers. She decided to work with... little kids! She never really liked little brats and was kinda glad she couldn't have any. Kids were really annoying. Like always, she shown up early. Armin couldn't make it because he fell ill and asked LeeAnn to take care of his duty. Being a fellow Seated Knight, how could she say no? LeeAnn lied in the local park near the center of the capital. It was no surprise she always early by a half an hour or more. To her she was on time as she waited for five boys to arrive all younger than she was by far. She waited in a tree where no one could see here as five boys came over no older than the age of 10. They looked around. "Armin is always here? Wonder if he forgot" said one of the boys. Another one of them seemed to be the boss and told them that he never forgot and to leave. LeeAnn smiled as she leaped out of the tree, startling the boys. She towered over them. "He didn't forget. Your teacher fell ill and told me to fill in for him while is he getting better. No worries, he willd return next week. My name is LeeAnn Nakamura, a fellow seated Rune Knight" she smiled. The boys seemed really bothered that Armin was not here. What made it worse all five of them gave her a dirty look. "Why is a gggiiirrrlll a Knight? Its for boys only" said one of them.

"Go back to the kitchen, lady! We want Armin" another said. This made LeeAnn becoming a little offended. She had her body flare up in fire causing the boys to flinch. A deadly look came from her eyes as she curled her lips. "Want to push me? Anyone brave enough to press their luck" she threatened. They said nothing getting the point quite clearly. The redhead released the flames and getting back to her serious and more calmer look. She pulled out a stop watch. "Armin said today we will be doing physical fitness. Now I want all of you to give me five laps around the park" she said. The gave her a look. "Make that seven laps, then?" she said with a smile. They shook their heads. "Five is completely fine" said one of the boys. She nodded and pressed the time.

"Alright then, GO" she said. LeeAnn didn't run with them seeing them suffer for putting down a woman in the army. It put a little smile on her face now knowing the joy of bossing people around and seeing them wheeze and beg for mercy. Maybe the redhead was a little devilish. But she wanted to give them a good workout because they were going to be future soldiers and serving their country. LeeAnn wanted them to be prepared for the real thing. They came panting as one of them fell over. She smiled. "Its going to be worse as you get older. You are gonna have to twenty laps around the whole building. One tip for you all, team work. That would get you through the tough ranks of being a page and apprentice. You all did well, regarding your horrible remarks to a superior" she said. Some of them gave a glare. LeeAnn noticed as she picked one of the boy up. He looked a little shocked. "Stand up kid! Show me what you got" she said. He looked a little hesitated seeing how she was being very forward with them to hit her. The boy rushed towards her with his fist out forward. She grabbed it and flipped him on his back hard, but not too hard. The redhead was gentle enough to not hurt him, but give him enough to learn that he was still weak. "That was extremely lousy. Alright, the rest of you give me fifty jumping jacks. GO" she ordered. They immediately did as she said being very intimated by her presence. The boy on the ground she picked up and lied against the tree. She gave him a few painkillers and water to heal up. "T-T-Thank you" he shuddered. She nodded allowing him to rest and sent him back out there. This was how her mother, father, and Ciar was with her. They broke her down and built her back up. Her parents pushed her through her training since she was eight. When she was about their age, she was already learning basic hand-to-hand combat. Ciar still treated her like she was still a new beginner in the Rune Knight system. He was hard on her and placed her under her brother's authority. They all finished and felt really tired. An hour had only passed. The redhead put them some obstacles and taught them even a few techniques about combat she they performed their moves on her. She did receive a few bruises, but nothing much more. They even grew more exhausted and drained as LeeAnn still felt ready to do some more training. It was probably time for a break. She gave each of them water and small snack on her behalf of doing their best after scaring them into listening to her. "Good job, boys. Now remember, respect who ever is your instructor regardless of gender or race. They are your superior and they need to be respected. If they are not, they would treat you like I did with you today. I did all of this to teach you that becoming a Knight is a great thing, but it's a hard thing" she said. She dismissed them and wend back to the Safe house where Armin was. He lied in the best as she sat down next to him. "All done. They got an authentic lesson that I got as a page or even younger. Dont worry, they probably got a few bruises, but they are pretty good" she said. He smiled and gave her a small reward. She wished him best wishes and bought him some flowers as a thank you.


Word count: 1101

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