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Translate The Note [Rosemary]

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#1Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Rosemary Ysgarlad

"in the forest there was a girl, sleeping; the place had thus been given the name––Sleeping Forest."
notes: #girlgroup.
music: This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Ray

This was her third day within the land of Ishgar; her third day within the capital of Crocus. She had met two mysterious men who had, most surely, taken her for quite a ride. But that was something she would only place in the back of her memory as a rather...strange time.

Today she would come to visit a woman by the name of Luciel, who is need of her help, and would come to find the young witch standing outside of what looked to be the public library of Crocus! The place was quite large, majestic even as it would resemble that of a Cathedral. "Amazing," the young blonde spoke. Luciel would come to pat the girl from behind, slightly frightening her, and said, "Isn't it? This is the grand keepsake of all that is knowledge and history of Crocus––Fiore even. The entire land of Ishgar!" Luciel would spread her arm.

"As much as I would love to stay and show you around on the inside, I have to attend to other things. Here," giving her note she was meant to translate, "This is all that you will need to do, translate what you see upon this paper. As much as I would love to do the research all on my own, m'lady is in need of me." Rosemary would nod. Reassuring the young witch that she understood her task and while she would be locked away within this library for possibly a few hours or so, Rosemary wanted to learn all she could about the language of Valan.

"Oh, miss Luciel wait!" And like that she was gone in the blink of an eye. Rosemary had more she wanted to ask the young witch, but apparently that would have to wait next time. Turning her head toward the library, she would make her way toward the inside of the magical world of knowledge.

"Let's see...I'll have to check out the north side of the isle if I want to find anything from here––but first," tying her hair into a low-ponytail and placing over the right portion of her shoulder. She would place over her eyes a pair of magical eye-wear that were used to surf through a variety of pages all at once; thus allowing someone to intake a hefty amount of knowledge. It was time to get to cracking on the book work before her, and with a serious look upon her face it was going to take work.

Having gathered at least several books already, she would place all of them upon a large table. Searching through different dictionaries, "Let's see here...this word is Hare...whereas this one...I can't seem to make it out too clearly..." Having gotten her first word already. She had several more to attend to. The next word was too blurred out, too...scuffed. So there was no way in heck she would be able to figure it out; although she could make out from the inscription symbols that were fading out through their mere shapes.  She could match the second word next to Hare had been, "Meat...what?" Hare Meat? This was starting to sound weird, but perhaps it was some sort of list for a magic spell of sorts? Who knows!

She would tap into the secrets behind this text without hesitation through one way or another.  This was beginning to look a bit unsolvable with each ticking second, but this was nothing for the blonde maiden. After all, she was the daughter of an intelligent woman...who seemed to also possess secrets.

Writing down each word and watching the time tick by. It had been two hours now since she discovered the first two words; up next, was the third. Dancing around the many opened books, she would come to find next the third piece of the puzzle, "Cabbage!" Exclaiming loud out of sheer excitement, she would quickly cover her mouth and would let out a whimsical laughter of joy. "Sorry about that," she apologized.

Time was ticking and she didn't have all day; although, not that there was any punishment if she didn't solve the puzzle––but still! She had to figure something out and that something was going to be the key to all of this. She scrambled from one book to a scroll toward a different book that was also a dictionary. Rosemary held the look of a scholar and, although this was not her intention, she definitely did not enjoy the extensive researc she was pouring into something that was possibly nothing!

Her gaze would not falter as she continued to stare down the words within the book. Each word she would pass coming to be placed within the back of her mind. Now, how frivolous this may have all seemed, it was not. This was actually educational and she was learning a lot. From time to time she would drift off into different parts of the books she had. Learning more about the words and letters and symbols of Valan Runic. This was all just to fascinating toward the blonde, but she had to get herself back on track!

On to the next was the fourth upon the list. An hour had ticked by and she had no clue just how the hell she was going to solve this o––oh wait, it would seem to appear the upon the fourth book. " Potatoes!"  Seriously, she was afraid to figure out the last word now. With each word coming out to be dumber then the next, she would alert herself that this was no ingredient to a spell––but a grocery list!

Falling head first onto the ground. She couldn't believe this was a grocery list––or so she thought! "I cannot believe that woman!" she thought ot herself as she continued to rummage through the mess that was the dictionaries. Scavenging through the many untapped words. She could not find the last one––except, it would be in a book she had not opened. This was her last resort, and upon the second she turned the very first page––the next word had been right there!

"Ox Hooves!"

Jumping with joy and glee, she would quickly return the books back to their rightful place. Making her way toward the library desk she would leave the grocery list behind with the words written beside their respective matches.


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