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The Reflective Mirror [Plot/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura

The night was simple and crisp turning the late summer air to sheer cold to the point where you could see your breath. The nibbling temperatures tingled up her skin as she rushed through the crowd. There was an important meeting between her and another official. One that she looked up that was not Hikaru, not her mother or any of her family. A person who was a friend of her parent's and was there all the time when her family was at its most vulnerable. The only one who has been helping her on her journey to find her mother and seek her life back to normal, other than Hans. Hans had to stay home since this man never really like kitsunes from what she had heard. It was probably a Rune Knight thing that she never understood despite being one. the streets clobbered with people of all sorts at this time of night drawing nearer and nearer to midnight. It was only six o'clock according to a nearby clock running purely on mana. She was just on time, a half hour early that is. Just the way she liked it. Rushing to meeting place, she dodged people in the crowds and approached a nice looking old house made out of brick. She opened the iron gate and close it making a creaking, metal sound clanking behind her. Approaching the front door, she knocked three times. Not once. Not twice. But three times in a row at a certain tone. It was the way he liked it. He was a strict individual with her, but only wanted the best. The only other person besides Hans and Hikaru that have been her support through the years. "You're late! Come on in" he stated as he opened the door. The force he used was so instant giving a gust of chilled wind blowing his charcoal black hair out of his pale face. She walked in as the door was shut behind her. His slithering black robes that shown a the Magic Council symbol lied on the front. They were in the front room that lied two old yet padded chairs with an end table in between them lying in front of the fireplace that was already lit. Pictures of her mother and him lied then one of the whole family even one of her brother.

His snake-like eyes turned sharply to hers. "You asked me to meet you, sir? You never call me unless you have something of extreme urgency to report. What seems to be the matter" she addressed immediately. He motioned her to sit in a downward motion of his hand. He seemed tense but still well enough to be considered relaxed from what she had seen of him. Afterall, he did discipline her through her years of being a Rune Knight. "Yes, but calm. No one is endangered. Yet. Ms. Nakamura, do you have anything new to report about your findings or progress in anything" he asked. It took a few moments to gather her thoughts and come up with an answer to reply. Once she had formed an answer, she looked at him straight in the eyes. "In my findings of my mother's trace, so far...nothing. Cures for my illness...nothing. Though, some hope has been shined in my goals as Hikaru sent out a message to form a team with the recent event. You know what I am speaking of, but I am apart of a team. Hikaru and the others have agreed to make me Co-captain along side with my older brother. I will continue doing research on my new findings. Two people know the truth about the illness perhaps three. Only one knows of the full story" she reported.

Sharply, his footsteps rushed to her towering over her with his black hair looking down at her. "I can trust them! Don't worry" she said, coldly. Stiffly, he grabbed her chin. "Ms. Nakamura, only your...fiance...and I must know about this illness. No one else! If this leaks out, the council would have your head" he hissed. The young redhead sighed. He was strict with her for many reasons knowing her father was too much of a wreck after the disappearance of her mother to help her and her uncle...well...he was just...him. This guy was all she had left now. "Well, I cant hide it forever. Hikaru must know about this! At least, him. Please. I...haven't talked to him sibling-to-sibling in a long time. He doesn't know about this. Please, Ciar! Trust me, the only person that knows is someone in Lamia Scale and a new friend and the others are in the team" she said. A frustrated sigh came from his mouth. Ciar knew this day would come and he couldn't stop it from happening.

"I suppose the others in your group are...trustworthy besides your brother. Hikaru I trust more than your spineless, pathetic father. I don't know how such a strong man such as your brother could be produced by a disgrace like him" he said. That one comment made her stand up aggressively as grew a little ticked. A sharp look came from him as a wave of his hand she was lunge forward with some outside force. "My father is not spineless! He is a strong man that has hit hard times. Nakamura family will always strive strong. Its in his blood and mine as well! Dare put him down Ciar and I will have your head" she scowled in a challenge.

LeeAnn slowly felt a pain in her leg that shot up her right side cause her to antagonize and winced from its pulse. It was caused by him. "I only speak truth. You know, Ms. Nakamura, it's a true tragedy that his own daughter has to seek out a remedy for her family to heal. Depression is hard even for someone like you. Its the very reason why I decided to help you. I mean, dont give me wrong, your father has wonderful intentions, but is much of a coward. You have you father's heart and mother's fight. You much more like your brother than I have originally thought. Perhaps, you do hold a similar strength like your brother" he said. He knew of Hikaru from working with him a lot during his training much like he had done with LeeAnn through the Rune Knights. Only watching him from a sidelines as one of the higher ranking officers. He placed LeeAnn back down on the down gently. A small sigh came from him as she walked out of the room. This was his way of saying "Follow me I have something important to show you" sorta message. Ciar was never direct about simple stuff such as that.

He led her down to his basement made of stone with cobble-like feel to them. It was the traditional basement with an old cellular door next to him. There were a lot of odd things in the basement as he clicked a light on with a simple torch like old times. A old cloth covered a tall object just as tall as Ciar only towering over her a few inches. She was very tall for a female taking the height after her father's side of the family. The cover was taken off as a tall full length mirror shown. "This is a mirror" he said. The redhead gave him a little confused look. Duh. It WAS a mirror. Though, she knew there was something special about this or he was doing some sort of pointless lesson. Looking at him confused, he began to explain more. "This mirror shows truth and someone's true desires" he explained.

LeeAnn could see herself in the mirror. She began to see the mirror turning to a scene of a tall blonde woman with long hair like her happy with her father next to her then Hans and her brother. It changed again. She was normal. No marking. Her blue eyes were showing once again. People respected her. Then it finally changed to her and Hikaru. He and her were together like old times. She was...smiling. Happy. Stress-free. Hikaru hugged her as she stood there frozen. All of that burned as flames emerged from an outsider's. There was something in behind Hikaru with sharp eyes. The flames circled her and her brother as they held onto each other. Trapped.

LeeAnn flinched away from the mirror. Holding her head as she gathered what had just happened. She turned away from the mirror for a quick moment. Risking a glance, she now saw her brother lying there dead from what it looks like, but he seemed to be breathing. As her own reflection moved quite scared seeing someone else had caused it not her. Though, the glaring eyes stared lying there. Then the imaged faded into nothing more. Only she could see the image, not anyone else. "It's a powerful tool. Tell me, you saw something you never imagined" he predicted. The redhead looked at him as she looked at the mirror. What she had just saw, was something she never really thought of. Loosing her brother, wanting to be normal again, and her family back together. Hikaru was the only sort of family left that actually paid attention to her. Sure, her uncle did, but he was drunk half the time and never shown himself drunk. LeeAnn told him what she had seen.

The whole image. Ciar nodded slowly, not giving any sort of emotion. He patted the gold frame of the mirror then looked back at LeeAnn. "This mirror never lies. It only speaks the harsh truth. Though, that can be changed" he said. Both of them paused, they heard footsteps upstairs. Quickly, Ciar put the sheet over the mirror leaving a little bit of hte mirro showing enough of a face such as an eye to be seen. "Yyyyooo Ciar, you let the front door unlocked again. Decided to stop by, its meee, Tyler, Elizabeth's younger brother" he called out rudely. Oh yeah one thing, Ciar was a Kingsguard, two ranks above her uncle. Her uncle clopped down to the dungeon looking of a basement. His blue eyes scanned as she spotted his niece as he gave a mischevious smile. "Uncle Tyler?" she said. Ciar always left the doors lock and were magically secure. How did he get passed that. Perhaps some trick Hans must of taught him or something. She found it odd. Ciar looked a bit frantic as he eyed the mirror then at LeeAnn. She was still a bit confused. "Tyler. Why have you shown up where you were unwanted?! I told you to never show your face here ever again" he scowled. the darkness in Ciar's eyes were deadly. Some look LeeAnn had never seen before. Tyler looked to be planning something. He lit up his cigarette and started puffing out smoke like a dragon. Carefully, Leeann watched him with a look in her eye. "You have always been so rude to me Ciar. Come on, little Leeann can tell you I'm harmless. Right, squirt" he smiled. He placed his arm around his niece Looking back at the mirror what was showing her uncle's eyes show red-like cat eyes that were not human. They were like the eyes that she had when her and Hans fused or when a kitsune gotten angry. Though, there were many possibilities of what that could mean. The mirror never lied. It just show his blonde hair and eyes. That was about it. No top of his head or rest of his body just enough to see hte forehead and his eyes. He could be a Neko, demon, vampire or even a Lycan. She couldn't know. She never met one before, but she did hate them. There were many possbilites and from what she saw of Ciar. Something was fishy. Ciar hated Hans because he was a kitsune. Though he hated everyone, but was always more quiet about it than he was now. It was more clear in his face and tone of voice.

The redhead placed her hands on her uncle's arm and pushed it off her. Even she was getting skeptical about everything. "You know what, just...why are you even here, Tyler? Aren't you suppose to be sent back to Era for work?! You said you were going to leave last night. Change you mind" she asked. Her left eyebrow was raised showing she was not stupid and could read clearly he was hiding something. Tyler must of done something to make Ciar hate him further or Ciar as just acting like a lunatic. Tyler shrugged. "I am a captain after all. Meh, I have some authority to make my own schedule of when I leave right" he siad.

"When given an order, you must follow it! Even I know that, despite how I do things, I still do it on time. Not correctly or exact, but I get it done. Again let me ask, why...are...you....here" she said, showing some aggression. He rolled his eyes not taking her seriously nor Ciar's warnings. Finally, she had enough of this and growled a little from inhuman as she could go with a fake growl. "Don't give me this crap! Why are you here" she asked. After a few moments of silence, he gave her an answer. "I knew you were over here and I wanted to...give...you something I uhm...made" he said with a smile. He gave LeeAnn a burnt up picture of the whole family including her brother. Some parts of it were burnt. The parts that were burnt were those of her mother and her uncle. A circle was drawn around her and her brother as well as her father. Tyler left as she stared at the picture look at Ciar. "Ms. Nakamura, keep an eye on him. I never liked him even when your mother was around. Keep him close and your brother as well as your won father closer" he said.

LeeAnn now knew...somethings were going to change and not in the good way.


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