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The Musical Pegasus makes her debut [Flashback/Open to all BP members]

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The Musical Pegasus makes her debut [Flashback/Open to all BP members] Empty Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:01 pm


The Musical Pegasus makes her debut [Flashback/Open to all BP members] Tumblr_ntconp61rw1r4jf9no2_540

2 Years Ago

"Today" she uttered into the rather unclean mirror,the finger prints of many a man, woman and child gone uncleaned for god knows how long. Yet the woman seemed unfitting within the dirty bathroom. Her clothes seemed clean, she smelt washed. The bath within the room reflected this. Obviously the young female had taken time to clean the dirt and grime from the tub before doing the same to herself. She had been on the road for so long, working, playing music in whatever venue would have her. She busked to earn enough jewels for this hotel so that she could bathe, so that she could sleep comfortably. All to prepare herself for this very day. What was special about today you may ask?

"Here I come Blue Pegasus" the 5"8 girl said to herself, giving her own reflection a defiant look, her sapphire eyes glaring back at her. She slid a brush through her long blond hair, and in one effortless movement, tamed it in to a ponytail, her untamed fringe while the longer pieces on either side framee her face. Underwear on, check. Her dual material, two toned dress would be next. The white shirt like attire covered her like a nicely fitted shirt yet flowed from her midrift in to a dress like appearance, a few inches above this was a pink dress that came upwards and was held over her shoulders with two noodle straps. Simple flats for comfort yellow in colour and she was almost ready. Other than a small bag which contained another pair of shoes, and a single change of clothes the only other item of her own was the large pink case which held her most prized posession. Her violin.

It was the only thing from her family that she had left. The only tie to them and when she played it, it felt as though it drew her closer to them. As if for the length of the song her mother and father where playing beside her. Bag upon her shoulder, Violin case in hand. She looked to the grimy hotel room. "Why do i get the feeling that I'm going to be staying in places like this a lot" she said with a smile as she walked out of the room, the door closing behind her.

The wind's breeze would lift through her, a cold chill from the autumn weather. The rain had halted darkening the ground yet making it somewhat prettier in the process. It did not take long to get to the guild hall from her current location, a brisk twenty minute walk. With the last of her jeweles she had stopped only to purchase a medium hot chocolate which after a few sips managed to fend the chill from freezing her body. The warmth of the cup kept her hands from the autumn airs nip. All in all one could possibly argue a perfect day for following ones dream.

Outside the Guild, the musician would stare, she had two dreams in her life, both she intended to see through. The first was to become a powerful mage, that was something she felt a guild would help her in. Why Blue Pegasus? if honesty was needed, because it was the closest one to her location. Yet it also seemed creative fom the stories she had heard, a good place for a musician and mage to begin their life. That was the second dream, to becoe a world famous musician, with the violin or her voice or even both. It did not matter. These ambitions, these dreams. That is what brough her here today, what helped her stay strong even when she wanted to crumble.

It is the reason her hand came upwards to the handle of the guld. The driving force that had her push open the door and take her first step in. All these firsts, all these powerful feelings fueling her. Yet her soft, voice only managed a weak squeak as she walked into the guild. "He...Hello". It was a pitiful sound, full of nerves and anticipation. What would the blond musician find, would she be welcomed or would she have to move on and find a different place to call home.

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Blake VanderDekken
It had been awhile since the young wizard had been home. He hadn't seen his friends in Hargeon Town, so being here and able to see them would definitely lift his spirits. Today marks the day he returns from one of his quest, granted he didn't get the results he wanted... he did get to meet new people and learn more about his magic. His black shoes would thud against the wet floors of Gargeon as his black pants would flow with the wind. His blue shades titled like always and somehow his cigarette remained lit even in the wind. "Guess I chose a bad day to come back" joked Silas who could see the Guild Hall in the distance. It was almost time but Silas was finally home.

The gloomy weather really killed the mood for Silas's return home and if all went well with master, Silas could return to work faster than normal. "Finally" said the smiling blonde as he and his satchel finally reached the Blue Pegasus guild hall. Standing in front of the guild hall with his head up towards the very top of it Silas was happy to have been returning home. Opening the guild hall doors Silas noticed a golden haired girl standing there probably five feet in front of him all awkward as if she had no clue what she was doing here. Upon walking in everyone stopped and looked forward and the woman in front of him had just gotten finished saying hello. However everyone was talking to Silas "OI, Welcome home Silas" said one of the guild members who hung around the guild hall.

The greetings kept coming as Silas was starting to get surrounded at the entrance by his fellow guild members who hadn't seen the young wizard in quite some time. "We hear master had you doing some crazy quest that you can't even talk about! How was it?" said one of the younger guild members who crowded Silas. The young wizard began to chuckle "It way okay haha. I'm back now right? Let's worry about that" the usual smile on Silas's face as he spoke. Just talking to his people made his day better. It was then Silas remembered the woman who was just in front of him. "Oi, can I help you with anything?" said Silas as he would tap the girl on the shoulder.


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The Musical Pegasus makes her debut [Flashback/Open to all BP members] Tumblr_ntconp61rw1r4jf9no2_540

It would seem as though her almost silent words were as invisible as she was. Another seemed to have entered and body after body flew past the stranger, a group formed as the blue eye'd blond watched. She watched with envy, watched with sadness as the group began to talk. Obviously a returning member of the guild. She had no one, no one in her life whom would miss her if she had been gone. "No, today is not a day to be sad" she thought to herself. Shaking her own thoughts away from her mind she would be brought out of her funk as a hand touched her shoulder. She jumped from the action but the voice that came soon halted any further action. The male whom had been surrounded had broken free from the group and instead had chosen to engage her in conversation. Of course compared to many she obviously looked like a lost puppy dog.

"Oh, Oh uhm, I'm, I'm just wondering, if it would be ok...to join this guild" She uttered softly. Great what a fantastic first impression she thought, If only she could whap out her violin and get playing then people would see she's actually something different but no what came out was shy little girl who really had no place here. Her eyes looked to the male whom had spoke to her. "I'm Ariel Harronda, I uhm, I'm not very good at magic yet, but I ah, I'v been told that it's, its kind of unique" she said though upon her speaking her eyes flew to her shoes as she shuffled on the spot.

Her hand wrapped tentativly around her violin case, bringing it closer to her chest as if it were some kind of comfort blanket. She felt so freakish here, the thing is now that the boy had actually saw her, the others whom surrounded him now stared at her aswell. She glanced over at them shyly before takign a deep breath. "Maybe.....maybe this was a mistake" she said, being the center of attention without her music, it was something she wasn't used to, something she felt she wouldn't get used to. Its like those whom have a condition like tourrettes or something and for the moment in which they play their music, they are completely themselves, the disability, the condition it doesn't show, it does not hinder them. She wished she could play to comfort herself.

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Blake VanderDekken
Not only were the guild considered a tight knit family, but the entire Hargeon Town also. Silas encouraged people to experience the beautiful city for what it was instead of being so closed in. Silas could tell this woman was new and he wanted to make sure she got to where she needed to go. "Who's the chick Silas is talking to?" asked one of the guild members. "Probably some girl he met on his last quest" said one of the female guild members who looked on at Silas talking to the newcomer.

It looked as if she was frozen when Silas asked her a question. The man flashed his signature smile towards the woman "No need to be shy, I was a new kid here once. Come on talk" said Silas reassuring the woman her words would be heard here. She went on to say she wanted to join the guild. Silas smiled as he was always happy to have a new recruit in the family. Before he could answer, his fellow guild members were having fun. "Well she's pretty enough" said one of the men surrounding Silas. The same woman from before scoffed before speaking "Yea if she cut her bangs" the guild continued on and on. They were so concerned with looks and appearance that Silas sometimes forgot it was a guild for magic.

The woman would look Silas in the eyes and say her name. The gaze she gave him had him locked in. "Ariel" thought Silas who was stunned by the woman. She said she wasn't good at magic but her style stuck out compared to others. Once more the people around the woman and Silas scoffed at her for her omission of magical infancy. Silas smirked as the woman said maybe this was a mistake. Grabbing her right wrist with his right hand Silas looked her in the eyes with a smile. "No, this is the right place. Blue Pegasus might look all pretty and what not but we're still a family who want to help each other grow as wizards. If you really want to join us.. Come with me. I'll introduce you to master" With that Silas took off towards the second floor of the Guild Hall.


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The Musical Pegasus makes her debut [Flashback/Open to all BP members] Tumblr_ntconp61rw1r4jf9no2_540

They did know she could hear them right? Comments about her appearance would float around, bitchy comments from the girls, objective comments from the male. Yet she knew full well the somewhat objective reputation of Blue Pegasus, yet she did not care about that. Sure the comments were a little annoying simply becauseshe was so vulnerable at this point. The comment about her hair caused one of her hands to unclench from her violin case and move her hair behind her ears. It would seem her omission of her less than stellar magical capabilities. This seemed to push herself back in to her self and cause her to close herself off once more. She looked around, her face blushing, flushed with everything that was going on. Yet she nodded. "Ye...yes" she uttered holding on to her violin as if her life depended on it.

Looking through the guild, she saw the happiness within the guild members who werent that impressed with her, or those whom had better things to do. They were joking around having a laugh, a nice giggle. It seemed like an environment that she could possibly be happy in. "It does seem nie here, Is that the master?" she would ask gently as they continued walking, she had very little knowledge of famous mages so knowing whom the guildmaster was simply by seeing them was probably something she would get wrong. She knew that appearance had very little to do with magical capabilities and judging solely by that would be somewhat idiotic. Yet she asked anway.

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Blake VanderDekken
Continuing their walk Silas was hoping they could find the master soon as he had a quest he wanted to take but couldn't because he was showing around Ariel. He didn't mind showing the girl around but would have preferred to have simply went his own way. "You're going to like the Master. He's a real nice guy. When I first joined the guild he showed me how to use my magic in ways I could have never imagined." said Silas with a very upbeat tone when talking about his leader. Him and master always got along, Silas looked up to that man and it was clear when he talked about him.

Continuing their walk Silas heard Ariel ask if that was the master and she was referring to Cliff who was in Blue Pegasus longer than Silas "No haha. That's Cliff Vicious, stare at his eye too long and he might freak" joked Silas who kept it walking before running into Linnea. The white haired blue eyed woman stood across from Silas who was mesmerized in her beauty. He was stuck for a second as she stood there "Silas" she would say as the blonde stood there star struck "SILAS" the woman would yell snapping him back into reality. "Oh oh, uhh hi Linnea. Long time no see" it was clear Silas began to get nervous around the woman. "Who is this you've brought with you Silas? She's pretty" said Linnea. Silas was flustered still and began to stutter when he spoke "T-t-this is Ariel, she w--wants to join the guild" said Silas. Linnea looked excited to hear Silas's words. "Good, I'll sign her up and handle everything from here" said Linnea which caused Silas to focus up. "Where is pops?" said Silas. "He went out to a meeting, which means I'm in charge for now" The sad blonde Silas would sigh before walking away. "Fine fine fine, handle it. I'm going to grab some grub" said Silas as he walked away a little let down.


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The Musical Pegasus makes her debut [Flashback/Open to all BP members] Tumblr_ntconp61rw1r4jf9no2_540

"I...hope he likes what I can do then" Ariel stuttered out at the comment of the master, she already felt like the black sheep of this guild. Everyone seemed so out going and openly spoken, while she was a timid little mouse. She couldn't help but stare at Cliff after being informed not to, still like a child when you say don't you can not help but do the opposite. Yet the man seemed to look away before she did a red scarlet colour flushed over his face. She smiled softly at this as they continued walking until they came upon a girl. Now Ariel was no lesbian but let me tell you this. If she was, she certainly would have flooded her basement. The magical power coming from the girl was also impressive but it was the beauty that took Ariels breath away.

Now the fact that the Guidmaster wasn't in and that this girl was in charge spoke volumes, yet it was the way Silas reacted to this that caused confusion for Ariel. His demeanour shifted, he slumped his head hung lower than it had been as he stated his leaving. Yet Ariel remained silent as she was then lead away by the gorgeous girl. She had to wipe her mouth with her sleeve just in case she had accidentally drooled upon seeing the female. Then bam, after her signature hit a few pieces of paper a shimmering oak brown guild stamp was then present upon the back of her left hand. A rush of emotion began to fill her and she could not halt herself from throwing her arms around the beautiful woman in a fit of happiness. A second to long she clung to her bossom. "S...sorry" she said her face redder than a tomato.

Upon being dismissed because the female had something else to do, the young girl would aim to hunt down the boy whom had been so helpful. Locating him she would smile. "It's Silas right?, Uhm, i just wanted to say, thank you for taking the time to help me. I hope that one day, I can repay your kindness" she said with a smile, her violin case pressed close to her chest.  Before walking away.


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"What the hell is wrong with Silas?" said one of the guild members who watched him flop around like a dead bird. "It's a combination of things really" said another one of the members. "Oh really?" said the initial member. "Yea, One he's in some weird kind of love spell for Linnea which drives him crazy whenever he's around her. It was punishment for walking in on her in the shower when he was a kid" both members looked at the flopping blue light user "Wow that's kind of harsh for a kid. He was trying to get his nose a little wet is all." both men laughed at Silas "The other reason?" said the man who was curious "Oh, Master practically raised Silas once he joined the guild. He was hoping Master would be here at the same time as him since him and Master barely end up at the guild hall together." Silas was indeed sad for those reasons. He came to grab a quest and set out on his trip. As he walked over to the quest board to grab his next job Ariel had walked up on him. She said she hoped to repay the help Silas gave her today. He smiled as he placed his right arm on her left shoulder. "No need, that's what family is for" said Silas as he walked out the guild hall.


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