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Breaks over. Back to business(foot travel)

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Breaks over. Back to business(foot travel) Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:10 pm

Caius was a bit bummed out. He wanted to check out the famous haunted house but when he arrived it looks like it was torn down. No matter. It was still nice to get away from work and cities for a while. The Worth Woodsea had very beautiful sites and wildlife. However, that would be short lived. He was collecting a plant called the Kooivy, A very poisonous plant that is hard to trace when used on a human, when a messenger from the guild arrived. He gave him a note that he was needed for more work in Crocus. What could be so important that he would have to return again? He gathered his things and decided to head back to find out.

Hi I'm Caius
#2Nihil Justus 

Breaks over. Back to business(foot travel) Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:41 pm

Nihil Justus
"The messenger said another member was nearby. It is you?" As the night kicked in, Nihil approached the dark haired man and asked him if he was really another member of Grimoire Heart. To make sure the man himself wouldn't make any mistake, the white haired boy removed a glove that was covering his hand and showed him the reddish guild tattoo on the pulse. "Well, enough of shallow introductions, shall we? I am Nihil, but this doesn't matter. Our objective is the holy capital of Crocus, just like that messenger guy said to us." As he said it, he tilted his head for a bit and walked away from the point he was standing and he tried to follow his "ally", thinking it would give him a extra protection if required.

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