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Time to go to other palces(travel to Crocus)

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Time to go to other palces(travel to Crocus) Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:26 am

Maybe it was time to go some were else for Waylon, this place was actually quite nice, Now he would be off to see what else he could explore and learn.

So he would pack up what else he had with him and would head off to the next area he would be consider going too. slightly hopeful to be out and about again it would be nice.

Then again Waylon also wondered when he would get worn out with doing all of this, with the thought about how his own father could in fact do this all of the time and leave his mother at home.

But Waylon wouldn't judge he was a different person then his mother and father he worked differently then both.

He wondered where he would be off to next time all he knew was he was walking and he would happy to be walking.

only sad part was walking around alone, he did miss walking with his best friend even if it has not been as long as he assumed since they hung out normally buy Waylon would be himself and not much could change it now. He took off walking unsure what time it was but it look like it was still sunny out.


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