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O'Crocus we go. [Travel I]

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O'Crocus we go. [Travel I] Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:53 am

Areissa yawned as she left the waste haunted land of Woodsea. She wasn't so sure on what she was going to find during her travels, but she had to go to more places than one. Her galaxy color eyes looked around upon the forest she was walking through and was curious on why it was so quiet. Were they scared of something? Surely not her. ''Duuuum dada dummmmm MMMMMMM.'' she would hum and sing and twirl sometimes as she went towards the direction of Crocus.

As hours went on by, she got bored of singing and then sighed softly. ''I spy...the color...green!'' she spoke to the little animal that was walking beside her. It was a squirrel, a fluffy brown squirrel with some red upon its tail. It surely looked cute and happy. It reminded her when she lived with her father and mother. They had a lot of animals and it made her happy. Mostly everyday she would take care of them and throw parties, feeding them all kinds of food. Of course she would sometimes get in trouble, but she loved parties and animals. Areissa took a deep breather and looked forward as she was so close now. Quickly she would run towards the city with a bright smile, awaiting to see the beauty of the place.



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