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A Delightful Morning [Raphael]

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#1Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
As the sun rose over the rooftops lining the skyline of the grand capital of Fiore, Rowan Vincent found himself enjoying a cup of coffee on the eastern end of town. A small, family owned, open faced cafe sat on a lonely plot of land a bit out of the ways of anything else in town, but Rowan found the silence to be just what he enjoyed. The serenity of the mountains towering around the city, and the feeling of the cool air dancing across his face made him feel quite at ease that morning. Mornings were always his favorite.

Aside from himself, the cafe was rather empty, with only a single waitress and the chef in the back to run things. Two other patrons sat at various intervals in the interior, but Rowan enjoyed the few sunbeams peaking into town from the small porch. As he took a sip of his coffee he smiled as the warmth touched deep into his core. He placed the cup to his side upon the table, and turned his head to continue his view of the sunrise. His eyes, however, caught sight of the nearby street, and a unique figure caught Rowan's eye. The blonde leaned forward in his chair to inspect the individual further, but to no avail as he managed to catch the sun right in his eyes. With a sharp hiss he leaned back in his chair once more. Hopefully his day would go on unscathed after that slight annoyance.

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Crocus, the capital of the nation of Fiore. Raphael had visited it several times, but it still inspired him every time he laid eyes on it. Witnessing this sort of beauty was a hundred times more wonderful in person than it ever had been when reading about it. After all, there were only so many words you could put into description in books before it got tedious. But here, as he looked around at all the beauty the town held, all the flowers, the fragrances, the very energy of the city, all of it was more vivid than anything that could be described in the words on a page. A peaceful grin played about on Raphael’s face as he perused through the relatively uncrowded streets. There was a lot more quiet to be had in the outskirts of the town, and it wasn’t uncommon to find places that were diamonds in the rough; relatively undiscovered establishments that could provide a quality service without the bustle that the busier places throughout the city was plagues with.

The blue sky that shown above almost matched Raphael’s attire; his almost over the top blue coat and pants drawing some old looks from those who weren’t used to the often outlandish garb of mages. His hair too, stuck out like a sore thumb. This was by design; sure, he enjoyed the color personally, but his dyed hair was meant to distinguish him as someone unique, someone who had a story to tell. If he was to be someone of note, he wasn’t going to get by with plain brown hair, and boring old clothes. His red eye mask only served to further establish this point. While he knew it wasn’t the case now, pretty soon people would come to recognize his distinct look, and associate them with his extreme talent and charisma. The thought served to further boost his already happy mood, and put a little more of a spring in his step as he continued his walk, beginning to scout for a place to stop and get something to serve as some breakfast.

This place came to him in the form of a cafe that looked relatively unoccupied from where he stood, save for a single man sitting outside of it. Raphael wasn’t sure exactly what drew his attention to it - he could have sworn he had seen some sudden movement around it, but he couldn’t be sure - but he figured it was the ideal place for him to stop and eat. He could get something quick to eat and drink, and maybe he could even socialize with the lone man. Raphael himself was not opposed to socializing, and if someone was all alone, they would hopefully appreciate some form of company as well. As he got closer, he could see through the windows some other customers, but that didn’t really matter too much in the grand scheme of things. He preferred eating outside anyways, and so it wasn’t too much of a choice who he might want to sit near.

However, he was going to have to go about this strategically. He didn’t want to come off like he was craving attention, or seeking him out: he had to be more suave about this. Natural born leaders could use their charisma to draw others to them, and he was going to do just that. Raphael made his way over to a nearby table, and patiently awaited the server to to come to his aid. Eventually, the lone waitress came to him and took down his order (a coffee with a healthy amount of cream and sugar, and a cinnamon roll). Slowly drumming his fingers on the table as he waited for his drink, he occasionally glanced at the blonde haired man he had his focus on, trying to see if the man had noticed him yet.

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Rowan Vincent
The steam from the coffee wafted up to meet Rowan's line of site as he took another careful sip. The drink was incredibly bitter, perhaps too much for some, but made even more so by the dark chocolate he had requested be melted into it. The taste soothed the young man, and as he felt both the warmth of the drink and of the sun upon his slightly tanned skin he felt more at home than he had in the past few weeks. The rustic feel of the beverage reminded him of where he had come from all those years ago, and where he hoped to one day return to. His home, so far away now, rested a valley not too far from the Worth Woodsea. How he felt a longing for the place now, but his feelings would have to wait, for now.

The beams of the sun had illuminated the morning sky, and the bright blue caught Rowan's eye. It contrasted his own attire quite well. His black coat was unbuttoned, leaving his white dress shirt and yellow tie exposed to the view of all. His black pants were perfectly ironed, not a crease upon them, and his trademark black loafers were shining as much as the lights of heaven themselves. As always, the young man was an exemplar of conservative, yet expressive, fashion. After placing his coffee back onto the table he straightened his cuff, a habitual tick of his. His gaze once more fell onto the nearby streets as he watched the first members of the city's citizenry awaken to the new day. Folding his hands over his chest, Rowan watched with a slight curiosity as he tried to place each person to their own story. People watching was a fine pastime, and he was fairly good at it.

It took him a moment to notice when a man had joined him on the patio. The man even blended in for a moment due to the palate of blue he had taken to, but his red mask gave him away. From the colors Rowan could tell that this was the interesting individual he had seen on the road before him just moments ago. A smile tugged at his lips, but he remained in silence as he watched the young man cast his own gazes towards him. After a few moments Rowan straightened his tie. "A fine morning, is it not?" He offered. He then picked up his coffee and took another tentative sip. "A good day to enjoy the crisp air of autumn, and enjoy a warm drink to ward off the chills of the occasional wind, wouldn't you say?"

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Raphael couldn’t help but smirk a little to himself when the man actually began to spoke to him. It was all as he planned, he hadn’t had to lift a finger at all to get the man’s attention. Now he just had to keep the conversation flowing, and see where that went. Talking to people, learning about the different side-characters in his life, was a satisfying experience for Raphael. He took a brief moment to pause before speaking, partially for dramatic effect, and partially to actually formulate his opinion on the morning. Once this time was up, he began to speak; eloquently and proper, hopefully coming across as someone important, rather than someone pretentious.

“Yes, this is, indubitably, a wonderful morning. In such a wonderful city, too, no less. Crocus is pretty no matter what season it is, but these autumn flowers truly are stunning. And indeed, warm drinks do certainly help against the cold.”

Raphael glanced into the interior briefly, hoping that the waitress would be bringing his coffee over pretty soon, this was the perfect opportunity to, just like this stranger had, take a quick drink from his beverage, as if to confirm the man’s point, and also to serve as a dynamic way to pause the conversation. The waitress did in fact seem to be on the way, though she took a little longer than Raphael had hoped, resulting in a bit of an awkward pause in the pace of the conversation. Once the coffee and pastry had arrived, Raphael quickly began to sip from his coffee, to make up for the lost time, and immediately regretted it as piping hot liquid scorched his tongue. Doing his best not to react, he winced as he gulped it down, putting the cup to the side. As if nothing unusual had happened, he continued to speak, assuming that the man had not spoken while the coffee was arriving.

“So, what brings you to Crocus? Business? Pleasure? Adventure? Whatever it is, it’s surely important, I feel something special about you.”

This wasn’t exactly the truth; Raphael had no sixth sense that gave him that feeling. It was just a thing he often said to strangers he met. It was a small little phrase that, while didn’t really mean anything at all, hopefully made the person feel more at ease. Everyone wanted reassurance that there was something special about them, even Raphael. As he waited for a reply, he decided to dip the cinnamon bun into the coffee, and use that to check how hot it was. He didn’t want to miscalculate again, and he was also anxious to try out the rather tasty looking pastry.

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#5Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
Rowan set down his coffee with a delicate grace that even he was surprised by. He had been entranced by the way this strangely dressed young man had spoken to him for a moment. It was as if he belonged to the same social circles that Rowan himself had once frequented but since left behind. The notion both interested the blonde and put him on guard. He was not yet sure if he should trust this man, and the way he spoke had made him questionable to Rowan. He had known men who had spoken the same way, and they tended to be of the type that he no longer associated with. Still, as a gentleman, it would be far more rude to brush off his blue haired company than it would be to continue an amicable conversation.

As the waitress brought the man his food and beverage Rowan leaned forward in his seat. Giving his company a once over Rowan could tell this was no ordinary man. Something about this mysterious blue haired individual gave Rowan pause, but not out of fear per say. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but the way this masked man seemed to compose himself made Rowan both curious and somewhat welcomed by his presence.

A part of him was about to draw out a cigarette from his jacket pocket, but he decided against the nervous habit, one of many. He placed a hand over it instead and gave the man a smile. The flattery had served well, and it had certainly proven to Rowan that this man did not mean him any harm or derision. "I suppose a bit of all three, my friend. I've recently arrived here in the last few weeks in order to peruse my old haunts. Along the way I've come across a few new friends. And if adventure should so happen to present itself, well I'll be among the first to chase after it." He reached for his coffee again and finished off what little remained before placing the cup on the table upside down upon the serving plate. The last bits of bitter taste ran across his taste buds, but despite the taste he felt invigorated.

"What of you, my friend? You speak of how special I seem, but in the same vein you seem very similar. What brings you to this grand capital of ours? Judging from your attire I would venture a guess that you are here for the latter of your three prior options, but of course I could be wrong. I make it a point not to assume too much about those I do not know."

Rowan waved to the waitress when she next to a glance at him. Soon enough she returned with a tray and took away Rowan's cup as quickly as she could. The blonde caught a glance at a redness to her cheeks he had seen when he had entered the establishment, but put it off quickly. He was not one to make things awkward for himself or her, especially not in front of company. The notion was not lost on him, however, that to her he might seem something of a dashing noble or something of the like. He never did enjoy such a feeling.

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Raphael smiled kindly at the man as he spoke about why he was here in the city. He was happy the man called him friend, even if it might have been more of a formality than a term of endearment. The man’s comments interested Raphael slightly as he mentioned “perusing old haunts” a term which was vague enough to grab attention. He didn’t know exactly how to go about asking about that though, so he decided to let it lie. The talk of meeting new friends sounded like it was nice for the stranger, and Raphael was glad to hear it. He chuckled, almost knowingly, about the idea of chasing adventure, hoping to seem somewhat mysterious. Speaking of mysterious, about half of his cinnamon roll was gone by now, quickly dunked and eaten away with a vigor that was in sharp contrast with the suave persona that Raphael had been putting on. The coffee was still a little too hot, but it was bearable when mixed with the pastry. He was caught with a mouthful of food when the man asked him what he was up to, and Raphael hastily swallowed to respond.

“Ah, me? A sharp eye you have. Some would say I’m here for adventure, but for me, it’s just business.”

Was that line cool? It sounded cool in his head at least, and now that he had spoken it, he was going to have to roll with it.

“I’m here on an official mission. I’m investigating a small dark guild in the area. It seems a couple upstarts might be trying to stir up some trouble, and I’m here to try and see what I can do to stop them. This is my first day here, and I’m taking the time to scope out the city, get used to the area. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be cracking down on the small fries. I’m hoping to be done by the end of the week.”

It wasn’t like he was giving away any important information, he was just answering the man’s question. Raphael was hoping that whatever he was saying might impress the man; and he took a casual sip of his coffee to try and play it off like it was no big deal. It was a reasonable temperature now so he was able to comfortably drink it this time. Once he had finished this, he began to speak once more, under the assumption that the man wouldn’t begin to speak so soon after he had.

“My name’s Raphael; I’m a mage who’s well versed in ancient magic.”

To prove the point, Raphael extended out a finger, ancient letters flowing from it, wrapping around his hand. They glowed with a light blue glow, emanating from their white, paper thin forms. After a little while they faded. Was this demonstration impressive, or was it tacky? Whatever it was, Raphael thought it was pretty dramatic, and felt that at the very least, it would be impactful. With his introduction out of the way, Raphael now passed over the role of the conversational controller over to the man, providing him with just a simple question to build on.

“What’s your name?"

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#7Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
Rowan cocked his eyebrow as he listened to this blue haired man speak of his intentions while in town. Unlike the other people he had come to know while he had been here, this strangely dressed man seemed to be farm more interested in accomplishing an actual task than simply enjoying the scenic views of the capital. His interest seemed to spur forth from a desire to defeat a group of dark mages, and as if that weren't enough, he was speaking of accomplishing such a task in just a week. Rowan wasn't sure if it was pumped up bravado or serious claims, but he could respect this man either way. He was incredibly serious from the way he spoke, and his conviction was apparent despite what Rowan assumed others thought about him.

When Raphael introduced himself properly with a demonstration of magic, Rowan found himself smiling. He had known this man could not be of the average sort, and it was pleasing to find that his suspicions were confirmed. Raphael's affiliations were still unclear to him, but given their current situation he doubted that he was from a less than reputable group. The only members of actual guilds Rowan had met since he arrived back in Crocus had been a mixed bunch. First had been Assama from his own guild, and then Shin from the mysterious Phantom Lord. Honestly, the blonde wasn't sure what he was in for when it came to Raphael, but he was more than willing to listen.

In his own greeting, Rowan extended his hand across the table. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance today, Raphael." He made sure to flash his Lamia Scale tattoo one his left hand as he moved in for the shake. "Rowan Vincent, at your service. Former farmer, high class man, and currently a, for lack of a better term, magical martial artist in the employ of the Lamia Scale guild." To emphasize his own point he ignited a harmless white aura around the hand he was offering to Raphael. His magic was much more subtle, generally, than Raphael's, but the well dressed man hoped it would serve as a good demonstration. He sat back in his chair then. "You must be quite strong to be going up against a dark guild. If you're willing to take me up on it, I would be more than happy to offer you a friendly hand, Raphael."

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Raphael held back a grin as he looked over the man; he could tell that he was impressing him. That was great, it seemed like his strategy had worked. He did his best to hold back a smug smile, as that would probably ruin any sort of progress he had made with the man. Once the blonde man had taken in the entirety of his grand introduction, he offered a hand to shake. Raphael moved to take it, and as he did, his eyes widened just a little as he noticed the tattoo on the man’s other hand. Before he had a moment to ask about it, the man began his introduction. His name was Rowan, and gave some background information on his career path, ending up with a reveal that completely caught Raphael off guard - he was from Lamia Scale. He was a mage; same as him. He sat in a stunned silence, his cool and collected attitude practically gone. As the man showed off a little of his magic, and made an offer to help him out, Raphael began to try and recompose himself, collecting his thoughts as he responded to Rowan. When he spoke, his borderline pretentious tone was gone, now he was much more casual.

“You’re a Lamia Scale mage? No way! So am I! When did you join? I’ve been a part of the guild for a few years now, but I’ve never met you before. I’d show you my tattoo, but it’s on my back…”

He chuckled a little at that fact; as it stood right now he had no reasonable way of proving that he was a member without taking off his shirt in public - the positioning of the tattoo was pretty impractical for this sort of thing. But he didn’t particularly regret it, after all, the reason he had got it there in the first place was because, if he were involved in a tough fight, to the point where clothes were getting shredded and burned, anyone standing behind him would see his mark and get some sort of inspiration out of it. It was an oddly specific situation, and Raphael was well aware of the unlikelihood of such an incident, yet he couldn’t help but love the idea of something so dramatic being a possibility. Getting his mind back on track, Raphael responded to the offer that Rowan had made earlier, after whatever dialogue they might have had about Lamia Scale. Assuming nothing would particularly affect his response, he would say, with a bit of his former composition:

“Well, thank you for your offer, I’d appreciate some help. It’ll be good to get to know another guild mate, especially on such a big mission.”

The mission wasn’t actually that big of a deal, again, the dark guild was new and relatively small and weak. He probably wouldn’t need the help of Rowan, but an extra pair of hands was never something to complain about. Also, the fact that the man was a guild mate whom he had never met, no matter how recent he might have joined was almost a shot to Raphael’s pride. It went without saying that he wanted as many of his guild mates to know who he was, for camaraderie as well as reputation.

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#9Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
Rowan released Raphael's hand with a grin. He had expected that the slightly elevated air around his strangely dressed friend was a bit exaggerated, and it was nice to see his hunch had been right. Still, he owed it to the young man for trying to appeal to Rowan's own sense of upper crust ideals. The blonde presumed his company had acted in such a manner because of how he was dressed, but perhaps this was not the case. He hardly knew Raphael, and it would be incredibly rude to make large assumptions about the man. He allowed himself to shift into a bit of a more casual style to match Raphael's in order to make sure the man did not feel as if Rowan was making fun of him somehow. The gentleman knew that his tone and specific style could make people feel as if he was far too pretentious for their tastes, and from the little time he had spent with Raphael, Rowan knew he did not want to alienate him.

"I've only recently joined the ranks of Lamia Scale." He offered with open hands to emphasize his revealed nature. "It was only a few weeks ago really, but I left Orchidia almost immediately after in order to look for work." He looked out to the city. The sun was now shining brightly in the sky, and the denizens of Crocus were beginning to appear in earnest as the world awoke to the new day. "Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, work has proven to be fairly dry from what I have seen. My partner and I have been unable to find any kind of job suitable for mages. To such an end, I must thank you for allowing me to accompany you then. I was beginning to grow tired of waiting around for something to happen. Better to grab the day by your own hands, yes?" He smiled.

However, the blonde wondered if Raphael understood the meaning of his offer of aid. It probably wasn't uncommon for a seasoned mage like himself to attract the attention of less powerful individuals. Rowan resolved himself to prove that he was worth something more than just a lookout. After all, he was a member of Lamia Scale, and it was not in his nature to run away from a challenge.

"If you would not mind the question, Raphael,"
Rowan continued. "I'm curious as to what you hope to achieve through your efforts? I understand wishing to defeat dark wizards and the like, but typically people have even bigger goals ahead. I've met some who are in this line of work for the power, and others who are in it for the money. I'm rather curious to see what you're looking for in all of this."

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Well, it turned out that Rowan had truly joined recently, a few weeks was not much at all in the grand scheme of things. Raphael was probably off on a mission or something at the time. It would have been rather embarrassing if this man had been a part of Lamia Scale for a long time. As the man spoke more, Raphael learned more about the predicament he was in. Rowan was looking for work; but even Crocus didn’t seem to have anything for him. That was worrying, usually large cities were ripe with missions to be taken; if there weren’t any, how else would he (or anyone he guessed) be able to earn a living or raise their reputation? It made him thankful that he had his own work to be doing. Another interesting part of what he was saying was the fact that he had a partner along with him. Curious, Raphael decided to enquire about it.

“So you have a partner? Part of the guild, or outside it? If he’s from Lamia Scale, has he been with us a while, or did he join with you? Who knows, I might know him!”

By now, Raphael’s cinnamon bun was completely gone, and there were a few more sips left in his coffee. His breakfast break was winding down, and with it, time to waste. However, this conversation, which Raphael had first thought would just be a quick chat with a random neighbor, was well worth whatever time it took up. A potential partner or two on his mission? From his guild? This was an amazing opportunity, for both parties! As their conversation continued, Rowan asked him a question which caused Raphael to think. It was a simple question, one which Raphael knew the answer to, but he couldn’t outright state it. What did he hope to achieve? Well, his primary motivation was to follow his goal of becoming a “hero,” and claim his place as the protagonist of the story. Granted, he knew that real life wasn’t actually just another story, but it was a fun way of thinking about it. What was a good way of stating this without seeming particularly egocentric?

“Well, my motivation, I’ll admit, is a little juvenile, a little naive, but I have faith in my ability to do it. I want to be able to help people, spread hope to as many people as possible. I want to be someone who people can look to in order to defend them, and able to strike blows for justice. Simply put, I want to be a hero. It’s a difficult struggle, and it will require a lot of effort on my part, and even more luck, but again, I have faith I can accomplish it. What motivates you? Do you have some grand vision in mind?”

Raphael hoped this was a sufficient answer, he had said it as honestly as possible, as it was truly what he felt. He was curious as to how Rowan would react to this sort of statement, after all, he agreed deep down, it was a rather impossible sounding feat. In addition to this, he wondered what Rowan had in mind. The more Raphael spent time with him, the more the man seemed similar to himself; it would be interesting to see just how deep that idea went.

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#11Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
Rowan chuckled. "Oh, my partner is harder to pin down than that. She's a member, but that definition isn't the same as yours or mine. You see, I don't exactly have much magical talent of my own. I can cast the spell here or there, but what I can do on my own pales in comparison to your skill. So, I rely on friends, or more specifically, magical creatures. My partner is one such creature, but she's absconded for the last few days. I couldn't say for sure where she is, but she tends to show up whenever she's needed."

Rowan was quite relaxed as he talked about his companion. The pair had been together for a long time, and so he knew her habits down to the smallest details. Despite their separation he could always sense her around, and he knew that she would come back when he called. "Sometimes I wonder if I would be the same person without her. She's gotten me through a lot, and with my level of skill I'm sure I would have been put out many years ago. Though, I suppose that's what partners do, yes? They help one another to cover their weakness, and create new strengths." Rowan contemplated his own words for a moment, and then listened as Raphael finished his own thoughts before speaking up.

The blonde was slightly surprised when Raphael explained his own reasoning behind his journey. It was not a purpose Rowan had expected to hear. To become a hero was something one could work their entire life for, and still never obtain. It wasn't a concrete answer like the attainment of money or power, it was far more abstract. Rowan laughed. He had no idea someone like Raphael existed.

"Forgive me, my friend, I mean no disrespect. Your dream is an admirable one indeed. My laughter comes from how similar our dreams seem to be. You ask what my vision is? I wish to travel the world and see all there is to see, experience all there is to enjoy, and meet all those who will offer their time. I find it quite hilarious how our dreams are so abstract when compared to that of the world around us. Neither of us seem to care about the trivial nature of the dreams of many. What does power or money matter when you purpose?" Rowan laughed again, and wiped a tear from his eye. "You are a very good man, Raphael. I'm glad I was given a chance to meet you."

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As Rowan began to explain who his partner was, Raphael was immediately, embarrassed. He had casually assumed the partner was male, and though Rowan hadn't seemed to notice or care, he was embarrassed about the oversight. The more Rowan spoke though, the more he realized that the partner he spoke of wasn't even a person, but rather a magical creature, which he fought alongside. It was interesting, Raphael had heard of beast tamers, and had once or twice had to fight hostile ones, but he had never had a chance to actually speak with one like this. They were usually tough opponents, and Raphael was impressed by his new guild mates profession. Rowan spoke more and more about the connection that he had with his partner, and while he was just talking about the bond he had with an animal companion, it struck a bit of a chord with Raphael. He was reminded a little of the fact that he had no one he was that close to, man or beast. It was a sad thought, and he quickly brushed it aside, there was no point in thinking about that now.

He was a little quiet afterwards though he did nod in response to Rowan's statement. When Rowan asked about his motivations, he responded. Once he had finished, Raphael couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Rowan's response - a friendly laugh. The blonde man quickly recovered, and explained his reasoning behind it: He was struck by the fact that the two had similarly wild goals, Raphael's was heroism, and his was exploration. The two goals were somewhat simple in nature, yet as far as the actual execution of them, they were less tangible than what others often equated dreams to being. Raphael couldn't help but smile at the idea as well. The both of them had somewhat selfish goals, which sounded rather regal when explained. They were more similar than Raphael could have ever expected them to be when he had first laid eyes on this place. While he was well aware that fate wasn't actually as big of a factor in real life as it was in stories, he couldn't help but think that maybe this was one of those instances where it had played a part in his life. It was a reassuring sort of thought. As Rowan finished off his thought, he threw a compliment over to Raphael, which he greatly appreciated.

"Ah, why thank you Rowan, the same goes for you! It's funny, who would have thought that the two of us would run into each other. In such a huge city, the fact that two mages of the same guild would meet in a small cafe; it's almost as though fate guided us together, wouldn't you say?"

By now his breakfast was completely finished, and at this point, he felt like it was about time he moved on to go about his business. Unless Rowan wanted to go along with him, this was probably the perfect opportunity to end things between them, for no at least. He slowly got up from his chair, leaving the Jewels he owed at his seat. He nodded to Rowan, before addressing him.

"Well, it was amazing meeting you Rowan, and I congratulate you for joining the guild! I must be going now, and if you have other things you need to do, I don't plan on being a hinderance to you. If you want to help, go to the -"

Realizing that writing out the name might be better, he grabbed a paper napkin and a pen from his coat, and quickly jotted down the address of the inn he was staying at, and handed it to Rowan.

"Go here sometime tomorrow, and chances are I'll be there. I'm not sure exactly what we'd have to do, as I don't know too much about these guys, but I'd wager we might run into some trouble somewhere along the way, so be prepared."

He would then await Rowan's reply before heading off. If the man wanted anything else from him, Raphael would be more than happy to oblige, though he wasn't sure exactly what else might need to be said.

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#13Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
Rowan graciously accepted Raphael's kind words, and gave a nod of respect to the man. The two were different from those around them, and the blonde could respect anyone who offered him a hand in friendship. Their meeting had been brief, but Rowan felt as if a deeper connection had been formed than perhaps either of them had realized. Brothers in arms as it were, in the good fight against those who would hinder them. He would not ever forget Raphael. "I dare agree, Raphael. Fate is a fickle entity, but it has seen fit to bring us together. I believe we will do something great together, mark my words."

Rowan then received Raphael's note on how to reach him when the time arose for them to accomplish their work together. He safely stored it in his breast pocket, and gave it a pat of reassurance. Rowan then stood, and offered out his hand once more. "It has been a remarkable pleasure to make your acquaintance today, Raphael. I look forward to our friendship with pride, and offer my sincere wish of good luck to you in your other endeavors."

Once the two had shaken hands Rowan would offer a final nod of farewell before leaving the establishment. His own journey would lead him back towards the city center, with a few new interests to look in on during his time in the city.


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Raphael shook Rowan's hand as the two of them began their departure from the establishment. As the two split paths, and Raphael continued on his way to sightsee Crocus once more before going about mis missions, he couldn't help but smile a little, a genuine one. While at first the interaction between the two had been a little rigid, he felt that, by the end of their short chat, they had been able to connect just a little. He realized that, while he recognized the faces of many of his guild mates, he didn't really know any particularly well; just enough for formalities sake. He had mostly been focusing on developing his powers, and training and working to exceed whatever limits he might have had. This had worked well for him, he felt as though his magic power was incredibly strong compared to many. Yet, a hero couldn't only have power. No, the heroes in the books that Raphael had read had a solid group of companions that they worked with. Out of both devotion to his goal, and a certain loneliness that he had realized might be residing within him, he decided to make a mission for himself. He was going to befriend more people, and see how far that would take him. He smirked a little at the thought: it seemed like rooting out a dark guild wouldn't be his only quest in Crocus.


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