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As the Leaves Fall [Dane]

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As the Leaves Fall [Dane] Empty Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:14 pm

It was yet another peaceful day in Crocus, and North was enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation in between his busy schedule of thrill seeking. He had found a small cafe on the outskirts of town and wandered inside, his Phantom Lord tattoo covered up with a patch of make up to help him avoid any unwanted attention due to his guild membership. That didn't prevent him from drawing attention however, as a nudist walking through the streets of crocus was bound to draw a few stares. That wasn't much cause for concern however, and after entering the establishment he calmly asked for a table for one. The waitress blushed, obviously not sure how to react to a customer completely in the buff, or where he was keeping his money with which to pay. Still, she brought him over to a table and handed him a menu before quickly rushing off towards the back.

North placed one leg over the other and rested his foot upon his other leg's knee, opening the menu and taking a look. He hoped that the waitress had rushed back to bring him some coffee, as it would be nice to have a cup as he decided what to eat. What sounds good? He thought to himself, not sure exactly what he was hungry for. North wanted to have a somewhat light breakfast so as not to feel bloated during the rest of his sightseeing today. While he was deciding, the waitress indeed returned with a cup of coffee, and she shakily approached him and placed it on the table in front of him, a blush clearly visible across her face. "H-Have you decided yet, sir?" She asked, obviously embarrassed to see a naked man in front of her. "I'll still need another moment." North replied, returning his eyes to the menu. He smirked behind the paper, amused at the girl's animated reactions. Some people sure get flustered easily. He thought to himself with a chuckle. He then returned his attention to the menu, still unable to decide on something to order.

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Dane Siph
Dane had quietly been sipping at his soup that he had ordered. He had realized how hungry he had been after he had said goodbye to Assama, so instead of staying at the drooling horse he had gone to a random cafe next to it. The soup was just a plain simple, chicken noodle one, but it was good. IT had been until a nudist decided to walk in. Now dane had no quarrels with nudists, but he did find it a little weird to see a random man just siting there, bare backed.

He returned to his soup with a mumble, "Who walks into a PUBLIC cafe like this, i mean seriously have some decency. " He gave the waitress a wave and waited for her to come over. "Could i have a glass of water please?" He asked politely. He sat back in his chair waiting for his water, and eyeing this...nudist.

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North had finally decided on trying out this cafe's mushroom omelette, and after setting down his menu he scanned the area for any signs of the waitress. He noticed that she was helping another customer who was eating a bowl of soup. He looked to be very tall and rather well built, and North began to wonder if he might be up for a bit of a sparring match to exercise after their respective meals. He could stand to get in a bit of light exercise after his meal, and if that man was willing to oblige him it would be all the better. After the waitress had finished speaking with him, he motioned for her and called out. "Excuse me miss!" He spoke, trying to get her attention before she headed back to the kitchen. She blushed once again, but approached him just the same albeit rather tentatively. "I've decided on the mushroom omelette." He said, handing her the menu with a friendly smile. She hurriedly grabbed it and rushed back to the kitchen.

Since it would likely be a moment before the waitress returned for either of them, North decided to ask the man for a spar. It certainly couldn't hurt to ask, at the worst he would refuse and after their meals they'd both go their separate ways. "Excuse me, sir." He called over, waving at the man eating the soup. "Would you be interested in having a light spar after our meals? You look fit enough to enjoy some exercise." He said, his voice tinged with the lilt of excitement.

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Dane Siph
Dane had waited for a little while for his drink, and had almost gotten it, but then that odd nudist had ordered something. He took a deep sigh, it was no reason to get angry over a nudist slowing his drink. He had been waiting, when the nudist randomly up and asked if we want to battle. Personally he wasn't fond of battles at the moment. Though if his goal was to get stronger he decided he would.

Looking up he said, "sure, why not?" So with a calming relax he went back to his soup and waited calmly for his water. After the waitress returned he took the water and thanked the waitress. he leaned back in his chair and waiting for his opponent to finish. Personally he didn't want to lose, but that was all part of the process. Quietly he went over his spells, he didn't plan on letting the nudist know, he was a wizard, but he knew it would happen eventually. So it was best to know what to do first.

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North was glad to hear that the man was willing to accept his challenge to spar, and figured that he must have some confidence in his ability as well. The mushroom wizard didn't think anyone would so readily accept to a spar against a physically fit man unless they themselves felt they had sufficient strength. "Glad to hear it. I'll try and hurry up and eat. I'm North, by the way; North Rickley." He said, introducing himself with a smile. He waited patiently after that for his meal, glad to have made yet another acquaintance, and someone so willing to match blows with him after eating. The world certainly is such a grand place. There's always so much to do. He thought to himself as he was waiting for his meal. It didn't take all that long to arrive, albeit it was still some time after the other man had received his water. He drooled in his mouth a bit as he saw the omelette approaching, and he quickly set to transferring it from the plate to his waiting gullet. It took him a few minutes to finish the concoction of fungus and eggs, and he swilled the last bit of his coffee just after he had done so.

North picked up his napkin from the table and dabbed the corners of his mouth and set his silverware on top of his plate, letting out a single satisfied belch as he did so. He then placed the jewel for his meal on the table and stood up from his chair. "I'm ready to go if you are." He'd say, pointing a single thumb behind his back towards the door. "Prolly best to get a bit outside of the town though. Wouldn't want any unnecessary interruptions." He'd say, thinking that the guards might at least stop to ask them what they were doing, if not arrest them entirely, were they found to be brawling in the streets. He was excited to get his blood pumping after his meal, and he felt himself fidgeting a bit in impatience as he stood.

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Dane Siph
Dane watched North-the-nudist devour his meal with unnatural speed. When the man turned around to ask him if he was ready to leave, he had to hold up his finger in a one minute symbol. Dane swigged his water and set it down. Responding to North-the-nudist's suggestion on not fighting in the streets, he agreed with a simple shake of his head. "I Know of a great, wide-open place we can use." Dane added.

Quickly he reached over grabbed his sweatshirt from his chair and placed it closely against his tight-fit shirt. he stepped away from the table, trying to hide his white lamia scale tattoo on his foot with his other foot, he leaned down and grabbed his flip-flops, holding them in his hand. I really don't want to tell this nudist my name, he thought I'll just use my middle name, Aran. With a quick smile he looked up and said, "oh my name is Aran Assama by the way." I really hope Assama won't get mad at me for using her name. he thought. Dane glanced at North-the-nudist, judging his character, he seemed like someone he could learn from, even if North had no idea he was learning from him. "I'm ready to go." He told North-the-nudist. He placed the needed money on the table and waited for North.

Dane was still unsure about  North, and with many years of reading people, North definitely raised some serious flags for him. But a fight was a fight, and even if he was beaten terribly by North-the-nudist it wouldn't matter because he would probably never see this man again in his life. He leaned against the chair of the table waiting for north's response, wondering how this fight would end up.

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North was glad to hear that his new acquaintance was familiar with a good place to have a match as his plan had just been to leave town and hope for the best out there. It wouldn't have been all that bad to have a few obstacles and a more difficult environment to fight in, but an open space would allow both of them to test their skills from equal footing and that was fun as well. He pulled his arm over his head to stretch his shoulders one at a time while Dane was getting up and collecting himself. North was getting pretty excited, and it was getting hard to stand still. It had been a while since he'd matched blows with anyone, so he hoped he wasn't getting to rusty. A good brawl was just what he needed to get his blood pumping on such a wonderful morning as this, and he didn't want to disrespect his opponent by being too out of practice. North tried not to worry too much about it and just have a good time, but it still ebbed on the edge of his mind.

His acquaintance introduced himself as Aran Assama, which North couldn't help but chuckle just a little bit at. Heh, ass. He thought to himself, thinking it a bit childish of him, but funny just the same. He had a bit of a weakness for toilet humor that he hadn't been able to kick since childhood. "Nice to meet you, Aran." He said, unable to utter his surname without cracking a smile. "I suppose I'll be following your lead, so after you." North continued, stepping aside and motioning his arm towards the door as if he were a butler. As he bowed his head he thought he caught a glimpse of something white on Aran's foot, and wondered if he might have spilled something but decided not to say anything because it looked like he was trying to cover it and might be embarrassed.

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Dane Siph
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North seriously concerned Dane, something about the way he acted caught him off guard, but he decided to ignore it. So he headed towards the door and swung it open. Right away he headed through the winding Crocus roads, not bothering to check for North-the-nudist. He followed the little map in his head, left, left, right,left,straight, and right. Right in front of him was a big open field, with some roots that dane had casually decided not to mention. With a smirk He wondered out to the field and called to North, " I'm ready when you are!"

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North followed Aran as he led him around Crocus for a few minutes, following behind him without saying much. The other man didn't seem to be in a particularly talkative mood to North, so he tried to pick up on that. Instead, he tried to size up his opponent as he followed behind him. He seemed to walk with a sense of purpose, and in a manner that was relaxed enough to give North the impression of confidence in his own abilities. A man who could maintain such a demeanor when heading off to a fight, even a practice fight, had to hold at least some resolve. North himself walked in a proud manner, with long strides and a gentle swinging motion of his arms. He never wanted to give off the impression that he was ashamed or embarrassed of his body in any way, in order to try and teach people that there was nothing wrong with the naked form and that it was beautiful.

Eventually, North followed Aran out into an open field of short grasses with and various large roots running up and down through the ground in various places. It seemed they had to be on the Northern part of Crocus, and this must be part of the extensive root system produced by the Worth Woodsea. Aran seemed to be wanting to get right into things, and North could certainly get behind such a notion. Still, he couldn't help but make a bit of small talk as he stretched. He'd just eaten, and he didn't want to get any cramps. "This is a nice spot. Thanks for showing it to me. I'm still not going easy on you, though." North said, winding up his right shoulder and stretching a bit to get ready. He'd keep an eye on Aran, assuming he wouldn't try to strike while he was preparing himself, but being a bit careful just the same. Once finished, North would return to a relaxed position, and assuming Aran hadn't acted he'd get into a boxing pose, beginning his approach warily from a distance of seven meters. He'd approach with both his arms raised in front of him, his feet light and prepared to dodge and bob and weave as he continued closing in. He'd make sure not to close in more than two meters until Aran took a stance of his one however.

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Dane Siph
Dane liked talking and all, but he wasn't so sure about talking to North, and him being a nudist wasn't what put him off. It was the fact that his subtle preparedness put him off.

Dane wondered out into the field about seven meters away from North. Watching the man approach he took a stance. he'd stretch his legs out just enough so he could easily swipe at his legs, he'd also raise his arms about chest height and prepare his hands with a flat motion to hit north on his bare skin if he approached to close. He'd scan the gras looking for the protruding roots. " Come at me!" he yelled.

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Seeing Aran take his own stance, North moved forward to just about two meters away. His arms were in a basic boxing guard, and his legs were spread wide for balance, with his right foot firmly in front of the other. Both of them were out of each other's reach, and while his first instinct was to use his magic this was a fist fight and he knew he had to go in swinging. Hearing Aran shout at him to come, North's eyes narrowed a bit and a slight grin appeared on his face. North quickly dashed forward as fast as he could, keeping careful to watch his footing and avoid any of the roots in the way. He crouched his body low, defending himself with a high guard as he hunched himself down during his charge.

North's favored fighting style was slightly less effective in an area with such uneven footing, but the challenge was a bit more fun that way. He closed the distance in just over a second, stopping just under a meter away and a bit to the left of his opponent where his punch would have the perfect amount of reach. From there, North raised his left forearm diagonally across his face to protect himself and quickly brought back his right arm with a snap motion before launching it into Aran's undefended gut. With his face entirely guarded by his left forearm, and his crouched body defending his own pectoral and gut regions, there was very little room for his opponent to counter. Large roots surrounded both of the men on either side, so dodging to the left or right carelessly could cause his opponent to lose footing. If Aran lowered his guard to defend himself North would follow up with another strike, if he tried to back off North would pursue. The nudist pugilist had already registered where the roots were behind himself, so he'd know where to avoid if he was forced back, but he didn't much consider that a possibility. If he had to take a few punches to stay up close and personal, he would.

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Dane Siph
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Dane had watched North's every step, breath, arm movement, learning from it, making himself better. He had watched the roots, carefully mapping out where they were, so he could use them as a trip for north or propulsion for him. He was ready.

North's first attack had been a little-bit of a surprise but Dane was ready. He'd quickly side-step just enough inwards that he wouldn't hit any roots then he'd grab North's punching arm and use his own momentum against him to flip him over. Unfortunately this was one of the only moves dane would be able to calculate, he would watch North and learn his style but he still preferred the fun of a battle. Assuming his atack on North had worked he would steadily walk back a couple of feet, preparing his next stance. He'd take the same exact one as he had before.

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North was surprised to see that Aran had so easily seen through and side stepped his initial jab, and even more so that he had chosen such an awkward position to try and grab North's arm. The nude pugilist could quickly see where this was going, and before the other man could attempt to throw him he took his left fist which he had been using to guard and quickly swung it back directly into Aran's nose in a snap motion. There was so little distance between them now that it would be near impossible to dodge, and with both of Aran's arms preoccupied holding North's arm it would be quite difficult to block as well. Provided Aran continued to try to throw him, North would be thrown off balance by the sudden force placed on his arm, but as he had stopped before he'd even thrown his punch there had been very little momentum to flip him over, especially considering the placement of his punch was well below both of their centers of gravity.

It would take North a second to regain his footing after being thrown off balance and, assuming Aran had went through with his initial plan of moving a few steps backwards, North would close in at the same pace and tried his best to maintain about a meters worth of distance between the two, just out of range for a punch. North continuously glanced around himself at the roots, ensuring that he knew where to keep his footing so that he wouldn't be backed into a corner or placed into a position in which it would be more difficult for him to dodge. "You got some quick moves there, Aran. Where'd you learn that fancy footwork?" North would ask in a friendly tone as he continued advancing towards the man. He proceeded forward with his right foot in front of the left, almost hopping forward rather than walking. His chin was tucked in, and his left elbow was tucked into his gut, the fist extending up across his chest to guard himself. The right hand was slightly lower and held slightly in front of him, ready to unleash a quick jab or hook whenever the opportunity presented itself.

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Dane Siph
Dane's first attempt didnt seem to be going so well, rubbing his nose he went back just as planned. He wasnt gonna let North get close again, so to make sure he decided to take a new stance, he'd spread out his legs firmly as if he was about to burst forward, his fists tightened ready to punch. With determination he'd launch himself once more at North, but this time he'd turn at the last moment, using a root to launch himself at north exposed side, and with a brutal siwng he'd punch full force into north's left side. he'd quickly bounce back. waiting to see what would happen

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North maintained his stance in preparation as he continued to wait for Aran to make a move. The other man seemed to be going for a straight charge, so North narrowed his focus and readied to move in for some light jabs to soften his opponent up. As he readied himself to throw a punch however, Aran suddenly changed direction with a quick kick off from the nearby tree root which gave him the speed and momentum to break through North's defenses and hit him directly in the left side with surprising force. He let out a pained gasp as he turned to try and counter attack, but Aran seemed incredibly light on his feet and had already bounced back. North was finally starting to have some fun, and was preparing to rush in himself and begin trading blows. If Aran was going to try and hit him with hit and run tactics, then North would merely force him into a full on exchange.

Unfortunately for North, something else was coming full on. It seemed that the mushroom omelette he had eaten earlier was not agreeing with him, and Dane's punch had apparently knocked something loose on his insides. He made a pained and slightly embarrassed expression as he let out a restrained fart. "Uh, I'm gonna have to rain check this fight. We'll call it a draw for now." North said, turning around and breaking into a full sprint towards the nearby treeline so he could have some privacy. He may have been a nudist, but he didn't want anyone watching him do his business or anything.


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