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A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open]

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#1Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:38 am

Ana Feathersky
The smell of pancakes filled the air of the cafe, contrasted by the cool, autumn air just outside. Ana sat with a plate of pancakes twice the size of her head in front of her. In one hand was a large fork, in the other, an equally large knife. Her mouth was already bursting with her syrup covered breakfast, and despite her manners the staff saw no reason to bring it up considering she had just spent a sizable amount of money to order the pancakes in the first place. While the fairy buried herself in her breakfast she felt her mind begin to wander just as the leaves fell on the cobbled street outside. She began to wonder just what the world might have in store for her that day. Things tended to get a lot more interesting whenever she was in town, and she hoped that would remain true that morning.

#2Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:32 am

Jeremiah Ali
Hangovers last the entire day, that's what really sucks about them. Of course there's a few ways to help it go away but still, the pain is just so annoying until then. Entering "Betty's Breakfast Cafe" shop, Jeremiah planned eating a ton of greasy bacon just to help him get rid of this hangover. The shop was pretty busy this morning despite it being a monday, the least lively day of the week. Hm, I'll buy a shit load of bacon, just 'cause. The Phoenix didn't respond, thanks to Ali fully suppressing him. He needed to do that more often because it was hard for him to communicate with others when there was literally another soul inside him

Slowly walking into the shop, the Fairy Tail mage looked for a place to sit shortly before spotting someone extremely familiar. "Ana?" He asked loud enough for her to hear, though her table was about 20 feet away and she did seem to be busy eating so he wouldn't blame her for not hearing him. He didn't know a lot about Ana, but he did see her in the guild a couple times if that. Jeremiah was kind of a quiet fellow, but he was extremely kind so it was okay.

#3Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:44 am

Ana Feathersky
In truth, syrup was probably Ana's least favorite topping on pancakes. On the few occasions she had been able to try the fluffy breakfast item she had tried many different types of flavor enhancing accessories, but syrup had never quite landed with her. She tended to prefer honey the most, followed by various jams, and then syrup. Still, the sap gained topping seemed to be the most common delicacy for placing atop pancakes in Fiore, so she didn't tend to complain in public. As she dug into her breakfast she decided that the pancakes were good enough to warrant returning to the cafe if she ever felt the urge to do so. Next time though, she would order honey with her breakfast.

As the child-sized mage was continuing her ravaging of her breakfast, she managed to catch hint of someone calling her name just out of sight. Of course, it didn't help that her sight was obstructed by the stack of pancakes clearly bigger than her head. The amount of food she had ordered had caused the waitress to laugh at first and ask for her parents, but when Ana flashed her tattoo she was promptly rewarded with her breakfast without much trouble. Other customers, on the other hand, seemed to be a bit less reserved in their constant gawking as the foreigner downed pancakes faster than their own children. Managing to lean to the side of her stack of hotcakes, Ana caught sight of a friendly face. "Jeremiah?" She called out with her mouthful of pancakes. "Is that you?" Not even Ana fully understood how she was able to talk clearly with food in her mouth. To some it was astounding, and to others it was horrifying, but she didn't care since it was incredibly convenient. "If it is you, get over here you son of a sandworm. I've been looking for some friendly faces around this city."

#4Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:07 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Such an appetite stemming from such a little person was an extraordinary thing in itself. With a chuckle he watched as she chewed a couple of times before sticking her head out from behind her insane amount of hotcakes. Jeremiah himself loved food, so he definitely understood why the Ana would be stuffing her face without a care in the world, and he liked that she wasn't even slightly embarrassed. The smell of pancakes reminded him of the mornings when his father would make his famous "Pancake Pies" for the whole family. Man, he really did miss those times. It seemed like life took a crazy turn in such little time. The fairy asked if it was Jeremiah or not. Her question was followed by an invite for him to join her, saying that she had been looking for friendly peeps around the city. Quickly responding, he nodded. "The One and only, haha!" Alright so it was official, Jeremiah knew exactly what he wanted and it wasn't only fried pork meat. He turned to the waitress who had been in the middle of taking an order from a family. Truthfully, he ain't give a shit who she was taking an order for, he just needed to eat and get rid of this little hangover he had. "Bring me a stack of pancakes like the one the girl over there has, and bring me like...uh, a shit-load of bacon, please?"

The waitress seemed annoyed as she opened her mouth to speak. She made this weird face expression, like she was going to say "Excuse me?" like they do in the movies. Before she could speak Jeremiah smiled brightly, revealing his teeth as he lifted his white shirt with one hand and slightly pulled the front of his jeans down with the other in order to show his guild tattoo. Yeah yeah, maybe it was a bit extra for him to do that in a cafe...where there were people watching, but it wasn't like he showed any pubic hair, or worse.. Blushing, the waitress turned towards the family and quickly finished taking their order before returning back to the kitchen. Confidently, Ali turned towards Ana and began walking. He slid in the booth on the other side of her. "Sup Ana. For some reason I'm not surprised to see you here. Pancakes doing ya justice?"

#5Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:01 pm

Ana Feathersky
Ana snorted as Jeremiah used the same tactic she had employed earlier to get his way with the restaurant staff. She wasn't sure if their situations were exactly the same, but she wasn't going to argue with guild mate about the semantics of such things. Truth be told, she was more engrossed in her meal than she was with the events going on around her. When Jeremiah took his seat, the girl downed a fourth of the pancakes so that she could see him without bending around her meal. The sheer force of consuming she performed shocked those around her, but with a quirky look from Ana they all turned away, most likely deciding that the strange habits of a wizard were not something they wished to question.

"Pancakes back home were better, but they had a different name." Ana replied. "Don't get me wrong, these are fine, but like a lot of things around here they seem to be missing something. Like the pork. You don't spice it up enough around here, it tastes bland compared to what my clan made back home." She snorted again before fitting another pancake in her mouth. "So what brings you around these parts, Jeremiah? I didn't think any other fairies would be visiting Crocus what with it being so boring and all. Magnolia is much better."

#6Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:23 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Holy shit she was right. It was like all the food here was watered down. Damn, now that I think about it, this bacon better be good. Jeremiah listened to his guild mate speak. He forgot that she wasn't from Fiore, like his mother she was a foreigner but he didn't exactly know from where. Her skin was dark, a tad bit darker than his and her hair was black. There was a chance that she could have been from Savannah but he wasn't too sure. "Well I mean, look who's making it, ha! Nah, Nah I'm kidding." He said scratching his head, hoping that she caught his drift. Snorting, she placed another pancake in her mouth before speaking, asking him what brought him here. Magnolia was so much better, she was right about that too. Crocus had been so boring he actually considered leaving the second day of arriving, but he knew he had priorities. Surprisingly these last couple of days he hadn't done any investigating. He wasn't sure if he would take a break or not from searching for answers, but if he did it would be a really big break.

"I've been trying to find information and shit, and I figured one of the populated areas should be where I start first. What about you? Magnolia has a breakfast shop too so I'm sure you didn't come here for pancakes...did you?" He raised an eyebrow as the question was asked. "Here you go, mister." Before Ali could turn around the large plate of bacon and a larger plate of pancakes were placed in front of him by the waitress. It was crazy what being apart of a famous guild could do for you.

#7Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:04 pm

Ana Feathersky
Ana smiled at Jeremiah's comment. She found it nice that he agreed with her. She didn't know very much about the man aside from his position in the guild, but she appreciated his company nonetheless. As she stuck another pancake in her mouth she pointed her fork at him. "Information, huh? Seems a bit different from everyone else around here, but at least you're doing something I suppose." She then pointed her fork at herself. "And, well, as for me, I'm just here looking around. Since I came to Fiore, I've never really had a chance to check out the capital. I thought I'd take this downtime to come see the place. Unfortunately, it turned out to be less of a vacation and more of a sleepy chore."

Setting down her fork, the stout fairy leaned back in her seat. After twiddling with her thumbs for a moment she exhaled a deep breath she had forgotten she was holding. "You ever get the feeling something big is about to happen, Jeremiah? I've had that feeling for a while now, but I can't quite place where it's coming from." She swallowed her pancake. "Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but who can say before it happens I guess. There's always something going on in Fiore, you know?"

#8Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:55 am

Jeremiah Ali
The ton of food was placed in front of the young man, and his face immediately lit up with happiness. The stack of pancakes was large but since Jeremiah was tall he was still able to see Ana. Quickly he dug in, stuffing his face with pancakes and bacon almost at the same time, barely giving himself enough space for air. Ana shared her reason for being here, and it was basically to explore the city, but she soon realized that it wasn't anything great. Halting, he spoke with pancakes and bacon bits in his jaws. "Yeah, there ain't nuffin to do in dis around here, can't wait to go back home." Ali continued to quickly stuff his face as if he hadn't eaten in a month or two. Shit, he was hungry can you blame him? It wasn't long after his comment did Ana speak again, this time about something that Jeremiah found interesting. Once more he stopped and he looked up at Ana, with the stack of pancakes nearly being gone in under a minute she would be able to see him clearly now.

"Honestly, I've been getting the same feeling since I heard about the Magic Councils greatest weapon was destroyed. I don't know what's goin' to happen but whatever happens happens I guess. You'll be fine as long as I'm here, so don't worry about a thing. Fairies ain't nothing to play with ya know." Looking at Ana he smiled brightly, hoping to make her feel a bit better. Deep inside, he knew there was something coming, and it was coming soon. With Etherion down and all, the streets of Fiore weren't safe anymore that's why he had to get stronger and soon.

#9Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:09 pm

Ana Feathersky
Ana was glad to see that Jeremiah agreed with her sentiment. As she finished up her last few pancakes she looked out the window at the busy streets of the city. Her heart went out to these people, secretly of course. She knew they were veritably helpless on their own, and that the responsibility of protecting them fell to people like her. She knew they were simply ignorant of much that occurred around them, and that made her feel sorrow for them. "The Magic Council can bite my butt." She finally said. "They act like we're their lapdogs to be sent out to fight their wars, it's ridiculous. Things would never be like this back in Desierto. We understood how things worked there. Sure, we all followed the Shah, but he never treated us like this."

She shoved her last pancake down her gullet before speaking again. "I'll tell you, Jeremiah, I'm glad they lost their weapon. It put them back in their place to be honest. It showed them that they'll have to get involved directly from now on. They can't just throw us light guilds head first into danger without helping. Next time they might lose an entire city if they pull a stunt like that." She swallowed quickly and finished her meal with a glass of milk. "Fairies may be tough, but even we can't stand up to the power of all the dark guilds around. The Magic Council is going to have to step in some time to clean up their own messes. And when that happens, I'll be the first to step in when they mess up."

#10Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:33 am

Jeremiah Ali
"Don't even get me started about the Magic Council..." He commented before placing 3 pieces of bacon in his mouth. Ana seemed to dislike them as well, except her reason differing from Ali's. She was right again though, the Magic Council rarely ever did thing besides send their rune knights out when the situation had gotten worse, instead of preventing it from even escalating. They've done things like that countless times, and with Etherion being down they may utilize their own troops more quickly, or they may not. You never know with the Council, they were hardly predictable.Desierto. Taking a note from where she was from, he continued to listen. After she was done, he would reply. "Well sadly we are the magic council's lapdogs. They fund us, and in turn we do what they say, ya know. In a way each light guild is like the Magic Council of the town they're in." He paused and sat back as all of the food was finally gone, grabbing the cup of orange juice and taking a sip before continuing. "I'm not a fan of the Council, so I'd rather extinguish or fix a problem before they do." Sitting forward once more, he placed the orange juice down in front of him. As if the orange juice reminded him, his eyes widened and his finger went up.

"Oh! That reminds me. Ana, your magic is a support magic no? Like you can heal and stuff?"

#11Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:03 am

Ana Feathersky
Ana sank further into her seat as she thought about how unfair the entire system seemed, and how unfortunate it was that she was trapped in it. The politics of Fiore made her yearn for her home more than normal, but she always swallowed her homesickness like a bad pill. She needed to be stronger than her emotions at times, and it would be detrimental to let herself appear weak. She listened to Jeremiah in turn, and his question as well. "Well if you want to boil it down to a nigh criminal level of basics then yes, I do use support magic. But Oasis Magic is more than that. Sure, I can't dish out a lot of damage like all you kids, but when it comes to playing the patient game of defense I'm one of the best." She shrugged. "What's on your mind, Jeremiah? There's a lot of better things to talk about than my use of magic."

#12Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:12 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Sounds like a magnificent magic. A defender. She is well needed on this team you talked about. For healing to be only one of it's aspects made the magic great. There weren't many healers in the world so he knew she would make a great addition to the team. The team would require Jeremiah to be the primary fighter so he wouldn't be the strategist for the team. He was usually the analyzer in school when the teacher would assign groups. Even while alone on quests it's easy for him to figure out solutions to problems. Teiho, would play that role this time. Tei would most likely be the leader since he was higher ranked, and had much more experience than him. Not only that, he was a much quicker thinker. After Ana spoke, Ali began. "Your magic sounds incredible. In fact that's exactly the type of addition that's needed to the team that Teiho and I are forming." He lightly pointed at Ana. "You've heard of Teiho, right?" Surely she did. Teiho was one of the more famous mages in the guild, while Jeremiah was only known for soloing quests, and helping other mages around the guild with their quests from time to time. He was a pro at getting something done but if she knew Jeremiah, then chances are that she knew Teiho. If this small Fairy didn't know who Teiho was though, Miah would hardly care, what he did care about was if she would reject any idea of forming a team. It was his job to find qualifying members.

#13Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:59 pm

Ana Feathersky
Ana picked her teeth for a moment before settling in with a sort of wary gaze on her face. She looked over Jeremiah again, trying to discern what his motives might be beyond what he was saying. She trusted her fellow fairies, but that did not mean they were not above reproach. Even a playful prank could end up with dire consequences as she had learned. Finding no real evidence of any ulterior motive, Ana shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, I've heard of Teiho. He's one of those upper echelon guys, even stronger than me for the moment." She paused. "But what do you two need me for? Surely with just him you're strong enough on your own." In truth, Ana was excited to have been given an invitation, but she needed to mask her feelings if only a little if she wanted to learn more about these particular fairies with whom she had had little contact. "And what exactly would the goal of this team be? I promise you, I won't set out even with fellow fairies without a clear goal lying in wait for us to achieve." She went back to picking her teeth with a toothpick as she waited for Jeremiah to answer her questions.

#14Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:11 am

Jeremiah Ali
What made Jeremiah chuckle the most was the fact that she referred to Teiho as someone who was only stronger than her "At the moment". He loved her attitude because not only did Jeremiah feel the same way, but it was because those were the true words of someone willing to grow. With a smile he waited for her to finish. She was concerned about a few things. Firstly, she wanted to know why they specifically needed her as if it wasn't obvious enough. Secondly, she wanted to know the goal of the team which actually forced Jeremiah to think for a moment. "Well I mean yeah, it's true that me and Teiho on our own could handle a lot, but with someone with your abilities on our side it would make things much easier. In fact, with you on our side we'd be on the road to becoming the strongest team in Fairy Tail - of course that depends on how well you use your magic." He paused, now looking at Ana with a more serious look while trying to quickly find an answer to her last question. He came to the conclusion that there was no specific goal. "Not gonna lie, as of now our only goal is to get stronger and to expand our abilities as mages, but..." another pause as his pointer finger pointed upwards. "If there's any personal goals that any of the members of the team need help achieving, we'll be there to help." Ali finished, thinking about how both him and Teiho came across the organization that was responsible for murdering Miahs family back at the tavern. Just for the organization now knowing who Teiho was and for him being partially responsible for the loss of some of their members, they were probably going to want him dead. In a way Jeremiah's goal became Teiho's right?

#15Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:48 am

Ana Feathersky
Ana sniffed. She had processed Jeremiah's words, but she still felt oddly compelled to exercise her more hidden nature. Her mother had taught her to never lay all of her cards on the table at once, and though she had been speaking of a card game at the time Ana felt that the words matched many a situation including her present one. Her masked facial expression made it hard for even her to tell what she was thinking when she had practiced it in front of a mirror. After a moment she ran a finger through the ring in her hair and gave it a spin. "If you're looking for my help I suppose I could lend a hand. It's better to work as a clan than it is to work alone." She then gave a confident, and somewhat mischievous smirk. "Just make sure not to pester me too much, yeah? I'm no babysitter, and I'm not some chore girl. I do things my way."

#16Jeremiah Ali 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:33 am

Jeremiah Ali
After a while of sitting there, Jeremiah realized that he couldn't exactly tell what she was thinking by just looking at her. She finally spoke, saying that she could lend a hand. Jeremiah smirked and nodded. With only three guild mates he was excited, mainly because he was primarily thinking of himself and how the team would benefit his him. Was that wrong? Ana continued by saying she wasn't baby sitting anyone. Sounded like she was confident in her skills and Ali liked that. Him and her were alike in a way. Oddly enough, him, her and Teiho were pretty similar. Standing up, Ali stretched before putting his hand out. The young Fairy's expression changed back to it's usual demeanor, nonchalant. "Great. If you haven't already, I advise you to take this serious. There's going to be a lot of challenges we will have to face." It was true. Jeremiah had a lot going on his life, and he was sure that the others did too.

Still, the Phoenix didn't speak.

Once Ana took his hand to shake it, he would place jewels on the table with his other hand before speaking once more. "I'll keep in touch." With that, he walked out of the breakfast shop. No more relaxing, it was time to get back to business.

~ Exit ~

#17Ana Feathersky 

A Wonderfully Filling Experience [Open] Empty on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:49 am

Ana Feathersky
Ana reached out and gave Jeremiah's hand a firm shake. As she watched him leave she took a moment to reflect on his words. She wondered if she was really ready to get back into the steady line of work she had put off for so long. Was she really willing to take the whole thing seriously if she was faced with the opportunity. She clenched her fist. She realized that this was the beginning of a new adventure, and helping others was something she devoted her life to. With a confident smile and an air of defiance about her she left the diner and headed off towards the edge of the city, it was time to head home.


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