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Charting New Territory (Finn)

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#1Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:37 pm

Shin Katari
"25 minutes...holy shit that's slow," Shin thought to himself while staring at his stopwatch. Sweat trickled off his chin as he stood underneath a light post, catching his breath from a five kilometer run he had just finished. Placing the stopwatch into the pocket of his shorts, he grabbed the white towel wrapped around his neck. Wiping the sweat off his face, he proceeded to walk forward, allowing his feet to carry him wherever they would take him.

Crocus, although an abundant town had little to offer for Shin. Unlike most, he found very little things to keep himself occupied and as a result, resorted to doing runs throughout the week to keep himself busy. Just the other day, he had completed a two kilometer run around Crocus, completing it in under 7 minutes. However, this five kilometer run was something he usually completed in under 20 minutes so doing it in 25 minutes was annoying. He only had himself to blame for the slow pace as this was the first time he had done a series of runs in the past two years.

Sighing, he looked up at the sky. The sun was hidden by a large dark cloud. Returning his gaze back to see where he was walking, he shook his head. He was seriously annoyed at himself for not doing the five kilometer run faster as he previously could. However, he would certainly try again. But first, he required some hydration. Finding a water fountain located near a park, he made his way over and proceeded to drink water from it. It wasn't the best water he had tasted but it had to do.

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#2Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
Finn strolled into the park earlier that morning with a plan. He wanted to work out more than just his cardio, and there was no better way to do that than a park. Sure, he could have paid money to go to a local gym or something of the sort. He could have even bought weights- Free or body. That being said, those all cost jewel. Jewel was something that Finn had a limited amount of at the time, and truth be told, spending that wasn't something he was planning on doing. So instead, he went to the park.

What was it that the park offered that other places did not? Specifically, things to hang on. Pull-ups, gravity resisted sit-ups- The list was narrow, but necessary. To alter ones physical state and than push through it for physical growth was when one truly began to improve. Due to that, despite having done very little in terms of cardio, Finn was both sweating and out of breath. His water bottle had long since been empty, and what he needed right now was some form of hydration. Something to sustain what he needed to begin recovering, and to stay active after that workout.

One tiny problem though. There was a man here, already at the fountain. It would be one thing if he was taking a quick drink- However, it had been fifteen seconds. And he was still slurping. Edging around the man silently and slowly bringing his face around so that the man would notice a giant face looming over him, Finn glared at him. "You're going to drown. Give me a turn."

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#3Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:12 pm

Shin Katari
As Shin took a pause from drinking the water, a shadow was cast over him. There was a slight reflection that appeared on the water fountain. From what he could make out, it was that of a young boy. Lifting his head up, he could see a young boy standing before the fountain. His eyes were met with a glare, as the boy made a comment towards Shin hogging the water fountain. If the boy wanted to make a good first impression, he was certainly not off to a great start.

Rising up, he made his back straight as he wiped the water on his chin with his towel. As he did, he kept his gaze on the boy, glaring at him in the same manner he was. "You can let me drown. I don't need your advice," Shin said with a monotone voice, keeping his eyes deadlocked with the boys. After a brief moment had passed, Shin brought his head back down and proceeded to drink from the water fountain once more. He wasn't obliged to let anyone drink from the fountain until he found himself hydrated. Until then, the blond haired male would have to wait. Spitefully, Shin proceeded to take longer sips from the water.

#4Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:00 pm

Tenshi †
Finn stared at the man as he stood up, locking eyes with him. The two contrast almost entirely. Shin was tall, fierce looking with an obvious anger about him. Finn was shorter, though not by much, with a much more relaxed look and go-easy vibe. As Shin answered and went back to drinking, Finn repositioned himself so that his chin was hanging over the back of the fountain, his face within inches of Shin's.

"I didn't actually think you'd drown. This is a water fountain." His stare seemed so innocent, but whether or not someone would believe a guy was just this oblivious was still to be seen. Poor guy seems a bit dumb. I'll be nice to him.

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#5Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:44 pm

Shin Katari
Shin paused once more, allowing the water to continue running as he heard the male speak again. However, unlike before, the blond haired male positioned himself so his face was only a few inches away from Shin. A little startled by the close space between the two, Shin backed up a bit, removing his hand from the handle of the fountain. Grabbing the towel by his neck, he proceeded to wipe his face down once more before letting out a deep sigh in response to his comment.

"No shit Sherlock," Shin responded with a slight annoyance hinted in his voice. If this person as annoying as a previous kid he had met before, he wasn't sure he would be able to control himself. People claimed Crocus to be a great getaway, a wonderful place to shop and have fun. However, Shin had had little fun. Instead, he found himself meeting annoying people and engaging in combat. If this kid was any bit as annoying as the previous people he had met, he wasn't sure if he'd be able control himself. "There are water fountains around. Why don't you go to those."

#6Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:53 am

Tenshi †
As Shin righted himself and decided to vent more of his obvious frustration of Finn towards Finn, the young man stared at him. Shin stumbled back, almost taken off guard it seemed by something. Finn tilted his head slightly, matching the almost disbelief on Shin's face with confusion. What was Shin getting so worked up about? Why did the man seem so angry? Were there actually people who were just that angry all the time that they would yell at others around water fountains?

As Shin began to talk about there being more water fountains, Finn leaned forward and took two long slurps from the one between them. Standing up and wiping his mouth he smiled at Shin. "See, was that so hard?"

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#7Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:15 am

Shin Katari
Five minutes. It took less than five minutes for Shin to establish this kid was a weirdo. He seemed like the person who didn't listen to others, and did as he pleased. For crying out lout, he drank from the water fountain between them while Shin told him to go find a different one. Usually, people wouldn't mind this but Shin thought of this water fountain as his own. He wasn't done hydrating yet and this brat decided he could just drink from it. Hell, if he wanted water Shin would sure as hell give it to him.

Pressing down on the handle of the water fountain, he cupped the water with his left hand. With whatever water he had in his hand, he splashed it towards the blondes face. If he wanted to drink water that badly, Shin would comply. He followed his first splash with a second one, before stopping and looking at the male with a smirk. "Happy? Now get away from me."

#8Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:22 am

Tenshi †
Finn glanced down at his shirt, now speckled in tiny drops of water. He glanced up at Shin for a moment, seeing the man smile and look down on him. For a moment, everything between them remained as it was. Finn, giving the taller gentleman a quizzical look as if he were confused by the events, and Shin looking at Finn with an almost prideful gleam in his eyes. Then, as if unprompted, Finn's face took one of pity, staring at Shin.

"Oh Glob I'm sorry. I'll just be off!" His words were, again, genuine. He wasn't speaking to bait or to anger the man, although whether or not that would be detected was still unknown. Still, the look Finn was giving the man was the look an adult would give a baby screaming at the top of its lungs. An almost exasperated pity that would make anyone feel smaller.

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#9Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:49 am

Shin Katari
As the blond decided he would leave, Shin felt at ease. His goal was to get in some strong cardio while enjoying the day for himself but instead, he had to deal with a small bump in the road. However, with the blond finally leaving, he would be able to finishing hydrating and catching his breath. Going in for another drink, he came to a sudden halt as he noticed the male still standing there. Now, their first couple of exchanges were an annoyance, yet the look on the blonds face this time around was something else. It wasn't a look that caused annoyance, but a look that invoked fury.

Stepping around the water fountain, Shin balled his left hand into a fist. The people nearby began to cast their gaze onto the two, some adults taking their kids and leaving the park. Standing in front of the blond, Shin looked down at him. Grabbing him by the collar with his right hand, he didn't remove his gaze, keeping his eyes deadlocked. "What the hell was that look?" Shin asked in a harsh tone. Overreacting or not, the blond sure as hell pissed him off.

#10Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:14 am

Tenshi †
As Finn began turning away and leaving, he ended almost thought he heard footsteps coming from the water fountain. Now, Finn's senses had been driven to their limits while living and surviving in the forest. However, the idea that someone in Crocus would come over with aggressive intentions simply didn't register as a possibility to him. Ignoring his ears, he began to prepare to walk away- Until he was forced to stop. Quickly being turned around, he felt a hand grab his collar, a face in his own, and as he glanced down he noticed a balled up fist.

Looking up at the man who was looming above him and hearing his words, Finn immediately registered one thing- Threat. The man before him, large or small, had become a threat. Lifting one of his hands up slowly and resting it on the bend of the mans arms, he locked eyes with the redhead. Finn's own blue eyes had become seemingly dull, although in reality it was simply the way they looked when his pupils had begun to dilate. "Let go."

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#11Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:34 am

Shin Katari
There was a hint of tension in the air. The attitude the blond male initially conveyed was gone. His dull blue eyes contrasted against Shin's red eyes. Keeping his eyes deadlocked, he felt a slight pressure placed upon the bend of his arm. Shin was not surprised at the mans sudden change in attitude however. Grabbing anyone without their consent was seen as a threat. If anything, the blond was engaging in self-defense. Things were finally beginning to get interesting.

Increasing his grip on the males collar, Shin pulled him in a little closer. Releasing the fist he had formed with his left hand, he titled his head to the right. His eyes dilated similar to that of the blond. Continuing to increase his grip, it was if Shin was waiting for the male to snap. Whether he would strike or remain calm was the question. "Or what blondy?"

#12Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:42 am

Tenshi †
Finn immediately begun hearing the voices of people in his head. Jake, letting him know that he shouldn't be starting trouble in towns. His guild master, warning him that fighting in towns broke many laws. But then, both of them telling him that if he had to defend himself, he should do it properly. Sighing, Finn realized there was no getting around this. He didn't know the man, or what he was capable of. For all he knew, waiting to act was a death sentence.

Quickly, Finn would slam his hand forward, palm aimed for the sternum of Shin. This area would knock the wind out of almost anyone, as long as a decent hit was made. More importantly, he was ensuring it would come from an upward angle, due to the fact that his hand had previously been on Shin's arm. The move was made to make the man stumble back a couple of steps, while also loosening up his grip enough to put some distance between them. Once done (assuming it all went to plan), Finn would rub his collar. "That wasn't cool man."

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#13Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:46 am

Shin Katari
For a split moment, Shin felt the pressure being placed upon his arm weaken. Instinctively, Shin let go of the man's collar, pushing off of him to create some space. Brushing against his sternum was the blonde's palm. If Shin had not reacted with his split-second timing, he would have had the wind knocked out him. Establishing a five meter gap between the two, Shin rubbed his sternum. For a glancing blow, it nearly did its job. The blond male sure knew how to deliver a surprise. However, he had accepted Shin's invitation for a spar.

Adrenaline beginning to rise, Shin could not help but smile. The blond male definitely showed some promise with his quick attack. It would be a shame if that was all the blond could do. He had peaked Shin's interest to say the least. "You're one to talk, trying to land a cheap shot," Shin responded to his comment. With a deep exhale, Shin took a a few more steps backwards, furthering their gap to seven meters. He would wait for the blond to make the first move. "Let's see what you got."

#14Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:21 am

Tenshi †
Finn tilted his head to the side. Fighting was an enjoyable thing- Especially when it was against someone potentially strong. The fact that this man had somehow evaded a literally point blank blow that would have happened in the time it would take most people to blink meant he probably had some sort of ability to see into the future. As he cleared the distance between them, he realized what it was the guy wanted.

Putting both his arms up in an X, Finn shook his head and shrugged. "Not allowed." Closing his eyes most of the way shut, leaving one open just enough to keep an eye on the man in front of him, Finn acted as of he were looking away from the man. "I'm not allowed to fight in Towns unless it's self defense. You should be careful too. This is the capitol too. We'd be arrested."

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#15Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:08 pm

Shin Katari
Was he serious? He had thrown the first shot, attempting to strike Shin's sternum. Yet he wasn't going to fight. Shin had even instigated the fight, by grasping at his collar. Yet he wasn't going to fight. Instead, he stood there, enforcing the idea the two shouldn't fight as it went against the law. With a puzzled expression on his face, Shin looked down at the grass beneath him. He could begin to feel his blood levels rise. He couldn't handle this guys level of stupid.

As a slight chill picked up, Shin let some magic roll off his body. His body began to give off a crimson aura. This was intended to act as a bluff, encouraging the blond to take up a fighting pose. "After I'm through with you, you're gonna wish I was arrested," Shin responded with slight smirk. Cracking the knuckles in his hands, he spread his feet shoulder width apart but kept his arms by his side. If this didn't trigger the male, than Shin would definitely strike first.

#16Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:30 pm

Tenshi †
Clapping his hands at the display of magic, Finn looked with a smile. One would think that Finn would understand that it was his words that were pissing off Shin the most. That being said, he hadn't. "Hey that's cool. You got some goop on you that's the color of your hair!" As he said this, he saw Shin drop into a fighting stance. Staring blankly at the man before him, Finn had a feeling of what was going to happen. However, this guy had made one thing abundantly clear. He was a mage, through and through. He may have thought that he was a good fighter when it came to hand to hand, but he'd learn the hard way if he pressed on.

Finn was an adventurer. He not only grew up in the wilderness, having to constantly defend himself and grow but also was an adventurer. His entire livelihood was doing what mages do, only he had absolutely no magic of his own. He probably had mana, just like everyone else, but never once learned a magic. The man before him, however confident he was, had no idea the crutch that his magic had given him through the years. If he truly tried to get physical with the adventurer, Finn would have no choice but to defend himself.

Staring at the man as Shin moved his hands away from each other, assuming what was now a true fighting stance. So he knew some martial arts? Only time would tell.

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#17Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:08 pm

Shin Katari
Just who the hell did he think he was? Had he never seen magic before? Despite appearing to be in his late teens, he acted like a child. The words he used, the way he spoke, it was all childish. Hell, the kid he met before had a bigger brain than him and she was around the same age. If the blond was expecting to receive a magic show from Shin, he was mistaken.

Ridding the aura around him, it appeared he would have to strike first. Taking off from his spot, he closed the seven meter gap in quick flash, reducing it into a two meter gap. With the two having similar heights, there wouldn't be much of a height advantage. It would come down to hand-to-hand combat, something Shin believed he had a good understanding of. Planting his right foot onto the ground, Shin struck towards the blonds right kidney with his right hand, hoping to stun him with a quick strike. With his left hand, he kept it tucked in close to his body, using his elbow to cover his kidney and his forearm to cover his chest area. It was time to turn this brat into goop.

#18Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:24 pm

Tenshi †
The moment that Shin began moving forward, Finn's knees would bend slightly, offering him a semblance of a broader stance. His arms would uncross, dropping to his sides slightly as he waited to watch what would happen. The gap became two meters in moments, and Shin would step in with his right leg, while also bringing around his right fist in a sort of hook towards Finn's side. Stepping forward with his own right foot, Finn would make the distance between them null, turning his body. The distance between them was now extremely short.

Moving his left arm forward on the inside of Shin's right arm, Finn would direct the arm to continue outside, ensuring it would miss his body. Simultaneously, Finn did a quick strike to the inside of Shin's right arm, directly below the armpit and on the inside of the bicep. This section of the arm was weak, with little muscle protecting the vast nerves and veins that traveled through there. A direct and solid hit could paralyze an arm for over an hour. From there, with his right hand still in a fist, he'd attempt to hammer fist Shin in the chin while turning his body. If it connected, it would likely drop the mage and end the fight.

That being said, if Shin dropped back or grabbed at his arm (indicating a dropping of his fighting stance), Finn would merely jump back and allow the fight to end without causing further damage (meaning the hammer fist would not happen).

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#19Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:50 am

Shin Katari
Shin had made a serious misjudge in his attack. He had expected to catch the blond off guard, striking his kidney in attempt to stun him momentarily. Instead, he was the one stunned. The space between the two was closed off, as the male directed Shin's attack to the outside while digging his fist into the area under his armpit. He could feel a shock travel through his body, a stinging pain in the area that was hit. The blond also attempted to connect a hammer fist, but Shin was not having any of that. With his left arm, he blocked the incoming fist and attempted to grab at the mage, who jumped back creating space between the two once more.

Grasping his stunned arm, Shin backed off. He never let his gaze off the blond as he did. He wanted to strike him once more but with his current condition, it wasn't wise. Usually Shin would go in without a care, but with the possibility of Rune Knights showing up along with dealing with this guy, it was wise to let it go, something that pained him to do. Still, it surprised Shin to know that the blond could react so quickly and simultaneously land a strike. "Lucky shot," Shin said with a sour tone.

Returning his left arm to his side, he took a look around. As of yet, there was no sign of authority so he still had a little time to spare. The blond had certainly peaked his interest. "What the hell's your name blondy? Might as well time since the next time we meet is the last."

#20Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:08 am

Tenshi †
Finn stared at the man before him in silence, his mouth drawn to a line. He didn't know this guy, and for all he knew the fight might not be over. Still- The man seemed to be willing to let it all go for now. His mistake had been to lead in with a hook. Hooks are large punches- Things that must be lead into, either with a combo or through the enemies own exhaustion. The punch itself requires much preparation, enough to catch the eye of any trained fighter. Had he lead in with an inside leg kick, a jab, or even a straight, things may have been different.

Finally, after a few moments of staring in silence, Finn straightened up and offered the man before him a smile. "I'm Finn. Nice to meet you." Glancing from Shin to the fountain again, Finn once again took on the clueless look. "I had no idea that you were so passionate about water."

Charting New Territory (Finn)  D09aavQ
#21Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:55 am

Shin Katari
As an awkward silence hung over the two, it was quickly dropped as the blond stated his name. Finn. It was a strange name, one Shin had never heard before. "How'd I let a guy with a name like Finn hit me," Shin thought to himself as he could feel a fist forming in his left. Calming himself down, it was only right that he offered his name in response. "My name's Shin."

Making his way back to the water fountain, he grabbed the towel had had dropped before the fight. Placing it around his neck, he took a sip from the water fountain while listening to Finn speak. "It's water. There's nothing to be passionate about it." The clueless expression Finn had on his face was one that pissed Shin off. As clueless as he appeared, he was agile and had a quick strike. To put it lightly, he was just salty.

#22Tenshi † 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:05 pm

Tenshi †
Shin? His name is Shin and he didn't even kick me? He's doing his life wrong.

He wouldn't voice that, of course. It wasn't a thought he lingered on, more like a fleeting observation of the irony that was had. An irony that the odd kid thought of. Truth be told, he wasn't normally this annoying either. The boredom had set in, and this man was just so interesting. Why he got so angry so easily was a mystery in itself, but more than that, something radiated from this guy. It felt like Finn was back in Worth Woodsea, staring down a monster that could kill him before he could blink.

Grinning, Finn looked Shin in the eyes. "If you're ever in Hargeon, see if I'm at Blue Pegasus. We have an arena that you and I can go all out in." With that, Finn turned and began to jog away. He needed to shower now that everything was said and done.


Charting New Territory (Finn)  D09aavQ
#23Shin Katari 

Charting New Territory (Finn)  Empty Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:10 am

Shin Katari
"Will do." Shin walked off in the opposite direction of Finn. He began to dissect the words Finn spoke, the two words that struck him being Blue Pegasus. If his assumption was correct, Finn was apart of the light guild Blue Pegasus. If Shin was to step foot on the grounds of a light guild, it would certainly result in an uproar. His guild master wouldn't be all that happy either. However, it was an offer that he would think over. After all, this was definitely not going to be their last fight. The next time they would fight, would be with no restraints.


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