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Starting Something New (ft. Geb)

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#1September Vollan 

Starting Something New (ft. Geb) Empty on Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:51 pm

September Vollan
To be kind."
"When angry people are tired of being lonely, they learn...

A soft sigh escaped glossed lips as a woman exited swiftly from the Fiore Records Building. The raven-haired woman took the pantheon of stairs that led back towards the street two at a time. September Vollan had just finished filing the paperwork that legally states her mother to be dead and her household to be in September's name.

All at the age of eighteen.

September's heart was beating erratically as she felt like she was drowning. No crying... No crying! She repeated these words over and over in her head so she wouldn't actually start breaking down. Though her mother had kept things from her, September had still loved her dearly. The woman rubbed forewarningly at her eyes. The tears weren't coming out but it felt like she'd been sobbing for days. She needed a distraction, she needed some focus, she needed some food. After deciding that the latter mattered most in the immediate moment, the lavender-eyed woman made for the shopping district.

"Just...tea. Please." September closed the menu in annoyance and sat forward, kneading her brow. She wanted food but didnt feel like making a decision. Her mind was too scattered right now. Just looking at the long tally of options put her on the verge of an anxiety attack. The waitress seemed to sense September's mood because she decided not to stick around. September didn't blame her. She wasn't being the best customer right now.

September had stopped by Crocus on her way to Clover where she was supposed to find a woman named Alisa Vollan - her half-sister apparently. Just thinking about that also almost sent September over the edge. This was all too much. The woman closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She fell into herself, pushing everything else around her away. Her magic had always been a place of comfort. She didn't actually activate it, but she could feel the power of her telekinesis pulsing steadily through her veins. That one thing, that one steady consistency helped her find herself. Helped her hold on.

September didn't open her eyes when the waitress set down her tea. Her mini-mediation was all too entrancing. Her thirst finally over-road her other senses about five minutes later. The woman reached for her cup with both hands and opened her eyes, gazing back at the lavender eyes staring solemnly at her. September chuckled a bit.
"Just like mom used to make..."
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Starting Something New (ft. Geb) Empty on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:54 pm

Geb was in the restaurant, just enjoying his business. But this tea.. this tea wasn't that good, in all honesty. The flavor was completely scarce, and the waiter put in too much sugar that all he could taste was it. Pretty bad overall. Geb stood up to go pay his bill, when he spotted a woman.

This woman looked to be in her early 20's or so, a few years older than Geb at the very least. She had long hair, and odd-looking eyes, at least from what Geb saw in her. It was an odd looking woman, but slightly attractive, or at least Geb guessed. He didn't have too much of an interest in women, but he'd lie if he hadn't thought about it a few times.

The woman, why did she intrigue Geb? Oh, right, it was because of the tea she drank. The horrible tea that Geb had to force himself to finish, because he paid for it. Geb was parked standing at the woman's table, hands in his pockets. She seemed to smile, or at least chuckle, and whispered to herself in a way that made Geb think she was enjoying it.

Someone who disgraced the good name of tea everywhere by "liking" this abomination... that was truly despicable.

Geb leaned forward as he gently put his hand on the woman's table, speaking to her in a rather cold voice. "Tell me, woman, do you honestly enjoy that horrible tea? Are you disgracing the people who spent their lives perfecting the art of that drink?"

Eventually though, Geb just shook his head. This girl wasn't worth bothering with if she couldn't appreciate these things. Thus, he left.


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#3September Vollan 

Starting Something New (ft. Geb) Empty on Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:12 pm

September Vollan
To be kind."
"When angry people are tired of being lonely, they learn...

September retreated back into her thoughts after her tea was given to her. It tasted like someone had literally let a leaf sit in hot water for a few hours but she didn't discriminate. After all, this was helping nerves immensely. That was, until a man put his hand on her table...

September was already in a bad mood after the morning she'd had and she honestly didn't feel like chatting up some guy so her waitress instincts kicked in. She smiled a bit at him but didn't look him in the eyes. She didn't want her lavender orbs to grace his face. No eye-contact meant no further conversation. But... then he spoke. His tone was cold - but she was used to that. His words, those are what got her. He seemed genuinely offended that September might like the terrible tea that she had just drank.

September's eyes met him discolored ones. Most of her was annoyed but there was a shred in the back of her mind that marveled at the fact that his eyes were a bit like hers... But, as mentioned, that was only a bit of her feelings. The raven-haired woman stood - her cup empty. As she looked down into her wallet and withdrew the bill money, she spoke: "When you have nothing to lose...". She placed the money on the table with an audible tap. Her eyes were back on his now.

"You learn to adapt."

September whistled at the waitress with a tilt of her head. She waltzed over and September thanked her for her service before slipping onto the sidewalk and beginning to make her way up the street, her black locks spilling behind her the whole way.

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