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Vaporwave and Detectives (Private, Zancrow)

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Vaporwave and Detectives (Private, Zancrow) Empty Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:39 pm


This shit was pretty chill.

Sitting in a restaurant in Crocus, there seemed to be some odd music playing. Geb admittedly had never heard the odd music in his life before, but he would admit that it did sound quite pleasant in all honesty. It was so relaxing, and really made him think about the little things in life. Geb would learn that this genre of music was known as "V A P O R W A V E". What an odd name.

Finishing up his delicious burger, Geb sat up to pay for the bill, when he noticed something.

His wallet was gone.

Geb got a little bit mad at this particular conundrum. He cleared his throat. He wouldn't get mad, he wouldn't...

He got kinda mad.

Geb kinda freaked out, and got kicked out of the establishment. Luckily for him though.. wait, no. There was nothing lucky here. His wallet was gone.

Geb didn't wanna do this, but, he had to find that wallet.

And so began the journey of detective Geb.

His first line of questioning would begin in the area of the restaurant. Geb, using his dragon slayer shout (nonexistent move, he just made that up) shouted out to the area to see what he could find out. "HAS ANYONE HERE SEEN A SUSPICIOUS MAN COME OUT FROM BURGER QUEEN?"

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#2Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


"Vaporwave? Trash."

Zancrow wasn't too sure why he decided to eat from Burger Queen, but after hearing the terrible music that did its successful best at causing ruin and sorrow to the man's ears, he had had enough. He found the courage to throw away the burger he had threw it away, disgusted by the atmosphere of the establishment and the terrible people who actually liked to eat there. As things were beginning to calm down, the most infuriatingly brazen red-headed boy Zancrow had ever seen made a high-pitched screech about getting robbed. The poor little boy.

"Little boy where are your parents?"

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As Geb made the screech, it seemed like another man had decided to stick his penis into Geb's affairs. While this is what he wanted, the man didn't do it as Geb wanted - instead, the man simply asked where his parents were. Infuriated by this, Geb stood up to the man, who was like twice the height of Geb (not really, but it seemed like it) and looked up to his face.

He took a deep breath in, as he began to speak.

"What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Fiore Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Dark Guilds, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo."

Of course, every last word of this sentence was a lie.

Geb took a deep sigh out. He usually was never this angry, and tried to keep his cool. But between getting his wallet stolen, and being called a kid... well, he just couldn't control himself anymore. He just had to say something. Geb, still angry, looked up to the man with an evil eye.

"It was you, wasn't it. You pathetic, ugly piece of trash."

Vaporwave and Detectives (Private, Zancrow) BORZAPv
#4Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


"You damn shit."

Zancrow was not all too pleased with the way this small boy found himself speaking to him. So much vulgarity and obscene words of malice and threat, so much that it only seemed to infuriate Zancrow. There was a fine line between being upset and just being furious. There was something about the boy, something dark and immature at the same time. During the boy's rant, the large man seemed to grow larger, his simple maroon t-shirt ripping apart at the rapid expansion of his muscles and the like. What was once a seven-foot-three angry man became an eight-foot-three mass of anger and fur. Being called a piece of shit was not too bad, but coming from this small child?

He had to go. Now.

The moment on being called trash, the Lycan placed his raised knee center into the small boy's chest. People were only in a state of panic as they were unsure of what was transpiring was even a real phenomenon. Zancrow wanted to send the boy flying, and he would do so if the knee strike connected. Given his enhanced physical statistics, it just may work.

[190 Mana]

Vaporwave and Detectives (Private, Zancrow) DY5S4A7

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Upon seeing the man transform into a behemoth, Geb got a little bit.. on edge. He would lift up his guard a bit, leaving both of his arms up in a defensive stance a little bit higher, rather than on his sides. Nobody just turned into that normally, so it was natural for Geb to be worried - though this had not prompted an attack from Geb just yet, either.

There was no avoiding the initial hit. Geb was able to attempt to cover the hit with one of his arms, the left, which was somewhat successful, but still caused Geb to go flying a bit - however, it did soften the blow to the chest, which very well could've badly injured him should it have fully connected. He was a bit on-edge, seeing this man suddenly turn into this bulking behemoth right in front of him.

That being said, Geb wasn't down for the count just yet. As he flew only a meter into the air, he activated a flight spell to hover above the ground. At the same moment this spell was activated, Geb snapped his fingers, granting him a strength buff. In addition, Geb kicked his left leg forwards, using the spell Psycho Step to dive aiming right into the man's head, hopefully crushing him into the ground with his force. Should this attack connect, Geb would quickly levitate off the man in case of him grabbing on, making sure to keep his eyes on the man at all times in case of any sudden movements.

Should the man somehow dodge's Geb's initial attack using Psycho Step, Geb would make sure to keep his eyes on the man to watch for any particular movements he was making in any form. Geb would have traveled a fair distance should Psycho Step had missed, so he made sure to turn around to face the man should this particular chain of events happen. Geb would make sure to be on-edge this entire time, as it was unsure what would happen to him should he not be. Should Zancrow have dodged and Geb should have to turn around, he made sure to put his right hand into a gun formation just in case he need to use THAT spell. Who knew, after all?

825/900 MP:

Vaporwave and Detectives (Private, Zancrow) BORZAPv
#6Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


The man was sent airborne from the hit, although by not that much to Zancrow's chagrin. Something about the way that he flew up made the man more enraged and irate, for some unknown reason. As the man made his rapid, yet short-lived descent into the air the Lycan would howl twice, much akin to that of a wild, wolfish beast of nature, calling his brethren to his spirit to fight along side him. A certain rage developed within the man, his fur standing on end as if he were a feral beast; his fangs seemed to grow more sharp, and his blood lust enhanced by unconventional means. There was only bloodshed on the Lycan's mind, driven insane by the horrible sounds of vaporwave and those who enjoyed its barbaric and uncivilized presence.

Having only been sent a meter into the air, Zancrow quickly went to work to dispatch this man for his blatant disregard for cultured music and etiquette. Once his howls were complete, the man had snapped his fingers, the massive werewolf would howl again, doing so without much effort on his end aside from simply opening his mouth. A concussive blast of wind would strike the man before he would be able to make any further action needed to counter the Lycan. It would be unfortunate for the man to be practically point blank, as he had only been hit a meter into the air, putting him just in perfect range of the attack. Zancrow's quicker speed and endurance would make sure to have the attack connect; if it did not, which it should have, the boy would only fail to knock the large man over. The combined factors of the Lycan weighing four hundred pounds, and the added act of Zancrow making a motion of placing a foot behind him to brace himself as he shot the blast of wind from his mouth.

Should the man have been hit by the blast, he would be sent airborne further, being propelled through the roof of the establishment's wooden ceiling. There was too much at stake, such as the decency of humanity in the wake of such a horrid genre of music, and the back of the arrogant red-haired boy who would be sent to fly among the pigeons.

105 / 200 MP::

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Geb had noticed this man howling, and had also noticed a major attack point. Each howl, it seemed the man's mouth was being left wide open. Right after the first two howls, Geb had began to use THAT spell. Geb figured that this man had to have something to do with howling, considering the fact that he was doing it over and over again. Holding his hand that had not been used to snap in a gun shape towards Zancrow, holding it towards his opponent's mouth, he fired an attack when the man opened his mouth once again. This gun shape was well concealed due to the fact that it was on the side of Geb's body.

This attack, aimed into the man's open mouth, would be aimed on the same path as Geb's leg, only less than a centimeter away from touching the boy's leg. Geb would purposely let the spell that Zancrow had sent to hit his leg, injuring it but not knocking Geb out due to the location of the hit. However, this also allowed Geb to not only mask his own spell behind the man's other spell, but also make sure the two spells would not collide due to the fact that Geb's spell was sent from his upper body rather than his leg. Because of this, the spell would most likely go into the other man's mouth, due to that the spell could not have been seen behind Zancrow's wind blast. It didn't seem like the man closed his mouth, and he wouldn't have had time to react either way, considering Geb's spell would have been point blank at that moment either way.

As Geb went flying upwards into the roof of the establishment, he would use his levitation powers in order to stop himself as he came towards the roof itself. Luckily for Geb, the man most likely wouldn't be able to reach him up here as easily, unless fate blessed his opponent with also having a flight spell.


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#8Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


A sudden calming of the beast made its furs calm down and revert back to the shaggy and unkempt way that it once was. The ferocity seemed to melt away, although without much visible change to the already savage humanoid. Something was amiss, and in the most peculiar of ways. However, nothing would seem too troubling for the Lycan, who was quick of wits and knew of the ways of men and their tricks in battle. The other man did not do very much in hiding his attack with the other hand, which gave Zancrow the idea of a sneak attack of sorts, one that was not very uncommon to those who knew a thing or so about combat, even in the slightest detail. Many parts of the young lad were made open for attack, given his present airborne state, although the concern of the probable bullet-like attack did make Zancrow slightly hesitant. However, within combat there would be no room for such a mistake of being hesitant, and the beast would begin his further assault.

Upon the release of his attack, his face would be assaulted by the nearly two foot bullet-like blast of darkness projected by the boy's gun-shaped hand. Although he had not managed to keep his mouth shut in time, he was able to see there was an opportunity of letting the brunt of the blast meet head on, in a literal sense. His beast blood made sure that the blast would not do sufficient damage, but damage was damage and that could not be ignored. Temporary blindness would be induced from taking such an attack directly to the face, although the attack felt more blunt than anything. A bit of blinking was done, but the beast within Zancrow helped to guide him to further assault, as what all beasts who feel the need to attack do despite their injuries. He felt the spirit of his two enhancing howls diminish after the blast had hit, the strain of already running through half of his magical energy somewhat of a burden. However, there was still some room to make a comeback, and that would prove to be the challenge.

After being hit in the face his left arm would swing upwards, the act of such a thing caused a metal table to be launched up right after the troublesome red-haired boy made it to the ceiling of the roof. Seeing as he only stopped as he made it only at the edge, there would not be that much time, since the roof of the establishment was only fifteen feet from the ground. As the red-haired nuisance would have to deal with an incoming table thrown at him at a speed too quick to gauge, coupled with the weight of the table giving it added force and "weight" upon impact, Zancrow would act quick on that ruse to simply leap forward to the red-haired male. As the red-haired male made his ascent and stopped, the table would only trail by a mere second, or even less. The Lycan was only a moment or so after the table, making the added force coupled with the speed and weight of the Lycan almost inescapable. The red-haired male would find that the ceilings of the establishment were slanted and held by durable, wooden panes, making his escape a challenging one. The Lycan would have its durability to help make it easier on its body in case of a slip up in the beastly rampage or some ingenious idea by the boy to escape in the nick of time. However, it would all have to play out in the end.

45 / 200:

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Four and a half meters up. That was all it really took for the table to reach Geb. While he was amazed by the fact the man had been able to recover from getting a blow to the face, Geb wasn't down for the count just yet. The moment the table began to go up, Geb timed a swing of his hand so that a defensive hole appeared. Keeping his strength buff on, the table hit the defensive spell, stopping it's momentum and bouncing it back down to the ground using gravity, at the cost of it destroying the defensive spell. It seemed to be heading right back towards Zancrow.

Geb would then use Psycho step at that very moment with his not-hit leg, pressing down onto the table with a kick, making it fly even faster down. Because with an addition of a strength buff, and because Zancrow's was turned off, Geb had a huge advantage in strength over Zancrow right now, which would send him flying even further to the ground, crushing him with tremendous force and weight.. hopefully.

650 / 900:

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Zancrow Windcaller
The werewolf took the brunt of the attack but crashed back into a group of people who crowded too close to the action. Broken bones and agony could be heard, but since no one had really put together that there was actually a werewolf within Crocus Zancrow took that sliver of opportunity to make his exit. In the blinding, rising dust of the colossal impact, the man reverted to his human form and rolled out from under the pile of moaning bodies. He grabbed someone's shirt and slipped into it, running out of the establishment and crouching as he did so. What a strange sight to see if someone was paying attention. However, there was such a highly dense cloud of dust and debris so this oddly humiliating time of retreat would not be remembered to be passed on through oral tradition.


Vaporwave and Detectives (Private, Zancrow) DY5S4A7

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