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Something wicked this way comes [Nate]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:10 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Crocus at Autumn. A beautiful place filled with people and commerce. Although with the rise in dark guilds as of late the streets were a little more quiet and business' a little more skeptical, even of the Rune knights those who had sworn their allegiance to the kingdom and those within it. With the rise in crime and decrease in trust with the governments Knights, Crocus is now not nearly as beautiful as it once was. Selena knew this and the reasons behind it but that didn't mean she had to like it or want to understand it.

Selena herself was walking around Crocus trying to find a good place to sit and read her book she had gotten the night before. "The Dragon and the Princess." From what she was told it was a decent book and despite the title it had very little to do with either a dragon and a princess. Since she did not want to be disturbed Selena made sure to cover her shoulders (as that was where he tattoo signifying she was apart of the Magic council was.) With a jumper and a jacket too for good measure. She couple this with a rather short-ish skirt for this time of year and some flat shoes for easy maneuverability because you never know when someone was going to want to fight you. After walking around for a while Selena finally found a comfortable looking bench. The bench was made from dark wood with black railing for one to rest their shoulder and lining each plank to keep steady. Selena sat down on the bench, crossing her legs and once she was comfortable and then opened her book. There was a nice trickling sound of a fountain just behind her as well as a quiet bustle of people in a group of stall somewhere near by too. "Chapter one, A wicked way"

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#2Nathaniel Abaddon 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:25 pm

Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate hissed a curse as he slammed into the wall. Plaster showered on him as he hit the ground and the Broker closed in. Alexander Manx, referred to as 'the bear' by some. Bigger than the ones he'd already tackled. Nate forced himself upright. He'd gathered some information from Manx' personal belongings, idiot had written some of it down. This wasn't going to be an interrogation though, this was a straight up fight. He should have brought backup, but he hadn't. Now the bear was coming for him
"You come to my home?" he roared "and make threats?" The place was a decrepit shack if anything, falling into disrepair on the inside, and there was presently a Nate shaped indent in the wall, where Alexander had thrown him. He was wearing his mask at least, so it wasn't a public affair. Even if Alexander lived, he wouldn't be able to tell anyone anything about the man who'd attacked him. The mask was what had become his standard, a horned daemon's skull, with burning purple embers for eyes.
"Threats I intend to make good on" he replied, flexing his fingers. The huge man's face twisted into a snarl and he charged. With a flick of his wrist, Nate extended his shadow talons and brought them to bear, ramming them through the huge man's chest and twisting, using the momentum to hurl the man clean through the window. Blood sprayed from the wound and Nate flexed his fingers. Five punctures to the heart, no getting up from that, the twist would have complicated the wound, no amount of medical attention would save him quick enough. There was the matter however, that he had just crushed a cart carrying books.

#3Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:43 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena was throughly enjoying her book that she had only just picked up. She figured it would be, since the person she bought it from said it was a good read, but only being one chapter in Selena was totally absorbed. The plot was somewhat complicated. It did not start explaining anything of the world, government, religion, only just an interaction between a hooded figure and a traveller. The two traded some harsh words, followed by the trading in hits. The combat was gripping and interesting, but then just ended mid way on a somewhat cliff hanger as it continued to the second chapter. Selena did not even get the fort two words scanned before she heard a rather large crash in the market place. Her Rune knight side told her to go investigate, it could be a robbery, but her lazy side said it was a bumbling buffoon unable to keep their balance. She waited for a moment. No one called out "The if. " or any other words associated with illegal activities. Taking a large inhale, Selena reminded herself that she was on her vacation, so it was time to start acting like it. Exhaling she opened her eyes softly and with her cobalt eyes scanned the next chapter heading, "The introduction."

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#4Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate ducked out of the direct line to the window. There was a small crowd gathering around the corpse, screaming for Knights and the like. Time to move on. He could note down all the details later, for now he needed to get clear of the area and maintain his mask in order to leave without the risk of being identified. Back door offered a decent escape route, provided there weren't too many people already gathered. Guild rules stated that he couldn't make a public display that might draw attention to the Guild, also couldn't start any fights with Knights. There were options that needed to be assessed.

#5Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:17 am

Selena Maelstrom
A blue vein became visible on Selena''s head as more and more people  called out for on duty  knights. Selena closed her book, cursing the lazy knights who wouldn't come to their aid. Selena was more pissed off at the fact she had to close her book midway. Getting up she tucked the book, under her arm and rushed to the stalls where she could immediately see the damage caused. There were tables destroyed, shelfs overturned and... Selena''s face went pale. Blood stained the street within ghe stalls. "Don't just stand there, someone get a healer or bring him to a hospital now!" Selena bellowed. The once small annoyance had turned to intense  rage. "And where did he go!?" Selena asked. A woman then pointed to the broken window also stained in blood. Despite the fact that Selena could not see anyone in the window she still ran and jumped through it making sure het book was alright. Selena jumped in head first through the window. being slender in figure Selena didn't even get nicked by any glass. Landing into a roll Selena looked uo and seen a masked figure who's hand was drenched in blood. The man was on tge other side of the room near the back door. "You better not run, it'll only make what comes next that much worse for you!" Selena snarled at the man. Pure rage filled Selena. NOt because she had to work on her day off, or because she couldn't finish her book, but because this man had tajen a life. ANd for it he was going to pay. SEkena stayed crouched ready to chase the man if he was stupid enough to run that is.

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#6Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate's hand froze on its way to the door handle. The target should have bled out by now, he was in no risk of being identified by face. What there was however was the Knight behind him. As long as he didn't make things public.
"Tell me." his voice came out as a distorted rasp through the horned daemon skull visage. The purple embers of his eyes flared "you are a Knight of the Council correct? You answered when called like a loyal lap dog, so you must be." Nate paced slowly across the floorboards, keeping his gait as menacing as possible.

#7Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:11 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Seen arose from her crouched stance. She needed to seem a little more formidable in this situation. This man didn't seem to back down. Although he did not run he did not seem to want to co-operate. The man was tall and with a fairly muscular body. His face however was covered by a demon like mask which also distorted his voice. Identification was going to be an issue if he did manage to escape, although Selena was not going to have that happen, not on her watch. Selena stood there, trying to seemed formidable. Her boom was still being clutched in her right hand, tight. She wasn't going to show any signs of weakness, not to this guy.

Selena was a little surprised by the man''s muffled words although she didn't show it. It had been a while since she met one of his type. The 'You are nothing but a lap dog! You are not free! Yda yda yda'. All Selena could do was cracking a smile. "Wow you sure are full of yourself." She began, leaning slightly forward. "Yeah I am a knight that is fairly obvious, I mean who else would bother trying to stop filthy murders such as yourself?" she questioned leaning back and giving a shrug. "Now are you going to come quietly so I can get back to my book or are you really going to test my patience and try to escape?" Selena then asked, once again readying herself for any movements. Luckily Selena was wearing somewhat casual clothes. She had a long sleeved top, which was covering her emblem in her shoulder, with a skirt and some runners/trainers. If he was going to run, she was ready in every way.

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#8Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Good" Nathaniel rumbled "starting a conversation, keeping the perp entertained. Textbook. Poor finisher though, you lack the power to back up your threat, and there's a potential chance I could bolt. You need to convince me I have nowhere to go and that I can't outrun you. Try again." Nate folded his arms across his chest. Shift the dynamic of power, should have an interesting effect on the engagement. Young, most likely inexperienced. Her mind should have been racing right now, analysing him. No danger of her tracing him. He was before her time by the looks of things. Not that the age gap was likely too substantial. Decade tops maybe. If she was clever, then she'd be able to reanalyse the situation and convince him not to run. She'd fail, but this was one to one Knight observation. Should yield some good results.

#9Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:05 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Seen smirked back at the man to hide her annoyance.  She had to keep a cool exterior. What he said was through she didn't  show any proof that she was in control. Deciding to take a step forward Selena replied.  "Well unlike your kind, I don't need to back up hollow threats, because my threats are all real." Selena said, being a little risky and taking another step and placing her book under her  arm. "For starters  I could kill you for what you did and no one would bat an eye." She said placing one finger on another. "Secondly, if you were dumb enough to run you'd risk bumping into one of my friends in the rune knights." She said slightly tilting her head and placing one finger on two this time. "And lastly if you really  wanted to run you'd be gone by now, unless of course you lime what you see and wanted to just... enjoy the view?" Selena then said taking one final step, leanine forward. With a seductive wink, Selena was trying to cover up the fact that she was closing the space between them while also getting ready to run. "So last time I'm asking sailor.  Are you coming with me?"

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#10Nathaniel Abaddon 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:09 pm

Nathaniel Abaddon
"Nobody else is coming. That's why there's a rookie here." Nate smirked beneath his helmet "there's also due process sweetheart, you can't kill me without cause. I've not attacked you, so you have no right. That was a risky lie, might have worked if my IQ was lower. It isn't" he continued to pace, not even doing her the justice of looking at her. "You're here alone because there are no other Knights nearby, you're throwing lies around like pennies in a fountain and worst of all you're making no attempt at stopping me" Nate placed a hand on the door handle and turned it slowly, turning back to watch her reaction.

#11Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:18 pm

Selena Maelstrom
"They're not lies sweet heart, just facts." Selena replied to him, not so much as flinching at his actions. "And besides, there might not be any here, in this general area at the moment, but it's small world and only a matter of when not if." Selena said. "And I could try and get you right now, but I've tried to give you a chance to come easy, to make your future a little less painful. But I realise I was being too nice, I mean you are literally caught red handed, so no more nice cop." Selena said making a dash at the man. "And you clearly didn't notice that I was closing the space between us." She said dashing across the room.

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#12Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"I noticed" Nate yanked the door open and put the hard door edge in the path of the speeding Knight, using his environment as a weapon. If she didn't stop in time she'd slam into it face first. Painful. He drew his right hand behind him, clenching it into a fist and preparing to fire off a spell should she get that little bit more physical.

"It's only a 'when' if you assume that HQ is rerouting a patrol or sending an additional unit here. For all the people outside know this was a suicide. Man hurls himself through a window, that's the first thing they'll think of. you left them in charge of calling it in. Rookie error."

#13Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:39 pm

Selena Maelstrom
As Selena ran the man darted out the door. Selena clenched her teeth. He left it so the hard edge was point out at her. Selena put her foot down hard to low down a little. It was barely enough as she side stepped and ran out the door. "It's always when, especially against the rune Knights!" Selena said making haste. She was slowed down but not totally. "And any moron can see that the he was clearly stabbed! So I think you'll find not everyone thinks as 2 dimensionally as you do!" Selena said with a snarl. Selena was running at the man, but randomly, sometimes ziging, other zaging. She could tell he was some sort of dark mage and that he had some sort of magic to his name, no one would be this confident if they didn't have something to offer.

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] BLlZQ5m
#14Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nat folded his arms across his chest as the woman continued her advance. Shadows licked at his legs, rising as a black mist from the adjoining room.
"Maybe, but the first to run will have seen the least, you don't want them ringing it in. No-one will correct them. Consider all possibilities. Like for example. That your opponent may have prepared the terrain." The darkness in the room rippled, spikes extended and shrank from the walls. Nate held his arms akimbo, gesturing to them "slow down. Use your head. Otherwise you'll end up like our friend outside." The right hand was still clenched, though he'd moved it to his side. The mask extended into a full helmet, shoulder plates shimmered over his shoulders, the vague outline.

#15Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
As The man corrected Selena on her actions, the room warped as he spoke. He also said for her to slow down. But it was too late, Selena was running full speed at him with the intent to hurt. Selena could smell the arrogance off the man, either that or it was her own, but either way she was not backing down. If he did have total control of the room she would have died the instant she ran into the room. The man also seemed to gain some small armour to his clothes, great. "Please, the only one who hasn't thought about anything is you! You're up against a Rune knight! You clearly are in over your head! Not only are people coming as I instructed but if you plan on using some magic to male more noise to attract more attention be my guest!" Selena said through gritted Teath. Once close enough she would spin on one foot, while lifting the other I the hopes of kicking him in some way. If it worked Selena would try to jump backwards to get to some safety.

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#16Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
It was a foolish move. Nate splayed his fingers, snapping his wrist outward to generate talons and bringing the pointed tips into the path of the incoming foot. Unless her reflexes were incredibly fast and she found a way to reduce her momentum, she'd be having some difficulty walking.
"Rune Knights are everywhere. You don't get to where I am without encountering them. You're not as terrifying as you think." He'd extended his middle three talons, and positioned them so that they would be jammed through the woman's foot as she kicked, using her own strike against her. The blades were long enough to do some damage, and keep Nate himself from coming into harm's way directly. At least if all went as plan (and it most likely would) then she would not be able to give chase after they were finished here.

Spells used:

#17Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:18 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Perfect. He fell for her bait. An obviously flawed attack, yet he took the bait anyway. Sleena winced at the sharp pain in her foot. It was going to leave a mark. But now she was stuck the to him. With her foot being impaled by the man's talons, the other was in the ground. Sleena ignorex the pain in her foot and swung up with her other foot, trying to kick the man in the face or head and remove the mask from it. If she wasn't going to win and he was getting away it would be better to see who the man was. Even if the attack did not connect (which was unlikely as it would occur as soon as she was stabbed and with the close proximity it made it extremely hard.) and he dodged, Sleena would be free from the grasp of the talons. Once she was free, she would sing off her using her legs and attempt to tackle the man if he was close enough. There was no time for words, only fighting.

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#18Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
The foot caught Nate in the chin. Unusual technique. The foot had passed through his mask, the smoky blackness parting and allowing it to pass through and closing as soon as it had left, making sure his face wasn't exposed. The talons slipped free of her foot. She wouldn't be following in a hurry f he ran now. his out was assured. Still no backup either. She was on her own. Couldn't rely on the organisation these days. He took a step back. His claws dissipated. He had two more he could call on. They would be in wait.
"Not bad, though in your position I would have used something with a little more power behind it. No spells?" the demonic mouth opened and shook in time with his mocking laughter. "You're the one who's in way over their head kid. Things are already beyond your control here. Bow out."

#19Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:17 pm

Selena Maelstrom
The man started to talk after Selena managed to free  herself from his attack. He was not expecting her tackle, which was aimed at his waist. Although her shoulder came into contact with his waist,  Selena  used her left hand to hit and grab his calf, almost guaranteed to knock him over. Selena  spring off with her legs was strong and fast despite having a pain in her foot and the man was clearly not expecting it if he had time to talk. If Selena knocked  him down, she would immediately  bring her left hand to his right wrist,  where his talons that had previously  stabbed her in the foot would be to try and stop him from stabbing her again. Using her right and leff hand, she  used them as leverage to boost her whole body up to land on his elbow pits. The movement was fast since as the fell she as preparing to do his.  To land on both of the elbow pits Selena would have to let her grasp of his right  wrist go, but only for a second and not when she was using her left and right hand as leverage. He could no longer move his arms if this came to be. "As you can see I don't need spells to deal with scum like you!" She would say, giving him a 1-2 punch in the nose.

Of course this would all circumstantial as if her tackle did not work and her attempt  at subduing him she would be a sitting duck.

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] BLlZQ5m
#20Nathaniel Abaddon 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:54 pm

Nathaniel Abaddon
As soon as the Knight's shoulder came into contact with his waist, his claws were out again, a deft flick. All five blades this time, he jammed down as she punched and struggled into his gut. She was trying to get him down but wasn't planning on the sacrifice of his leg. She struck his right calf and he winced, but put more weight on his back foot. his left, using it to resist as he jammed his claws downwards, just to the right of the spine. He stabbed down three times in total, each ina separate spot. right shoulder, left shoulder and the small of her back. She'd put too much weight in being stronger than him, when in truth hey were more matched, and she was injured. He'd aimed his attacks for spots she couldn't reach, or see, they would come without warning. After the first landed she could either bear them, or resist and continue in her attempt to tackle him. In which case he would make things so much worse.


#21Selena Maelstrom 

Something wicked this way comes [Nate] Empty Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:59 am

Selena Maelstrom
Crap,  she didn't  connect well. This  was it. Selena felt more talons pierce her back causing her to shout in pain. Selena tried to move, to fight back, but she was unable. She could feel the darkness around her creep into her eyes and her joints. She was done, no longer able to fight, Selena was about to shout some scornful remark, or threat but she knew it was useless. When all hope seemed lost, there was a heavy thump. Looking up Selena would see 2 Rune knights, looking aghast. "Don't just stand there get him!" She said, although the two ignored her. "We need to get her seen oo she as u stained some bad injuries. We'll  get the guy another time." one of the Knights aid as they lifted  Selena up. The two erected as Selena as brought away, slow dipping in nd out of concioisness. The only thing she knew was that she had a new enemy!


Something wicked this way comes [Nate] BLlZQ5m

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