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A Most Unlikely Meeting (Bishop)

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#1Ayeseru Kitamaru 

A Most Unlikely Meeting (Bishop) Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:15 pm

Ayeseru Kitamaru

Ayeseru sighed, his one awful habit.  Ever since that meeting with his other guild members in Crocus and when they disbanded, he hasn't really had much to do.  He didn't really want to go back to his guild, either; Fiore was a fairly new land to him, so he wanted to explore some more.  Particularly, he liked the park where they met in, and so he spent the next several days in Crocus wandering about, exploring the different areas and made sure to pay a visit daily to that same park.

While Crocus was always a busy, bustling place, the park that he particularly liked was a different story.  On some days, it would be busy, full of children, young and old couples, and people just wandering by because of how nice it was.  Others, it was completely empty; a ghost town, dead.  Today was one of those days.  He was alone, but he didn't mind it at all, actually preferred it.  Today, however, he decided to sit down on one of the benches in the park and just admire the view of it.

In reality, it wasn't anything special - typical park, filled with trees, bushes, and even a fountain in the center, with benches and wastebaskets throughout points of the walking area.  There were small hills with benches on top for people to sit on, but Ayeseru was sitting on a bench near the fountain this time.  He could smell the roses from the rose garden that was nearby.

Normally, while roses did have a beautiful appearance to them, they didn't necessary smell that good; a misconception ever since they started to try to grow them quickly because of their beauty, resulting in hybrids without any smell. However, the roses that were nearby were genuine, resulting in a smell just as fabulous as the appearance of the rose... and he wasn't even in the garden.

What a wonderful day, indeed.

#2Bishop Tamm 

A Most Unlikely Meeting (Bishop) Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:56 pm

Bishop Tamm
For a moment, his attention was taken by a duck preening itself on the side of a grand fountain. Bishop was standing on the cobblestone ground facing said fountain, his arms crossed across his chest. He wore a solid white suit with dark lapels, which was also silk lined. Under was a shimmery maroon dress shirt tucked into his pants. The tip of one of his glossy black shoes rose from and fell to the floor repeatedly, not an impatient tapping but more so along the lines of measuring a tune's tempo. One tap per two beats.

He had arrived upon said fountain perhaps only a minute earlier, en route a brisk walk through this park of the nation's capital. Bishop's mind was preoccupied with trying to find someone who would hire him as a doctor, seeing as how he was perhaps not the most kind looking doctor in the world he was having trouble getting work. It was unfortunate, but I guess it was understandable. People coming to hospitals probably would dislike being cared for by a man with an unsettling appearance.

The bird seemed to notice Bishop just then, getting startled and flapping away into the horizon. That attracted Bishop's forlorn gaze up to a man in what he determined to be a floral dress. At least, he thought those were flowers. The man was very feminine looking, but still manish looking enough that he felt confident in thinking it was a male homo sapiens. Or perhaps it was indeed an oddly manish looking woman. From the distance they stood/sat apart as well as because the angle of eye sight, Ole Smiley had a difficult time trying to see the adam's apple on the subject.

"Hey, you a dude-looking-woman or a chick-looking-dude?" He called as he stepped closer to the bench.

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