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01. This Is What Makes Us Girls

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#1Rosemary Ysgarlad 

01. This Is What Makes Us Girls Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:21 pm

Rosemary Ysgarlad

"in the forest there was a girl, sleeping; the place had thus been given the name––Sleeping Forest."
notes: #girlgroup.
music: This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Ray

This was her second day within the land of Ishgar; her second day within the capital of Crocus. She had met two mysterious men who had, most surely, taken her for quite a ride. But that was something she would only place in the back of her memory as a rather...strange time.

Exiting the inn she was currently staying for the time being, one would notice upon first gaze her casual garb. With knee-high leather boots. Rosemary can  be spotted adorning upon this calm, peaceful day a frilled skirt. Possessing a variety of color upon only two or so layers, she will come to adorn a frilly sleeveless shirt the next. For her top with a hem of blue painting the sides, a neatly tied bow will come to don her collar right after. Finally, to finalize the outfit, one can see the dark blue bracelet adorned over her left wrist as she is matching with a dark blue, rose shaped barrette placed upon the side of her hair.

Rosemary, upon noticing the slight chilly weather, would come to place around her body a dark blue opened cardigan as she carried black slouchy packet with an assortment of little items she would probably come to need. Wandering the streets of Crocus, she would come to be in search of a place she could attain sweets. Wondering if there was a tea shop or something nearby.

"I wonder if there's a tea shop or something near––oh! Maybe she knows!" Running toward a random stranger from behind, Rosemary would merrily run over to the woman, and would ask from behind, "Excuse, but do you by chance know of any tea shops or anything nearby? I'm actually not from around here, heheh." With a kind smile, she would await to hear the woman's response.


love is not a weakness.
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