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Taco Tuesday [Leyaria Only]

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#1Zancrow Windcaller 

Taco Tuesday [Leyaria Only] Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:43 am

Zancrow Windcaller


It had been over ten years since Zancrow had stepped foot into the city of Crocus, and another twenty years since his first time entering the city. Bad memories of a night so long ago came flooding back into his head as if the event had only taken place moments prior to entering Crocus through the city entrance. Although, when Zancrow was merely nine years old, he had rushed in the city in the dead of night while he heard the bloodcurdling screams of his family having their bodies torn to shreds by Thralls. Crocus would have otherwise been a wonderful city to stay in for a long time, probably; the ever-present guards and the Rune Knights made most citizens feel safe in their humble abodes.

But Zancrow knew better.

The man was adorned in simple attire, a dark grey t-shirt that seemed to cling onto his muscular frame for dear life, slim-looking burgundy jeans that were not as constricting as they appeared held to his waist with a brown belt, and simple brown flat shoes to compliment the entire outfit. His nails were manicured and kept nice and clean for show, and his fresh cut kept his hair to a somewhat uniformed array of unkempt black spikes. His scars were noticeable when observing him more closely, although Zancrow was in no rush to hide them anyhow. Wandering aimlessly throughout the city he used to run around in as a street urchin brought back nostalgia of running with the older small children.

Peculiar scents were in the air, and although his nose was being bombarded by an innumerable amount of scents, he was still able to pick out specific scents from the crowds of people. Most people were dwarfed in his mere presence, something his father used to comment on when Zancrow was a mere boy. He would always say that the runts of the litter would always grow up to be the largest of the pack. A shame, however; Zancrow could never put that to the test. However, there was no overwhelming sense of grief anymore, although remnants of memories from the night would come back when he looked out to the outskirts of the town. The man vividly remembered reading about the apparent "wild animal attack" on a group of people just outside of Crocus the day after his family was slaughtered. Humans could be quite oblivious, he thought.

Zancrow was in Crocus because he was hungry, and he was a man of food. He eventually found himself at a small family-owned restaurant that sold a variety of foods, mainly spicy dishes. The sharp scent of chili powder, curry, and chicken made his stomach rumble with a ferocity to match a wild animal's own. He requested a patio table outside of the restaurant, underneath the sizable brown canvas awning. With his face to the outside, and the inside of the restaurant in his peripheral vision, he relaxed. There was no scent of vampire in the air, although very faint. Large cities like Crocus had to be filled to the brim with a lively vampire community. However, that was not Zancrow's main focus. He looked down to the menu and examined what would be had to eat.

Taco Tuesday [Leyaria Only] DY5S4A7
#2Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


Flame Demon Slayer

She had been there long enough now to know her way around Crocus. Her leg, having seemingly been a bane for her for the greater majority of her time there had finally begun to heal, though her movement was still to an extent limited. Fortunately though, she was not confined to having to only sit or otherwise scrounge for whatever few inches she could muster before her body gave out. For what seemed like the first time in however long it had been, Leyaria was able to appreciate Crocus as simply another city for her to venture through. But even for it feeling like it was the first time she could actually travel, she knew better than to allow her guard down. Besides the fact that she carried only a couple of jewels to her name, she was a young woman, alone in a city, and by no means at 100%.

But it wasn't her safety that she was concerned with, but rather the safety of everyone else. If there were one thing in which for her to marvel at about her time in Crocus, it was that there had not come a point where she lost control of her Magic. Certainly had she, the consequences would be unbelievable, especially given how heavily fortified the place seemed to have been during the day. At evenings where she had most often wandered the streets, you would be lucky to find someone out, let alone a guard. But now, there were no lacking of protection. No doubt for all the fancy people walking about, she rationalized, to some extent jealous of the protection that they had gotten, mostly as it pertained to the other night in which she had effectively been left abandoned in the rain. Had she been wealthy, there wasn't a doubt in her mind that she would have gotten more attention.

A rumbling in her stomach stopped her in her place, causing her to look around for something, a small bistro right near her happening to catch her eye. And at a perfect timing too, as a bit of pain began to radiate through her leg; a clear indication that the sooner she rest it, the better. The scents of the foreign food filled her nostrils as she immediately began to hunger even more than what she had before. Searching her hands for what jewels she could find, dismay set in as she noticed only enough jewels to perhaps cover a meal, nothing more. Torn between hoping to make it last or otherwise investing it - presumably in a drink later on tonight - she made her way towards the establishment's open patio, taking a seat in the only remaining table present there. Peering around, she hoped for a waitress or someone to come by soon, as the longer she sat within the scent of that delicious food, the more impatient she found herself getting.

Burning on the Inside

#3Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


A peculiar scent filled the air, something beyond the spices and the flavorful aromas of the myriad of foods being prepared by the chefs. The man took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and propped sorrow on the top of the table with both hands; with a calm exhale he found the scent to the source. It so happened to be a bowl of chicken soup, the best soup-related food known to mankind. The fresh carrots, the chicken broth, the parsley, accompanied by the other array of spices and vegetables placed in the mix was almost intoxicating. Before Zancrow could ask for his order to be placed, the most peculiar young woman appeared. Not so much woman, but more of a young girl. A teenager perhaps.

She appeared lithe, although she looked like she partook in some athletics. It was all a judgement by her legs, however, as she kept her entire figure hidden from the general public in cheap fabrics woven into a cloak. Although it would have been bad to judge her by what she wore, it would be even worse on Zancrow's end to help someone out when it came to eating a meal. He looked around before getting up and making a quick stride to the table where the woman sat, taking a seat adjacent to her. Perhaps it was some sort of inner conscious telling the Lycan to be courteous.

"Don't take this the wrong way..." Zancrow would say as he would clasp his hands and intertwine his fingers, eyeing the menu and then towards one of the waiters who was serving other patrons of the restaurant. The waiter did not give any mind to the large man, as was Zancrow's intention. "...but are you feeling... hungry? I have no problem paying for the both of us."

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#4Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


Flame Demon Slayer

It seemed like time was going longer and longer before it all appeared that she was even so much as going to be noticed, let alone have her order taken. Undoubtedly it had something to do with her appearance; compared to the greater majority of the people here, she did not fit the same bill, nor did she particularly look the part. More than anything else, she appeared like that of someone who had slept in the streets, a look that conveyed more truthfulness than she preferred to have admitted. She sighed with frustration as she heard her stomach rumbling.

Lifting her head up in hopes of finding someone who might have been near, Leyaria was almost ready to just get up, finding this to be a fruitless idea. There were more than enough places in Crocus to eat, probably a lot cheaper and a lot better tasting as well. They probably wouldn't regard her as a second-rate person either, which would have been more than enough of an incentive to leave. Before she could though, a man suddenly appeared, a man that she had never seen before, nor was at all familiar with. As to where he came from, she could have only guessed. And while she should have been more alarmed, she found herself unable to fully concentrate; hunger taking a greater toll than she at first expected.

He was a larger man, one that undoubtedly dwarfed Leyaria in size should the two of them stand toe to toe and there was a certain attribute to him which she had trouble pinpointing. Ruggedness, if there were a term that probably best suited him. To some degree, intimidating, but at the same time too, refined. Whatever it was, Leyaria found herself reluctant to leave, especially after the man opened his mouth to speak, the proposition he seemed to have been making being one that she was hardly in a position to turn down. However, for as generous as it was, Leyaria was reluctant to simply accept the offer without knowing the catch associated. "That's, that's very nice of you. But really, it's not necessary. I..." Her words trailed as horror set in, feeling her fingers slipping through a small hole that had appeared where her money had been only moments earlier, or at least what she thought had been earlier. All my jewels are gone...

Dread set in as this would only further affirm everyone's suspicion about her. But more than that, what was she to do about food? With no money to her name, she hadn't expected to be put in such a precarious situation, at least so soon. Looking back at the man, she hoped to at least appear as though nothing was wrong, though in the back of her mind she realized how futile of a task that would be. Forcing a smile upon her face, she nodded weakly, "That would be great. Thank you... I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. Mr?"

Burning on the Inside

#5Zancrow Windcaller 

Taco Tuesday [Leyaria Only] Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:38 pm

Zancrow Windcaller
"Mister... Windcaller. Yea, let's go with that."

Zancrow would calmly say so, having his arms now folded across his chest and easing into the chair he claimed at the table. The young woman would force herself a smile to seem courteous, but there was no need to do that to the much older man who found his company in her presence. The Lycan would not care for whether the girl showed her thanks or attempted to show any form of generosity. The food was food, and he believed that no one should go without food. There would be no catch to this offer. No sexual favors, no bribes of the sort.

"Now, there really isn't a need to tell me who you are and what not. Just... order away."

Zancrow would look around for a waiter for a few moments before turning his attention to the woman once more. Something about her was intriguing, but the Lycan would only attempt to scratch the surface and be off on his way after the fact. There were errands to run, perhaps, if he knew of any errands to run. Not much would come out of the day for him, so this was about as interactive as he was probably going to be until he would leave Crocus and head bound for his guild hall.

"However, if I may ask, what brings you to Crocus?"

Just as he asked he felt something call him to somewhere else, and the older male departed without another word. He left enough jewels for a full course meal.


Taco Tuesday [Leyaria Only] DY5S4A7

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