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Phantom Heart [Ayeseru]

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#1Nathaniel Abaddon 

Phantom Heart [Ayeseru] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:23 pm

Nathaniel Abaddon
The cafe was one of Nate's favourites. He always made a point of visiting it whenever he was in Crocus. They knew his face. Not his name of course, and not his real face either, for that matter. Always made sure precautions were taken, didn't want to be tracked down through a bloody cafe later down the line. He could see it now. Big nasty dark mage clad in the skulls of his enemies and wielding a sword made from a daemon's fossilised pancreas, caught and clamped in irons because he bought his 'pain au chocolats' in the same place. In all fairness anyone would, as the pastries were not only good, but because they knew him, he always got an extra at no charge.

Slowly, Nate lifted his coffee and took a sip. There was an open book in his other hand, yellowed pages and leather bound. Non fiction of course. Had to keep up his research.

#2Ayeseru Kitamaru 

Phantom Heart [Ayeseru] Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 5:52 pm

Ayeseru Kitamaru

A cafe.  Ayeseru wasn't too accustomed to going into cafes; he actually had a tendency to avoid them.  Yet, this was a special occasion; it was the first time he had ever been to Crocus, and he was hungry, so he decided that despite the people, he would go to the first one he found, and so he did.  This cafe was slightly different, however; it was packed.  The amount of people that were in the cafe was absolutely absurd.  He could find literally no spots to sit in, even if he were to share a table with someone else.

He sighed; his terrible habit. Before he could walk off, the man at the registry called out for him, and he felt as though he had to reply. "Ready to order, sir?" he was asked. "Err...", he made a noise whilst thinking; he turned to his right, spotting a rather scary looking individual, though, Ayeseru didn't mind his presence. His most distinguishable features were his white hair and large scar across his forehead.

"What would you recommend?", Ayeseru asked him.

#3Nathaniel Abaddon 

Phantom Heart [Ayeseru] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:47 am

Nathaniel Abaddon
It took Nate few moments to realise that it was him the stranger was addressing. He looked up, clearly unimpressed.
"For starters, not asking a total stranger what to eat. But basic etiquette aside, the pastries are rather good." He shook his head before returning to his book. If the wicked had no rest, then by elimination he must have always been more evil than he thought. Though perhaps evil was too strong a term and far to dramatic. He picked up one of his pastries and took a modest bite before placing back onto the plate, carefully lined up with the other. Things as they should be. The newcomer wasn't someone Nate recognised, his first instinct had been to check that. Most people spoke to people they knew or thought they knew, this apparently was something else, him trying to make friends perhaps. If that was the case Nate would have to get into character.

#4Ayeseru Kitamaru 

Phantom Heart [Ayeseru] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:47 pm

Ayeseru Kitamaru

Ayeseru sighed once again, giving the man a look that meant he didn't particularly appreciate the first portion of his sentence, though, it would do.  "Thank you.  I shall also part with some advice - you should generally be polite whenever one is asking a simple question with no hostility attached."  In reality, Ayeseru didn't particularly care too much about how this man was like, but he did appreciate general manners.

Taking his advice, Ayeseru ordered a cupcake and a small slice of cake to try out.  He first took a bite of the cake; it was cheesecake that honestly didn't look like it was anything particularly special, but, once he took a bite out of it, he suddenly found that he no longer possessed a slice of cake, that's how quickly he ate it.  Normally, Ayeseru had his eyes somewhat closed, but he had opened them upon tasting the delicious cake.

The cupcake he had decided to save for later; despite being absurdly delicious, the pastries, at least to him, were absurdly sweet, too.  "May I have a small bag to carry this?  I want to save it for later.  For now, I'll just have the meal you think tastes best."  When it came to food, whenever Ayeseru was at a new place to eat, he would almost always ask for recommendations from whomever worked there; he generally ate the nice tasting meals.

He took a seat next to the white haired man, looking at him very briefly before going into thought. He somewhat wanted to speak to him, but, maybe he shouldn't.

#5Nathaniel Abaddon 

Phantom Heart [Ayeseru] Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:14 am

Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate looked up from his book as the man took a seat at his table
"I don't recall giving the impression that this was ok. There are other tables and I don't know you." He turned the page sharply and averted his gaze. With his off hand Nate reached out and tugged the plate containing his pastries that little bit closer, just to make sure. The fact that a meal had also been ordered was making him somewhat irritated, as it meant he would likely be stuck with the man for a prolonged period of time, when he was in the middle of research.

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