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Training in Crocus [Solo, Training]

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Training in Crocus [Solo, Training] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:56 pm

It was that time of year again. The leaves were falling, the wind was howling, and Geb was being forced to once again train himself to learn more Darkness Dragon Slayer techniques.

Despite his rather high mana pool, Geb hadn't expanded much on his magic spells, due to only getting the lacrima implanted in him very recently. Not to mention, he had recently been a little bit busy, so it wasn't like he had much time to do this. But, today, there was nothing: nothing but self improvement. Geb would smile as he walked out his door, making double-sure to check that it was locked, with his paranoia and all.

He went to his favorite breakfast place, where he got some crepes and sausages - it was important to have a good meal before beginning his intensive training.

Today's spell would be trained in a small basketball court, which seemed to be out of commission for now. Or rather, nobody was using it. Hopefully some kids wouldn't show up hoping to have a bit of practice, considering the season for the game had just started up this week.

Geb would begin his spell training now. First, he decided to run some laps around the court. He figured that the best way to start this out would be to just run for now. Get a nice warmup, get his blood pumping. After doing some laps around the court, Geb caught his breath and closed his eyes, breathing in and out deeply.

"Okay.. here I go." he said, as he chopped his hand downwards. But nothing came out. It seems Geb had yet to pefect this technique. That was fine, however. He personally didn't mind that. All that meant was that he had to work on it a little more, and if that meant a better spell in the end of it all, so be it.


Training in Crocus [Solo, Training] BORZAPv

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Geb chopped his hand in a slice, as it still seemed nothing was coming out from it. Perhaps this just wasn't working as well as he thought it would be working. He had been at this place for 2 hours now, and and nothing had come out. Geb sighed, as he thought about things that he could do to make this easier on himself.

He would then imagine himself in a situation in which he was fighting off somebody. Perfect, he could now freely think about what he was going to do. He pictured a person, an older man, running at him with a sword. Geb then sliced his hand down, imagining himself striking the man down and cutting the enemy into bits. Geb could've sworn this time he felt some magic go out, and as such, opened his eyes to look if anything did come out. Alas, it seemed like there was a small wave of energy that was released, but Geb knew that this wasn't enough. He had to think bigger, or else this technique just wasn't going to cut it in the grand scheme of everything.

So, the spell had to be strengthened, which meant that Geb wasn't concentrating his energy enough just yet. Breathing once in and out very quickly, Geb would then open his eyes and swing his arm again, this time with more energy concentrated. The wave of sharp dark magic flew forwards, but Geb could tell that it still just wasn't powerful enough, at least not enough to be considered an improvement over any of his previous spells that he had casted in the past.

Geb would decide to try that tactic again, closing his eyes that is. Taking another deep breath in order to concentrate and get all of his senses in order for this next blow, Geb once again imagined a situation in which he would have to fend for his life in his mind.

This time, Geb was battling a fierce demon that was going all-out on him. The demon was immune to attacks, except in one precise area that Geb would have to hit. But it would have to be one hit, so he only had one chance - he had to make the attack both precise and powerful. It had to be concentrated. Geb then let out a shout, as he threw his hand down to attempt to attack the beast that was standing in front of him. There was nobody around, so luckily nobody would be giving him any weird stares for makign a battle cry in the middle of nowhere. As Geb chopped his hand down, he opened his eyes to look at the damage he caused, and sure enough, he could see a precise and powerful blade of magic that was able to cut through the fence of the court he was in. Geb couldn't help but crack a smile, before putting a hand in his pocket.

He actually did it. Now, all that was left was to practice the rest of his moves. What was next up? Well, perhaps he should close his eyes again and imagine himself in that situation again, so his mind was used to that feeling so he could actually use the technique without having to.

So, Geb thought about the same thing again and again. He thought of it so many times, that eventually casting the spell just felt like child's play. He didn't even need to feel the same feeling, in fact, his body was just now used to putting out this much magic energy that he really didn't feel it was a challenge. Chuckling as he finished, Geb decided to call it a day so he could go and rest up. This was a pretty hard training session, and Geb was quite proud of himself for getting it all done. Perhaps he would have to reward himself with a nice dinner from the finest chefs in Crocus? That would be very, very nice.

Yes, he would go do that now.

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Training in Crocus [Solo, Training] BORZAPv

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