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Fairies do Exist [Open to FT]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:15 pm

Jeremiah Ali


"Cecilia probably wouldn't give a shit anyway.." Aloud, but not too loud, Jeremiah spoke to himself as he walked through the town of crocus. He wore a light jacket and under a T-shirt. Although it was chilly, he never really had a problem with lower temperatures, especially since he could easily increase his body temperature.
Probably because Cecilia has an entire guild to worry about, why would she prioritize your petty problems? Get a gri-"
Fool. With a grunt, Jeremiah ignored the beast that dwelled within his soul. Sometimes he was glad to have the god-like entity reside in him, but most of the time he hated it, especially when the beast made it clear that Jeremiah was only able to use a fraction of his true power. The brown skinned mage had to remember why he was here and he also had to remember that nobody was going to help him reach his goal unless they benefited from his success. Unfortunately, he had yet to meet someone who had their entire family destroyed by a group of magic using scientists. Shiiieeet, the Idea of scientists using magic was crazy anyway.

You need to take a break, you obviously aren't capable of cracking this case in one day. You've been working for about a month now.
And look up before you bum-

Before the beast within Miahs soul could finish speaking, the six foot teenager bumped straight into another person, not hard enough for either of them to fall though.

"M'bad." was all he said before looking up with a rather nonchalant expression.


#2Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:54 am

Constantine Librorum


The Shattered Librarian

Another day another dollar. Teiho’s situation seemed to not get any better the more time he spent in Crocus. It was almost as if he wasn’t trying to get out of this city or something. Regardless he had his mind set on what he wanted to do today. Today was the last day of his vacation and he had planned on using it to gather supplies before his next excursion out into the wilderness. Of course said excursion wouldn’t be easy. Apparently some mythical house had popped up in the boonies of fuckallitstan and the people who interacted with it could only vaguely remember it even being there, but of course it was there right? Well color him intrigued. A house like that was bound to be hiding some nice goodies within and Teiho wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. Of course that meant he had to restock on his necessary dungeon creeping items. A few potions here, some gauze there and he was good. So what if he didn’t have his companion anymore. It wasn’t like she was carrying him, he was carrying her!

Fuck that ho man...”, he muttered to himself as he turned the corner and smashed into another person. Apparently he hadn’t been going too fast because the guy didn’t bust his ass on the pavement, but then again neither had he. Turning his head to regard the boy/man/thing, he nodded and sighed. Sometimes you don’t miss particular faces, luckily for him Cecilia didn’t require him to interact with people on a daily basis otherwise he’d have killed just about everyone there but her. Not out of malice mind you, but annoyance. In any way he needed to get a drink now that he had run into one of his fellow ‘fairies’.

What are you doing out here Jerry? He asked his guild mate. He knew the name irritated the boy, for some reason the others in the guild called him that, and it was honestly easier than remembering his actual name. So he went with it just for obvious use reasons. Of course he acknowledge the disdain but ignored it, why pay attention to things that don’t matter? People get irritated over the dumbest of things anyway in his own honest opinion.

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#3Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:33 pm

Jeremiah Ali



As the tall Savannian mage looked up, his eyes met with the white haired male before him, finally realizing that it was Teiho; a well known mage from Fairy Tail.
Did this nigga just call me...Jerry?
There was a quick moment of silence as Jeremiah's left eye slightly twitched at the name. No matter how many times he told his guild mates not to call him "Jerry", only a few seemed to comprehend and this dude was obviously not one of them.
Well since we're shortening each others names...

"Sup Ho..." He began as a smirk followed his words. Despite the fact that he'd rather be called by his last name, Ali actually liked Teiho. He was...relatable considering that they were both black. Quickly he thought of a reason, "Just...traveling I guess. Magnolia gets boring after a while to be honest." Truth be told, the young man had only been in Crocus for answers. He figured since his father had been a valuable asset to the Rune Knights that the council would have investigated his death so he was pretty sure they had answers on S.O.F.K, even if only a little. Without giving Teiho time to respond he spoke once more.

"Whatchu doing out here?" It was a real question. Teiho seemed to be stronger than a lot of mages in the guild. If anything was to happen to the guild right now, unlike Jeremiah, Teiho's absence would probably make a difference.

#4Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:52 pm

Constantine Librorum


The Shattered Librarian

Touchy... it looks like his guildmate really didn’t like the name, didn’t matter to him. Stroking baby egos never left any satisfied honestly. Turning his head away from the boy he focused on their surroundings, merely motioning for the boy to follow him. He was honestly tired of having static conversations, for some reason everyone he met in this damn town felt the need to stand around having conversations as if that were natural or like they didn’t have shit to do. Well maybe they didn’t, but he did damnit. Anyway returning to the conversation, he listened as the boy gave some fuck all reason for being far away from the guildhouse. Like he gave a shit honestly, he wasn’t wondering why the boy was out in Crocus, he was wondering why he was here. In his presence.

Wouldn’t know, never there” he replied simply enough as they would pass by a few stands on there way to wherever Teiho was going. He didn’t care for Jeremiah’s destination, probably somewhere stupid anyway. The boy then asked him why he was out in Crocus and he honestly paused. Why was he still here? He already knew about that crazy ass house out in the middle of bubbafuck no where. So why stay here for god's sake? Meh he’d figure it out later. “Taking in the sights and being a degenerate. Cecilia said don’t break anymore ancient tombs so I’m doing just that.” He didn’t give anymore information on his marching orders. He didn’t have to report to anyone except for the little fairy that took him in, and she sure as hell wasn’t here at the moment to tell him to do some dumbass thing or another.

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#5Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:35 pm

Jeremiah Ali


For a second Jeremiah wondered why the hell he had been following this little runt. Jeremiah himself didn't have shit to do but if the little nigga would have simply kept it pushing after a little "Hi" he would have been on his merry way, but nooo he just had to stop and ask questions. Too late now I guess. Despite not knowing him very well, he could already tell that Teiho was much like himself - just not as good looking, but that's okay! Most people weren't appealing to Miah anyway. As Teiho answered Ali's question, the long haired teenager immediately raised an eyebrow at the use of his vocabulary.

I don't really like him, but I absolutely adore his honesty.
Marry him then, fag.

With a blank expression the Takeover mage simply scratched his head before halting his movements, then he replied. "Well I ain't got shit to do, I'm down to be a degenerate tonight." Shit, he might as well. He literally had nothing else to do and he spent every single second of his life trying to find answers, it literally never failed to cross his mind. Fairy Tail was a guild for good guys, but who said good guys couldn't do bad things? If Teiho really didn't want any company than he'd simply just turn back around 'cause he ain't need no damn friends. After tonight he had absolutely no interest in coming back to Crocus anyway, so he didn't really give a shit about what he did tonight.

Ooh! Are you finally going to murder someone?

#6Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:30 am

Constantine Librorum


The Shattered Librarian

His intended destination was a local pub that for some reason was vaguely popular. Since it was in fact his last day he intended to go information hunting, and no better way to get information than from drunk travelers like himself who thankfully couldn’t handle their alcohol like he could. Hearing his guildmate state that he was down to do some damage the young male couldn’t help but grin at that. “I don’t know Jerry. From what I keep hearing from Margaret and the other Tavern hoes is that you’re a horrible drunk. Where we’re going you can’t be a light weight.” Goading him he might be, but it was serious. These weren’t pushovers, and this was Crocus. Which meant no magic. Absolutely none, well unless you didn’t mind the Rune Knights sniffin in your business, then you couldn’t blow shit up all you wanted. But honestly Teiho didn’t trust the Rune Knights as much as he couldn’t trust some dumb fucks like Phantom Lord, so to him what was the difference.

A flash of light briefly covered his body as a simple steel gray blade equipped itself to his belt loop. He wasn’t going to go bar smashing without a weapon. Not with these crazy drunk fucks. That’s how he got his last scar across his back. Looking over to ensure Jeremiah was still with him, he nodded before stopping outside the Dry Pop. It was a medium sized pub, but definitely visited often by undesirables and travelers alike. He’d get a few nuggets here, if anything it would be some fool who ran from some crazy thing out in the boonies and wanted to spread the knowledge simply because he felt no one would believe him. Those were honestly the best and easiest ones to crack open. Walking through the door, he nodded to the barkeep who immediately began preparing one of his usuals as he scanned the crowd for a good target to pick on. “Time to crack some skulls Jerry mah boy...

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#7Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:25 pm

Jeremiah Ali


Well I'ohn know where the fuck you would hear that fuckery, I can hold my liquor." Jeremiah stated with nothing but a simple chuckle. Funny because nobody really knew him - except Margaret. Margaret only knew him physically due to how many times they've had sex, other than that she ain't know shit about him. Ali wasn't a very hard man to understand, but it seemed like all these hoes got too comfortable. "I'ohn know none of the bitches you're talking about. " He said just as Teiho magically made a weapon appear. Miah on the other hand didn't need to use anything, at least not until he actually felt threatened but that was unlikely. Tonight, the two - Three - would be beating up some random people. That was fun.

So I see you're serious about not letting get some fresh air even though it has been quite awhile. Don't be a selfish prick, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah simply ignored the Phoenix as he approached a pub called "Dry Pop". Ayo! The name sounded mook if you asked him, but whatever. Teiho was obviously a mook. Hope we ain't entering a gay bar... The duo of Fairies walked through the doors and began towards the bar. Jeremiah quickly noticed the nod Teiho had given the tender, which meant he was rather familiar with the place. The young Savannian looked around with a nonchalant expression, analyzing the location before a grin finally stole his face. After hearing what Teiho said he actually couldn't wait, even ignoring the fact that he called him "Jerry."

"Hopefully nobody dies."

#8Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:59 am

Constantine Librorum


The Humble Librarian

He chuckled at his fellow Fairies worry. He didn’t know if it was the boys first time doing this kind of work or not. He knew Cecilia didn’t approve of his methods of gathering information but he was of the opinion that all methods were allowable when you needed to get something. Did that make him chaotic good in a sense? Sure. If that’s how you want to spin the story. But he knew that sometimes soft and polite didn’t loosen tongues. Sometimes you had to break a jaw or two to get people truly talking. And so he strutted up to the bar to collect his drink. It a simple mixture, he didn’t care for mixing drinks. Just a shot of Gin sufficed most times. Downing it in one go, he scanned the crowd looking for someone who was a bit of a traveler. Travelers always had more knowledge than they knew what to do with. It never failed really. Sometimes when you traveled the world you just saw too much. And that made you a target for people like Teiho.

The world called them knowledge sharks. They never produced the knowledge, only consumed it. This made them dangerous in a way. It made them unpredictable. For people who found or created knowledge, there was always some sort of way you could tell what they were going to do with the knowledge now that they had it. Whether it was hoarding it or unleash it on the world, you could always tell. But Knowledge Sharks? Ho boy. Those folk could do just about anything with it. And it was never the same knowledge they seek. Sometimes they might be looking for a book, other times a person, but usually, it was some sort of artifact. Something that was so out of place that you just couldn’t miss it. And god forbid you to be the person that saw it.

As he glanced over the crowd he spotted one. The man tried to keep to himself, secluding himself in a booth of darkness. His traveler's cloak was obviously well worn with patches flat out missing in some areas. But it was these actions that singled him out the most as Teiho approached swiftly. Downing his drink in one gulp, he cleared his throat to get the Traveler's attention before slamming the cup down on the table lip down over the Traveler's outstretched hand cutting deep into his skin and keeping him from getting up and walking away. Sitting down across the table from the man he’d smile and put up a facade of interest. “How’s it going, Traveler? I haven’t seen you from around these parts before. You must be either new or going places. Which is it?” He’d begin grilling the man right away while the pain was fresh to keep him from composing himself, inadvertently teaching Jeremiah more about himself than he cared to show during his more infrequent visits back to the Guild Hall.
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#9Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:39 am

Jeremiah Ali


As Teiho made his way towards the bar, so did Jeremiah. This bar was full of all different types of people, just like every other bar in this town. The young mage caught himself drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages during his time here. It seemed like everybody here were really bad alcoholics and it honestly began rubbing off on him despite his young age. If his mother was here right now she wouldn't be pleased at all, though now that he thought about it, him and his mom wouldn't be in a bar together. His father on the other hand would take this as a sign of him developing into a man, just like he did everything. The shorter Fairy picked up his drink and guzzled it in one go before making his way over towards a being. Ali turned and asked for a shot of the strongest liquor that the tender had. Facing forward he watched his guild mate approach a being who wore a black cloak.

A cloak?! Immediately anger began to rise over Jeremiah, though he was more excited than upset. It was only a few years ago when a group of scientists destroyed everything he loved, and coincidentally they wore black cloaks as well. The only difference was that the back of the cloak had a small infinity symbol in the center though it wasn't like he'd seen the back of this person's cloak just yet. If that symbol was there, then this would be the perfect opportunity to get information on that evil organization, but for now he watched.  Once finally approaching the person, Teiho stabbed him right in his hand, piercing it onto the table before speaking. Due to noise in the bar, he wasn't completely able to hear his guild mate so he quickly made his way over.

This kid...

The taller brown skinned mage stood a bit behind Tei, waiting to see what he would do next and forgetting that he ordered a shot back at the bar. Teiho and him were very similar, yet so different. The weapon master actually enjoyed violence while Ali himself did not. The Phoenix was much like Teiho though, so perhaps he should have chosen him as a host in his place. The Phoenix and himself literally had contradicting personalities, so he always wondered why the beast had chosen him. According to The Phoenix, Jeremiah was the only one that could help him... Whatever that meant. Originally they came here to have fun, but now Jeremiah was seriously concerned.

"Hm, wait Teiho. Let's see if there's a symbol on the back of his cloak first."

#10Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:12 pm

Constantine Librorum


The Humble Librarian

The gentlemen across the table from Teiho grit his teeth in pain as the young boy grilled him for information. Apparently the traveler was just as hardy as the rest of them because even with a glass cup cutting through his hand he didn’t flinch as he stared down the shorted boy. Smiling at this, Teiho twisted the offending object, slicing right through tendons and nerves getting a sharp intake of breath and a harsh yell that let him know he hit a tough spot. Leaning in, he asked the man again, “How’s it going Traveler? I haven’t seen you before, what have you got for me in that head of yours that I can use to get what I want. And don’t bullshit me, you folk always have something I want.

Due to the man’s choice of seclusion they hadn’t yet drawn attention and since Jerry had decided to accidentally block the view of the table with his body, no one could see what was going on. Hearing his fellow partners request, he ignored it for the moment. Symbol or no symbol it didn’t matter to him and his. He wanted information and this bloke had it. A symbol being on his cloak wouldn’t all of a sudden make him have or not have information that was useful for him. Of course, he would still interrogate the man afterwards for whatever Jerry needed, but right now he had a bloke that was trying to hog the goods, and that wasn’t good for business. He watched the man grit his teeth to hold on to his words causing the young man to relent on the pain for just a moment, even going as far as to lift his hand off the cup. This confused the man for a moment just as Teiho smashed his hand down on the cup shattering it, and sending shards of glass cutting deep into the man’s hand.

This time he got an audible shout of pain as he gripped down on the now severely injured limb, sending the shards even further into the man’s skin. He leaned in to whisper in the man’s ear as his own gloved hands kept him from being cut up by the glass. “See, I don’t like unnecessary violence, but when someone who knows more than they should, doesn’t explain why or how they know more than they should. I get a little... antsy. Now you tell me what I want to know, or this whole arm will be missing its rightful owner.” The man’s face drained of color at that. Traveling with a severe injury like a missing limb was a death wish in this world. Not because you were particularly helpless but because you couldn’t get work. And those without work starved. The man finally relented and began to talk about the house he was thinking about earlier. Apparently the folks who had originally discovered its existence hadn’t gone inside, but others had to see what was in it and why it had appeared randomly in the middle of the woods. That’s where the stories of those who went in never came out came from. Frowning at this, he knew the man was holding back more information. All that he had said was stuff that was already well known. Looking towards Jerry he finally sighed and looked the man in the eye, “What’s on your cloak mister?

The man froze again. Eyebrow raised, he turned towards Jeremiah and frowned. This was either good or bad. People never froze during an interrogation unless the interrogator hit gold, or the person was going to do something really stupid. The man turned towards the boy and looked him dead in the face, “You’re finally looking for us, huh Kid?” It was the first time he even addressed Jeremiah so it caught Teiho off guard, but the way he said it made it worse. This whole situation had just gone so far left that he didn’t know how his fellow Fairy was going to react, but he knew this wasn’t going to be an easy exit. The man’s shouting earlier had started to gain a minor bit of attention, and any kind of attention wasn’t good attention. “What’s going on Jerry?” He asked simply as his other hand went towards his blade handle, a few faces in the bar becoming far more unrecognizable now that he was paying attention to them.

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#11Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:47 pm

Jeremiah Ali


For about a minute Jeremiah was ignored. It seemed that Teiho had some information of his own that he wanted to gather from this man. The white haired fairy spoke to the hooded character, saying that he disliked using violence if it was unnecessary, but never really saying that he didn't like violence. Did that mean he deemed the amount of violence used in this situation unnecessary? Or did he just add that little comment in just 'cause? Whatever he wanted to know was obviously important to him considering he threatened to remove the beings arm. The cloaked man seemed to be frightened now which meant he did know a few things. Ali would have went about this a totally different way. Instead of stabbing the man he may have attempted to approach him with much more...kindness? It was evident though, that his process may have been flawed and not have worked.

With his arms folded across his chest, the long haired teenager glanced at Teiho who briefly turned to face him, confirming that he heard what was said earlier. He then turned to face the one being interrogated and asked the man what was on his cloak. The man simply froze, indicating that they were hitting a very sensitive area. Jeremiah watched anxiously. Oh? What happened next was almost totally unexpected. The cloaked characters eyes shot up towards Ali, staring him dead in the eye before speaking. "You're finally looking for us, huh kid?"

"?!?! Instantly Jeremiah dropped both his arms and balled his hands into fists before eagerly walking towards the man. Teiho at this point didn't know what was going on, but much like he did to him earlier, he'd address him a little later. It only took less than half a second for the survivor to reach the man and grab him by the neck of his cloak. It was sad really, the young mage could feel nothing else but pure anger as images of that fateful night began to appear in his head. The fire, the blood, the screams, and the smell of death was all he could see. He was blacking out. His left arm began to darken in color and enlarge in size as he began to force his transformation - something he had only recently learn to do. This act in itself was rare and could show just about anyone how serious this situation was. When Jeremiah forced the Phoenix out, it meant that the Phoenix did not want to fight which wasn't often at all.\

No Ali! Relax. Before you pummel or even kill this man, you have to make sure you learn something first, or else this encounter would be a waste of fate.

With a snarl Jeremiah listened, but his right arm remained an ashy gray color and much larger then the other. He didn't know how much time passed since his partner asked what was going on, but he was sure it was no more than a minute tops. If there was anything he learned from that traumatic night, it was that these guys weren't the best of mages alone. Together with about 5 or more of their members they were nearly unstoppable. Without taking his eyes off of the enemy, he replied. "Last year an organization known as "S.O.F.K" Murdered my entire family, leaving nothing but me behind. After getting the hang of my magic I've been trying to find answers and finally, I have someone of great value in front of me."

"You will tell us everything you know."

The angered mage's voice wasn't the same at this point, but instead it resembled the voice of demon, or a god depending on how you looked at things - dark, deep, and croaky.

#12Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:29 pm

Constantine Librorum


The Humble Librarian

There were few things that caught Teiho off guard. He was just that kind of weary individual who had seen too much and done too much to get caught off guard by some silly shit such as chance. So when figures started to arise after noticing what was going on, he was quick to react to it. Jerry’s reaction to the man’s identity ignored, he didn’t even bother considering the man a potential information source anymore. No, that plan was fucked now. Operation getting the fuck out was the objective.

Catching a shard of the shattered glass cup in between two fingers and flinging it dead on into the man's neck in one fluid motion, he quickly pushed himself out of the cramped booth and into the open where he could unsheathe his blade and quickly parry an attack on him meant for his left shoulder. Blade gripped in his right hand, he clasped his left just beneath it for a bit more stability before backing up to Jeremiah to avoid getting surrounded. What a cluster of fuck this turned into. The man they had been questioning quickly began to choke on the blood and spit flooding his throat as his companions prepared to kill the two offending Fairies for what Teiho had done and the information they had uncovered.

Alright Jerry, time to prove you’re worth the salt and pixie dust Cecilia wastes on you kids because I’m not dying in a pub that smells like piss and bad beer. Pull up your trousers and let’s go.” With that, he quickly deflected a blade meant for him to the side before delivering a short quick jab to the man’s chin sending him flying into some tables. These fucking guys weren’t playing any games it seemed.

Word Count: 0000/0000

#13Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:55 pm

Jeremiah Ali


Finally, after all this time, I finally got somethin- The man sat silent as his eyes widened. Just like taking candy from a baby, Teiho took Jeremiah's one chance to learn anything away from him. Then had the nerve to tell him to fight? Instead of going ballistic, he frowned and remained calm. Although what just happened literally made him want to destroy Teiho himself, he decided to suppress all the negative emotion he felt. Men in cloaks circled the two, and the people in the bar feared for their lives. "Do you ever stop talking?" He asked Teiho with a cold tone. It seemed like their whole time together was just Teiho...talking and talking and talking his life away. Jeremiah crossed his arms and closed his eyes, making him appear vulnerable for a split second.

The entire area began to rise in temperature as a golden aura flashed around Ali's body before revealing his new form. Still with his arms crossed, but his eyes open, Two cloaked men attacked the Phoenix who was more than able of taking the blows directly to the body, only swiping his right arm towards both people, sweeping them into the wall 5 meters away. The group of hooded people all lifted their arms into the air, allowing a black metal gaunlet on their left hands glow a dark blue color. Remembering what this meant, the Pheonix spoke.

"They're trying to capture us."

There had to be about 10 of these guys left, which means they came ready to kill. The Gaunlets began to generate blue energy that traveled through the air in order to connect with each other. An energy dome 5 meters above the two was being created. Quickly the mage reacted, Opening his mouth and firing a total of ten fire balls, turning his head while doing so in order to hit every single one of these men. A loud screech would be made as he did so, as if there was a giant bird within the building. It drained a bunch of mana, but it was something that needed to be done. These fireballs would knock these people off balance, perhaps knocking out a few if it hit the perfect spot, but it was mainly for Teiho to quickly strike them before they tried to use that technique again.

350/600 MP:

(Used 10 times)

Name: Screech
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Takeover: Phoenix Soul
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 5 meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect:  The Phoenix opens it's mouth and lets out a large screech followed by a volleyball sized fireball that does D rank burning damage upon contact. This screech can be heard throughout the area.

(Cooldown reduced by two because Beast takeover)

#14Constantine Librorum 

Fairies do Exist [Open to FT] Empty on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:18 pm

Constantine Librorum
Time and space seemingly broke as Teiho disappeared from the area entirely leaving Jeremiah to his own devices. It was unknown why the boy disappeared but all that was left behind was a simple note that said "See you next time".


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