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Dark Hearts(Nate)

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Dark Hearts(Nate) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:00 pm

It all came down to this. Caius grabbed his pool stick and lined up the shot at the table. With gentle precision, he struck the cue ball. It smacked right into the eight ball that went into the back left corner pocket making him the victor. Caius stood back up with a triumphant smile and reached his hand out. “Sorry man it looks like that makes me the winner of the bet. I'll take that money now. I believe it was 10,000 jewels.” His opponent grumbled before reluctantly reaching into his pocket and handing Caius the jewels that were owed. The man then stormed out of the bar in frustration much to Caius delight

Using his new aquired money, he went to the bar and grabbed one of their specialty beers. The inside was a bit rowdy so Caius decided to head outside. This fall weather kept getting colder and colder so only a few people were outside. It didn't affect him that much and he loved the peace and quiet. Only a few smokers were out on the patio which was perfect. He found an open table away from everyone else and sat down, kicking his legs up on the table. He took a sip of his beer and stared up at the night sky thinking about his next move.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
The spark of Nate's lighter lit up his face for a split second as it ignited his cigarette. The flame vanished as he flicked it shut, returning it to the pocket of his heavy black coat. Taking a long drag, he purged the night air from his lungs. He'd always been fond of the nightlife in Crocus; though he'd never been one to party or drink to excess for the sake of it. Still, bars like the one he was currently haunting were one of his main reasons for coming, that and the abundance of work. Large population meant that there were plenty of places for his new ilk to hide, and plenty of people that needed 'bumping off'. He'd only cleaned the blood off his hands from the last job not an hour previously, before picking up his cash and heading out for a drink. Black rum on the rocks. Dark, cold and bitter; to match his temperament.

There were a handful of other people outside, enjoying the smoking area. He of course was one of them. Most were standing, silently puffing. Nate had taken a table near the back, next to a faulty lamp, leaving him in the dark. There was one other person seated, feet up on the table and nursing a beer. Nate regarded him silently. The only man not smoking in the smoking area. The one anomaly. His purple eye glinted beneath his sunglasses.


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Caius took another sip of his tall beer. The taste was a bit hoppy and had an earthy and herbal flavor. The beer was strong so he started to get a slight buzz which helped him ignore the cold weather. His eyes wandered over to the other people outside that were smoking and he soon realized he overlooked something from before. He recognized one of the smokers as a member of his guild, Nathaniel Abbadon of Grimoire Heart. What was he doing in Crocus? Something important must have been going on and he intended to find out what it was. He put his hand under his table and started to manipulate the wind around him. Black wind would head over to Nathaniel’s cigarette and extinguish the flame. The cover of night would make it very hard to see. Caius stood up from his seat and walked over to the man. “Excuse me sir. Could I bum a cigarette off you? I seem to be out right now.” Caius said. Being now face to face Nathaniel should have recognized him.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
The embers at the end of Nathaniel's cigarette darkened and he let out a frustrated sigh, reaching into his pocket for his lighter again; cursing silently. He flicked it open and looked up in time to see the man who had been nursing the beer walk over to him. Now that they were face to face, Nate felt a twinge of irritation as he noticed the man was an apparent ally; a member of Grimoire Heart. He lit his cigarette and drew his engraved cigarette case from his pocket, holding it open as per the newcomer's request. While he waited for the man to take one, he exhaled a cloud of smoke in his direction.

Nate had never been fond of dark mages, and even now that he was one, he still felt his skin crawl being this close. Caius. Nate was familiar with his work from both sides of the law. Mage of note, if only for his seniority. They'd never met face to face, and Nate would have been lying if he had said he had no desire to. Though he didn't like dark mages, there was still the necessity of allies, if he was to achieve his goals. Truth be told he could even tolerate a few of Grimoire heart's number. Time would tell which side of the fence Caius would fall on.
"Anything to kill us faster eh?"


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Caius grabbed one of the cigarettes from his case and held it between his fingers. Normally he didn’t smoke but when the occasion called for it he had no problem lighting up a few. Nathaniel would blow a cloud of smoke towards him but he would manipulate the wind around him so it dispersed before it could reach him. “We all die eventually anyway. I think of it as a way to release stress after a long day. And trust me it’s been a rough one today.” Caius responded to his comment.

He wanted to get Nathaniel away from the people at the bar so they could talk alone about their guild movements. Being in Crocus was one of the riskiest things they could do being members of Grimoire Heart. A serious look appeared on Caius face as he spoke hoping that he would get the message. “It’s got to be boring just standing over here by yourself. Why not join me at my table over there? My name is Varian.” he said in a cheery tone. Under no circumstances Caius used his real name in public. Varian was his go to fake name. Caius shook the cigarette in his hand. “Sorry to ask again but I'm also going to need a light for this as well haha.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Naturally" Nate flicked open his lighter and offered the flame to the other man; Varian. Had he been mistaken? No, but the alternate name was something their Guild had to stick to. He lit 'Varian's cigarette and pocketed the lighter.
"Pleasure. I'm Darius." He flicked the lighter closed and took another drag. His cloud had missed its mark, much to the shame. Wind was the mostly likely cause, and there was a slight breeze rolling across the patio. The information was worth hanging on to though just in case.

"Things are a little on the quiet side here" Nate picked up his drink and stood up, his expression still that of cold indifference, not so subtly squaring up the man opposite. Old Rune Knight trick, let them know what you think of them without saying a word. 'Varian' may have been more experienced, but Nate had no intention of grovelling and sucking up like a damned Squire. He took a sip of his rum and nodded
"After you." Whatever Caius' reason for approaching him, logic dictated it was something more than just the need for a cigarette. Going by Nate's current experience in the Guild, mages were a little sparse, and encountering one in the wild could be tricky without a prior agreement to meet. Perhaps he was just curious.


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“Thanks” Caius said receiving the light. It looked like Nate was using an alias as well by the name of Darius. If he used his real name, Caius might have had to scold him about it. Nate stood up face to face with him seemingly trying to intimidate him. However, Caius wasn’t the one to back down. They were about the same height so the two tall men stood there eye to eye for a few seconds. The moment was tense but Caius just smiled at the situation before heading over to the table. Challenging others showed initiative. It was something every member of Grimoire Heart needed. He pulled back a chair and sat back down. His eyes scanned the area and it looked like they were far enough away from everyone else to talk in private without being heard.

Caius took his lit cigarette and flicked it to the ground. “I hate smoking. It’s a nasty habit. So enough of this bullshit front. Do you know who I am?” Caius said with a stern look on his face. He wanted to know Nathaniel's intentions in Crocus. Grimoire Heart’s goals took priority and Caius wanted to make sure Nate was getting his work done.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Murder's a nasty habit. But neither of us have quite kicked that one have we?" Nate flicked some ash onto the floor "I know who you are. I take it you know me too. Wouldn't have risked changing your tone otherwise." He leaned back in his seat. The other mage's friendly demeanour had gone, replaced with a granite faced reprimand. Was this a counter to Nate's own chest puff? Seemed that way. Similar to his companion, Nate didn't flinch in the face of it. "So. I take it you want something? If it's a swing, we can take things to a more private location, though I don't think that sort of situation will benefit either of us." The sunglasses were getting ever so slightly in the way, so Nate removed them, hooking one of the limbs through his shirt collar. Once satisfied they wouldn't drop, he sat there silently, cigarette smouldering between his fingers, rum in his left hand, the ice cubes clinking against one another.


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Caius chuckled at his comment on murder. “True but at least there are different ways you can have some fun with that.” This confirmed that Nate knew who he was so it saved him the trouble of explaining it. Caius reached over to his tall glass and grabbed his beer. He took a sip while listening to Nate’s silly comment on trying to guess why he pulled him over. After he finished, he laid the glass back on the table and pointed over to Nate. “Perhaps we can swing another time. Right now I’m just curious about you. What business do you have in the capital? I already completed a mission here by getting rid of a few pesky rune knights. You got something you want to let me in on?” Caius said with curiosity. The guild hadn't contacted him with any work as of late so he was getting pretty bored. He leaned his head against his hand and looked at Nate eagerly awaiting the answer.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Got no work from the Guild if that's what you're asking, working on data recovery mostly, and... removing, shall we say, a few people who might make our jobs difficult." He took a sip of his drink. Caius had been after Knights, interesting. Nate had thus far opted to stay clear, partly through fear of being recognised (however unlikely) and that if he got started on a murderous rampage, when the hell would he stop, and would he in any way help his goal with it. He disliked Rune Knights and dark mages equally, though this was more professional civility, Caius from what he had heard wasn't a murder crazed animal, like other members of their organisation. That fact made him easier to tolerate. "From what I can tell, is that a number of people, in our guild or otherwise have been communicating with a number of information brokers around the city, the criminal underworld if you will. Though necessary steps haven't been taken and a few trails have been left. Makes sense to scrub them to make sure we're not in cells. Even a rookie knight could track some of these brokers. Amateurs."


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Caius crossed his arms as he listened to what Nate had been up to in his stay in Crocus. From the sound of it, nothing too serious was going on. Just tying up a few loose ends running around town. Ever since the big job where Grimoire Heart took down the Etharian Cannon, it seemed like they just were doing small jobs. Caius spit off to the side in disappointment. "You're killing me Darius. I was hoping for something big. Oh well. Keep up the good work anyway. I’m sure you’ll rise up in the ranks soon.” Caius said. “Got any current targets lined up?. I could use some target practice to kill this boredom.” Caius held his fingers up like a gun towards Nate and formed a small ball of black wind about the size of a pebble. He fired it at him and it would disperse before reaching him. It wasn't meant to be threatening but more of a fun gesture.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate removed his sunglasses.
"Nothing big going on" he rumbled. "We're just sitting around with our thumbs up our arses, waiting for that fat tug boat to turn up. If only to give us something to do. Or somewhere to get drunk without the pain of having to drag ourselves to a hotel room after" the ice in his drink had melted, so he necked it and slammed the glass down on the table. Bitterness coming through there. Wasn't his first drink, others were taking their toll slightly. Wasn't drunk though, not by a long shot. Would take a few bottles to do that. "As for what I've got lined up, could use a hand, if only to make sure it's done right, and done clean. You can do clean can't you?" It was the man's comment from earlier, about murder being fun, that had set him on edge a little. He'd met a number of the Guild's mad dogs, the animals that were more unleashed than given instruction. Pointed in the right direction. Was this a professional collaboration? Or pointing a monster in the right direction?


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"Clean? That's no fun, but I suppose I can make an exception for a fellow guild mate. Count me in for now." Caius normally loved taking his time torturing and prolonging his targets suffering. Sometimes it was clean but most of the time it left a bit of a mess. Enemies of Grimoire Heart deserved nothing less for trying to stand up against them. He put his legs down off the table and leaned in towards Nate speaking in softer tone. "So what is this thing you need a hand with anyway? Don't leave me in the dark. Details!" Caius was tapping his fingers on the table waiting impatiently. He was curious on what Nate had in mind.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Just a matter of hunting a few people down and breaking the right bones in order to accumulate more intel. That and of course tying things up at the end." the cigarette had burned down to the filter, and was pressed into the ashtray, before Nate retrieved a second from his silver case. The discussion hadn't taken a reassuring turn, and Nathaniel was already turning Caius' words around in his head, dissecting each sentence. 'That's no fun' in reference to a clean cut and run job. Not reassuring. Though he did say he could do it for another member of the Guild. An attempt at humour or a genuine promise of restraint. He pushed the musings to one side. That could all be worried about later.

"Details wise, we'd be going after members of the criminal underworld, ones I know the MC won't hesitate to tap for information once the Guild makes its grand return. Simple response is that we tap them first, get the information on them and then remove them from the equation." He thumbed his glass thoughtfully, deciding how much more he was willing to divulge. This would be an information war after all.


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Right now the targets sounded like some more low life thugs with big mouths. They were on cleanup duty to stop these insignificant gnats from blabbing to the Magic Council. The more Nate explained the situation, the more Caius’ started to get antsy. This boring night of hustling people at a bar was about to be more productive. Caius reached out to his beer and downed the rest of of it. He stared at the glass in his hand and liked the quality so he decided to stuff it in his inside coat pocket. Raising his hands in the air, he stood up and slammed them on the table.

“Well then what are we waiting for? I’m sure you have the name of at least one of them. Let’s leave this place and take care of business.” Caius said. It would be a good ‘bonding’ mission for the two of them. Though they were guildmates, Caius only knew very little about Nate. This would be a good way to see how he works and maybe see what magic he used.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Caius got up, clearly on board with Nate's plan. He smiled politely in response and tapped a finger against his lips. Before pointing to a woman on the other side of the patio, her back turned to them
"Why do you think I chose this bar?" The woman was enjoying a cigarette of her own, and had seemingly remained oblivious to the pair. He'd tracked the woman down, narrowed her location down to the bar. She hadn't been in her house. This had been a carefully thought out operation. "She's number two on my list" to illustrate, Nate reached into his coat and pulled out a notebook, revealing one corner to Caius, before slipping it back into his coat. "We need to get her out of the public eye, somewhere we can interrogate, then we deal with any potential repercussions." Mimicking Caius' gesture from earlier, Nate made a gun with his hand and pulled an imaginary trigger.


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Reading Nate’s signal, he looked over to see the woman he was talking about. She was on the bigger side with blonde hair down to her shoulders. Her looks were below average which explained why she was out smoking alone. His partner showed him that she was on his list before hiding it back in his jacket. They only had to get her alone which was simple enough. “I got an idea. There was an alleyway a small walk away from the bar with an abandoned shop. We can take her there. She’s gross so I’ll let you have the honor of wooing her. Just follow my lead and I’ll meet you there.”

Caius walked over to the doorway that led back inside the bar so those outside and inside could hear him. “Hey free drinks on me. Everyone inside!” he yelled. The people at the bar cheered as they quickly rushed over to order. The people outside flooded in but before the target girl did, Caius pointed to her. “No drinks for you fat cow. Looks like you’ve had enough.” He slammed the back door in her face and headed inside. The woman called him an asshole before heading back to her spot outside and pulling out another cigarette. Tears were starting to well up in her eyes. It was obvious the insult hurt her self esteem leaving her vulnerable. Nate and her were the only ones outside so Caius hoped that he could spit his game and get her to leave with him.

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Nathaniel Abaddon
The move was about as subtle as a hand grenade, but at least it singled out the target. Got her guard down somewhat, made her feel alienated. Working with outsiders was easier, more open to a conversation. It had been a good move; despite its brazen nature. He crushed a finished cigarette under his boot and walked over to the woman.
"Allow me" he flipped his lighter open as she reached for hers, she allowed him to light the cigarette and exhaled a cloud of smoke.
"You're not going in for your free drink?" She asked bitterly.
"Never been one to trust. Besides the guy's an arsehole."
"Yeah, you got that right." He smiled in an attempt to seem reassuring.
"You want to ditch this place and head somewhere with fewer arseholes?" There was a pause as she looked him up and down, deciding.
"Yeah. Alright."

They left the bar and walked down the street until Nate found the place Caius had told him about, seemed a good spot. He stopped to peer in through the window.
"What is it?" His fingers wrapped around her throat and shortly after her body crashed through the door and tumbled across the wooden floor. Nate stepped over the wreckage, adjusting his tie.  The shadows behind him filled the gap, choking out the light. They spread from the corners of the room, and quickly, the broker found herself in crushing blackness.
"Who are you?" She whimpered, drawing her knees to her chest. The glint of Nate's lighter appeared through the gloom, illuminating his face as he lit another cigarette. It vanished. Then, he stalked forwards, shadows coalescing around his face, forming a demonic mask, with glowing purple eyes.
"Who I am is of no consequence" he rumbled, the shadows themselves shaking "who you are on the other hand... is of considerable interest." his hand appeared in the blackness, descending towards her, she attempted to scream, but no sound escaped.

By the time his partner arrived he would find the two of them, one bloodied, jabbering uncontrollably, praying someone found her, the other, noting down the information he had just tapped from yet another source. Two more names added to the list, and one waiting to be struck off.


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Caius lifted up his drink and cheered with the rest of the people at the bar. All of them were pumped to get free drinks. He downed his quickly and slammed it on the counter. The bartender pulled him to the side and asked how he was going to pay. Caius rubbed his chin for a bit before having an idea. “Put it on the tab with the name Darius.” Caius figured this was Nate’s mission and he should pay. The look on his face when he finds out will be priceless. With his job done, Caius headed out of the bar and to meet up for the ‘meeting’ with their new client.

Going into the alleyway, he peaked into the abandoned store and saw Nate was already hard at work. The bloody woman seemed to be begging for help in a weak voice so Caius jumped in looking confused. “What’s going on in here! What did you do to that woman! I’m calling the police” He would say. A small glimpse of hope went into the woman’s eyes as Caius walked up to her. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the glass he stole. “Just kidding” Caius then smashed the glass over her face in one blow. She fell to the ground with glass shards stuck in her face and even more blood pouring on the ground “So has this cow talked yet or do we go we have some more work to do?” Caius asked Nate.

#20Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
The help arrived and immediately made a second display of his skill in cloak ad dagger. Smashing a glass in the girl's face. Didn't make a difference know, she had told him everything he needed to know, so there was no sense trying to avoid damage. He was only going to leaver her to Caius anyway once he arrived. Less blood on his hands and less to track. Also a small token to sate Caius and strengthen their alliance.

"Just about finished here. She's all yours. Try and keep it clean." Nate's mask dissipated into black smoke "or don't, makes no real difference at this stage in the game, have some fun." He turned his back on the pair and yanked off his coat, flipping it around, shadows swirled around it, changing the length, collar, colour and design. He slipped the new garment on and ran a hand through his ashen hair, turning it black with more of the same.
"We'll reconvene later. Enjoy the present."



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Nate. "So you got everything already huh? That's no fun." Caius was bummed out since he did love a good interrogation. So many different methods that could be used to a get a person to speak. The good news was Nate was letting him handle the coup de grace. Nate seemed all business as he changed his outfit and headed out. Caius waved “Good work. I’ll make sure to include it into my report. Later”

With Nate gone, Caius knelt down to the fat woman on the ground. She was a blood and sobbing mess that he almost felt sorry for her. Almost. Caius picked her up by the hair as a black ball of sky god slayer magic formed around her head. The wind would cut off all oxygen from reaching her. Her legs kicked from the struggle to break free and get air but it was no use. Soon her body went limp and Caius tossed her corpse to the side. Mission Complete


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