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Prologue :: BReaK [♪]

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Prologue :: BReaK [♪] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:17 pm

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] CNem9YA

"So you lost your sword during a mission?"

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] 4lisE7f

"Yes ma'am. Unfortunately, the beast proved to be extremely strong, but I weakened it enough to take it down with my hands."

Ikaros faced the princess, kneeling down, his head facing the ground. He had completed his mission, but in the process, had lost his sword, that was an extension of his arm. The strike of the beast was so strong, the sword flew and went out of sight. Ikaros had tried looking for it, but had ultimately failed to find his weapon.

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] CNem9YA

"Aw. That isn't very good. A pity, I know that you really liked your sword."

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] 4lisE7f

"Yes. Also, if you don't mind me asking...


What's with that get up?"

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] CNem9YA

"Ara? Is it not to your liking? It's apparently a kimono from Japan! This is supposed to make me look like those hime-mikos there. Doesn't it look cute on me?"

Ikaros said nothing.

"How mean!"

"Anyways, because you've lost your sword, I suppose there's no other choice then. Until we create a new sword for you, Ikaros, you will be on standby."

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] 4lisE7f

"Stand by?"

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] CNem9YA

"Yes! You're on break until further notice. Isn't that a good thing?"

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] 4lisE7f

Ikaros did not know how to respond to that. In his life, he had never had a day off. He was always a dutiful man, always working for the guild that served as his benefactor.

"Break? So that means I don't have any missions?"

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] CNem9YA

"Correct! You can do whatever you like on you day off. So you're dismissed."

Prologue :: BReaK [♪] 4lisE7f


Ikaros stood up and bowed towards the princess, Rasis and walked out of the room. As soon as he exited, he sighed. He had never had a day off in his life ever since he started to work for the guild, so he had no idea what to do.

"I guess I'll look for my sword."

Ikaros said to himself quietly as he walked out of the main building and into the Voltex dock. Getting inside of his trusty ship, he set the coordinates for Crocus, the Holy Capital.

"Initializing. FX Level: 100%. Preparing for transport. Stream the Voltex."

With that, he had set off to Crocus in order to find his sword.

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