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A drinking brigade [Tai:Invite]

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A drinking brigade [Tai:Invite] Adfaf10
Laying in her bed she would look up at the ceiling wondering on what she would do today. The area started to light up with street lights as it turned dusk. A simple yawn and a stretch Arisa would finally get off her bed and stood up. Due to her housing issues she lived in a hotel, one of the finest. She would turn towards her closet, chose her outfit and got dressed. ''Welp, time to get some kind of party started.'' she spoke to herself and shrugged. Her hand would open and close her door, leaving to go outside of the hotel and towards the bar.

Arisa wasn't going to go to the type of club she went to last time. Her short brown hair would move a little by the winds as her golden brown eyes would search for this so called 'downtown' bar. She heard it wasn't fancy nor was it the cleanest, but it had fun, entertainment and the best alcohol can buy. Her eyes searched to see where some people were going as perhaps they were going there as well. Arisa felt somewhat lost, but then she found a sign in which showed direction to it. ''I guess this is it...'' she spoke to herself quietly.

Her hand pressed upon the door and opened it. People were drinking, playing games and there was even some karaoke. There were much more people here than at that fancy place, but why? Was it cheaper here or just much more fun and less serious? Arisa wasn't sure as she would then walk in and found a round small table with four chairs total. In the middle of the table were typical condiments (seasonings, napkins, etc). The table was glazed yet somewhat chipped, dark brown and the chairs were the same, but they had a cushion on the chairs with some tares. A small curve appeared on the right side of her lips, her eyes looked at the waiter who soon came and then she'd order. ''I'll have a few of any random mixed drink and a shot of your strongest vodka.As the waiter would nod, she'd wave her hand. ''Perhaps some fruit and wings on the side too! Thanks!'' she spoke once more and put her hand down. Slowly her back leaned back, head turning towards the karaoke machine and made a calm smile. ''Maybe try that later or something.'' she spoke to herself once more, elbows on the table and chin resting on her hands, thinking.



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