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First Knight [Hika]

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#1Káilètte † 

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Crazed Mother Nature

As day turns into dusk, the area became colder and more alive for the owls. Arisa loved the night as the nature showed its outer beauty. The lightening bugs were still alive, the flowers of night bloomed, but everything else was asleep, silent and quiet. She wore a black jacket with a blue sleeveless shirt underneath. As her blue jeans had some cuts that looked like a knife was used to slit each pant leg three times. Carefully she would walk on the sidewalk and towards where most would go to relax, a club. It wasn't one of those raving clubs it was more of a downtown classic club.

Her short brown hair would tickle against her neck as she finally stepped in front of the door. Her hand pressed against the glazed dark brown wooden door and walked in. Her eyes were lit as her golden cat eyes would blaze like some jewels. Her full pink rose colored lips would curve into a smile as she could smell the rich smell as if this place was cleaned twenty-four hours. Slowly she would walk passed people and went to sit in a booth. The table made of marble that was dark and smooth, the booth seating cushioned with the most soft filling.

''What would you like on this fine night?'' speaks a sweet voice. Arisa leaned back, hands on her thighs and head turned to look up at the waitress. ''A margarita and a cup of your best fruit would be good.'' Arisa speaks softly and calmly as she would then look down at the table. It was clean to where she could see her reflection. The day so far has been quiet, boring and hopefully something will come up.



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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru wore a tight navy blue suit. It was perfectly fitted hugging his body. Furthermore he wore a white shirt but with no tie. It was button to the top, yet he left the top button and the second button undone. Furthermore to top things off he wore a beautiful tan shoe as well as belt. From the very second he entered he looked around scouting to see his surroundings. It was a natural habit. Then as he walked, he would walk past a booth and a women who caught his attention. It wasn't one of those raging party type of bars, but a mellow chill bar scene. Hikaru had to dress to impress and plus he didn't have any major plants tonight, except to maybe speak to this women. She seemed very attached to her table at the booth so Hikaru would have to try not to startle her.

"Hello is someone sitting here?"

Hikaru questioned. He looked at her in the eye maintaining good eye contact and waiting for her to respond. Regardless if she said yes or no he would sit down, but it was more of a polite thing to do. Assuming she said yes, Hikaru slid down into the seat sitting with her in the booth. He wasn't going to be creepy, mean or weird. Maybe this would start off friendly and evolve. Who knew? The night was young. Hikaru decided that he would have to start off somewhat flirty. He couldn't even begin to think about the last time he had done something like this. He had sat with a women for maybe 10 minutes and while they were beginning to get touchy her boyfriend came out. It was a disaster, for the other guy at least. From his previous lesson He had come up with something to say so he didn't end up making the same mistake.

"So what is a beautiful young women, such as yourself doing in one of crocus's most..."Lively" clubs?"

Hikaru said. He had said the Lively sarcastically. This place was far from the bar's he had been at when he was in his teens. It was weird to see how far a long Hikaru had matured. He waited for a response hoping that this women was enjoying his company. As it was right now, he imagined that talking to himself would be better than staring at one's self in the table.

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Crazed Mother Nature

Her eyes shined gold with a blazing over fire. She stared at the table and wondered somethings, but was soon to be swooned or something else by someone's company. Her head tilted up, eyes widened as she looked at his natural looking pink hair and pretty blue eyes. They were like water and air, mixing together in harmony. His hair was like bubblegum, did it taste like it though? Silly thoughts went through her head as her eyes pierced into his. He questioned on what she was doing here.

Simply it made her chuckle. Her right hand over her mouth, closed eyes as she did so and then placed her right hand back where it was, her lap. Arisa would make a gentle warm smile, ''Enjoy the beautiful night with drinks and food. Hoping to find company.'' she started as she turned her head over to see her drink and food arrive. The waitress turned to look at the fellow that was sitting with her and then put down her stuff. ''A-anything I can get for you sir?'' she questioned.

Arisa would wait and as the waitress would leave she would turn her attention back on the pink haired man. ''What is a delectable man like yourself doing here?'' she questioned back at him. Her right hand reached for her margarita, ringed her finger around the glass and took a sip. Her eyes wouldn't leave this guys as his eyes were pretty.



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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to the justification of why the Women was there. She talked about hoping to enjoy the night and find company. This only gave Hikaru a smirk, because he would be the company she talked about needing. Before he could respond he turned his head to see a waitress. He looked at what the waitress had on her tray, and it seems like this women would be joking. She asked anything for him and Hikaru took a moment to think.

"Give me a cold dark ale."

Hikaru said looking at the women. He wasn't one to tamper with Vodka that much. Ale was different in his opinion. He enjoyed the taste of dark ones too. The thing was you knew exactly how much alcohol you were drinking, and you couldn't mess up a ale, but you could mess up a mixed drink. Hikaru waited for the waitress to go away and once she left it seemed the focus had shifted back on him She questioned his reasons for being here. Her ring finger was circling around the glass, and he looked back into her eyes thinking of a witty comeback.

"You see, I decided tonight i'd treat myself to going out and talking to the most beautiful girl at the bar."

Hikaru said. He took a brief pause, and then continued to speak about his reasons here.

"and that's how I ended up here."

He didn't want to go into much detail, but he was curious about this girl. He wondered who she was what she did , and wanted to know more about her. However he decided tho bring up a topic that should of been brought up from the very beginning.

"Hikaru Nakamura."

Hikaru said extending his hand out to the women. He smiled at her Hoping she would get that was his name.

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Crazed Mother Nature

Her eyes would lower to look into her drink, pink and a mix of purple. As her right hand would reach for a toothpick to prick a fruit, she'd use her left hand to ring her drink and took a sip. After putting down her drink she would then insert the fruit into her mouth to nom it slowly, looking at him then. Her golden brown eyes would pierce into his soul through his blue eyes, listening to him.

He spoke of how he came here to seek a beautiful girl to chill with and to treat himself in coming here. The reasons seemed simple enough and then she heard a dark chuckle. 'Typical...' a darker voice spoke within her head. What she said made her frown a tiny bit, her facial expression still calm as she looked at the man. He then finally spoke of his name, Hikaru Nakamura. It made her smile a tiny bit for some reason, but why?

She would giggle sweetly with her eyes half closed and right hand covering her mouth. As the second passed she would let her right hand rest on the table, looking at Hikaru. ''Arisa. Arisa Ana Rinmizukimi.'' Arisa would introduce her name as well to the pink haired man. Slowly and carefully she would pick up her drink once more to take a sip, not letting him out of her sight though. Her golden eyes glazing and glistening with the light. ''So...'' she started as she putted down her drink. ''What do you do for a living? In a guild?'' she questioned. She wasn't so sure on if it was too soon to ask or what, but she was curious.



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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru smiled at the women as she giggled at him. He was curious as to what was so funny. However some things were best left unsaid and therefore he would just not question it. She seemed to have a nice name herself. She even went as far as to give her middle name. Hikaru peered into her golden eyes trying to read this women. He wasn't sure about her. The conversation had just started and he knew nothing about her. She seemed to get straight to the point. She asked what does he do for a living, and asked if he was in a guild.

"Hmm.. We'll I wouldn't say i'm in a guild. I'm more of a military man to be honest. I'm here protecting the world, one dark mage at a time."

Hikaru said. As he finished the waitress came back placing his ale on the counter. "Anything else?" The waitress questioned and Hikaru shook his head implying that the two were fine. The waitress walked away. Hikaru looked at his ale, the foam was still there so Hikaru decided to give it more of a wait while he would flip the questions onto the women.

"What do you do for a living? Wait.. Let me guess. You're a part time model, but full time guild member... As for what type a guild, a light one.. Based off your personality, Lamia Scale?"

Hikaru said taking a guess. He assumed she was in a guild since she asked him about it. Furthermore her beauty made it so she could very well be a model and he just wouldn't know. Nonetheless he waited for a response.

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Crazed Mother Nature

She continued to look at her company, his blue eyes as they were lovely as ever. She felt although she was lost looking at the sky. Her golden brown eyes would then look at her fruit and then as the waitress came on by she would wave. ''Hai, can I have some fried food? Like cheeseballs and some onion rings? Thanks.'' she would say and watched the waitress leave. Her attention would pay back to Hikaru. He spoke how he wasn't from any guild and he was like a military man.

That somewhat hit her curiousity as she hasn't heard of any group besides some knight one. ''The Rune knights? IF so...I've never met one till now.'' she spoke softly as she would soon then see her food come on by. She'd smile happily and took the food, speaking her thanks and watched the waitress leave. Soon she would hear Hikaru ask her the same question and guessed she was some type of model. ''That's quite silly. I'm actually some traveler. Adventuring and finding entertainment, love and all that good stuff.'' she'd explain and then put her right elbow on the table. With her left hand she would pluck a cheeseball in her mouth, nomming it rather cutely. Her eyes would glisten and shine as she would stare into his. ''What is it like to be in some kind of group? Is it like family?'' she then questioned and then popped another cheeseball into her mouth.



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Hikaru Nakamura
The women ordered cheeseballs and onion rings. That was an interesting combination, but he assumed that she had good taste. He stared into her golden brown eyes that resembled the fall. They had a certain warmth to them, similar to that of a fireplace in the winter. She was spot on when she asked Hikaru if she was a Rune Knight. He assumed that the military man did give it away. He nodded his head when she said Rune Knight. She said she had never met one, and he assumed he would be her first Rune Knight acquaintance.

"Precisely, You're talking to Captain Hikaru Nakamura."

He said. The Captain was a prestigious rank. It was one of the higher ranks, and just 2 away from being at the very top. Hikaru noticed her food came and as the waitress was putting own her food, Hikaru noticed the foam was nearly nonexistent. So he grabbed the ale and drank it. The dark rich and thick color was nothing less than amazing. She seemed to think the idea of her being a model was silly, however Hikaru was just using it as a compliment. She seemed to independent to be a model, however he did not lie about her beauty. It was nothing less than model worthy. She said she was a traveler looking for adventure and love and entertainment. He found this nice. She began to eat her cheeseballs and she spoke questioning him regarding the life of a Rune Knight or belonging to a group.

"In a way there is a sense of belonging. When you see others in a similar group theres a certain respect that comes with it. A mutual respect of being allies and comrades. Rarely do guild mates or Knights back stab each other. It's nearly to the point of completing trusting a stranger I suppose. However, you are bound to the rules of your superiors which is the only thing I don't like as much. I've always wondered how it would be like to wander freely. Everyday , a different agenda and do what you want. It does sound like an interesting way to live. I'd enjoy to drift place to place. Especially if I had you as company."

Hikaru said with a smile as he grabbed his Ale and took two gulps of it.

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She nommed the cheeseball as she could feel and taste the melting cheese. It tasted divine, lovely and ever so lasting till she swallowed. Her eyes of autumn would be half closed as she looked at her food, delicious. Slowly she would reach for an onion ring and started to dip it in sauce, nomming it. As Arisa was doing this she was listening to Hikaru speak and say how he was caption, how shiny. Her eyes looked into his beautiful sapphire sky eyes in a curious manner and smiled. ‘’How exciting. I don’t know much of Rune knights and all, but a Captain title is big.’’ She speaks softly and giggled after she was done eating.

Her mind became blinded at the fact that Rune knights were the ones who would annihilate the bad and help the good. It was cute to think of such. She wondered if she joined a rather dark guild, would she have to go against Hikaru? At the thought of this she would frown. Her eyes lowered, right hand brought to her wine glass and used her pointing finger to circle the glass. She started to think more, wondering on what type of ‘family’ she’d join. As she was thinking of that she would wonder on what Waylon would do.

Her mind was getting more and more lost till Hikaru spoke once more, quite a lot. She didn’t really dislike it though as it was nice, talking with someone. Not to mention really cute. Her facial expression was calm though with a small smile. Arisa always felt like hiding how she really feels or most of the time. He spoke of how the groups with certain respects that come with and how they rarely stab each others backs. It seemed nice, but she still felt a distrust to people and the guilds. She didn’t really wish to join and then get stabbed right away. She read what happened to her mother all those years ago, Kuriana was left alone in the end with her friend Judith who died later.  Her small smile though curved even more into a brighter one as she heard how he’d enjoy ‘drifting’ place to place. Especially if he had her for company. She blushed lightly and looked away, hiding her light pink blush. She bit her lower lip as she sat up straight and her hand left the glass to twiddle her pointing fingers under the table.

‘’I highly doubt my company would be best, but I...’’ she started speaking shyly, softly and soothing like brand new silk. She paused for a moment and then looked back at him, noticing how she was getting. Quickly out of embarrassment she would go back to her calming manner. ‘’Sorry, I don’t get compliments much. It sounds interesting, besides the rules part. Adventuring can be fun and filled with freedom, but in my case it’s lonely and such. Even with nature by my side, I still feel alone. I guess it’s pitiful and rather whiny for me to complain, yea?’’ she’d speak as if she was drifting into though with her chin resting on her hand after her elbow rested on the table.

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Hikaru Nakamura
The women expressed her lack of knowledge regarding Rune Knights, but she seemed to understand that Captain Rank wasn't earned just amongst anyone. He watched as she smiled and blushed at his remarks. It seemed to grab her attention cause she even shifted her posture while sitting. This only caused Hikaru to smile back at her. He seems to have gotten her to stumble over her words as she said she wouldn't make the best company. Hikaru just allowed for her to continue her statement not trying to psych her out. It was a shift in personality, this was the first time Hikaru was reading the situation, and he liked it. She apologized while describing her lack of compliments. Well it seemed like maybe she wasn't the type to go out much, or she maybe had never met such a straight forward guy Like Hikaru, nonetheless he allowed to continue speaking before he could make a comment regarding her lack of compliments. She began to speak about the loneliness of adventuring. That seemed like one massive con, and he continue to listen to her speak feeling a certain sadness for her. She said with nature by her side, she felt alone and she began to even call her words pitiful, but Hikaru decided this right now was the best moment to cut her off.

"It just shows that you're a bit more social than you let off to be"

Hikaru said. Those who didn't get lonely were the introverts. They were people who could socialize easily but preferred not too. People with that life style enjoyed it a bit too much. It was a different way to live. Hikaru wasn't too big on the introvert idea, and at times he himself could be one but what way was it to live then? He enjoyed making bonds and forming relationships with people. He took a moment to collect his thoughts and then began to elaborate on what he meant by calling her more social than she left off.

"I mean, you're not an introvert. You enjoy talking to people. Why not get a companion then? I've seen a few merchants with animals, they're quite pricy but it seems like it would suit you."

Hikaru said. There were people famous for carrying multiple animals around. They were known as Beast Masters. He had heard of them, some of them even made the greatest mages of Fiore. Just by the look of this women he couldn't see her having a heard of animals following her, and since ehe hadn't seen any animal around her he assumed it was safe to assume she wasn't. But maybe hat lifestyle would suit her.

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Her eyes of golden brown would look into his blue eyes, her hand slowly reach for hers as she gripped the thin glass handle with pinky out and drank her drink rather slowly. She listened to Hika talk about how she is a bit more social that what it seems. He then made a reply about how she is somewhat alone by possibly getting a pet/a companion. She never really thought about that. Getting some kind of beast, animal or something to tag along in her random and unknown adventures. Her eyes would look at him and then randomly music would come on. 'Mmm, too bad no dress. This would be perfect to go dancing in.' she thought and smiled. Her eyes would then look away, blushing a somewhat pink without noticing it.

''Possibly a companion would be nice someday. For now...'' she started and looked at him, sitting up straight. ''I shall deal with being alone till then.'' she spoke simply and calmly with an assuring smile. She wasn't so sure on what to say, the music was playing to her ears and within her thoughts.

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru continued to look into her eyes until he heard the music. The beat was lovely and he enjoyed it, and Arisa made a mention about how it would be lovely to dance to but she didn't have any dress. She looked away and she seemed to blush. Hikaru figured this would be the best time to take her to dance but first would let her finish speaking. She said a companion would be nice someday but for now she would be alone. He figured this would be the best way to transition. Hikaru stood up offering his hand to her.

"It doesn't have to be that way though."

Hikaru said referring to how she will be alone til then. He was curious as to what her move would be. She did mention no dress earlier , however he didn't seem to care what the people around thought and maybe she did or didn't, he wasn't sure. Regardless he waited for her to either take his hand or not.IF she did he would walk with her to the dance floor where he would lead the dance. The ball was in her park, would she join him in a dance or would she remain seated instead.

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Arisa looked into his eyes as she couldn't help but see the ocean waters and sky within them. Her hands wanted to go through his hair and wonder on how it'd feel. Her heart felt somewhat in a panic as to what all will happen. Soon she would hear him say that it didn't have to be that way, being alone. She wasn't quite sure on what he meant by that, meaning him or something else. Either way it made her feel somewhat warm, blushing and watched him get up to offer his own hand. 'He...wants to dance with me?' she thought and looked away with her golden brown eyes.

She wasn't quite sure on what to think of it. She never danced with anyone before, besides her lonesome self. The music was very soothing and so as her heart started to beat faster, she'd grab his hand gently. Her hands were smooth and warm, gripping onto his as he lead her to the dancing area. Arisa did feel weird though with no dress, but he didn't seem to. Softly she would smile, follow his lead. Lastly her eyes would look up at him as their bodies were up close, dancing together.

#14Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
She seemed to take his hand willing fully and seemed to be into dancing. Hikaru honestly hadn't thought he would get this far. The way Hikaru moved was quite basic. He didn't go for any fancy moves but stayed on beat and did a regular dance. He came from a wealthy family so it was no surprise that he was able to dance so well. He was extremely close to him and he had noticed up to this point she had been keeping up. Hikaru decided now was the best time to reopen the dialogue they had been having at the table.

"You're not half bad at dancing you know."

Hikaru said looking at her deep into her eyes. He was speaking the honest truth, while complementing her. maybe it would go somewhere or maybe it wouldn't. He was still curious about this women. He had just met her, he knew nothing about her and yet she seemed fascinating to him, and her beauty caught his attention. She was hard to read, and Hikaru wasn't quite sure what or how she was feeling at the moment. It was like trying to solve a mystery, but in this case it was a beautiful one.

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Arisa looked at Hikaru as she swayed, stepped and danced every way with him. Her eyes wouldn't leave his as his wouldn't leave hers. Her medium brown hair would tickle the side of her neck as she moved. She would smile as the music grooved upon her hearing. She would ignore everyone around her besides him as she knew though that this wouldn't last forever, nothing did. Arisa listened to him compliment her dancing, making her blush, smile small and giggle. ''Oh? Why thank you. Your dancing is rather grand yourself.'' she spoke rather soothing and with some sort of accent as it came naturally.

She would ignore such things as if her voice or tone changed. She didn't want to lose contact with her and so they continued to dance the night away. Finally she wasn't so sure on what all to say...she felt somewhat drifting off to what was happening.

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru watched as she blushed and smiled. It was one of a kind, it made hims mile in return seeing the happiness. She said he wasn't so grand himself. He had hated the dance lessons as a child but now they were finally paying off. She seemed to have had an accent only adding to the mystery of where she was from. He found it cute, and as they continued to dance, they seemed to get silent. Hikaru had multiple conflicting views in his head. He could see both sides of his reasoning going against each other. One was saying that he could lose a potential ally, while the other was telling him to go after his lust for this women.

However, when he thought about this while continuing to dance he finally made up his mind. He figured risk was worth it sometimes. Hikaru closed his eyes and began moving his mouth towards that of the women. The question was would she meet him in the middle or would this dance become really awkward really quickly.

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Her and Hikaru continued to dance to this unknown melody that seemed to sooth her. Her feet were going in the right order and so were his. Her heart started to beat as her eyes continued to look at his and it felt like a record was playing or a music box of two people dancing together. Long time ago she remembered always watching people dancing together. There were festivals, balls, town gatherings and all...where couples would dance, but she knew that her and Hikaru were not that. Something soon would come to shock as his face was getting closer, making her face turn complete red. Soon her body wasn't able to really move at all. Why? Her eyes were open as she then felt a warm pair of lips against hers. Arisa's heart sky rocketed and her body became like a stone. Her eyes sparkled as wouldn't look away from where she was looking at in the first place, where his eyes were...as if he was her first kiss.

#18Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru was curious as to what would happen, but nothing really. She didn't seem to go against it so he assumed he had made the right call as he pulled away. He continued to look at her in the eye and decided now to speak to her. There wasn't much to say or think, he had established that rather than just being friends they could be romantic interest. Hikaru decided to continue to dance with her, until the music stopped. It seemed like that had happened to be the last song.

"Wow, that was a great song."

Hikaru said curious as to what she had said. He didn't know what would happen next but he figured he had just made a new friend. He looked at the women and she looked absolutely stunning. He assumed his wow that was a great song wasn't enough to dress what had happened so he decided to speak on that.

"Was that a little too much?"

He asked wondering if he had done the right or wrong call. He stood there awaiting for an answer.

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Arisa still couldn't move as if she was just some statue. Her eyes looked into his when he stopped kissing her. Her lips still felt warm from his own. Her tongue slowly licked her bottom lip to have tasted his. Her face was still red yet it was now turning just a tad pink. He talked about the song as if to change the subject. That was her first kiss...what was she to think on this? Her heart beated strongly still as she would hear him then ask if that was a little much. 'No shit it was! That was my first kiss!' she was firstly thinking, but who knows what Hikaru's real intentions were. She really wanted to know if perhaps he was just playing her, teasing or was there something more? Her brown golden eyes looked away as she shyly smiled. ''N-no. Not at all. It was just...'' she slowly started to drift off her words, but caught it. ''It was just my first time..'' she spoke shyly, soothingly as she looked deeply into this eyes. Her hands were still where they were when they danced as she somewhat enjoyed feeling this weird warmth.

#20Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
She seemed to be blushing which was good, and after asking if it was a bit too much she seemed to have gotten flustered. He was curious s to what was going on. Or what the dilemma was and then she brought up it was her first kiss. Hikaru got uncomfortable and figured he didn't want to be her first kiss. He thought a girl as beautiful as her deserved much better. Though she seemed to be close to him, and their distance hadn't closed. What now? Hikaru was curious as to how much this women would want to try in one night. However he decided sometimes it was best to push the limits and see what happens. However first he would have to soothe being her first kiss

"Oh i'm sorry. You could of had much better first kiss."

Hikaru said firstly showing that he wasn't the best one out there. However he continued to speak to her, and was curious as to whether or not she would be willing to return to his place therefore he decided to continue to see how far this women would go before a line was draw or if she really enjoyed the company of Hikaru as much as she said she did.

"It seems like it's getting late. If you want you can join me back in a hotel close by. If not no harm"

Hikaru said looking into her eyes. He was expecting two reactions. Either one he was unprepared for.

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Arisa wasn't quite sure on what exactly was happening. Was she just stoned? Struck by sudden actions that he showed? When she felt his lips it was as if a syringe of warmth filled her body, her lips felt as if a fresh sugar cookie was pressed against them. Her heart continued to beat fast like a herd of stallions galloping throughout the fields. Her eyes couldn't leave his ocean ones for some reason. Was this a repeat of something? It felt as if she's been through this before. He listened to his words like she would her father, very closely as details can describe a character sometimes. He spoke on how her first kiss could've been better, making her left cheek bunch up in a doubting expression.

She would've said something, but what he said next made her mind split. 'Join him? To his hotel?' she thought and it repeated at the back of her mind like some hallow room, the words echoing. Her memories flashed of her mothers book, how men can really be. How there was one she was strucken upon and the man abused it...a lot. He used her body multiple times making her believed he really liked her, but in the end her mind was fucked up more than her body was. Was Hikaru that type? To get laid by a woman, toy with her and how she feels and then when he's done he'd cut her out?

Arisa wasn't quite sure on how to take this. The beating of her heart became more painful, but alas they just met. She had to say something to him of course...Slowly she let her arms go, away from the dancing position and stepped back. Her lion-like eyes looked deadly into his, but to him they'd look normal. ''I would as company, but no more than that.'' she started to say softly, quietly and soothingly. Her head tilted down as she brought her own hands together to hold them herself against her pelvic bone nervously. ''I'm not sure of your intentions and although I do enjoy your company and you're quite delectable.'' she spoke once more and looked at him. ''I'm not into one night stands nor am I into doing that kind of stuff with someone I just met.'' she smiled reassuringly at her words and then let her arms dangle against her sides.

Sure she did really like him as far as she has seen (unless he was into one night stands), but she wouldn't sleep with a man. Rather or not he wants her to still join him as company would be up to him, if not...she'd just go book her own hotel room honestly.

#22Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
The women seemed to say she'd only go as friends not wanting to go as anything more. Hikaru listened to her request and figured out that maybe it would be best for them to part ways. Not because he simply wanted to get laid, he couldn't guarantee his charm would allow her to simply walk past and not get affected. She continued to speak on her lack of interest in a one night stand and continued to justify her stance. Hikaru smiled and spoke to her in a calm and understanding voice.

"You're a beautiful Women and that is fine. To be honest I don't trust myself around you nor do I trust my charm so I think it's best we part ways for now."

Hikaru said with as much honesty and integrity he could. He was curious as to what the girl would think of him, but maybe he would simply just let her think what she wanted to. He was confident the two would encounter again some day. He smiled looking at the women and opened his arms wide as he went for one last silent kiss. Following the kiss, if she choose to participate, Hikaru would speak regardless

"I'm sure we'll meet again."

Hikaru said. Hikaru walked towards the table and dropped enough jewels to cover both the women and his food whiel also leaving enough money for nearly a 50% tip.  Hikaru walked away heading toward his room. He couldn't help but smile thinking about that women. She seemed to be quite the mystery. He was curious as to what the situation would be when they met again.


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