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Starting with a Bang(open to 1)

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Starting with a Bang(open to 1) Empty on Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:49 pm

Two minutes

It was chilly, autumn day in Crocus at about mid afternoon. Caius sat on a bench in the market district of Era twiddling his thumbs. Being a member of Grimoire Heart, traveling to Crocus always put him a bit on edge. If the guards found out who he worked for he would be arrested on the spot. However, Caius had worked for the guild for so long that he knew how to blend into the crowd. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a watch to check on the time.

One minute

It seemed like it was about to happen so he moved off the bench and started walking down the street. Grimoire Heart had some business with one of the stores in this market district that was supplying them with goods. A few lower rank members went their earlier to "discuss" an issue with the last shipment and Caius was going back to oversee if they completed the negotiations successfully. He was about a street over from the store when it happened.


A large explosion rang through the market district of Era. Smoke filled the air as people started screaming. Some ran towards the smoke to see what happened and that's exactly what Caius did. When he arrived, he saw the shop completely destroy with the remnants burning down. It looks like the guild members did the job successfully. A few rune knights were there already looking at the destruction and holding the crowd back so they didn't get hurt in the blaze. People were gossiping on what happened and Caius decided to join in.

"Oh no! Do you guys know what happened here? Is everyone alright?" Caius would say trying to contain his smile.


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" I saw em pulling out burnt bodies! So not everyone is alright..I'm also pretty sure that place just exploded. KABOOM! " Andromeda made a rather exaggerated hand gesture as she tried to mimic an explosion to the man standing right next to her who had asked some questions regarding the accident. Andromeda herself didn't know the cause of the explosion but she had passed the building on her way to grab some cake which she was now stuffing the last bites of as her hands came back to her body. Her fluctuating Sea green Sky blue eyes twinkled with adrenaline and unintentional excitement. She felt pretty bad for the people who just abruptly died but she was also high on sugar from the cake and the rush from the explosion she just witnessed. Thinking on it that could have been her just now and she would have probably been caught in the blast and super dead. It was because of her craving for cake that she was probably alive now. Staring at the man she wondered what he was so concerned about, he didn't look hurt but then again maybe he was just a caring guy. " It's pretty bad. Cake would make it better I'm sure. But those dead people will stay dead."

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The first to respond was a young blonde girl standing next to him who explained the situation. Caius was taken aback with the way that she reacted. Despite her age, she didn't seem scared about the situation but was fascinated by it. It seemed most of the people that got caught in the explosion had either been badly burned or passed on. The ones that lived were loose ends that had to be taken care of but he would deal with that later. For now he was just an innocent bystander. He turned his attention to the girl knelt down to her level.

“Oh no that’s horrible. Someone your age should not see something as awful as this. Were your parents around? I’m sure they could go and buy you some more cake and you can forget about all this?” He asked.


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She was really getting tired of people kneeling to speak to her. It was the second most disrespectful thing a person could do. " Someone my age? I'm Sixteen I've seen worse than this. Don't just assume one my age and two because I am young I shouldn't see things. If I don't get exposed to stuff like this then I might as well live under a rock. " She was kinda upset she didn't have anymore cake and dropped the tiny plate and fork to the ground before licking the last bits off of her lips. " Bad stuff happens every day yea? Of course at my age regardless if I should be exposed or not, I'm going to see it. As far as my parents are concerned they probably died I dunno. " She shrugged nonchalantly, it had been so long since she last seen her family and the villagers from the mountain that she really didn't know what became of her parents. Old age was still a thing so honestly to her they probably really did die and she would never know. This didn't make her sad, it was just something that happened, something out of her control. She had already learned to take the good and bad in life and roll with the punches.

" But.. I would really like some more cake, though it's not like cake is about to wipe my memory of what just happened. " She giggled, it was light and innocent almost like she didn't know any better. The smoke and scent of burned bodies was starting to get to her and the crowd was starting to dwindle in numbers as the increase of rune knights and healer mages came into play. She could tell the next step was probably questioning from the authorities, something she didn't wanna be held for. " Hey mister. You want some cake? I know a good spot. Maybe a piece would help you forget all about this? " She threw his words back in his face and put on a cheeky smile.


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Sixteen? This girl didn’t look a day older than ten. It looks like time wasn’t very kind to her. The comment must have struck a nerve with the girl because she was giving him some attitude in response. What a little brat she was. Her parents probably died before they could teach her the whole ‘respect your elders’ thing. However, now was not the time to pick a fight about it. “I suppose you are right. I’m sorry that was my fault for assuming. This scene is getting depressing so I’d love to forget about it.”

Caius stood back up and glanced his eyes over to the wreckage to see most of it was dying down. Judging by the injuries that the surviving workers had, he had a lot time to kill before having to deal with them. The knights were dispersing the crowd so now was a good time to leave. If he left with her, he had some type of alibi if they questioned those at the scene. He decided to take her up on her offer.

"I suppose a small piece cake does sound pretty good. I've already had lunch today so there is room for dessert. I’m pretty new to Crocus so you’ll have to lead the way. I’ll buy as a way of apologizing for being rude earlier. My name is Varian by the way.”
Caius said.


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" Sweet! " Andromeda wasted no time in leading the way to a small cafe. The place itself was snug in an alley and not many people knew about it, but those who did spent lots of money inside to make sure it stayed open. Any first timers going there would think it was the most shadiest place in the world, and truth be told some pretty shady people spent their time there. It looked strange for a young girl and a older male to be going in that direction but no one would question it, or even see it. The best thing about this cafe was the privacy it gave and the magic over it allowed people to seemingly blend into it's area without being noticed. " Varian eh? That's a pretty swell name. I'm Andromeda, nice to make ya acquaintance." Her overly cheery voice overshadowed the gloomy looking area as she walked into the cafe, a bell ringing slightly to alert those inside about those coming in.

" Don't let appearances scare ya off. This is without a doubt. Hands down the best place for cake. " Inside the cafe it was rather dim yet very cozy. Not many people were inside and those that were there didn't even glance at the two. Andromeda made her way to the back of the cafe where she could see the door where she sat. It wasn't like she didn't trust this place, she just didn't trust the people who came into this place. " So ya new to Crocus huh? Well I guess me and you are rowing in the same boat. I've only been here about two weeks or so. I'm from Baska Town so I'm a bit away from home. What about you? Where ya from? " Andromeda enjoyed small talk, it opened doors to getting to know a person better. and it was much better than awkward silences.


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Andromeda certainly didn’t hesitate. Right after he offered she was already on the way to the cake shop. He was scared to think what this girl would be like after getting even more sugar. Nevertheless, he put his hands in his pockets and followed her lead. It looked like the people had calmed down from the explosion and were back to buying and selling goods. Caius looked around and saw a few pastry shops but it seemed none were the one the girl mentioned. After walking a few minutes, they finally arrived at the shop in an alleyway.

Caius raised his eyebrow in confusion. This was a strange location for a business. He walked in with the girl and saw a huge display of cake and other tasty treats. Looking up at the menu, he had instant regret as he realized that this place was probably going to leave a nice dent in his wallet. Before he had any second thoughts, the girl explained she was new to Crocus as well and wanted to know his home town.

“Well I’m from a small farming village outside of Fiore. You probably haven’t heard of it. Luckily I was able to get out of that place and move here for work. I travel from town to town now.” He explained. Caius hated thinking of his hometown and his horrible father so he decided to change the subject. “But enough about that. We can always talk when we eat. I can’t decide what to get so I'll let you decide. Go nuts! Pick whatever you want.” Surly this would get the girl excited. He supposes he could drop a few jewels on her. After all he could come back and steal it later.


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" That's pretty cool. " Nodding she figured he was a traveling sort of guy and she was right. It was nice to see another wandering soul and lucky for her he was paying for cake. Before she could say anything else the table was approached by a violet haired female. Only coming here recently she didn't know the staff all that well but was pleased such a pretty lady was here. The female introduced herself as Violet, which was appropriate. She stood taller than Andromeda but she was shorter than Varian. Her hair was in a neat side bun while tired jade eyes looked on at the two. " We want a whole cake! Your Devil's Food Cake.. And a pitcher of milk. Please."
Andromeda had spoken before the poor gal even had a chance to do her job, and it was moments before she was out of sight and then back again with what Andromeda had ordered. That was another thing Andromeda liked about this place, the service was fast. Plates, cups, napkins, forks, and a butter knife was set down before the two. Andromeda's eyes grew as her mouth watered, taking the first piece and pouring herself some milk. " Paradise on earth comes in the form of cake. The cake before them was a work of art. A moist, decadent, chocolaty, creature of sugary sin. The only sin that she would happily devour. " This is the best cake, and if you don't think so after having some...I'm going to beat you up. " A innocent giggle slipped from her lips and she shoved a mouthful of cake inside of her mouth. She could feel herself melting from the taste as the sugar entered her bloodstream she knew she was gonna be on another sugar high before this day was over.


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Taking advantage of the situation, Andromeda ordered not just a piece but an entire Devil’s Food Cake! Diabetes seemed likely in the little brats future. He could only shake his head with a bit of frustration. The only saving grace was that there was a cute violet haired girl that caught his eye taking her order. Unfortunately, she went into the back to grab the cake and get the table set up. Andromeda quickly rushed over to get the first bite. Another employee brought him over to the register where he paid for the dessert for 10,000 jewels. Jewels which he would come back for once night time rolled around. Once he finished up there, he headed over to the table.

Pulling a chair out he saw the little brat was already into the first piece. The chocolate cake looked beautiful on the outside but it was the taste that counted. Andromeda certainly was backing that fact up even threatening him if he didn’t like it. Without further adieu, he took a slice and set it on his plate. He got a big piece on his fork and took a bite. MEH. Caius grabbed a glass and poured himself some milk to wash it down. “Well I can say it was pretty good but it’s not my all time favorite.” he told the girl. “I guess that means you have to beat me up now huh?” Caius took a sip of his milk waiting to see how this hyperactive girl would react.


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She was enjoying the cake so much that she couldn't even be mad that Varian had his own opinion on the cake. It wasn't like he said it was bad so that was a plus at least. Unfortunately she wasn't one to step down from her word, and he was right to have called her out on it. She was on her third piece of cake at that point, sugar in her blood as she stood up quickly. " I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL! A challenge of the highest kind. I don't want to harm ya ego in front of all these people, but ya give me no choice old man, lets take this outside I don't wanna mess up my favorite cake shop. "She spoke bigger than her height and knew she was in deep mess because she didn't know how to fight. well there is no better time to learn. I should be fine, he.. He doesn't look so tough. She lied to herself, to make the nervous feeling of throwing up go away. At the rate she ate those cakes and the fear she was feeling of probably gettin her ass kicked, her stomach was churning something awful.

" Yea.. a..D-...Du.." She felt woozy and as she looked directly into Varian's eyes. she could feel it, the burning sensation of vomit coming up into her throat, and nothing could stop it. Her body jerked forward and her mouth opened emitting a projectile of brown, chunky vomit right in Varian's direction. She could feel her stomach heaving her delicious cake up and her eyes began to water as she emptied her body till nothing was left but an awful mess. Nearly falling to her knees she continued to cry, grabbing a napikn to wipe her mouth. " I'm sorry, I'm sorry " She hopped he wouldn't be mad, but she knew for certain that the shop owners were because she could hear the both of them screaming down at her.

Two tall and extremely burly looking men with bald heads towered over her. She thought they were gonna kick her or something and just kept telling her that she was gonna clean the mess up or she would be the next mess on the floor. To say Andromeda was scared was the understatement of the century, she was down right terrified as she began to inch away from the men. Her fear made her forget that Varian was even there and she whispered " sorry " over and over again to herself.


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Looks like Andromeda was sticking to her word as she challenged him to a fight outside. Caius raised up his fists like a boxer as a joke to show he was ready to accept her challenge. What was this little girl going to do to him anyway? If she came swinging he could use his size and just hold her back. He stood up to go with her when he realized she wasn’t looking so good. Hurling forward, she projectile vomited all the cake straight at him. It caught him off guard so he was late reacting. Magic was an option to stop it but he didn’t want to make a scene. Jumping back a bit, he dodged part of it but the rest of the puke went all over the bottom of his shirt and pants. The brown puke had cake chunks that looked gross but the smell was even worse. Pure rage started to fill Caius’ mind.

Two men rushed over looking pretty pissed off at the situation and even berated the girl who was already crying and apologizing. Caius walked over to them, trying to keep his composure. This little girl was just supposed to be cover up and the situation turned into this mess. He so badly just wanted to flick his wrist and cause his wind magic to slice them in two and be done with it. Instead he took a deep breath to calm down a bit. “Look guys stop yelling at her. She’s one of your best customers and accidents happen. If you guys can clean this up I’ll pay the damages.” he said. He reached in his pocket and pulled out some jewels and flashed it their way. Reluctantly they agreed.

Caius reached down and patted Andromeda’s head to calm her down. “Come on let’s go to the bathroom and get ourselves cleaned up. We still have a fight remember?” he said in a soft tone as a joke. Caius would then offer to escort her to the girls room while he walked over to the men’s room and wiped down his pants and shirt. It didn't all come off but it was good enough. Breaking character, Caius then made his hand into a fist and punched the bathroom mirror shattering it into pieces. "That fucking brat. This entire shop will be fucking rubble by the end of this week mark my words." he thought to himself as he got back in character and headed out to wait for her.


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- Andromeda Dios -

She was surprised that Varian diffused the situation and was even nice enough to remove her from the area to get herself cleaned up. She hardly knew such kindness and she smiled between hiccups caused by her crying. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life and those men didn't make it any better. Once inside the restroom Andromeda cried even harder, not because she was sad, but because she was mad...Very mad. "I-I'm not someone to L-Look down on! "She couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't take being weak any longer. A thunderous flash of lightning came from above and she was no longer the childish teen that seemed younger than her age.... No.. She was a god now.

Walking out of the rest room was a tall female, roughly half the size of the little girl that walked in. Her dark locks and eyes filled with lightning that danced feverishly. Dressed in an armored like dress her voice commanded the attention of everyone in the shop as she spoke. " You will get no mercy from me. " Before anyone could object or comment heavy flashes of lightning struck down on the patrons, the waitress, the two men that made her feel like the weakest being on earth. Anyone who was in her eyesight who she felt had slighted had been struck down. Static rippled around her body, her face a blank slate. " Varian! "
She called out his name her words carrying weight behind it. She wanted to make things right since she was the one who placed the man in such an embarrassing position.

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Caius was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed waiting on the Andromeda. He could hear the whimpers through the door which made him feel just a tiny bit bad for her. Suddenly, a booming sound came from the girls’ room. “Ummmm….” Caius mumbled before the door flung open. Standing in front of him now was an older looking woman with electricity sparking from her entire body looking really pissed off..“What in the world!?!?!” Caius blurted out in surprise. This day was getting crazier and crazier.

He took a quick peek into the girl's room and didn't see Andromeda. Did this thing attack her? The lightning woman screamed out and flashes of lightning hit everyone in the building except him. She was dangerous. In order to defend himself, Caius immediately gained a black aura as the wind around him started to swirl in a vortex. He raised his hand up and opened his palm as a black ball of wind started to form getting bigger and bigger. She called out his name implying she knew him somehow but he wasn't having it. “I don’t know what you are but if you attack me you’re fucking dead.” Caius was happy he had a reason to be his true self.


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- Andromeda Dios -

Why in the world would I attack You? You helped me from those brutes. If anything I owe you for my disgusting display and placing you in an humiliating situation. Placing a hand over her heart a bowing just a bit, but never taking her eyes off of Varian. After a moment she came back to full height and smiled. " I wonder what happened to the calm, in control Varian that I had seen mere moments ago. Are you afraid of me? Oh come now, little me? I hardly come up to your knees. " She was teasing at this point as she took a few steps back from the hostile man in front of her. She would allow him to calm down and think about the situation. Being in this form was so much more exhilarating but she knew she would have to come out of it sooner or later. The air around them was full of energy as static danced around her. She hopped she wouldn't have to fight this man, it would bring too much attention if they destroyed the place.

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Caius raised his eyebrow as the girl questioned his hostility towards her. From the sound of it, this new woman was in fact Andromeda. That thought had crossed his mind before and that would explain why she was missing from the bathroom. Despite that, he still didn’t want to drop his guard. She obviously had great strength in this form and he wanted to be ready just in case things took a turn for the worse. “I have my reasons for being on edge. After all, it’s not everyday you see a little girl transform into a different person and then attack people with lightning magic. What is this thing you have become Andromeda?” he asked curiously.


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- Andromeda Dios -

" To put it simply, A God. I believe you mortals call it magic. Basically, I take over the body of a god and I in turn become one, though with my control of it the god in question is..... Stronger mentally so I retain a lot of it's ideals and... Traits. Something I don't fight as I find it rather amusing. Anyway, I won't kill you that would be rude especially since you brought me that disgusting baked confection. Which now that I think about it is your fault for being so weak that you allowed a child to try and eat a whole cake in the first place. Honestly in some way you deserved being retched on."

She laughed, a mocking type of laughter as she folded her arms across her body. Now that she looked at the man he seemed small to her. Small and almost transparent. She was indeed appreciative of his hospitality but she didn't care for his faltering personality. In the face of power he was scared, like some weak puppy. Then again he did flash money into those thugs face so how strong could he even be? Now that she dwelled on these thoughts he looked more disgusting and dirty in her mind.

" I jest. Anyway we should probably leave from here... If I were you I'd get my jewels back for such horrid service. " Looking around at the mess she made a smug smile crossed her face.

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So it was take over magic. Caius had heard about it from books that it changed a part of your body or appearance completely. But a god? The little air headed brat from a minute ago? There was no way. Despite the doubts, he couldn't help but be curious.  Though he was a god slayer, he never had a chance to test out his powers on god. It was a rare opportunity that he didn't want to waste. The wind around Caius would subside and his aura would decrease. He dropped his hand and took a sigh of relief.

"Sorry Andromeda or should I say God. It just was such a sudden change that it caught me off guard. I used to work in a guild and the attack triggered my memories of fighting when on a mission. I was in a dark place back then.  That’s a pretty cool magic you have” He explained to help ease the situation. “I suppose leaving is a good idea for now.”

Caius walked over to the counter looking at the carnage on his way. The workers were still out cold on the ground and probably would be for some time. He went into the register and pulled out the exact amount he paid. Being cautious, he slowly walked over to Andromeda. "Come on let's go. I can at least walk you home after all this" He would offer out his hand to her. If she didn't take it, he would forcefully grab it. Once they were touching he would unleash a small amount of sky gold slayer magic that would surge through her arm. Though the amount of power he put into it was harmless to humans, if it hit a god it surely would have some type of negative reaction on her.


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- Andromeda Dios -

" Andromeda... You can still can me that, I use the body of a god but I myself am not one. Her voice dripped with annoyance as she watched him make his way to the cash register. She would miss this place that was for damn sure, but she wasn't about to let it bother her. walking to the door she looked over her shoulder at Varian still at the cash register, his hand out to her. Smiling sweetly a flash of lightning from nowhere hit her. The blinding light filled the store and as it settled in it's place was a child. Andromeda couldn't just walk outta here like that. Being in that form too long was very misleading. Walking back over to Varian, avoiding the bodies on the ground she grabbed his hand. " We should really get outta here now..." As their hands touched she felt a tingly sensation run throughout her arm, it was extremely uncomfortable but nothing to really worry about. " Thanks, I don't really have a home I stay at a tavern not too far from here. Messi sure is gonna be mad when she hears what I did. Ah well, at least I can get ya some proper food, a shower and have ya clothes cleaned up if ya want. " She was back to her overly optimistic self. Being in god formed usually gave her a superiority complex, one that she herself didn't care for.

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Before he would reach her, another bolt of lightning struck on down Andromeda causing him to stop in place until it cleared. Once the lightning settled, she was back to her normal form. “Damn..” he thought. He wasn’t sure if she needed to be in the god form for the slayer magic to take effect or not. Regardless, he stuck to the plan and took her hand. The black wind quickly rose through her arm before dispersing but she didn’t  seemed bothered by it. She had no look of pain and didn’t jerk her arm away. He couldn’t just ask her to transform again to test it without seeming suspicious so he just let it go for now.

As the two got ready to head out, she explained that she had a tavern she was staying where he could clean himself up. He smiled and decided to play with her a bit.“Oh Miss Andromeda! You are so bold inviting me to your place after we just met.” He let out a small chuckle as that was sure to get a fun reaction out of her. “But no I probably should be heading out back to my hotel after I drop you off. I have some work to do in the morning. I'd love to go out again. It certainly was.........interesting."

Indeed it was. If he got closer to this girl then he could get her in that god form again to learn more about it. After gaining  trust, he could lure her somewhere quiet and use his god slaying magic on it.. Certainly slaying a god would help increase his power so he could help further Grimoire Heart's goals.


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A light blush came over her face at the comment that Varian made. She was sure he was joking but the idea enough was just too much for her. Awkwardly laughing along with him she slipped out of the front door of the shop. " Ah no worries then. I can find my way back, besides I have to make a stop. So this is where we part my good friend. I hope to see you soon again. " Giving a wink she let go of Varian's hand and skipped away from him, humming a tune of unknown origins.

- exit -

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