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Feet Off a Bridge [Assama]

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#26Assama Sinclair 

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Assama Sinclair

the sky is the limit
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but to me the sky is never the limit
i am the sky

Dane agreed to go outside and suggested going on a walk or going sight seeing. Perhaps Assama could see the Domus Flau or glimpse at the castle today. "Sure, sounds good," Assama said, finishing her tea afterwards. Dane got up and said that he can take her cup away when he came back. "You can take it now if you want. I'm all done." It was a bit silly to make two trips when Assama was already done with hers. It's not like one cup needed two hands to carry. Once Dane came back Assama stood up. Her clothes were less wet now, but just the thought of the autumn air hitting her wet clothes already sent chills running down her spine. "Actually..." Assama began, wanting to go back to her room where it was warmer and where she could change clothes. "It was really nice meeting you, but I think I'm going to go. See you around the guild hall." With that said, she waved good-bye to Dane and exited the café.

@ Dane
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#27Dane Siph 

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Dane Siph
It had been bit of a suprise to see Assama go, but that was okay he had other things he had to take care of today. he slipped the money he needed onto the able and left. HE walked right back to where he had been before, on the bridge and sat quietly on the edge. HE began to hum to himself.

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