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Smoke Signals (Rowan)

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#1Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:20 pm

Shin Katari
It was a dull autumn afternoon. The air was slightly chilly, as a light drizzle drenched the town. Townsfolk scurried off, taking shelter underneath anything that provided roofing. The aromatic scents of autumn-time cuisine clouded the air, providing a rather pleasant smell. Taking a sip from his bottle of ale was Shin. His black leather jacket was drenched by the drizzling rain.

Occasionally, a Rune Knight or two would pass by, exchanging unpleasant looks with Shin. His conspicuous appearance caused him to stand out, often resulting in an exchange of glances. Once they passed by, Shin let out a deep exhale, his breath stinging the air for a moment before dispersing. As he proceeded to take another sip from his ale, another passerby appeared, one that was different from the rest of the folk.

#2Rowan Vincent 

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Rowan Vincent
The cool air was fitting, and the rain seemed to spark an air in the city that was familiar to Rowan. Unlike the townsfolk running off into their homes to hide, he felt more at peace in the rain in some ways. It reminded him of a home now much further away than he realized. As the drizzle fell from the faded, gray sky the blonde dipped his black hat slightly lower over his head. The water cascaded down his dark jacket in rivulets, and his silver tie stood out even without a light source to illuminate its color. His dress certainly marked him as a different breed.

With a soft, but not wholly disappointed, sigh, Rowan stepped to the side of the road as the few others remaining walked by. With a practiced hand he withdrew a single cigarette and his prized silver lighter from the insides of his jacket. With a flash of light and a brief inhale he took a slow drag before blowing the smoke out into the rain. He soon took notice of a man nearby who seemed to be of a different stock than most people in the city.

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#3Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:06 pm

Shin Katari
The person of interest drifted away from the rain, taking shelter under the same roof as Shin. The smoke from his cigarette overwhelmed the pleasant aroma of the cuisine. Others who sat in close proximity glanced towards the smoking male, murmuring under their breaths as they made their way to avoid the musty smell. A slight chuckle escaped his lips. It was amusing to see trivial things triggering people.

Shifting his body to face the male, he took a few steps before coming to a halt. He leaned to his left, pressing his body against a wooden pillar. With his right hand, he lifted it upwards taking a slow sip from his ale before glancing at the people around the two. "Doesn't seem like people take too kindly to smoking," Shin stated with a calm tone. It was a slow, dragged out day with nothing going for it. He was hoping this man could provide to be some help, soothing the boredom Shin felt.

#4Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:36 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan watched as the murmuring citizens cast him their condescending gazes. He couldn't bring himself to care too much about their personal feelings, however. This city had too many people willing to shove their opinions into his business, and he would not have such things happen again. One time was already one time too many. He gave the individuals a sneer, but one different from their own. While they felt disdain he felt a sort of annoyed pity towards these people. His calm mood returned as they made their way elsewhere, leaving only himself and the interesting stranger.

Pivoting on one heel, Rowan turned to face this man as he took another drag before tossing his cigarette out into the rain. At the red haired man's statement Rowan gave a smile seeping with mischief. "I don't take too kindly to these people, and they ruined flavor with their bad attitudes." With a sort of half bow he introduced himself. "Rowan Vincent, purveyor of all things luxurious without the ignorance of the upper class. Might I know your name, stranger?"

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#5Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:56 pm

Shin Katari
The male tossed the cigarette aside, allowing the rainfall to put it out. He followed by introducing himself as Roman Vincent. He described himself as man with rich taste, chasing after the luxurious things life had to offer. Essentially, he was either a man with money or a treasure hunter - the latter far more intriguing. Grasping the bottle of ale, he raised his towards his lips, enjoying a sip from it as he followed with a sigh of satisfaction. "Can't they ruined my ale," he joked as he placed the bottle back by his side. He placed his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, before responding to Rowan. "The name's Shin Katari, but feel free to call me Shin. I ain't much for this formal talk."

Now that the two had exchanges pleasantries, Shin proceeded to make his towards a now empty seat. He pulled the wooden chair back, taking a seat as he kicked his legs up on a nearby chair. He motioned for Rowan to follow. If the two were to chat for a while, it was best they made themselves comfortable rather than talk with an air of awkwardness surrounding them. Grabbing the bottle of ale once more, he grabbed an empty glass. Filling the glass halfway, he pushed it forward a tad bit, offering to Rowan. Whether he found it odd that Shin poured the liquid from the same bottle he drank from was besides him. "Help yourself."

#6Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:11 am

Rowan Vincent
Rowan took a seat across from this man, and felt immediately comfortable in the new element. While he was not sure as to the character of this Shin, he was more than willing to put aside his time to meet someone who objected to the state of the city as he did. When offered a drink he paused for a split second as he considered that the ale had come from the same bottle the man was currently drinking from, but when faced with both the impoliteness of declining and the waste of a good drink he chose to accept. It was of a fine make, and he couldn't complain without lying. "Much obliged."

He looked out into the drizzle as a few more people in their fancy clothing hurriedly made their way to their next destination, and he couldn't help but chuckle. "I've never been a big fan of Crocus. Everyone is always moving from something stupid, to nothing at all. They have no purpose to their lives other than to fill it with pointless objects and useless friends." He sat back in his seat and took another sip of his ale.

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#7Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:32 am

Shin Katari
To his surprise, Rowan accepted the drink. Maybe it was his personality that caused him to accept it or maybe he did not want to offend Shin. Whatever the reason was, it was certainly a joy to have a drinking buddy, especially in a town like Crocus. As Shin took a sip from his ale, he listened in on Rowan's remark. It seemed he held a certain dislike towards Crocus and its townsfolk. Similarly, so did Shin. However, his dislike was towards figures of authority such as the Rune Knights, not necessarily the people. "If your not a big fan, why come here?"

Placing the now empty bottle of ale on the table, he store off into the drizzling streets. As if on cue, the duo of Rune Knights from earlier passed by once more, their gaze set on both Shin and Rowan. Staring them down as they walked by, Shin returned his gaze to Rowan, his lips forming a slight smirk. "It seems you and I aren't all that different. You dislike the people here, I dislike the authority. Rather funny don't ya think?" What were the odds that a random stranger would end up having similar dislikes with him. It just went to show how small the world truly was.

#8Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:33 pm

Rowan Vincent
With a short sniff and another sip of his drink Rowan considered the question. Shin was correct in that he did not enjoy much of his time in Crocus, but there was an answer despite the belief of the contrary. "I suppose I do it in hopes of meeting people to enjoy my time with. You're always likely to meet new acquaintances in places you least expect."

Taking the last sip of his ale, Rowan placed the now empty glass back on the table. He followed Shin's gaze to the Rune Knights who felt a need to scrutinize the duo. The blonde snorted derisively, but resisted the urge to light another cigarette. "Yes, well, I've never had a like for those who do not treat what they have with respect. Nor do I enjoy those who see themselves as above those they moved over to get where they are. I may be a gentleman, but I have my limits."

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#9Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:15 pm

Shin Katari
Shin nodded his head in agreement with Rowans comment of meeting acquaintances. It was true that every town would offer some kind of meeting with a person. However, not every town offered an acquaintance. "Could you not say the same about enemies?" Certainly, with some previous experience as a child, there were those that made enemies with others. More often than not, Shin found himself making an enemy rather than an acquaintance. Possibly this meeting with Rowan would end differently.

Regarding Rowan's most recent comment about the authority, Shin was slightly confused. Usually, from what he understood, most authority figures had a strong connection to those in the upper-class and those with money. His father was a prime example, as the posts that had him in the wealthier parts of Era resulted in him forming a natural connection with the wealthier folk. "Say, you said you don't like people who don't have respect, but aren't all you rich people supposed to have a strong connection with authority?"

#10Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:12 am

Rowan Vincent
"It's always a possibility." Rowan responded. He never really considered anyone his enemy, but more their ideals that he sought to quash. Shin seemed to have a more capable understanding about such things than he did. It brought to mind a few questions, but such things were not something one asked if one hoped to avoid being rude. Shelving his concerns, Rowan continued. "Enemies are easy to make I suppose, but that just leads to more issues along the way. Besides, the world is already full of its own issues, I see no reason to add more to the mix."

In regards to Shin's second question Rowan chuckled under his breath before speaking again. "I wouldn't make the assumption that I am rich, Shin. Authority is fine when it helps create a society in which people are treated well, but in this case I find it rather overbearing. The Rune Knights pervade every aspect of Fiorian life, and this intervention can lead to rather unpleasant situations. Most evident of these situations would be the predicament that many of Fiore's guild find themselves in. They are puppets, or perhaps human shields, for the Rune Knights and their council." He sniffed in a condescending manner. "I despise systems that take control of others when those at the top are not willing to step forward as well."

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#11Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 3:43 pm

Shin Katari
The reasons for Rowan's and Shin's dislike towards the Rune Knights was similar yet very different. Similar in the aspect that they aimed to keep themselves above the food chain, however Shin did not see them using guilds or mages as human shields. Instead, he liked to believe the rules and laws established were to keep the mages at bay, preventing them from experiencing true freedom. This allowed the Rune Knights to act as they pleased, using the laws to their advantage. In the end, it provided them the ability to stay atop the food chain and look down upon others. Sighing, Shin turned to Rowan and let out a soft chuckle. "Guess you and I aren't all that different."

Stretching his arms by extending them upwards, Shin slouched back in his chair, allowing the front two legs to hang in the air. Looking at Rowan, he couldn't help but wonder something. What was this man's affiliation? It was painfully obvious to know he despised the Rune Knights which meant he had to be a part of some guild or guildless. If Shin was to ask the question, he would surely have to provide an answer himself. The mere thought of this was intriguing and it would surely make things interesting. "If you don't mind me asking, are you a guildless mage or are you apart of a guild?"

#12Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:41 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan could only wonder how deep the connection between himself and his company ran. Shin seemed, in some ways, different from him. They did not share the same demeanor, and yet in some ways Rowan felt a close kinship with his ideals. Then again, he hardly knew much about the man let alone how radical or tame his views were. However, as a gentleman, he was always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt before passing judgement. He nodded in polite agreement with Shin's statement before pressing on.

"Officially, I am a member of Lamia Scale." He accented his statement with a twist of his left hand and a flash of the tattoo on the back of the appendage. "Though, calling myself a member may be a bit presumptuous. I've only ever visited the hall once, and I'm hardly considered among the top tier there. Still, I'm proud of how far I've come despite the long distance I have to go." He paused to relax in his chair for a moment. "What of you, Shin? Do you belong to any particular guild or organization? I'd presume you're not a Rune Knight in disguise due to our talk."

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#13Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:11 pm

Shin Katari
Shin was somewhat surprised to know the man's affiliation was with the Light Guild Lamia Scale. It was proven he was not lying as Rowan revealed the Lamia Scale tattoo located upon the appendage of his left hand. Truth be told, Lamia Scale was a guild Shin forgot existed. Compared to Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus, he rarely heard about Lamia Scale. To him, it was a forgotten guild so it was surprising to actually meet a member of the guild. As Rowan continued to speak, Shin could not help but chuckle at his little joke at the end. Glancing around, Shin had to ensure there were no civilians or figures of authority around as he was not sure how they would react if they heard Shin reveal his affiliation. Matter of fact, there was no guarantee Rowan would be too fond either. However, the male answered his question so Shin would return the courtesy.

"I'm a mage of Phantom Lord," Shin said in a tone that would only allow Rowan to hear. How Rowan would react to this information was up in the air but truthfully, Shin did not care. If anything, the ideal would be a look of surprise but even then, what followed afterwards was anyone guess. Sighing, Shin followed up on his earlier response. "I'd show you my guild tattoo but as you know, that wouldn't be the smartest choice for someone like me."

#14Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:08 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan crossed his legs as he settled into his chair. The conversation had just taken an interesting turn, but one he was, in some small ways, expecting. Shin had revealed his true affiliations, and to some degree Rowan was impressed. Behind his poker face he found his level of respect for the man rising. To boldly state one's membership in a dark guild was something few would dare do, especially in the capital itself. Rowan may not agree with the man's affiliation, but he respected his honesty and bravado.

Whatever actions Shin might have expected him to take as a member of a light guild would soon be put to rest as Rowan merely held up his hands and let loose a disheartened sigh. "I'm not a very righteous man, Shin. Your affiliation hardly matters to me. You've shared a drink with me, and for that I consider you a man of honor." He then cocked his eyebrow. "I am disappointed in the fact that a meeting between us again might have stranger connotations depending on the way the national events play out, but for now I am, at the very least, content."

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#15Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:42 pm

Shin Katari
Shin could only nod in response. It was true that at this very moment, the two men were getting along rather nicely. However, a future meeting involving the two could steer in any direction. If that were the case, that would be a problem he would deal with in the future. As of now, he was pleased to know that he and Rowan had similar views on authority. It wasn't everyday people of the opposite affiliation got together for a chat. "You don't need to worry. Just don't piss me off and I won't bite," Shin joked with a light smirk.

Allowing his chair to rest on all fours again, he removed his legs from the opposite chair. He turned to face Rowan, pushing the empty olive colored bottle off to the side. If the two were to have a proper conversation, it was only right for Shin to face the man. After all, if he was shown respect, he sure as hell would return that same respect. Looking around, there wasn't much to talk about. There were only the generic questions. It would seem these generic questions would have to do for now. "What kind of magic do you use? Myself, I'm a user of nullification magic."

#16Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:31 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan gave a grin at Shin's own joke. The man was charismatic to be sure, and he was uncompromising in his own way. The blonde could only wonder what had drawn this man to a dark guild in the first place. His vocal opinions on authority made it clear that he was not in favor of how things were, but Rowan would bet that there was something more to Shin despite his pleasant nature. He wouldn't pry, however.

"Nullification you say. Such a rare magic for one to possess. You must be an absolute terror on the battlefield." He leaned forward over the table to present himself in a bit more of a professional manner. "Myself, I would hardly classify what I do as magic. I've procured an art that allows me to increase my strength and speed via personal training and magical enhancement. Those are mostly reserves though. In truth, I rely on the strength of my magical beasts to carry me through battle. At the moment, my only companion is off on her own, but I'm sure she'll come back sooner or later." Adding in his own question to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction, Rowan continued. "So what brought you to Crocus in the first place, Shin? Do you have a history here?"

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#17Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:40 pm

Shin Katari
His cheeks turned a slight red upon hearing Rowan's remark. It wasn't always someone commented on his combat skills. He was not a modest person in the slightest so hearing someone compliment him was always a boost for his ego; one that was already quite large. "Eh, guess you could say that." Shin could only wonder how Rowan would feel if he witnessed Shin in combat. In Shin's mind, Rowan would be in awe, with his jaw dropped to the ground. Maybe this meeting between the two would be the start of a Shin Katari fan club. However, that would only be a fantasy.

Hearing what Rowan had to say about his magic spiked some curiosity in him. He used a magic that surrounded around enhancing himself. He had never heard of anyone using a self-enhancing magic. Rowan was definitely the first. Shin's magic simply allowed him to null things that came into his way. Other than that, he had to rely on his own wits and personal strength. Otherwise, his nullifying ability was useless. He felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through his body. He was building a slight itch for spar with the man. However, the Rune Knights would not allow such a thing and he wasn't sure if Rowan would accept. Hell, if he really felt like it, he could strike Rowan and instigate a fight. That would simply ruin the conversation however.

"Well, I suppose I've got some history here. Grew up around Era before finding myself in Phantom Lord. However, this is my first time visiting Crocus in a while. No special reason other than getting away from the guild. I mean, there are some good drinking places around here so that's a plus."

#18Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:38 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan nodded in understanding. He had expected that Shin would have been from a place like Era. Someone like him always knew his way around the cities, and could handle himself well in the environment if they paid attention. Just like Shin, Rowan was used to this kind of place despite how he acted. He tried to bury parts of his past, but despite that his skills in the ways of the rich always seemed to pop back up when he least expected them.

"It may surprise you to know that I didn't spend much time here either. If you can believe it, I was born a farmer's son. The suit and tie tend to deflect such notions despite my attempts to cultivate it. I don't like being recognized as just another pompous brat, but for the sake of being well dressed I put up with it." His eyes passed outward to the rain covered street, and a faint smiled appeared on his face. "Rain like this was a blessing for the crops. But it always made the animals a bit grumpy. Except for the pigs, they loved it of course."

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#19Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:18 pm

Shin Katari
Shin was surprised to know that Rowan stemmed from a family of farmers. His demeanor, his appearance, and the way he spoke certainly would certainly lead Shin to believe he was among the upper-class. His attire acted as a label. Those that would see Rowan would most definitely associate him with those considered to be wealthy. Similarly, this was the situation with Shin. His attire would lead many, but not all, to view him as a goon of sorts. "If you were born into a farming family, why take up the fancy clothing?" Shin was a person who had no boundaries. He asked things that others possibly wouldn't, without the care of how it came across. His curiosity usually got the better of him.

Following Rowan's gaze to the rain, he rested his back against the chair. The rain was beginning to come down a lot more intensely. People who were walking were now jogging to get away from the rain, taking shelter wherever they could find it. "Say, what made you leave farming? That is, if you did."

#20Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:38 am

Rowan Vincent
Rowan shrugged. "If you search for respect you are unlikely to find it without the correct tools at your disposal. No one in Crocus would take me very seriously if I had come here so long ago dressed in the dirt stained clothes of my childhood. It's also a matter of manners. After all, being a gentleman never goes out of fashion." He accented his words with a quick straightening of his tie while he watched the rain.

"As for my leaving farming, well that's a bit complicated." He paused to relfect for a moment as he thought about his past. He had always been different from the other people in his home village, but it had been so long that he sometimes had to think about his memories in depth to just remember why he did the things he did. "As a child, I always wanted to be something more. I dreamed of visiting the cities and being high class like all the rich folks. I saw their physical trophies and tastes as the greatest sign of a life well lived." He laughed. "Boy was I incorrect. Still, I learned much from my time traversing the high society of Earthland with my mentor, and I came out as the gentleman I am today."

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#21Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:24 am

Shin Katari
Rowan was open about his past. Usually, people tended to hold their past to themselves, not willing to share it with others. Shin did not care however. His past was nothing to him now. It may have molded him into the person he is today but otherwise, his past was nothing but stories now. It seemed Rowan too was molded by his past. As a token of respect, something Shin followed, he would provide insight into his past as well. "I was born into a family of Rune Knights. Mother was a healer and my father was a knight. They were overbearing and overprotective, always wanting the best from me. An accident occurred and as a result, I decided to head out on my own," Shin began with a calm expression. He decided Rowan only needed to hear what Shin wanted him to.

A light wind rolled in, causing the empty bottle to shake around. Yawning, he raised his head and looked up at the roof above, before bringing his head back to level with Rowan. He truthfully enjoyed the man's company, as it gave life to what was otherwise a dull day. "If you're ever up for it, we should have a spar one day," Shin stated with a wide grin. The thought of a fight was still lingering on his mind. It was a craving that needed to be fulfilled, a thirst that needed to be quenched. Although now was not the time nor the place, he was hoping one day down the road, the two could have a friendly spar.

#22Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:49 pm

Rowan Vincent
Shin responded just as Rowan had expected him to. The duo were similar in their regards to how their histories had made them the men they were now, but Rowan still felt that Shin was a man wrapped in mystery. Still, he would make no move to contradict the man in any way. The two had shared drink, and now they could be polite at the very least. The blonde only wished they had more to drink so that he might offer a toast to their mutual health and luck.

Rowan gave a confident nod at Shin's request. "I agree. Though I think you'll find that despite my lack of magical capability thanks to your magic that I will still be a good opponent."

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#23Shin Katari 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:35 am

Shin Katari
Satisfied with Rowan's answer, Shin lifted himself up from the chair. He raised both arms in the arm, stretching as he looked around. The streets were now empty yet the buildings were filled to the brim with people. Bringing his arms down, he fixed up his leather jacket, walking over to Rowan. "I look forward to our future meeting," Shin said. Turning around, Shin stepped onto the streets, allowing the drizzling rain to provide a soothing feeling. Placing his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he couldn't help but smile to himself. He was pleased with today's meeting and Rowan was an interesting fellow. Despite being a member of an opposite guild, Shin felt the two had quite a few things in common. He was certainly looking forward to a future fight with him.


#24Rowan Vincent 

Smoke Signals (Rowan) Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:09 pm

Rowan Vincent
"Likewise." Rowan said. He watched Shin leave, and eventually disappear into the downpour. The blonde wondered what exactly his acquaintance with the phantom lord mage would lead to. Shin seemed an honest enough man, but some part of him remained hidden from Rowan's sight. The mage expected nothing less from his red haired rival though, and with a single thought Rowan knew the two would meet again.

After the rain stopped Rowan stood up from his seat. He stepped out into the light of the now partially cloudy day and let the sun's rays wash over him for a moment. With that he set off towards the outer limits of the city, whistling a low tune as he went.

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