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October teahouse[Open to all]

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It was a gray day filled the sound of the wind and the chattering of small talking people. Some would find the sight of falling leaves mixed with the smell of apple pie and roasted chestnuts to be dreamlike. However in the eyes of one lonely soul glancing down upon the streets from a solitary tavern window all of the charming scenery was but a nuisance. Evictus did love a beautiful scenery but it lacked music and it lacked the ability to cause him to get a nostalgic feeling.

He looked upon the people below and their pitiful lives. Was the illusion of happiness so real to them that they could thrive on it? Or was it simply that they did not know that their lives were a pest upon the world? He knew what he wanted to do but Evictus wouldn't do it until he was strong enough to bring the entire hierarchy of this nation to his knees. And so it was that he set out to attempt enjoying himself wearing a full black suit with a white shirt and black leather shoes. Gracing the streets with his presence. His first thing to do this morning was obvious. Tea.

Evictus placed his hand on the doorknob of his favorite Teahouse and made his way inside. The interior look of the stone building was made from dark oak and instead of having several open areas the teahouse had small booths with wych elm tables and white knit couch pillows. Adorning the tops and sides of the booths were vines and flowers giving the tea house a special coloring and smell.

The best part of it all however was the entire reason why Evictus had even come here. Tea. Their tea was so good that when you got it on your tongue it felt like your entire body was as good as it ever could be and your reality was given a new shine to it.

Evictus moved up to the booth at the absolute back where he waited for one of the waiters/maids to come get his order.

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
The city of Crocus also known as the holy capital of Fiore, she finally made it. The young beastmaster would take a few moments to admire the sights and sounds the city had to offer. The capital being a far grander sight than anything she witness when she was roaming the wastelands with her family. The smell of apple pie in the air would remind Marina that she was alone in this new land. She loved her family dearly, but she wanted to live a more stable life. There was more to life than pillaging right?

Marina quickly shook her head as she felt a cool breeze hit her skin causing her to shiver. Rubbing her hands together for warmth. Marina would wandered through the streets of capital as she look for a place to warm up and maybe get some food inside of her. The poor girl figure she should worn more the a white dress shirt, black skirt and thigh high boots, but when you live the life of a raider you can't be picky with your attire. Putting her choice of clothing aside. Marina would spot a nice little teahouse up ahead.

Marina would quickly make her way inside the shop and sigh loudly with content as she felt her body warming up. The teahouse was cleary a fine establishment and customers here look like the were in the upper classes of society from a quick glance. Marina felt a bit out of place here. Making her way towards the back of the shop, Marina would plop down in the soft counch pillow and let her boots rested upon the table. Making herself comfortable the young woman would look around to see if there was anyone to talk too. There was some guy in a black suit sitting in a another booth by himself.

Marina would tilt her head to the left as she began to speak. "Hey there! Tall, dark and broodsome is there anything you would recommend here? I'm not much of a tea person." Marina would say in a friendly tone towards the stranger. As she waited for someone to take her order. Sliently hoping that her maid/waiter would be cute.


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Evictus looked up at the female whom had asked him a question. She was in a booth not too far from him which was nice because then he would not have to speak loudly and their conversation would probably not gather attention. After all to him this teahouse was like a library where he could have a quiet time enjoying philosophical thoughts or simply just enjoy the atmosphere of the room itself. He then talked with a normal voice with no apparent emotions. "They serve a variety of small plate foods,cakes, cream tea scones and more. For the actual tea drink more specifically I would recommend the yellow or green tea."

After saying this he would go back to pondering for a slight bit until a tall old man in a black vest and white shirt wanted to take his order. The man was very fancy looking with a big grey handlebar moustache and dapper haircut that had started to slowly go white leaving it with large strands of white in the mass of grey hair."A cup of your green tea and a slice of fruit cake please." Evictus did not feel like talking anymore and tried to show it with his entire mood and face before yet again falling into thought. What would he do the coming days until he could find a job. he certainly had no absolute idea but he did not like the thought of just spending time in a tavern or hotell.

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#4Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
No comment on calling him broodsome? Wulfstan would raise an eyebrow as she listen to the man speak. If there was one thing she could assume about broodsome was that he was never going to be the life of the party with that emotionless tone of his. "Great. Thank you for the passionate recommendation, Broodsome." Marina would chuckled a bit. She figured she discovered a nickname for her emotionless acquaintance. Eyeing the older gentlemen serving the man. Well, at least he look cool Marina thought. "Lighten up Broody or else you never going to make any friends. Though I guess some women are into the quiet and mysterious men." Of course, Marina could see the expression on his face. Cleary broodsome wasn't the social type or at the very least he didn't want to chat with Marina, but sadly Marina didn't care in the slightest. She like to have a good time and one of ways to enjoy oneself is to have good company around.

"Excuse me, waiter. Once you done with Broodsome. I would like a cup of yellow green tea and the biggest slice of vanilla cake, you can put it on Broody tab. Thank you."Marina would flash the waiter a warm grin before she shifted her foucs back towards broody. Curious about what was running through the man's mind. With a sigh, Marina would look at nails as she began to speak again. "You know broody, I don't bite much." She pause just for a moment to see if her playful remark hand any effect before continuing. "Anyhow. Do you have a name or should I keep calling you Broody and Broodsome?" Maybe, Marina could get a decent conversation with Broody.


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broodsome this broodsome that Evictus thought as he looked over to the female and nodded towards her. She even had the nerve to simply put her tab on him even though they had never met before. But no matter money did not matter anyways. However when she told him she did not bite much he smiled in a cute fashion. Not out of happiness but simply to show that he had teeth and was not all bark. "Is it not custom to introduce yourself first?" he said this with a light tone yet in a way that seemed bashing and then continued."Anyhow my name is Evictus." After saying this he watched the old man whom had written down both of their orders on one tab and walked away. He was now coming back with two plates whom he dropped of at the females table as Evictus moved over to that table only to sit down and start enjoying his green tea.

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#6Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
Did she just heard something that could be consider emotion? Could she be making progress? Marina would smile as though about his question. "Where I come from manners didn't matter too much. Though since I'm in this fancy land I should work on my manners." When your raiding other people it would've silly saying can I please loot you. "Evictus. Evictus" Marina would repeat his name multiple times to get a feeling for it. "I like the name Broody better. Its suits you better." Before Marina could say anything else their orders arrived.

Marina was slightly shocked that Evictus would sit with her. She would look at her cup and take a few sips. Tea wasn't her first choice of drinks, but this tea was simply deightful. "Marina Wulfstan. The runt of my family, but I'm more interesting in learning about my brooding buddy." And with that final statement, Marina would countine to enjoy her yellow green tea.


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She smiled and he found it cute but then that ended fast when she called him broody. His slight coloration turned into a frown instead of a smile. He was now sitting in front of her sipping his tea. She seemed to be some kind of country bumpkin much like he would have been if not for his time working under the Pergrandian criminal organizations.

She wanted to know about him and so he started to speak about the earliest days of his life "Well I grew up in a Church in a land far from here known as the Kingdom of Pergrande." He paused and looked up at her to see if he had gotten her attention before he continued. Of course he wouldn't speak the truth. "When I became of age I decided to travel the world and make a pilgrimage here to the Holy capital." He would use his left hand to lift his hair up showing his forehead and the holy star cross like symbol he had tattoed on it. "This symbol is that of a gleaming star which is my own take of the Illumin religious symbol."

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After having talked about his past with the woman known to him now as Marina Wulfstan the room became quiet and it wasn't like Evictus actually wanted to meet a filthy human being anyways. He looked at her a little back and forth before he got bored of the quiet and decided to finish his tea instead. He drank and ate in silence and when he was done eating he stood up. "Well so much for small talk. After saying those words he decided to walk out of the teahouse not looking back over his shoulder even once.


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