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Crocus Chatter [Galaxy]

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#1Shin Katari 

Crocus Chatter [Galaxy] Empty Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:37 pm

Shin Katari
It was a rustling autumn morning. The multi-colored leaves danced and turned in the air, as they gently brushed against the cobblestone streets of Crocus. Amidst the crowd of people bunched together was Shin. The Phantom Lord mage made his way against the chilly wind, hands in the pockets of his black leather jacket. The bickering of the crowds was beginning to get to him, so he decided it was best to isolate himself from horde of people.

He proceeded to make his way towards an empty street bench. He brushed off a few tattered leaves before taking a seat atop it. He removed his left hand from his pocket and placed it behind the bench whilst closing his eyes. A silence began to drown out the noise. The shuffling of feet, bickering of voices, roars of merchants, all became silent. Shin rested the left side of his head against his shoulder, allowing the cool wind to put him to sleep. The folk walking by could not help but stare and glare, often murmuring remarks towards him but alas, Shin could not hear anything. It was as if he was an animal placed on display for all of Crocus to gaze at.


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She could catch some, but others eluded her tiny grasps. The autumn breeze created a challenge for Andromeda as she mindlessly ran about catching the warm colored leaves that rained from the trees onto the ground below. More times than she wanted to remember her face almost met that ground as she was prone to tripping over her own two feet during her task. A endless task it was and even more it was silly and childish, all the things that Andromeda was guilty of ( even if she rather not admit it ). Her slender legs carried her away from the initial crowd and she soon found herself in an area with slightly less people. This however didn't even register in her mind as she chased after one particularly rude leaf. This leaf just wouldn't hit the ground, but it also kept evading her ever close attempts at capturing it.

The world around Andromeda began to blur into a mess of colors as she found herself gaining closer and at the same time farther from her catch. The chase itself was more fun than she had in a long time as her body climbed over benches, around trees, and under logs. "♪ Come on you! This chase can only last so lon-- oofff " The cool ground was a nice and expected end to what seemed like a life long game of catch up. Her mind began to piece the world back to its original state. Slowing getting to her feet she saw that she had fallen to a larger pair of feet. As she rose her fluctuating orbs of Sea Green and Sky Blue followed the length of the feet to a pair of legs, into a torso, and finally resting to a face. " Sorry! I didn't see ya there. "Looking in the direction that she was heading in, her eyes narrowed slightly as she saw the leaf fly away on the wind, effectively winning the game and ending her fun.

#3Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Just as Shin began to get comfortable, slouching inch-by-inch, his nap would come to an abrupt end. He had felt something collide with the sole of his shoes, the impact strong enough to cause him to awaken. Planting his feet on the ground, he shifted his body forward before taking a standing pose, hovering over the object that collided with him. Standing before him was a little girl, her gaze set into the far distance.

Annoyance sprung onto Shin's face. Just who did this girl think she was? Colliding with a stranger and now looking off into the distance. Cracking his neck, Shin moved a few feet closer, as to cast a intimidating shadow over top of her. He glanced around before beginning to speak. "Listen kid, who the hell do you think you are bumping into strangers? Don't your parents know how take care of you?" Shin asked in a booming tone.


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Andromeda had formed a connection with that leaf. She knew she would never see it again but she felt the need to keep on looking at it go, that is until a shadow cast over her vision. Well I know I am Andromeda, that is painfully obvious to myself and now you. I know I apologized to you, its not like I meant to trip over your feet so my face could say hello to the ground. As far as my parents go " stranger " I was raised just fine I'll have you know. I have manners and respect. Bah! All adults here seem to be the same, moody and grouchy. " Folding her arms across her chest she stuck her tongue out at the man who stood above her, forcing her to raise her head up at him. He reminded her of another equally sour individual, but this red haired man was not nearly as crazy.

" Maaaybe if you didn't have your feet so far out, I wouldn't have fell. Maaybe you should be saying sorry to me! And just maaybe I won't have to mess ya up...Pfft, who am I? Who are you? " She purposely set her voice into a mocking tone with each use of the word maybe, just like a child. Andromeda was bold, bolder than hot sauce on a grilled cheese sandwich. She was tired of these " adults " thinking that they could talk to her any old kind of way. She was the darn chosen vessel for Zeus, she wasn't just gonna sit idly by and let people talk down to her for no reason. She didn't even care that he could probably knock the wind out of her in one blow. All Andromeda cared about at this moment was finding out who this man thought the hell he was.

#5Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin was rather surprised by the response from the girl, or Andromeda as she stated. Her bold remarks were beginning to piss him off, his blood beginning to boil. It did not help that her tongue was pointed towards him either. "This brat," he thought to himself. If not for some self-restraint, he would have delivered a punch to her face. As satisfying as that would be, teaching her a lesson via words was the better option. "Raised fine my ass. Showing attitude to adults is probably why they're grouchy." For a moment, it was as if Shin was scolding his own child, not that he had one. It wasn't his job to scold the children of others. If they could not keep an eye on their own children, they were the ones needing scolding.

Before he could continue, she began to talk in a childish manner, claiming he should apologize or else she'd mess him up. The mere thought of her doing anything of that sort caused him to chuckle. As he regained his composure, he bent down in a squatting position. He raised his right arm, grasping her right shoulder with his hand. Applying firm pressure, he was attempting to get a message across. "Listen up brat, you might wanna watch it with that attitude of yours. Otherwise, these people aren't gonna be able to save you," he stated as he removed his hand from her shoulder. He lifted himself up before taking a seat upon the bench once more. "As for me, the name's Shin Katari, Phantom Lord mage," he added with a grin. Although it was not the smartest of ideas to reveal his affiliation, he felt it would be an efficient way of striking fear into this little girl.


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When she left Baska she wasn't fully prepared for the world outside of the town. Truth be told she still wasn't prepared for the world and it's people. She couldn't wrap her head around how some people could act the way they do. And as she stared at this man, this red headed devil literally stooped to her level to meet her eyes directly and put his hands on her. To say she was surprised that he would even touch her without knowing her would be a bit of an understatement. She felt a bit threatened but she wasn't afraid, there were worse things to be afraid of. She could feel a fatherly or borderline mentorish vibe from him as he spoke, and she soon found out that he was named Shin. For a moment she was speechless, her eyes trained on the man as he sat back into the bench. She didn't know what phantom lord was but she knew what mages were and now she was curious. " What kinda magic do you use? You a mage right? So what can you do? She decided it was best to ignore the rude comments Shin had made, and forgive the mistake he made in calling her a brat. If she could she would have let her own blessing do the talking for her rather than playing this civilized bull crap. If only she could, she would strike the fear of Zeus in this man's heart. Lucky for this guy she was very forgiving and at the moment extremely curious. Taking a seat next to Shin on the bench she yawned slightly, her previous chase kicking in a bit as she found her body needing a rest.

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Shin Katari
This girl was beginning to puzzle Shin. Generally, puzzles were easy to solve. They provided very little challenge and more often than not, required only required the puzzle maker to locate a few pieces before the rest falls into place. People were in the same boat. Begin with a quick glance, talk them up a bit, and allow the rest to fall into place. Andromeda however, was different. She was interesting to say the least. Her demeanor was nothing short of strange. Strangely, his annoyance began to subside as she changed the subject to discuss his magic. Hell, she even made her way to take a seat next to him. Surprised, he let a deep sigh escape his lips before continuing along with the conversation.

"Yeah, I'm a mage. Unlike most common mages though, I use nullification magic. Essentially, I'm untouchable," Shin responded boastfully. Saying he was untouchable was an exaggeration of course. She did not need to know that though. Curiously, Shin shifted his slightly, his back pressing up against the bench arm-rest. He extended his feet forward, allowing the heels of his shoes to make contact with the ground. "Now that I answered your question, tell me, what kind of magic do you use?" Her earlier remark of messing Shin up caused him to ask the question. Was it merely a bluff? Did she actually think she was able to go toe-to-toe with him? Only her response would tell.


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Nullification huh? Sounds petty. You aren't untouchable..I know an untouchable being, and you ain't him buddy boy. You can't nullify something if you can't see it. Like if someone were to punch you in the back of the head right now. Could you nullify that? or nah? " it was amusing that this adult was trying to make himself more than he was. He wasn't better than she was but he wasn't worse than her either. His assumption that she wielded magic wasn't wrong but she didn't call what she could do magic. What Andromeda had was a blessing, she was the chosen vessel of Zeus, able to wield his mighty powers for herself at a whim. But she was getting ahead of herself because she didn't know the extent of his magic she assumed what was logically possible to her. Who knows maybe he could nullify all but if that were the case then what was he doing being a lazy punk here and not out in the world using his power to show others that he was something to be feared? Andromeda knew some people were like that, using their magic to get ahead in life. She didn't even think twice about it for Shin, he just seemed like the type of person to be that way. " You call it magic, but what I call it is a blessing. It would be better to show you rather than explain it. Seeing as I can't show you the best way to put it... Is borrowing the body of a god, with all the fixings.." Smiling proudly Andromeda shrugged as if it was nothing and honestly it wasn't. She was humble and didn't mean to seem like she was bragging but it was a pretty amazing thing to her. Now that she had a moment to think about it, could this man nullify her out of her own god? the thought was fleeting and downright impossible, what a stupid thought...

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Shin Katari
"Whether somebody was to punch me or not, what would follow afterwards? Say for example, if I were to kill that person there-" Shin began as he pointed the index finger of his right hand towards a middle-aged woman carrying some grocery bags "-would you say I nullified her existence?" he finished while receding his hand. Although he was avoiding her question, he was beginning to understand how Andromeda was. Despite her childish appearance and attitude, it appeared she was not one to shy down from anything. A perfect example was her confrontation with Shin. Furthermore, the way she spoke and tones she used reflected she was not afraid of saying what was on her mind. Although he would not be on to admit it, this girl was similar to him. In fact, he would say she was a younger version of him simply based off those assumptions. The problem lied therein that he was not aware of her age. The way she spoke and words she used, he had to assume she was a teenager, possibly fifteen years or older.

Putting her age aside, Shin was intrigued by her response regarding magic. She regarded magic as a blessing. She furthered this response by talking about a god. Puzzled for a moment, Shin burst out laughing. Attracting glances from around, he could not help himself. It was a moment before he finally stopped, wiping tears from his eyes. "This god you speak of, you borrow powers from it? What if it deemed you not to be worthy? What if you prayed and prayed but it did not respond? What if during battle, it stopped aiding you? What would you do then?" Shin ridiculed. She wanted to tackle Shin's magic, he would do the same. She wanted to barrage the way he acted, he would do the same. In life, there was a saying that one should 'treat other as they wish to be treated'. It was time for this to come into fruition.


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His statement wasn't exactly answering her question but she wouldn't press it, she didn't care enough to do so. "Well..In every sense of the word, yes. Yes you would have. Why you would is another story even in a hypothetical situation to explain absolutely nothing." She was young, that would be a something she had to deal with for awhile but not forever. Her age was a constant factor and for most people it seem to cast a shadow over her own intelligence. Andromeda knew she wasn't the smartest cookie in jar but she also wasn't the dumbest either. The way this man spoke to her, it was all too common. To him she was just a kid and as such even if he didn't mean it he spoke to her like one. This man even had the gall to try and gut her blessing, something she took slight offense to at first but forgave soon after. He was just ignorant and that was to be expected since she really only gave the vaguest response as far as her " magic " was concerned. On the same note she herself was ignorant of what he could do and yet she spoke down his magic without a second thought. Letting off a soft sigh Andromeda began to sit back on the bench a bit, her eyes trailing over to shin as her ever present smile.

" I was taught to be humble, to fear and respect Zeus, to love and adore him. " Borrowing " I used that word as a form of respect, to honor his power and his name. Even if I never prayed. Even if he didn't think me worthy. None of that would matter. At my whim I control Zeus, his body becomes mine rather he wants it too or not.... I take over and what's his is no longer his. " She didn't look away from Shin as she spoke, she needed her words to hold the weight is was meant to even as he smiled at him. She could see that the man next to her didn't take to kindly to her words about his magic. His response to her own was a direct reflection of that. She was young alright but she wasn't about to let him talk any ole way about her god and not address it. He was gone learn today.

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Shin Katari
The two had their eyes meet in a deadlock, neither shifting their gaze. The words she spoke were rather heavy. Every word meant something and it was obvious she wanted Shin to understand this. Essentially, she claimed to be in control of the god Zeus, taking over what was his for her own. "So, you use take over. Could've just said that," Shin responded with a sarcastic tone. All in all, he was somewhat surprised to know she possessed a powerful magic like take over. During his life, he had heard stories of take over mages but had never met one. The fact the first take over mage he met was this brat would certainly leave a sour taste.

Shifting his gaze away from hers, he let out a slight yawn. The dullness of the sky was beginning to get to him along with the interruption of his nap. If not for her, he would certainly be sound asleep but no, she just had to come along and ruin his perfect slumber. Sighing, he looked at her once more. "Sure you've got the power of a god and all but do you think you're strong enough? Cause to me, a brat like you doesn't seem like she knows anything about fighting. How you got your hand on a magic like take over is besides me but I'll tell ya one piece of advice, don't let that go to waste," Shin stated. He always wished to get his hands on a power as great as take over. Sure nullification magic was special and had its own pros and cons but take over in of itself was a great magic too. It just pained him to see a brat possibly wasting such a rare magic.


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" I know I'm not strong enough. I never had to fight a day in my life. This power was just given to me, had it in me since I was born. Along with this power came responsibility, I have expectations and duties to live up too. I can't do it, not now, not yet." She was still young, with so much of her life ahead of her but it all belonged to a cause and that cause came from this power. She was grateful yea but she hoped that she would never have to use her blessing. She could feel her chest become heavy but she kept the tears back and looked ahead at the many people walking about. " I know one day I will have to fight, I know that already... I'm just trying to enjoy my days until that time comes and that alone is a problem. I'm alone right now yea, It's really just me. With no trainin, no skills, its a wonder I made it this far on my on... Maybe I'm doin something right but I'm gonna have to grow up some day soon..." The words were heavy as she spoke them she really didn't have the time or the person to speak freely like this. Wandering from place to place will do that to a person. She had heard about places were people can go, people with magic, but she never took the time to seek them out. Pushing back her golden bangs Andromeda let out an exasperated sound and looked over at Shin once more. " Sorry yea, I didn't mean to just rant on like that..

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Shin Katari
Listening intently to her story, Shin visualized himself in a similar situation. In his earlier years, around the time he left his dad, he had never necessarily fought anyone. Instead, he relied on his wits to get him through the tough times. Around the time he discovered his nullification magic, he began to engage in combat more often. The idea of nullifying that came in close proximity to him allowed him to fight with a reckless edge, as he lets his fists do the damage. He wasn't sure how she'd react to fighting but Shin began to enjoy it the more he got into combat. Now, it seemed to be a part of his life. He often solved his disputes with his fists. "Lucky you then huh? If I found you anymore annoying then you already were, we probably would've been fighting right now," Shin said with a wide smirk. His sense of humor was far different than most people.

As the day continued to roll along, time around the bench seemed to be at a stand still. It was enjoying to talk to someone, despite the conversations being conducted with childish attitudes. It didn't help that Shin usually responded with the same tone she replied with. Being the adult, it was expected he would be the bigger man, backing down from arguing with a little girl but he held his own morals and part of those morals meant never backing down from anything, no matter who the opposite person was. "Say, what the hell were you doing running into me anyways? Couldn't have been that important that you didn't see in front of you."


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A light chuckle followed with Shin's remark about him fighting her, It had been some time since had a conversation like this. It was nice, it felt like the two were in a bubble and she had come to appreciate  the man's company in this very short time. " I was chasing a leaf. It got away once I tripped over your foot. I was in the zone. " Her tone of voice was dead serious which didn't match the phrase that just came out of her mouth. She shook her head as if it were a damn shame she let that leaf get away, with it's perfect autumn yellow color. " People don't take the time to enjoy the world around em. I like doing simple things. I like finding fun in the world around me. It's the only way to battle the loneliness sometime." Folding her legs under her she yawned once more. The day had become a rather lazy one and she didn't know it but this is just what she needed. " What's A Phantom Lord? " She didn't know why but that question was seriously nagging her in the back of her mind. She hadn't forgotten that he said it, she just didn't know what is was to address it at the time it was brought up. Now it seemed like a good way to keep the conversation rollin and to possibly learn more about Shin. To Andromeda Shin was kinda cool, like an annoying older brother she never had. The thought was alone was funny.

#15Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
With a raised eyebrow, Shin looked at Andromeda with a puzzled look. She was chasing a leaf and in the process, collided with Shin. With all the leaves scattered around, he didn't understand why she didn't just play with one of those. Maybe there was something special about the leaf she chased after, or maybe it was the thrill of the chase itself that caused her to go after it. Not having ever done anything of the sort, he could not truly say. "Why not play with a leaf that's already on the ground? Saves both time and energy," he asked as he grabbed a bright orange leaf by its petiole. Raising it, he examined it before tossing it aside, allowing the wind to carry it away.

Her question regarding Phantom Lord was one that Shin was not expecting. The expression on his face that of a baffled one. How was it that someone did not know about Phantom Lord? Arguably the most historic and powerful dark guild in existence. With all the battle they've been involved in, it was shocking to know there were those who had never heard about the guild. Adjusting himself into a comfortable position, he locked his eyes onto Andromeda. It was time for a history lesson. "Basically, Phantom Lord is a Dark Guild. We're considered to be one of the most historic guilds around, specializing in all things considered dark. Out natural rivals are the guilds considered to be Light, or good. Of course, a guy like me shouldn't even be in a place like Crocus." That was as far as Shin was able to explain Phantom Lord. After all, she just needed to know the basics and that was as basic as it got. "I'm surprised you haven't heard of us. You don't live under a rock do you?"


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" Play with a leaf that's already on the ground? Well that takes the fun out of the obvious chase! When ya havin fun time and energy don't matter. " This man, it was clear Shin didn't have fun, or possibly didn't have the sort of fun she did. Seeing as he was an adult she couldn't see why he wouldn't be able to enjoy the sweet, sweet thrill of catchin dancing leaves in the wind. " You should try it sometimes, trust me it's great. " Nodding her head she listened with much interest on what Shin had to say about Phantom Lord. She didn't know things like that existed, she left Baska village when she was fourteen but didn't roam far from the town, until recently. Being exposed to the world outside of her sheltered life was the most excitement she had in forever.

" No I don't live under a rock. I lived on a mountain which technically means I lived on top of a rock, and then I lived in Baska town. So excuse me for not being exposed to these things...So what do people do in these guilds? And what's up with this Light and Dark guild stuff? Are you like the bad guys here? "The warmth of the sun began to fade as the day was coming into a close and the night took it's turn. Her curiosity began to climb ever higher with every new bit of information that Shin spilled. She was never told any of this or perhaps her guardian died before she could explain the workings of the world fully to her.

#17Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin couldn't help but chuckle at her remark. Chasing a leaf didn't seem fun in any way but hey, to each is their own. His view of fun usually involved things that were a challenge to him, like completing puzzles or completing a maze of some sort. He also enjoyed a good spar with anyone and enjoyed a good drink. To him, those were things that were fun. Chasing things around just seemed to be a waste of time. "I think I'll pass. Chasing things isn't for me."

As evident by her earlier remarks, she truly did have a way with her words. She claimed to live atop a rock, not under, as she stated she lived atop a mountain. She hailed from the town of Baska, an area Shin had never been to. Instead, his father used to tell him stories about the town. If her claim of living atop a mountain was true, that would explain how she knew little of guilds. After all, how exactly would news travel up a mountain? Whatever the case was, Shin did not mind explaining the concept of guilds to her. In fact, he quite enjoyed it as it allowed the two to have a normal conversation, one without arguments.

"Well, guilds do a bunch of different things. It all depends on the guild of course. The general thing is doing requests for different people. Occasionally, we'll get into fight with other guild members. Some do fighting for fun and others do it as a business," Shin began. He himself fought for fun but occasional, he would get out of hand. It also depended on the person he met. If someone pissed him off, he would surely fight until he felt satisfied. "Anyone considered to be a part of dark guild would be considered bad. If I were to reveal my guild tattoo to everyone right now, it wouldn't be as peaceful as it is now. As for the light and dark bullshit, it's always been like that I think. We aren't supposed to get along with them and they aren't supposed to get along with us." He was unsure how long the dark and light affiliation had been in place. "Besides, what I do is for myself. If people think I'm a bad guy, they can go and screw themselves. Phantom Lord ain't a bad place what you get to know the people," Shin continued. For a moment, Shin had forgotten about the time. Nightfall began to creep up on the town. "I guess I got carried away myself. Anyways, now that you know a little more, what do you think your affiliation is? Light or Dark?"


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" Well to be honest I like doing what I want. I don't like having to follow rules or be restricted to someone else's whims. I do what I want and that's just that. So, I don't think I'm a good cut for Light guilds, but at the same time I don't want people to hunt me down or label me bad. I'm not a bad person, so I guess I'm not really cut out for dark guilds either. Guilds do sound like fun though, aren't there any gray  guilds? She sounded hopeful that maybe she could fit somewhere, with people she could be friends with and maybe not be so lonely all the time. Listening to Shin she had learned so much in such a short amount of time. Maybe this wasn't just a coincidence that she should be here talking to him. Maybe the leaf that she chased led her here, perhaps a sign from Zeus? Moving her body around she placed herself in a position where she laid her head in Shin's lap while the rest of her body took up the bench. Night had come and the stars were out along with the full moon. It was a nice sight even if it was being partially blocked by a red headed man. She was getting awfully tired but her interest in Shin had blossomed over the course of the day. " Why did you join Phantom Lord? You don't see like a bad guy to me. Maybe a bit in the way, but you aren't actively being a menace from what I can tell... Or maybe that is just me being naive? "

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Shin Katari
"I don't know, I've only been apart of the Phantom Lord guild," Shin responded. Phantom Lord had been his home for nearly a decade now, and he had yet to see any other guilds during this time. So his answer was limited. Positioning himself to get more comfortable, it seemed Andromeda has similar ideas. Out of the blue, she rested her head against Shin's lap, covering the rest of the bench. Shin's cheeks and ears turned a bright red, as he froze in place. He looked around to see people walking by, looking at the two. The two had been getting along rather nicely since their initial scuffle but this was unexpected.

After a moment of realization, Shin calmed down. He rested his back against the bench once more and looked down at the girl. Maybe it was fatigue that was beginning to take over or maybe she just thought of Shin as pillow. Whatever the reason was, it was nice to have bonded to someone over a short amount of time. His attitude usually didn't allow for this moments like this. Afraid to admit it, it was as if the two had formed an older brother -young sister bond. Resting his left arm on the back of the bench as he used his right to hold his head up, he let a yawn escape his mouth. "You may not consider me a bad guy but everyone else here sure as hell would. It's something that comes along with being a member of a dark guild. You automatically get branded a bad person. I accepted that a long time ago and now I just roll with. Anyone pisses me off, they'll learn. Hell, I'm honestly surprised I didn't kill you for pissing me of. Guess you happened to bump into me at a good time," Shin responded with a somewhat joking manner. It was true though. He dealt with his annoyances in ways others didn't. If Andromeda had pissed him off more than she originally did, he was positive things wouldn't end up being this way. "You know, I've been meaning to ask. How old are you?"


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- Andromeda Dios -

The night air was starting to send chills down her spine and goosebumps on her skin. The day had been long but she had spent it in an unexpected way. Snuggling her head in Shin's lap she sighed peacefully as he spoke, a small part of her wishin time would actually stop and lock the two in conversation. Yawning once more she came to terms that it was nearly time for her to go as the street lights around them started to flicker on. " I'm Sixteen. People keep confusing me for a kid because..Well..You know I look a little young... On the lacking side.. It's annoying, I'm just a late bloomer! Just two more years and my lady bits will be big and fluffy, just like my mama! " Sitting up she got to her feet and stretched a bit. Bringing up her mother brought some warm memories and she could feel her eyes begin to sting as a sense of longing washed over her. She wished she could go back home, but once you come down from the village you aren't allowed to go back. " Messi is probably wondering where I am so I gotta go, but I know I'll catch ya around Shin. It's been nice talking to ya and now I can show off since the restraints have come off. " Smiling a flash bolt of lightning ripped from the sky and directly onto Andromeda. The blinding light faded but the same girl was not in it's place.

" I think you called this Take Over. I'm still wondering if you can nullify what I can do in this form, but lets save that for another day. " Speaking in a soothing voice stood a figure twice the size of the child that was just there. Her hair as dark as the sky and her eyes flickering and glowing like a storm of lightning. Her body was no longer that of a child and as she stood there in an armored like dress the area around her seem to be alight with magical energy. " Well this is goodbye for now. " Turning away from Shin she began to walk out of sight, a flash of lightning hitting her as she walked which turned into skipping once the light faded...

- exit -

words go here?

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Shin Katari
Shin's assumption of Andromeda being fifteen was not far off from her actual age. It turned out, she was sixteen, which was still surprising. Given her shot stature and child-like attitude, he was beginning to think she was possibly twelve or thirteen. At her remark of "lady bits", Shin could not help but chuckle. As the street lights began to flicker on, the streets began to thin, leaving the two mages alone. Allowing the sole of his shoes to rest on the ground, he moved upwards as he raised both arms in the air while stretching.

As he brought his arms down, a flash of lightning struck down on Andromeda. As the light dissipated, what was left was not a little girl but a staggering figure. His eyes widened as he could not help but stare. The hairs on his arm body began to rise, as goosebumps lined his skin. There was an overwhelming feeling that surrounded Shin. It was not one of fear nor surprise, but rather envy. There was power stemming from the figure, and it was beautiful. As Andromeda or whatever it was walked away, Shin was left alone in the darkness of the street. He lifted himself up from the bench, beginning to walk in the opposite direction. As he formed fists with both hands, he couldn't help but think to himself. "A god against a mortal. Who'll win?"


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