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Phantoms in Crocus [PL Members Only]

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Phantoms in Crocus [PL Members Only] Empty Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:17 am

The Phantoms were scheduled to meet in the city of Crocus today. While it was unsure what the plan was, or if anyone was even to show up, Geb had been told by someone to meet at this spot. Geb wore a buttoned shirt and tie, as well as a pair of pants. He straightened his tie as he cleared his throat, waiting under a tree in a park. The sun was shining on this fall day, and the wind was blowing the many stray leaves in the park around. Hopefully another member had got the same message, and Geb just wasn't being pranked or something. He really did hope.

Crocus was a place where a phantom had to be careful, after all. Lucky for Geb, he had his tatoo on his sole, the last place anyone would have checked for a guild symbol. Besides, he didn't look that bad of a person visually, he didn't look thuggy or anything. He just seemed like a somewhat classy boy waiting in a park, possibly for a friend or a date. Easy, no suspicious stares here.

Luckily for Geb, the park was mainly empty. Should someone come into the radius of his dragon slayer smell, he'd know. There was nobody else in his radius right now besides him, actually.  Geb pulled out an apple from a bag he had resting beside him, and took a munch into it as he waited for the phantoms to flock to this ominous, dead tree in a lonely park.

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#2Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †


Flower of Death

A lone figure traversed through the desolate park of Crocus in the hopes to perceive the scent of another phantom as there had apparently been a meeting call a day before she had planned on departing. The trees planted in this recreational area were evidently aged, large roots firmly gripping the earth beneath, she observed. Trailing her fingers along the cracks in the bark of a cherry tree, Bianca felt a sudden, painful sting.

Ah!” A sharp gasp escaped through parted lips as she retracted her hand. A pointy-ended piece of wood had been sticking out and was now colored a very dark red. The slayer watched her blood accumulate over the wound on her index before raising it to her mouth. It was a strange habit that she had developed somehow; sucking blood from small wounds such as this. Her mother thought it was disgusting and told her that she was ashamed to have such a misbehaving daughter. But did Bianca care? No.

The chirping of birds was the only sound that filled the unsettling silence that the park held. Why was she here anymore? No one was showing up. It was probably a sick joke by one of the guild members. She began to pace towards the entrance of the park, slightly enraged as she had wasted precious reading time idling around in a park where nothing was interesting enough to make her stick around. Footfalls resonated against the paved walkways as her impatience seemed to increase her speed before something caught her attention — a faint scent that grew more distinct as she walked, and eventually she was brought to an old oak tree, leaning on it a redheaded male who appeared younger (and visibly shorter) than her.



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An extravagant smell of roses and a shadow formed by Evictus suit and body fell upon the park breaking the peace and quiet that was there earlier. He looked upon the autumn leaves as they slow fell from the trees. Evictus had been told by a messenger of the guild to meet in this specific park in Crocus and so he had traveled here. Not because he had to but because he felt that he was so new to the guild that he needed to see what people were in it.

The thought of him having to converse with anyone had never popped to his mind.

His sight moved over the park and it was in this moment that his eyes fell upon the female and the male standing under a nearby large dead oak. It was not a good hiding spot because of the lack of leaves and actual shadow. But it was a perfect landmark. A smile dawned upon his lips but then quickly vanished when he yet again came to the conclusion that he might have to talk to the people he was about to meet.

Evictus sighed to himself but then started moving closer making a slight waving motion to catch their attention.

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Geb took one more bite from his apple, when he could smell one, no, two people entering the premises. Geb was a bit startled for a second, almost choking on his apple, but quickly regained his composure. He straightened his tie once more as the two seem to be in sight. A dark-looking adult man, and a pretty but at the same time very tall woman. Both of these people Geb had never seen before, but both were heading right towards the Oak tree, the woman seemingly getting there first. A greeting popped out of her mouth, as Geb followed. "Are you a fellow member, or would you just happen to be a girl trying to hit one me?" he asked, making sure he was talking to an actual guildmate and not just a random girl. Of course, he said this in his usual rude tone that he almost always put on.

Next up was the man, who seemed to not talk but simply wave instead. Geb pointed towards him with his arm only slightly up, his elbow still bent. "And you, grandpa. Do you plan to play checkers in the park, or are you too a member?" he asked. He made sure not to include the organization in the name, after all, should these people be civilians it would be bad for the guard to be alerted that there were member of a dark guild in the capital of Crocus of all the places in the country. Geb backed up against the tree, and took a bite from his apple, munching as he spoke, looking at the two. "Either way, I can't accept the checkers game, I prefer chess. And maybe we can have the date some other time, I'm busy."

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#5Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
"Park...there are multiple parks," Shin muttered under his breath, boring through the crowds as he surveyed the area around him. A different member of Phantom Lord had relayed news of a meeting taking place within a Crocus park. Park was a rather ambiguous location, as he had walked past numerous locations that could be considered parks, none filled with people however. Of course, he was under the assumption there would be a large group of mages looking rather conspicuous. As of yet, nothing filled the bill.

Annoyingly, he placed his hands into the pockets of his denim jeans, listening to the crunching of the leaves underneath his feet. As he sifted his gaze from left to right, he stopped midway. Underneath a large oak tree were three people - two males and one female. He had never seen any of them but there was no harm in approaching them. With a deep exhale, Shin made his way over to the trio, yawning as he got closer. He halted about five feet away from them. Shifting his gaze from one face to the other, he asked "You all here for the meeting too?"  

#6Ayeseru Kitamaru 

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Ayeseru Kitamaru
A meeting.

Ayeseru was not particularly fond of meetings.  He didn't particularly like meeting with multiple people at once, but, he know that this would be something that is necessary in the future, so he would accept it now.  Being in the guild he was in, there would need to be some caution in walking around, though, hardly anyone knew him, and even better, his tattoo couldn't be seen unless he'd remove his tightly worn glove.

Crocus was, unsurprisingly, bustling and busy with nobles, knights and even a fair amount of common folk; he didn't particularly like that, either.  He much rather be in a place where there weren't many present.  Fortunately for him, the designated spot hardly had anyone else in it; even better, it was a location he could enjoy - a park.  Ayeseru expected it to be an extremely fancy, different park, considering where he was, though, it was surprisingly normal; nothing too grand or fancy.

Reaching the exact spot of his destination, he saw multiple people gathered up in a location.  Two red haired males, a mildly strange looking black haired male, and a pink haired female.  They didn't look like they'd ever meet up under normal circumstances, based off of looks alone, so he had to be careful with whatever words he used at the moment.  Still, he would approach them.

"Are you all here for this meeting?", he asked in a deep voice. He wouldn't use more words than he had to, for the most part, unless there were those rare times curiosity took over. "If that is the case, what is its purpose?" He did, indeed, wasn't sure why he or any member of Phantom Lord was called out to such an... Open and (to them) dangerous place. Hopefully, there was a good reason.

#7Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †


Flower of Death

Another man with a mysterious mark on his forehead came into sight and simply waved. Bianca couldn’t exactly tell if he was friend or foe. However, the short male’s response to her greeting touched a raw nerve, only the fact that he could possibly be her guildmate made her refrain from acting violently and instead decided to make it known that - “I am a phantom,” smoothly, the words that could bring her either friendship or undesirable consequences, rolled of her tongue, watching the other stranger from the corner of her eyes in case he was a threat. At that exact moment, two more men appeared - one red haired, and another with quite long hair that made him appear rather feminine. Folding her arms underneath her breasts, expecting more people to join them as she memorized these strangers’ scents.

Bianca stayed silent while the long-haired newcomer asked for the purpose of this meeting, for she had no answer to this question. Expecting the redhead to know something as he was the first to arrive, crown of roseate tresses turned to his direction, curious optics attempting to decipher his mind. She was quite interested herself, why anyone would establish a meeting in the town where they were most vulnerable, especially without any safety measures implemented, or so she observed. Could this be a trap?

The circle fell into a short, awkward silence when the sorceress decided to break the tension, saying, “My name is Bianca.” Her habit of staying unnaturally silent in social situations seemed to have been squashed by the confidence that she gained from meeting her guildmates, nervous eyes flitting from one man to the other.


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The red haired boy whom he had walked up to had called him grandpa. Even though they werent that far apart in age and so Evictus branded him as a full fledged numbskull and a punk. The girl who called herself Bianca seemed awkward yet nice and the other two whom had joined them. One a red haired person wearing some form of jacket and about the same height as Evictus looked like a free spirit kind of person with rock and roll type of personality whilst the other whom was taller and very eastern looking seemed to be a deep voiced gentleman of sorts or simply just a actor pretending to be something he was not.

He observed the obvious members of their organization and then spoke"It seems introductions are in order. My name is Evictus and while I don't feel like being with shit for brains here." he motioned towards the red headed boy whom was the first to the scene."I think we all know why we are here already."

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#9Elvira Bellerose 

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Elvira Bellerose

i'm gonna show you
maniac, sick bitch, psychopath...

If you're going to arrive late somewhere, make sure you arrive with style, at least.

Elvira shook her head and smirked as she walked through the crowd, slowly breaking her way through the obnoxious amount of people. Luckily enough, nobody seemed to notice her, which, although it quite irritated her, was also convenient, since the last thing that a dark mage wanted, in a city filled with Legal mages, rune knights, and, overall, people dedicated to hunt down those of her kind, was to be seen. For the moment, she just seemed like the typical cheerful girl who knows absolutely nothing about the world, but lives a happy life anyways, making the people around her frustrated by blowing a gigantic cloud of smoke in their faces. That's how Elvira had fun in such a boring town, anyways. Good people, those who were used to living a perfect life, like Elvira's own parents, got frustrated so easily, it was quite amusing.

If it was for Elvira, she would still be in her house, sleeping until noon, then waking up only to eat, read a bit, and go back to sleep, instead of walking down the crowded streets of Crocus, at the steadiest pace she could pull, given the circumstances, late for a meeting she had been invited to. A guild meeting. It was, without doubt, a curious offer, to join the members of the guild for a small meeting, although Elvira was not sure Crocus was the place... Nor what was the intention of the meeting. Why were they calling them there? She liked to believe it was more or less to socialise; a concept that, according to what Elvira had seen so far, was not too common in Phantom Lord. However, her senses told her that there was something more to that.

Regardless of the intention of the meeting, Elvira had gone anyways, wasting some of her precious time just for the sake of satisfying her curiosity. Because if there was something stronger than her laziness, it was her curiosity. If you manage to catch her attention, you can normally get her to do stuff. Most of the time, anyways.

One step after another, the sound of her heels hitting the ground was barely audible due to the amount of people and noise around her, the faces of irritated people, waving their hands in front of the faces as they passed by. If nothing else, Elvira was having fun. This way, the journey from the city centre, until the park wasn't all that boring as it was expected to. Regardless; she was still late.

As soon as she saw the entrance to the -seemingly dead park-, Elvira pretty much ran to it, almost falling a few times. The place was mostly empty, except the ocassional animal that ran by, a bird that landed on a tree branch, enchanting the place with its song, several cats, which Elvira assumed were homeless, running by, obviously scared by the presence of newcomers. For a second, Elvira wished she had a little bit more time. If she had a few more seconds, she'd probably be able to pet the cat, and get it to like her. However, she did not have time; she was supposed to head for this event, and see what this entire thing consisted in. Hopefully, it wouldn't be a waste of time.

After a few more minutes of endless walking, passing by trees with no leaves, Elvira noticed a group of people near a rather big, dead tree, obviously chatting, or interacting with eachother, in whatever way. Inhaling deeply, the blonde pulled another cigar from the pocket of her leather jacket, lighting it quickly before heading towards the group, analyzing their appearance while she neared them. The group consisted mainly of four male and one female, a quite tall, beautiful pink-haired woman that, without any doubt, was the type of woman you can't look at only once. The men, on the other hand, were rather different one from another. One of them, the tallest, had long, black hair, tied in a ponytail. Needless to say, his height annoyed Elvira who was quite short, but anyhow. Then, there was another rather tall male, with black hair and a rather muscular build, and two redheaded men, one of which was about as tall as the muscular black haired one, and another one who was about as tall as Elvira, which was honestly a relief. Being the shortest has always been a disadvantage; in many situations. She had absolutely no idea who these people were; in fact, since she had joined the guild, Elvira had not met anyone from it yet. Walking to them and asking who they were, without knowing if they are Phantoms would be rather risky; quite dangerous, in fact. Imagine the case in which those people were not phantoms, and Elvira uncovered the fact she's not legal... It would be a disaster.

However, Lions were no cowards.

With a quick pace, Elvira headed towards the group of people, with the same hint of arrogance in her eyes and overall body language as ever. She didn't think she'd look in any way inferior to those around her; physically, she was as pretty as always, with her black ripped jeans on, white shirt and leather jacket. Her hair wasn't in a ponytail, for once, which made it look like a Lion's mane, in a sense. She was, overall, ready to do this. And hoped she wouldn't regret it, as there was no turning back. She had arrived to their circle, and was expected to speak now, like every normal person that just walks into a group of people. Explain who she was.

Well then, aren't you quite a few. You all are here for the "guild meeting" correct, my fellow Phantoms?

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#10Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †


Flower of Death

More and more people arrived and it made her skin crawl. She had never seen any of these people and the fact that this entire bunch could have been pretending to be who they were not. It was definitely a trap. She had to get out of here before she was killed. After all, there were a lot of people who wanted her dead, other than her own parents who she had murdered herself after finding out that they would kill her to save their own lives. Bianca had always believed that all parents were the same, but later came to realise that her parents were the only ones who would sacrifice their daughter to a cult for their own safety, making her feel even more bitter about them. They should have died slow, painful deaths.

The man with the dark hair and strange mark on his forehead introduced himself as ‘Evictus’. What a pretentious name. After having the thought that this entire lot was here with bad intentions towards her, Bianca decided it was time to leave. Every second that passed seemed to bring her closer to a situation in which she was a victim of murder. The last person who arrived was a blonde girl and what she said seemed the fakest of them all. It definitely wasn’t, in reality,  but in Bianca’s mind, an imaginary clock was ticking, possibly closer to her death.

Knowing that if they were really her guildmates, and there was an important message to be given at this meeting, someone could just relay the message to her, Bianca cleared her throat. She was feeling a bit paranoid since she had given her real name to this bunch of strangers. “I’ll be right back,” she told them. “Don’t say anything important while I’m gone.” After saying this, she would turn on her heels and walk away and out of sight. She wasn't coming back.

- EXIT -


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This was obviously just some social meeting between the phantoms which was in all honesty just a waste of time. Evictus sighed and frowned slightly before looking at those whom quite so obviously were his companions.

He straightened his back and looked at the female whom left the scene. She like him had probably thought that this was nothing but a waste and so he like her turned on his heels and walked towards the exit of the park. "This is all just a waste of my time." They would probably meet again at a later time.


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#12Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
As minutes turned into hours, a few more members of the guild appeared. However, none of these members were the ones that had called upon the meeting, nor did they have any information on what the purpose of this meeting was. As they stood around, two of the people decided it was enough. With displeased expressions, they took off from the meeting. It was becoming more and more obvious that this was going no where. Nobody knew anything, and they were all standing around like weirdos.

Without saying a word, Shin decided he would follow the two members that had departed earlier. Tucking his hands into his pockets, he turned his back to the others and made his way onto the streets. This meeting was a total bust. Next time there was a meeting, it better be within the actual guild. That is, if there is a next time.


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