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Chit Chat [LeeAnn]

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#1Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:05 pm

Assama Sinclair
Today was Assama's first day in Crocus, her first day  in the capital of Fiore. It was strange, but exciting. She had only grown accustom to Myras and Orchidia, but had no hesitation to branch out and explore some more of Fiore. She had to say that traveling has been one of her biggest highlights so far as a mage. In Myras she could only sit down at her desk and look at various maps, occasionally looking out her window only to see the bleak white snow. The trip to Orchidia had been a nice change of scenery, but she had to admit that she had grown tired of seeing the same overgrowth. So, she decided that once she was strong enough, she would start traveling around Fiore on her own. The first stop on her list doubtlessly had to be Crocus.

Now though, she kind of wished that she hadn't gone just yet. Crocus was fairly crowded and admittedly, was a little too loud for her liking. She could already feel a slight headache coming on. And so, she decided to seek refuge in a nearby café. Cafés were typically quiet, and hopefully the ones in Crocus were as well.

The Dragon Slayer slipped into the café and breathed a small sigh of relief to herself as the commotion from outside subsided into the dull sound of people chatting among themselves with the occasional clatter of cups against tables and saucers. She decided to step in line and order something, her first taste of Crocus' food, when she accidentally tripped on a nail protruding out from one of the wooden floorboards - or just over her own feet. She was known to be a bit clumsy at times. Whatever the case, she seemed to have bumped into someone, or at least came very close to.

"Sorry!" she immediately said, perhaps a bit too loudly, but not enough to send everyone's glances her way. Thankfully.

#2Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:20 pm

Lee Nakamura
The mid-morning was sorta of a rush from what she had noticed. People heading off to their work or running morning errands. Whatever the case maybe, she didnt mind noise. Unlike most people, she had to have noise in her life whether it be music or the mummers of gossip. People, light, and noise are the three things her mental state needs in order to not "break" again. Last time that happened, she nearly got discharged from the Rune Knights. Her father and uncle had to step in and take over from there. She was placed under her uncle's ruling as a punishment, but was more of a privledge in her favor.

She stopped by a nearby cafe with things she could actually eat! Not freaking garbage of mouth watering food that tasted like cardboard with texture of sandpaper or smelled like a rotting carcuss. But an actual rotting human carcass did smell good to her. Parastic Plague really could fuck up it's victims really bad! She ordered a whole ceaser salad with a full bottle of vodka and a small cup of ranch. She ate her food in a really elegant manor unlike most of hte slobs here.

She could hear her mother's voice yelling at her about her manners. Something that she actually did not miss about her mother, but the rest of the things she did. Peacefully, she listened to the small murmurs of conversations and classical music playing over the lacrima speakers. Her black mark was noticeable and everything. She got up to go get some napkins when a girl clumsy tripped over her own feet. LeeAnn caught her in time before she could land face flat into her meal. All of her food and tableware was landed safely into her hands. "Next time, tie your shoes. You could seriously get hurt" she said quietly with a blank face.

#3Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:41 pm

Assama Sinclair
Before Assama could get a face-full of food, she was caught by someone. Thank goodness, she though to herself as she got back up. She opened her mouth to thank the girl who caught her, but didn't say anything when the red-head said for her to tie her shoes next time. First of all, that was rude. Second, she was actually wearing lace-less boots. She decided to ignore that comment though. "Thanks anyway, but um, what's..." Assama began, but then ended up trailing off as she stared at the black mark that spread across the girl's right side. It was unusual. She had never seen anything like that before and her curiosity urged her to question the red-head about it, but she knew that it would be rude... but it also came to her that it was equally rude to be staring at her as well. A blush crept to her face out of embarrassment. "Oh, I'm um- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... but what is that?" Assama asked, instantly regretting it, but at the same time inwardly begging for a response.

#4Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:19 pm

Lee Nakamura
If it weren't for LeeAnn, the girl would would not have a breakfast or pride. She calmly gave her the tray of food. In the clusmy girl's eyes, she could tell that there was a bit of relief. The black mark on her face was a topic that mostly gotten her into quite the pickle of situations a lot or just a conversation piece. It's either something people found interesting or digusted. She would pick the second option. It was a touchy subject and one she dare not say in public.

The girl trailed off. Instantly, the redhead knew what kind of question was going to come out her mouth. No turning back now. Within a few minutes in time, she would ask what was on her face. A dark look come into her eyes. "It's best if I told you two words. Parasitic Plague" she said.

#5Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:23 am

Assama Sinclair
While a dark look settled on the red-head's face, Assama's eyes flickered bright with excitement as the red said the words "parasitic plague." She had to know what that was. "What's that?" she asked, vying for more information. A million thoughts raced through her mind as to what that could be, all of them most likely, without a doubt, completely false, but it was still fun to imagine things. "Actually, if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine, but if you do, want to at least sit down?" Assama asked, just wanting to sit and eat her cream cheese bagel.

#6Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:49 am

Lee Nakamura
Explaining this to a complete stranger was extremely hard for her. It was a lot of twists and turns to uncover that are poisonous to society at the mention. The girl seemed to have extreme interest and she couldn't turn her down. Maybe this would turn out of to be fine? Who knew. LeeAnn sighed as she would look at the girl. "Might as well since we're already on the topic anyways. I will warn you, brace yourself for some horrible topics to come up. There's more to this illness that meets the eye" she said. Leeann would have them sit in a private room away from people. She hated quiet placed but there was another person in the room as well as light.

"Before I carry on, I am Leeann Nakamura of the Rune Knights. I think its best if we introduce ourselves to make it less awkward" she said. Nerviously, she felt her heard pound against her chest as if it would burst through. Taking in a it of air, she exhaled a deep breath to calm her nerves like Hans had taught her. She opened her eyes remembering the sight those brutes with that leech-like creature that gave her this disease. It was rare and unheard of. Only Hans had heard of it. There was only one other case of it like her in the world. No doctor had ever heard of it. "Parasitic Plague is a illness...an illness thats in a league all on its own. I am the only one in the whole country perhaps the world if that. It acts like a parasite. Theres a lot to it, but I will explain it the best I can" she said.

"The illness was given to me as a form of torture when I was kidnapped years ago with my mother. It's from a creature called the Lichened Leech. A rare kind of leech that only breeds once ever hundred years and there are only ten specimens of its kind. If you managed to see one, it can give you this illness. I believe. There is no cure whatsoever for this disease. Though, it wont kill it's host, but more along the lines torture them. A lot" she said. This was all new to her. Not even her father knew. What would she think of this? Only her fiance knew and he helped her a lot giving her moral support. "If you know of ghouls, then thats what this turns you into. Its made my body to function much like one such as diet. I cant eat most of the foods like you can consume. I...have to eat things like humans or drink things like alcohol and water. There is a good list of things I can eat. If I dont eat humans, I will suffer a great amount of pain. I dont like it...but its something I am forced to live with" she explained.

She would wait a few moments after she spilled the beans. The subject of cannibalism was a very touchy topic. Something she dare not tell anyone. Now, she didn't going around killing people, she couldnt live with herself. Hans would come home with human meat cut neatly once a week. It was a process that she learned to know by heart. When people were amputated, Hans would get those amputated limbs since theywer unneeded and other unneeded organs. This worked out for the best. "Before you go and freak out, I dont go around killing people. That's not how I run things, I might as well kill myself in the process. My fiance gets the amputated limbs that are not needed from the local hospitals and takes them home. Even that can last me. I am trusting you wont tell anyone otherwise I am found dead" she explained.

#7Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:51 am

Assama Sinclair
Assama was glad that the red-head was going to share the parasitic plague information with her. She lead her to a small, more private, section of the café and they both sat down. The red introduced herself as LeeAnn Nakamura, a member of the Rune Knights. Assama couldn't help but have a grin escape. "Assama Sinclair of Lamia Scale," she said in return, fully knowing how much destruction and paper work has accumulated throughout the years of reckless Lamia Scale mages overdoing requests. But conflicts aside, LeeAnn started to explain what this parasitic plague actually was, and what she explained was... certainly odd, to say the least.

LeeAnn was the only one with this disease, at least that she knew of. It was given to her through torture when she was kidnapped. Some kind of leech gave her the disease. It wouldn't kill her but it would, in a sense, put her through further torture. Were the effects really that bad? It was heartbreaking that there wasn't a cure for this disease LeeAnn had to suffer through. Perhaps there was one, but it just hasn't been found yet. Though with a disease with only one person being affected, Assama was uncertain that people would take the time to find a cure for it.

LeeAnn went on to explain that this disease basically turned her into a ghoul. Ghouls had a very limited diet. She could only drink alcohol, water, and (very disgustingly) blood. Assama became unsettled when LeeAnn said that if she didn't eat humans, she would suffer. Eat humans? EAT HUMANS?! Assama's mind raced. She was a human. This woman or um, ghoul, before her ate humans. Assama did not want to be on her menu.

The cannibalistic ghoul-woman thought it was good to inform her that she doesn't go around killing people to eat them. Instead, her fiance takes some amputated limbs from the hospital for LeeAnn to eat. LeeAnn asked of her not to tell anyone about this. Assama nodded her head and said, "Alright, I won't." Although it was reassuring to know that this woman wasn't a killer, it was still a gross topic to talk about. So, she decided to change the subject. "So... your fiance. What's he like?"

#8Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:54 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had began to know how she would act by the nervous twitches from the girl's eyebrow.s The body never seemed to lie. She seemed to take it well, but knew that there was some tension in Assama's mind. It was a better reaction than she had originally thought. The redhead was always preparing for the worst of situations. "I am still human just a limited diet with some...weird quirks. Don't worry, I don't like the idea as much as you do. Its just something that happened" she replied. The mention of Lamia just rung in her mind. She remembered they were just as destructive as Fairy Tail. Her uncle, also her captain, would always get loads of reports that were strictly Lamia Scale. At least Fairy Tail paid theirs off, but honestly LeeAnn didn't care about those matters.

Automatically, Assama changed the subject to her fiance. Again, another signs of discomfort. What ever the matter was she didn't mind at all. Though, this subject yet again was a touchy topic as well, but depends on how a person took it. "He's not...what you'd expect him to be. The only word I can describe him as is spontaneous. He is the chaos to my order. Playful, very playful and has a mind frame of a kid most the time, but I love him. He's actually a kitsune" she smiled. Giving a small pause, she would look over to see how Assama would react to this. Some thought kitsunes were demons, but they actually are not. Two kinds of kitsunes, Yokai and Tomoe, the good were Tomoes as the sinister and evil were Yokai. Of course, she knew this since he had saved her life.

Again, she would give reassurance he was good otherwise Leeann would of not said yes to marrying him. "He's a good guy. Actually, he said my life and what sanity I have left. I owe him my soul basically. His name is Hans, the most wonderful and amazing person I could ever have met. I wonder how I ended up with a guy like him. He does the most random things like he started doing the tango with me with a tulip. Yes, it was romantic, but in the middle of the cafe. This very one actually" she explained. There was stars in her eyes that twinkled like the night sky. She just didn't stop smiling at the thought of him. Looking at her ring, a image of a fox shown with diamond crested fox-like eyes. Her gaze lifted to Assama. Her elbow was placed on the table as she leaned forward. "Now I get to ask you some questions, you seem like a rather sweet girl. How can a girl like yourself be in a guild like Lamia Scale. My captain gets tons of paper work for your guild's destruction. I admire you all so much. Unlike most of my fellow mates in the army, I do not ridicule the destruction since I do the same thing. What is it like there" she asked.

#9Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:05 pm

Assama Sinclair
Assama ate her bagel as she listened to LeeAnn's description of her fiance, who she now knew was named Hans, and, who was also a kitsune. This greatly surprised Assama. She did not expect her to be engaged to a kitsune. She's never expected anyone to be engaged to a kitsune. Most people were engaged to, well, people. She hasn't even seen a great deal of kitsunes in her lifetime. Even if she did meet one, she doubted she would fall in love with one, but who knows? It could happen. Though she highly doubted that it would happen the way LeeAnn fell in love with Hans. She just couldn't think of a moment where her life would be saved by someone like Hans, but she supposed that anything could happen now that she was an official mage.

"I'm glad you're happy with him. He sounds like a really great guy," Assama said to her, which was true. He did save her life after all, and he seemed fun to be around.

LeeAnn went back to when Assama first introduced herself as a member of Lamia Scale. She asked how a girl like herself could be in a guild such as Lamia Scale. She referred to how her captain gets tons of paperwork from Lamia Scale. Assama had to chuckle at that. They were just as notorious as Fairy Tail. Though, Assama had to say that she was quite surprised when LeeAnn said that she admired Lamia Scale and was even more surprised that she caused just as much destruction as Lamia Scale. She wanted to know what it was like at the guild. "The guild's great. We have lots of members, a whole variety of them, a lot I still need to get to know. Sure, the stereotype says that we're a bunch of tattoo-loving drinkers, and yeah, we do relax, have a drink or two, some more than others, but um... I guess we treat our members just like any other light guild does. If we don't treat each other like friends, we treat each other like family. How about the Rune Knights?"

#10Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:31 pm

Lee Nakamura
The looks of it the subject of Hans was not as touchy as with Selena. Thankfully, she did not think he was a demon. It was a bit relieving that she did not do that exactly. The question of how Lamia Scale was came to her. Happily, Assama gave an perk up with the spark of her eyes. The way it shined she had a lot of pride in the guild. This was LeeAnn's first time actually meeting a Lamia Scale mage in person. She loved to hear first handed experiences of anything. Guilds, jobs, monster, and anything else that would hook her interest.

She said they were drunkard there, but it as a loving guild filled with the kindest people. Something she could probably get used to. She loved rowdy bars and guilds. The noise of people always seemed to have a comfort towards it. Assama asked about the Rune Knights. "They sound wonderful! I probably should of joined a guild, but I never really regretted my desicion on being in the Rune Knights. The knights are really close actually. Strict rule base but tight. You earn respect as you rank up. I like it because I have to work for it rather than being just given it. I have a few friends I have grown fond of plus my older brother is in there with me" she smiled.

#11Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:13 pm

Assama Sinclair
Assama thought that it was interesting that LeeAnn said that she probably should have joined a guild. She would have thought that if she joined the Rune Knights, she would have no question about it. After all, the Rune Knights weren't considered a guild. They were more of a country-wide police. Some guilds were the criminals and other guilds, though dealing with conflict as well, did contribute to destruction as well.

LeeAnn told Assama that the Rune Knights were actually close to each other, which shouldn't have came to a surprise to Assama, but yet somehow still did. As suspected though, the Rune knights had strict rules and, similar to guilds, the more powerful you were, the more respect you were given. At least, that's how it was supposed to work.

"Oh, your brother's a Rune Knight too? My own brother didn't even join a guild. He's a fighter at Myras. What does your brother do for the Rune Knights? Actually... what do you do too?"

#12Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:23 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn wondered what her brother had done. She had really talked to Hikaru that much since she joined the knights or at all as the matter of the fact. Despite being in the same faction, they were never coming in face-to-face contact. she missed actually talking to him, A simple. "Hello" would a big deal to her. "We're Pages I believe? I dont know to be honest. I have been so busy with my own life and missions I really haven't thought about it. I really dont know what my brother is up to these days. He's been so busy we really haven't talked despite being in the same place. I....miss him" she said.

The tone of her voice dropped instantly. Why was she becoming soft and emotional all of sudden? She hated acting so odd around people, especially crying. They guessed it was a pride thing or something. She sighed remembering the good ol' days before things took a turn for the worse. "Sorry. Its actually been a while since I last seen my older brother" she replied.

#13Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:34 pm

Assama Sinclair
Assama nodded her head and drank some of her water as LeeAnn described how she didn't even quite know her role in the Rune Knights yet. That was some what understandable to her. Even if she was caught up in requests, Assama at least would know her duties and role of the Rune Knights. This honestly left a bad impression on the Rune Knights. If their own members didn't know what to do, how were they supposed to operate?

Sadness was evident on LeeAnn's face as she started to talk about her brother. Apparently he's been really busy and she hasn't gotten the chance to see or talk to him a lot. Assama could relate. She loved her brother but she didn't get to see him a lot ever since he began his serious training to become a fighter. She hasn't even seen her family since she left three years ago. "It's fine, I understand," Assama replied, now searching for yet another alternative topic. "So... As a Rune Knight, I assume you can use magic, right?"

#14Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:22 pm

Lee Nakamura
Being an younger sisterw as hard work, more thank most had realize. At least for the Nakamura family. That was probably she was always trying to fix her family that weren't willing to fix themselves. The only things that was fix her was finding her mother. Though, someone once told her "Fix yourself before you fix anyone else". Best advice she had ever recieved.

Hans had been her moral support. A small sigh came from her. "Thanks. Sorry about that" she whispered. Seh would wiped the tears coming down as it was a sore subject. Assama had asked what kind of magic she had used. "Seal of the Fox. Its a ktisune magic. My fiance taught it to me before that it was just basic fire magic. What kind of magic do you specialize in" she would asked a bit lightly.

#15Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:44 pm

Assama Sinclair
Assama raised her eyebrows when LeeAnn said that the magic she used was a kitsune magic. She didn't have time to question it right away, for LeeAnn asked Assama what kind of magic she herself specialized in. "Oh, It's an um... I specialize in lacrima-based wind magic." It was a half lie. Technically, her version of Dragon Slayer magic was lacrima-based and it was associated with the wind element, so she just didn't give the full truth. "So... humans can learn magic for kitsunes? Or was it just made by kitsunes, and how is it different from fire magic?" Having never heard anything like this before, it would only make sense for Assama to ask more about it. She just hoped that LeeAnn wouldn't ask more about hers.

#16Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:58 pm

Lee Nakamura
Assama held a wind-base magic that was powered by a lacrima based inside her. She remembered reading this in a book a lot of rare magics had that such as Dragon Slayer, God Slayer or something along those lines. This had caught her interest even more to see what exactly was this magic. Although, it was none of her business to pry into it much further. Assama may want to keep it to herself. Much like her brother, she was polite, sometimes. There was a certain degree to manners she performed as the other half of the times she just spoke her mind not really caring about what other people said.

"Wind, huh? That's interesting. I know rare magics are held in lacrima's sometimes. Some prefer learning first hand rather than lacrimas. You must be a brave soul to have that placed in your body." she said. The room was really small and private. She never noticed how closed in it was. Assama asked how different her magic was from regular fire. "It's taught from a kitsune. I have a tattoo on my back showing the sign of the seal. My husband and I have a contract with each other. We have to fuse in order to use my magic. Which is kinda annoying. He's never in one place. But the fusions is only for a short amount of time until I hit a high rank level. The kitsune fire burns off of spiritual energy and mana. Where as regular fire magic burns off of fuel or just plain mana" she said.

#17Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:00 pm

Assama Sinclair
Assama tensed when LeeAnn mentioned that "rare magics" were held in lacrimas, but relaxed shortly afterwards when LeeAnn said that she must have been brave to have one placed in her body. Assama had to chuckle at that. "It's not like I had much of a choice. I really couldn't learn magic the traditional way, and since my dad wanted me to use magic just like the rest of the family, I had a lacrima implanted. I didn't have any reason to be scared. I just knew that I was finally going to be able to use magic," Assama said with a casual shrug. She really never thought of getting a lacrima placed inside of her would be considered "brave." When she had the least amount of magical abilities of all her family, she was so excited when she got the chance to have more than her own father.

Assama listened as LeeAnn explained her kitsune magic. It was, in fact, taught by a kitsune, but she has to fuse with her husband to use the magic. However once she got stronger, she wouldn't need to fuse, and the fusion only lasted for a short amount of time, so it wasn't a huge drawback, but it still certainly was one. "What's it like to fuse with Hans?" Assama asked, quite intrigued by this whole thing. This kitsune magic seemed even more interesting than her Dragon Slayer magic, but that could have just been because she was used to her own magic.

#18Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:12 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn didn't noticed how tense she really was. She was good at observing. The young Nakamura only had sighed letting out a small hint of worry in tone. Perhaps she would drop the subject. It was probably best to do so since she felt a little uncomfortable. "Ah. Some people just learn differently. So tell me more about Lamia Scale. Do you have any close friends" she smiled, trying to change the subject.

She asked what it was like to fuse with her fiance, she kept thinking they were already married the way they acted sometimes. It was an odd feeling as if she felt refreshed after you take your nap. Her mind would feel clear. Though, she take on more personality of him though. She acted more chaotic and serious in battle. She was an entire different person when they fused. He could control her body and mind set if he really wanted it. "It's a weird feeling. You know when you feel good and well rested after a small nap? That's how its kinda feels like that. I am more focused and ready for battle" she replied.

#19Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:59 pm

Assama Sinclair
LeeAnn asked Assama if she had any close friends in Lamia Scale. In all honesty, the answer was 'no.' She didn't. Now that she thought about it, it was kind of sad that she wasn't close friends with anyone, right? She tried to talk with people in the guild hall, but lately finding guild members have been scarce, and she had been using up a good deal of her time training and learning her magic. "I don't, to be honest. I guess I've been so focused on training that I kind of forgot to socialize more often. I'll definitely get to know some more members though, now that I've gotten stronger."

The red head told Assama what it was like to fuse with Hans. Assama wished that she felt refreshed like that before every battle. "I wish my magic made me all focused," Assama said, taking another sip of her drink. "You know, I was wondering, what are you doing here in Crocus? Shouldn't Rune Knights be back in Era?"

#20Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:59 pm

Lee Nakamura
The redhead would say the same for herself. All she knew were of three other Rune Knight members inclding her older brother. She, too, was busy being sent on missions with her Hans and trying to use her freetime to fine her mothers with many false possible leads. "Take a break from training. Trust me, take if from someone who has been from a hard working family. If you train too much you not excel as a being at all. Sure your magic skills will be off the charts, but we need a social life. All humans and creatures yearn for interaction. My brother is the perfect example of 'working too much' she said. The last part was said with a little bit of hatred. She still held something against her brother for not seeing her or her father on his own time only if it was for a mission or a question.

The girl shrugged. Assam asked why shew as here and not in Era. "I would ask you the same thing, Assama. Like guilds, we Knight are sent on jobs or stationed in other parts of the country. We all cant be staying one place all the time. I have been to Hargeon, Magnolia, and other towns with guilds. Just never in the hometown of Lamia Scale. I was sent here actually on a small vacation with Hans for some time off, but now with the...Etherion cannon firing off. Its back on duty I go" she said. She sounded worried about what had just happened. One of the council's strongest pieces of arms was fired, how could something like that happen without the council knowing? She was extremely stressed about it.

#21Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:37 pm

Assama Sinclair
LeeAnn advised Assama to take a break from training, and she wasn't going to object. Though she still had ways to go, she shouldn't overload herself with training. As LeeAnn said, everyone needed a social life. She ended her statement with a bitter reference to her brother working too hard, and Assama could understand where she was coming from. Her own brother was a great example of that too.

Assama couldn't say that she agreed with LeeAnn, her saying that she could ask Assama why she was in Crocus instead of back home. She continued to say that "like guilds," Rune Knights were stationed in different towns. She then said something about an etherion cannon firing, and Assama would ask about that, but first she would correct her. "Actually, we're not really 'stationed' at towns. We take jobs at the guild hall and go there on our own free will. I came to Crocus because one, I wanted a break, and two, I love traveling. I wanted to see a town I had never seen before, and what better place was there to start with than the capital of Fiore? But anyway... what's this about an etherion cannon?"

#22Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:22 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn knew all about guilds and how they worked after staying there for some time stationed back in Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus for quite some time. It had been a hwile, but it was common knowledge among more commoners. "Oh yes I know very well. Rune Knights work a bit differnetly since someone has to literally assign use with a huge mission such as leading an army into battle. Though, we can do common jobs like guild do" she said.

She mentioned about hte cannon as her eyes darkened more than ever at the thought. She didn't know much about it, but it was just fired and gave the magic council a bad name. "All I know it was fired and caused a rise in dark guilds. A lot of Rune Knights have been treated horribly due to it. Whoever did it tarnished the Rune Knight's and the Magic Council's name. Lives were lost...I dont know much about it, but it was not the Magic Council's doing" she mentioned. Reall,y if she could know, she would tell her, but she didn't. Her information was limited as for an answer may go.

#23Assama Sinclair 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:51 am

Assama Sinclair

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It seemed that the subject of the Etherion Cannon was a tense one and that things were on the down low. Not even LeeAnn knew much about it. All she knew was that it wasn't the doing of the Magic Council. Even so, the Rune Knights were getting treated badly because of it. "Wow, I didn't even know..." Assama said. Not a lot of Rune Knights were stationed in Orchidia so it wasn't like she saw how Rune Knights were treated first hand. "Anyway, let's talk about something more positive. You said that you've been to Magnolia and Hargeon. What were those towns like?" Assama asked, genuinely curious as to what the towns were like. After all, she had never been there before.

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#24Lee Nakamura 

Chit Chat [LeeAnn] Empty on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:11 am

Lee Nakamura
The subject was changed immediately. The cannon was not a proud one of hers since people have been making fun of her with it. Though, what could she do about it? It was something out of her control. Assama seemed rather surprised by the news. "Not your fault. No one saw it coming, none us knights did. It happens" she replied. Really, if Lee could explain what really happened she would, but she didn't know much about it herself except a little from her Uncle Tyler.

"Hargeon is a big town of fishing and not a lot of magic shops, but is big. Magnolia is larege as well and lively much like the guilds around it" she said. Leeann heard a tiny bird with a letter. "LeeAnn Nakamura, LeeAnn Nakamura. Letter from your brother ma'am" said the tiny bird. It was blue envelope wiht a large gold seal sticker. In gold writing, it said Hikaru Nakamura. "Oh this must be important. I never hear from Hikaru" she said. She opened the letter nad it was a letter for a manditory meeting. LeeAnn closed the letter and sighed. "I'm sorry to cut ths short Assama, but I must be going. I have some important meeting to tend to. I hope to see you around" she smiled.


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LeeAnn only gave very brief descriptions of the town. Hargeon was filled with fishing and Magnolia was filled with fun. However, she didn't get to go into much detail for a bird came and gave LeeAnn a letter from her brother, Hikaru. Apparently she was being called for a meeting. She apologized for cutting their time together short. "It's fine, I understand. It was nice meeting you!" They both gave each other a smile as LeeAnn exited the café. Assama remained at their little quiet spot while she finished up her meal. Once done, she got up, threw away her trash, and exited the café as well, resuming the day with the same plans she had made previously, only now with the Magic Council, etherion cannons, and strange magics on her mind.

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