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Worth Woodsea WIP

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Town: One of the largest forests in the world, Worth Woodsea is a massive stretch of trees and lakes that goes through a large portion of the region. One can find common wildlife here, but most notable are the extremely tall tress that are found here. The trees are usually 3 times the height, if not more, than the rest of the trees found in Fiore. In addition, Worth Woodsea is known for having a large variety of monsters alongside the wildlife. These monsters are sometimes hostile, and other times are friendly, depending on the type of monster. There is also noted to be a few towns spread here and there through the forest, though none have a population that would exceed 2500.

Surroundings: Worth Woodsea is located in North Fiore. It stretches far and wide. As far as the areas outside the forest go, it seems to slowly diverge from being a forest into plains, and tundra on the north side. Worth Woodsea make a smooth transition, as the outers areas of the forest can slowly be seen advancing into that of a plain.

Politics: Worth Woodsea is under the territory of the country of Fiore, but it has no official representation, and is more of a free region. Most towns are self-governing, and only a few Rune Knight stations exists. These are to ensure that no large crimes happen in the forest, as well as to protect a government secret that is rumored to be hidden deep within the forest. The towns seem to be neutral to each other, with the exception of the town of monsters, which is feared by the other towns despite being friendly.

Economy: Worth Woodsea uses the same currency as in the rest of the country. Each town in Worth Woodsea seems to make it's money off either logging or fishing in the lakes in the forest. The forest has gained significant attention from outside logging companies in other parts of Fiore, but the natives seem to be pushing back against it, wanting their own logging customs for their own forests instead of the ones of these larger corporations.

Culture: Worth Woodsea is noted for having a large presence of totem poles, which are images of many spirits that the residents believe in stacked on top of each other. Worth Woodsea is often noted for having a strong spiritual vibe, and all the natives believe in many spirits based off wildlife that guide them through day to day life. They also believe that the monsters are evil sent from a "Spirit of Chaos", despite some monsters in the forest being friendly.

Guilds: Worth Woodsea residents know of all the guilds in the country, but have none themselves currently.


Monster Village: A village full of monsters that are very friendly, even to humans. Home to about 300 monsters of varying types, this place is always open to humans, and quite adores them. Every building seems to be made by human hands, so it is speculated the village was originally full of humans, but was abandoned and taken up by monsters.

T'kamlup: T'kamlup is the largest town in the forest, with a population of 2300. Most of it's people are native to the forest, though there are still large amounts of those who are from outside areas of Fiore and other countries. The town rests in front of a lake, and is full of totem poles. In the middle of the town rests a giant totem pole, stretching 20 meters into the air.

Non-Player Characters

Kenny: The most popular resident in Monster Village. He is very friendly to humans that come by, even if they are afraid or aggressive towards him. He is known as a "slime" and has a very gelatin-like texture. He is fairly weak, yet holds a lot of sway in the village. He runs the hotel and tavern there.
Joel: The unofficial leader of monster village. He looks tough, but is actually a crybaby. He holds very little fighting prowess, but carries a giant axe with him at all times, since it was a gift from his father. He works as a problem solver in the village, and is welcome to any and all travelers, even humans.
Kyle: A red monster that wears a tiger suit and acts like a cat. Enjoys playing pranks on the other residents, but hates getting pranked himself. Very childish, but probably the bravest in the village. He protects the town when no one else will, as he is the strongest member of the entire village in terms of brute strength.


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