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Fairy Tail Reborn

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#1Velouria Laurent 

Fairy Tail Reborn Empty Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:26 pm

Velouria Laurent
Fairy Tail Reborn TxC8tCy
Enter Fairy Tail Reborn, a land of action and magic where you can take on the character of your dreams and fight, explore, and much more in the land of Fiore! Join a guild, fight devastating monsters, meet friends and make bonds that will last a lifetime! We are a kind and helpful group that wants nothing else than to see the members of our site grow and develop while having fun in a respected environment free from judgement. Come here and partake in all your wonderful Fairy Tail roleplay ideas, we'll be waiting eagerly for you to join the adventure! Here, we have...

Dragon Slayers
Devil Slayers
God Slayers
Creativity and Creation
Friendly Members
Helpful Staff
An ever changing and growing system
Fun Events

And much more...!

Come join us at Fairy Tail Reborn!

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