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Chasing Sheep [Mission]

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on Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:32 pm


Nelly walked out of Lamia Scale guild and began to walk across the bridge. Only seven plants remained that she had made. A couple roses a couple sun flowers and one dandy lion. She smiled as she carried two sword holders on her back with nothing in them.

Nelly really was a weird person. Yesterday, with Muzikei was one of the best days of her life. She smiled as she walked to meet the old man she needed to in order to do the mission. It sure was a nice day today. The sun was out, it was pretty warm with slight breezes and the bird wouldn't stop singing or chirping. She shook her hair out. It was straightened today because curly was a bit to bouncy for a mission.

She wondered if Muzikei was still at her suite. She left him breakfast on the table. She could see the man from a distance, he held a cane and he was just outside the city.


on Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:34 pm

Nelly walked and got closer to the man. She stopped when they were exactly 2 feet away from each other. She smiled and at him and put out her hand for the elderly man to shake. He fixed his glasses and looked at her chest. Nelly caught his eye and, " YOU OLD PERVERT !"Nelly slapped him. He didn't react but instead rubbed his face as tears rolled down.

" I know there are twenty one sheep I need to capture. correct ? Hmmm and the paper said I had one day to finish. Well I will be off to capture the sheep. I'll have them in 5-6 Hours at most.Nelly turned and stared at the city. She took a deep breath before running into the city to find her first sheep. She didn't give the man time to reply because he probably would have said something slick...and she might have killed him.

While she ran in the city she saw eight to ten sheep running together. People were looking around for their owners and some people were even scared. Nelly ran faster approaching behind the sheep, she counted.
" 1...2,3...4...5,6,7...8...9...10"Nelly did not have a plan, but she was sure she would be able to get all ten sheep, maybe if she knocked them out or ran them into a store nearby.


on Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:21 pm

Nelly ran after the sheep as she saw five sheep behind the first five. She smirked and ran past the people who thought she was crazy. She hadn't been on a mission since she was fifteen...FIFTEEN YEARS OLD ! That was five years ago. Nelly wiped sweat as she ran up to the five sheep behind the front five. They turned a corner and she did the same. She boosted up her speed and decided to run on the side of the ten sheep. There was a store nearby. A small one. She started smoothly and slowly moving closer towards the sheep trying to make them move over as well, so that they were directly in front of the door of the store about 10 Meters away. She then slowed down.

She let the sheep pass her and she then ran behind them with full speed again. She kept switching the sides she was on so they would keep running straight attempting to escape. She chased them. She began to heavily breathe. Good thing she was right in front of the door. The sheep forced themselves inside through the door. They thought they were safe... bitches. Nelly slammed the door behind her. The 10 sheep were trapped and the store owner stood behind the register scared.
" Hey cutie...um...can you watch my sheep... please"

Nelly smiled and walked away as the man agreed. Gullible men were such dummies, she could have bribed money out of that sack of rocks. She looked around. Eleven more sheep to go. Nelly walked forward searching for about ten minutes until she heard a loud scream. She ran towards the direction and sure enough she saw the eleven sheep ahead. So they separated ? She chased the sheep. She ran around to stand in front of them to make them stop. They stopped but she could tell they planned to just go around her.

Nelly summoned 5 Chain plants. Two sheep in one so there was only one loose. Good thing it was the one right in front of her. She grabbed it by it's fur. The chain plants restraint the Sheep.


on Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:42 pm


Staring from the shadows away from the light of the streetlamps illuminating the dark streets of Hargeon Town was Priscilla, who lay in waiting for those foolish enough to wander the night. There were several, to be truthful. Priscilla would have to teach them to fear the night.

Among the variety of humans Priscilla had been curiously watching the behavior of a multitude of sheep, she found them far more captivating than the worthless apes. Apes or sheep her attention could only be kept for so long, so when she saw a human woman appear to ferry the sheep around Priscilla saw it as a sign. She seemed more capable than most the vermin, one of the humans called a "mage". She didn't seem so powerful to Priscilla, but a sufficient start in her efforts to terrorize Fiore. Anything to steal attention away from Valdur's mission in unbinding the Seals.

Approaching silently, for there was no sound to hear, Priscilla came up behind the mage. The closer she got the more obvious the... delicious her body was. She was so full... so ripe... Priscilla's mouth watered and she licked her lips as she followed her every curve. Then, she started to sing. Her presence was suddenly felt as the silence was broken by smooth melodic tones, speaking in her own sly language few humans knew but it was soft and hypnotic.

She neared the mage singing her song, her song of peace and tranquility. There was lust to be seen in her eyes, greed... gluttony. The woman smelled of flowers, always lovely over the stench of sweat and feces shared by many of these monkey children. Still, flowers was a strange scent for meat by normal standards.

"Hello there, beautiful" Priscilla said as she casual extended a hand to stroke the woman along her shoulder. Such a fine specimen. Such a fine meal.

Name: Serpent's Song
Rank: D
Magic Cost: 10 / 5
Class: Supplementary
Element: Sneekysnake
Effect: Serpent's song causes those who listen to be calmed. While the song is in effect people don't think about fighting and will not be hostile until an obviously threatening action is made, or is about to be made. People will easily miss small things that do not effect them. Not useful in combat, as it has no effect in combat. It's use lies in deterring combat from starting in the first place.
Cooldown: 1 post.
Duration: Sustained

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on Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:33 am

Nelly stood still as she could see from a distance that that the man who she did the mission for approached her. She wiped sweat off of her forehead and smiled. Showing him that everything was alright. She really was sorry for slapping him. She hoped he would accept her completing the mission as an apology or something. She shouted towards him" Hi old man ! The rest of the sheep are in the convenient store ! Here are the first batch though!"

Just then Nelly heard a voice, a song. It was peaceful, and it calmed her. It made her just want to sit and look at the sky...but wait...the sky was dark... what if the singing voice had the power of hypnosis. What if it's the darkness or one of those darkness people ?! The voice spoke. It greeted her and rubbed her shoulder. A complete stranger was touching her. That was enough for her to be scared or know that this was dangerous. For some reason though she was still calm. She slowly turned around to face a girl. She was beautiful but Nelly was heterosexual.

" Hi...Um... I'm sorry but who are you?" Nelly was surprised by how calm she was. She giggled.


on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:06 am

Priscilla could tell that her contact had strained the effectiveness of her song. It was a useful experiment in prodding the defenses of the human instinct, gauge reactions under the safety of the Song. Of course, it was also useful in picking of lone individuals right from under the noses of parents, guards, or crowds. Crowds are always the easiest. So many humans, so many humans trying not to pay too much attention to one another. Easy for someone to... get lost. Easy for someone to pick them off.

The woman turned around to face her and Priscilla grinned at her exposing her white pristine teeth, with slightly unnatural canines, she made sure that her "eyes were smiling" as well. Priscilla had long deducted that humans seem to be able to distinguish these things, ruining more than a few good meals her first times among these primitives. Her target giggled, surprising Priscilla. She couldn't recall a human having laughed at her before. Priscilla couldn't help but emulate the sound, giggling as well with uncanny accuracy. It was as though the woman's own laugh was sent back at her.

"Forgive my forwardness, you see I just simply haven't seen anyone so fine as yourself!" Priscilla's voice was different from before, more thick and reeking of wealth and luxury as she stroked he arm once more before hesitantly letting go as she kissed the woman's hand, licking her lips casually afterwards getting a hint of her taste.
"What do you say we get out of here and round up a bite to eat" She finished, her voice changing to sound similar, as though her voices were stolen and this one came from the same area as the last but spoken by entirely different people. She giggled again in the woman's amusing laugh and stared, waiting for her reply. Priscilla didn't like doing anything with witnesses. It was boring, having to kill everyone who might know something.

-5 for sustained cost.


on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:50 pm

(OCC Nelly asked me to join in ^_^)
Leon found himself out in the middle of the streets of Hargeon today or tonight who knew anymore this damn eternal night was pushing Leon's limits, he was slowly starting to loose his tan, one of the many reasons he was looking forward to Hargeon town. His blade was strapped to his left side where it almost always sat. He had just recently gained the new magic of Archive through his travels, and was somewhat looking for a reason to use them. He had told Muzikei that he would do a request for him a few days ago but had yet to even start to plan for it.

As he walked through the streets a sheep ran through the streets, followed by another, and another. What was going on? Leon and most the other people of Hargeon found themselves watching a young woman chase after the sheep, somewhat amusingly. Leon noticed a Lamia Scale tattoo on the woman's abdomen, peaking his curiosity.

The woman caused the sheep to be caught into plant like traps stopping them in their tracks. A useful magic to say the least. Leon was about to walk up to the woman when he noticed another heading in her direction, he could not hear the voices of the woman but their looks were enough to really peak his interest. Both were beautiful, young, and voluptuous. Leon was not one to pass a good looking girl let alone two. He brought his hand up to his mouth to do a quick breath check, fooled with his hair for a moment and headed over to them with a large smile. "Hello there, did you ladies need some help with these sheep? Seems like they are causing quiet a ruckus throughout the street. I would not want either of you lovely ladies breaking a sweat chasing after them." Leon ignored the normal personal space people preferred and threw an arm around each of the woman letting out a nice little chuckle, never once letting his smile fade away.

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on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:25 am

You cannot detect the "charm".
That would defeat the entire point of it.

Only posting this to prevent Nelly Kitteh from posting in response to this little issue.


on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:15 pm


Priscilla stared angrily at a group of seven that had just turned the corner and chatted amongst themselves as they walked down the street towards Priscilla and the woman. She didn't even get her name yet. Priscilla bit her lip as she turned away from her would-be victim.
"Maybe some other day then, I just remembered I have someplace I need to be" She said as she turned away and waved back at her only a little glance over her shoulder. "Maybe some other day" She said and walked away. She turned a corner and vanished into the night.



on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:11 pm

She was so thankful that Leon came, She knew who he was because a couple people in the guild talked about ho good he was. She looked around after closing her eyes and listened to the females soothing voice. She was awaken when the girl said she had to go. Was that it? Really? Nelly opened her eyes and watched the female vanish. The guy she did the mission for. All of the sheep were gathered. Some in the store not too far from where they were standing and some in front of the man, tied up.

Nelly turned around quickly to the man.
"Old man, The sheep are unharmed, 11 right here and a couple in that store across the street" Nelly pointed. The man nodded and she took the jewels that were in his hand and winked at him. He blushed. She turned to Leon and waved and said,Meet you at the guild!"Nelly nodded at him and smiled. She walked back to the guild slowly, all that straining and running wasn't good for the baby now was it? Nelly looked around then back behind her to make sure Leon was watching her hold the bottom of her stomach in little pain. She breathed easily. Her belly couldn't be seen but man this hurt. Little cramps.


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