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Name: Bronco

Age: 25. November 25th, X762

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Berserker

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: Red on the back of the left hand.

Face: Sol Badguy - Guilty Gear


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Black

Overall: Bronco sports the rugged look of a mercenary veteran. Standing at 6'2" and 175 lbs, he is significantly more muscular than an average half-elf, owing both to his human genetics and years of training. He walks with his head held high and full of pride, his posture that of a nobleman despite a lack of titles.

His hair is dark brown, rugged and windswept, with a shaggy long ponytail. He wears a black undershirt, over top of which is a red leather chestguard. For bottoms he wears off-white pants held together by multiple leather belts with a large iron buckle on the waist. For footwear he slips on red and black running shoes with no laces - no time for tying laces, in his eyes. Another thing that he thinks is stylish is fingerless gloves, of which he'll wear a black pair most of the time when out and about.

Another notable aspect of his style is the red headband around his forehead. It was a common tactic within his old mercenary company to wear one just above the eyes for a more intimidating glare as they fought. Nowadays, Bronco keeps it as an old memento.

Extra: There's a gigantic horizontal scar across his forehead, usually covered by his headband.


Personality: Bronco is impulsive, prideful and quick to pick a fight if tension escalates to a high. Despite this, he isn't stupid. As a mercenary who survived multiple years on the front lines, he is perceptive of the various personalities and ideals that clash on a battlefield. He also makes sure not to take any actions from any enemies personally, understanding that everybody fights for a cause they believe in.

He's witnessed just about every common battle tactic a soldier could come across, and as such is more cautious in social situations. He enjoys keeping his options open, tending not to imply whether he sides with one faction or another in any conflict, whether it be a conflict of steel or of morals.  It's only when things get more personal for him that his emotions take over.

As a soldier, Bronco wasn't the kind that cowered behind a formation or read books to improve his ability to think and rationalize. He knew only one way to play the game of war: to get a really big weapon and flatten his enemies with it on the front lines. While others were planning to do this or that and align rows of soldiers, he was already charging ahead making sure he had the biggest weapon and the widest smile. And if his weapon broke or was lost? He'd grit his teeth and prepare for a slugfest against his opponents, armed and armored or otherwise.

The end result of treating battles as something to experience was a natural instinct developed over time. Clearing his mind of any thoughts of a strategy or a plan beyond the current moment allowed him to react that extra bit faster and go that extra distance further than his enemies.

In recent years since the disband of his mercenary crew, he's calmed down, however. Realizing that the time for war between mortals has been on the decline, he has dedicated himself to a new cause: hunting down dark wizards and demons.


  • Battle: Bronco comes alive in battle. It's a time for him to forget any other worries life might throw at him, because the threat of death at any moment overrides any of those other things that begin to seem minor in comparison.

  • Food: He's a simple man. Other than a good fight, the other thing Bronco likes is to eat after a good fight. It brings him nostalgia to his days alongside his fellow soldiers, and he loves to try new foods from all kinds of cultures.


  • High Society: The pompous, the rich, the noble, the royal. No matter who it may be, Bronco is simultaneously annoyed and bored to tears by those on the greener side of the grass. He finds it insulting that thousands of commoners die so that a single noble can breathe longer, ignorant to the lives that were lost to bring about their survival.

  • Priests: Bronco has a strong disliking of any of the "smug pricks" within Fiore's religious structure. Their belief that mere words can affect the masses towards a different path is pathetic to him. They're mere sheep grasping at something bigger when the truth is that mortals should fend for themselves.


  • Reform: Bronco can't stand to see Fiore in its current state of political mind games, fake smiles and cowardly betrayals on one another. Instead, this ambitious mercenary would see Fiore united as one, all of the snakes within their political structure executed, and bringing forth a kingdom of talented wizards and warriors working together for a new future; or else the neighboring countries will take it from Fiore one way or another.


  • World Peace: Many nights, Bronco tosses and turns in his sleep. Nightmares of a world without violence. Where everybody is happy and nobody remembers what weapons were used for. While Bronco seeks a united Fiore, he doesn't want a peaceful Fiore. Peace breeds laziness and mediocrity. The threat of peace is a constant anxiety for him, causing fear deep in his soul at the potential of either good or evil eventually winning the constant struggle.

  • Deep Water/Ocean: Despite being a combatant who has seen multiple battlefields, he never got over his fear of deeper waters and the ocean. He doesn't like the idea of a place that goes down so far that one can't see what's at the bottom. Just about anything could be waiting down there, waiting to pull an unsuspecting fool in.


Magic Name: Blaze Accel

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Blaze Accel is a magic that has the power to convert the caster's fighting spirit into real heat and flames. A typical user of this magic could perform many feats of strategy and have different variations of the power, but not in Bronco's case. He simply received a crash course from his mercenary captain and fell asleep halfway through, pretending he knew its full capabilities but actually only taking away from it that the "more ready for a fight I am, the stronger I get".

Thus, Bronco's version of Blaze Accel is capable of enhancing his own body with flames fueled by his desire to fight. This can be to boost any part of himself to aid him in combat, giving his body that extra push it needs to grant him victory.


History: For as long as he could remember, Bronco was Bronco. The way his fellow soldiers put it, he was sold off to their mercenary company before he could even walk. Presumably he was birthed to a poor family that needed money, and so sold his infant self off with the promise of being raised within the company's ranks as a warrior.

Red Strike was the company's name, and for as long as Bronco remembered it was his true family. He grew up strong, forced through rigorous training routines to build himself for battle. When he wasn't honing his skills, he was washing dishes, cooking food and various chores throughout their encampment. It wasn't a glamorous life, but it was the only one he knew. Every now and again he'd see men and women visit their group, dressed in fine silks and with wide smiles. Those smiles especially stuck with him.

Eventually when Bronco grew to the age of 14 he was deemed physically mature enough to begin fighting on the frontlines with the rest of Red Strike. A sword was placed into the boy's hand, and off he went shoulder to shoulder with others he had come to know over his life.

The boy, young as he was, didn't remember what the mission was or even what they were supposed to accomplish. And in the end, it didn't matter, either. All that mattered was the world seemingly stopping as he plunged his blade through a man's chest on the battlefield. His first kill, someone he didn't even know; and though he was horrified by the deaths of his friends and allies around him, that was soon overridden by something more powerful. Pleasure.

So enamored with the power to end a life with the swing of some tempered, refined metal, he continued. A single fourteen year old boy, fighting alongside veterans as if he was born for a life of war - it was astonishing, both to friends and foes.

Red Strike became increasingly more influential over the years, with Bronco participating in more and more fights. He learned magic, and how to use knowledge of the arcane, small as it was, to further his talent for weaponry. For many years thereafter, things were prosperous. The company was content and successful.

One day, a woman of elven heritage entered their encampment with the promise of bounty beyond the men's wildest dreams; even their oldest and most hardened veterans lit up at the promise. Bronco wasn't involved with negotiations, so he wasn't to know his pay. Regardless, he was happy for the rest of the group's happiness.

Their mission was to raid a bandit camp within the forests near Magnolia. They made way, and upon getting there discovered a recently abandoned camp site.

Red Strike never saw the ambush coming. Magic of some kind, used to obscure their presence. They were aware of the attack in advance.

After the surrendering mercenaries were captured, Bronco included, they were greeted by the familiar face of the elven woman. The way she described it, Red Strike had killed her brother in a previous skirmish with another mercenary company, and sought revenge.

One by one, as Bronco was chained and forced to watch his trusted friends be executed, he could feel a rage boiling inside of him. His skin grew hot, his vision grew red, and then his consciousness went black.

He awoke in the middle of Magnolia late at night, cuts and arrows all over his bloody mess of a body. The flesh all over his body was on fire despite there being no burn wounds or flames in sight.

Eventually, an old married couple found Bronco and took him in. For the better part of three years they helped rehabilitate him. Turns out he was paralyzed from the waist down, and so he underwent rigorous therapy daily to regain his ability to walk and fight, as well as to be able to use magic again.

Now at the age of 25, Bronco sets out once more. Being a resident cripple of Magnolia for so long, he's had time to listen to the locals and their complaints throughout town, as well as see it with his own eyes. The kingdom is corrupt, the seed of darkness implanted within its nobles and politicians of plastic smiles. Alone or with friends he'll see it rebuilt, and see Fiore to its maximum potential as a kingdom.

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Before we start getting into grading this application, there's one thing I need to address. This seems to be an entirely different character than Relius. Since Relius was approved during Season 1, this account is permanently linked to him. If you wish to create a new character, you must create a new account.

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