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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Meliodas]

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Meliodas Stormbringer

The Eastwood's were always a beautiful place to visit although they were known for being dangerous and one would not normally enter them alone but Meliodas knew that he had to go into the forest in order to deliver the parcel of food for the old hermit in exchange for some herbs which Khalash, the magic shop owner was in dire need of. Meliodas had always been drawn too and had a deep love the east Forest with its beautiful trees, lush grass and exotic plants. 

The sun was beating down as Meliodas made his way into the east Forest, it was a pleasant walk as the sun managed to make its way through the canopy which made for a nice change in temperature between the Heat and the sun and the coolness of the shade. He pulled from his pocket the directional map that Carl had given him, he scratched his head as he continued his walk deeper into the forest enjoying the sound of the animals and the church of the birds around him. How can people be scared of this place he thought to himself before taking a moment to sit beneath an old oak tree. He closed his eyes for a moment and just took in the feeling of nature, it was something that Meliodas had always loved about the forest, even from a young boy he would venture just on the outskirts just so he could feel how calm and relaxing the forest could make you feel if you took the time to enjoy it.

He let out a calm breath before reopening his eyes and looking down into his hand at the piece of paper. He could see that he was certainly getting closer he just needed to locate the large tree with the door. He got to his feet and continued on his way whistling happily to himself just enjoying the pleasantness of the day. It was an hour before he finally found the door, located in a massive Oak, much older than the one he had sat beneath earlier that same day.

Meliodas knocked lightly on the door and took a step back as to not feel as if he were being intrusive. He waited patiently until the door opened and there stood the old hermit with a rather tatty looking book clutched in his hands, he was a man who had long since lost the use of his real name and had merely been content to be called the hermit. He looked at Meliodas for a moment before he spoke out; “You must be the fellow Khalash sent am I correct?” Meliodas gave a smile; “That’s me.” He said unstrapping the food parcel from his back. The hermit turned his back to Meliodas and waved him to follow on. He did so to enter what looked like a fairy’s dream, the whole house was made to exquisite precision with worktops, a small bookcase filled with books, a kitchen and a seating area. He had to take a moment to take it all in as it seemed strange for a place as lavish as this to be in the middle of a tree in the middle of the east forest of all places.

The hermit set down the book on the table and took a seat with a sigh as Meliodas moved over next to him and set the food package down, the elderly man opened it to show a kind variety of foods. He nodded to himself muttering things under his breath before getting out of his seat and moving to a cupboard in his kitchen, pulling out a variety of herbs that Meliodas did not recognise. “Now, can you please take these back to Khalash, you may use the same package if needs are.” He began to stuff the small bag with the herbs and handed them back to Meliodas before raising a hand.

“Oh! I forgot one more!” He mused as he made his way back to the cupboard followed by more mutterings and huffs and puffs before coming back out with a strong looking plant; “Chew on this, it’s called liquorice root and it is very good for you! A growing boy like yourself needs all the help he can get!” He giggled to himself as Meliodas accepted the root he scratched his head blushing; “I’m 22… I don’t know how much growing I can do!” He laughed before the pair were chuckling happily to themselves. The hermit placed a hand on Meliodas’ shoulder and in a reassuring voice, he said; “Who said anything about getting taller? All the best things come in small packages anyway, just look at my house. It’s small and it is perfect!” He mused to himself somewhat smugly. Meliodas slung the package of herbs onto his back and set off, chewing lightly on the root. The plant itself was rather tasty, sweet with a strange taste he had not come across before but certainly not unpleasant. The more and more he chewed on the root the more he felt as though his magic was growing with him, it was strangely exhilarating!

It was a relatively easy route back to Magnolia from the forest and ti was just before dark when Meliodas walked into the shop once more faced with the peculiar appearance of Khalash who appeared to seem more tired than before. “Got all the herbs you wanted.” He passed the bag to Khalash who gave a few nods and took a bag of coins from behind the door and placed them into Meliodas’ hand. “thank you, my boy, now if you don't mind I’m exhausted! We have sold a great deal today and I can’t stay awake for a moment longer than is utterly necessary.” He grumbled before closing the door. Meliodas blinked for a moment before shrugging to himself and making his way back to the guild, after all, he was feeling more spritely than ever and he was sure there was drinking and partying to be done with his new found energy and vigour.

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