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Hammer Time (Sekiya)

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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:06 am



Quest: Hammer Time

Barras Berend: Barras is a smith who sells all sorts weapons and armors. He is a kind guy with a lot good in him. His skills even caught the eye of the lord, which got him the task of supplying equipment for the guards and knights of Magnolia. Even thought this alone grants him a pretty stable income, he still loves to produce for other customers as well.

Summary: Barras is an incredibly accomplished smith, his wares distributed everywhere. While this prestige is great for business, the demand for his wares is often more than he can reasonably produce. In order to make up for this, he has decided to ask for some outside help in the basic aspects of metalworking. Ideally he would prefer a stunningly talented metal mage, but he knows that the supply of those is very low. Anyone is fine for the job, so long as they can put in the work.


The sounds of metal and fire was enough to unease her. She took a deep breath in. It wasn't her ideal day, but with knowledge came power. With power, came authority. With it, she would serve the deity and be free from her grasp. It was just another step for her to get what she wanted; Power.

She put her hand on the door, feeling the wood of it. She was going to learn how to blacksmith today. With it, her powers would grow and progress. With a deep breath again, she pushed on it, opening the entrance, the door swinging inwards.

"You the girl here for the job?" His voice was demanding, but held curiosity and kindness. His voice came from deep within the shop, his fists holding a hammer and the metal in front of him working on what looked like a large sword or spear. It was too early in the process to really know what he was working on.

"Yes, I am Sekiya. I am learning to smith weapons." she would bow, of which a hint of a laugh or a giggle would be heard. Surely he was unused to such formlessness. He;d scoff at her words, only to rise from his seat to point over to the corner of the room.

"First step, you must decide what you are going to make today." The corner was filled with various weapons. Swords. Halberds. Knives. Daggers. Everything sat in the corner. "I need weapons, what weapon you create is in your hands."

She would look at the dark skinned man again, only then noticing that one of his arms were bandaged. His expert knowledge would be handicapped by his own physical being. Sekiya on the other hand was fully physically able, but held no knowledge.

"So that's what this is about." she thought to herself. She understood that her free lesson in blacksmithing was only made possible because she was to act as that man's untrained hands. She was not one to complain however, as she would leave the day with greater knowledge of the art itself.

"When you have decided, I want you to bring that here." he instructed her, "As a novice, you will need to visually see your goal in front of you, until you can make it within your mind." he carefully worded his tasks to the girl. As if he knew her own issues with working with her hands.

Sekiya would nod, walking over to a sickle like halberd. She thought it was interesting and would sow her a lot to learn, but seeing as most of it was wood, she wondered what she was really able to make of it.

"Bring it." he would say, watching her look into the edge of the blade. Sekiya would pick up the meter long staff and begin to walk towards her new mentor.

"I have metal poles as well as wooden ones in my back room, we can make a few of these heads. It's fairly simple. You chose a good first project."

She would carry the fine ware over to him, and from behind him another assistant would appear. Sekiya blushed at the sight of him. He was rather good looking and handsome, and he must have been there the whole time. She wondered what he thought about her.

She would set the staff against the wall for her to see, only for the blacksmith to stare at her.

"Give it here." He spoke kindly, like a father to a child who was learning to walk. He would, with his good hand, and in a single twist and bend, he would remove the end blade without a single error. The pole was undamaged and the blade was set simply beside her. The staff was handed to the other boy, and he set it in a holder on the other side of the forge.

She stared at the blade as it lay at her feet. It was flat, the folds of the metal shown. She smiled at the thought of a little challenge. She put on the gloves that rested on the anvil. In one hand she picked up the hammer, and in the other large tongs found its way into her grasp.

The assistant boy would take an even large set to pull out a long metal bar from the forge. he would set it on the anvil in front of the girl. Sekiya nodded.

"Just flatten it and fold it twice." the boy said. And of which, Sekiya would obey.

The most useful process is the folding, where the metals are forge welded, folded, and welded again, as many as 16 times. The folding removes impurities and helps even out the carbon content, while the alternating layers combine hardness with ductility to greatly enhance the toughness. But Sekiya was a novice, and these skill was pointless. Even if she folded it 32 times, it would be weak in comparison. For this task, she was to make many, not one strong one. That would be for another day.

The hammer felt onto the heatened steel. The clang of the metal followed with each second. Sekiya would begin to sling slower, but with more force. It would take her no more than a few minutes on each one. She would flatten them into long pieces, later to be shaped.

She would do this as the blacksmith himself watched, inspecting the metal as she tossed them aside to cool. Everyone watched her craft with precision and effort. it would pass, and soon two dozen steel pieces were set aside.

The assistant would leave the area from them, only to grab an assortment of staves to be used with the completed results. It was odd to think that so many weapons could be made by one person in a single day, but they were produced for numbers, not for quality. Sekiya was not the first, nor last to come in for this blacksmith's help, she was sure of it.

"That's enough for today." the blacksmith would say. He held the cooled steel in his hand, looking over it. "Come by tomorrow, we can shape them and finish what you started. If not, then thank you anyways missus."

Sekiya would nod, smiling. She would quickly make her way out of the building.

She would be back, if not to learn, for him. And she didn't mean the blacksmith.

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