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A Shrine Of Marble (無名) [Orchidia Foot Travel to Crocus]

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on Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:39 pm



She couldn't possibly remember every story behind every shrine. She knew only the ones near her own home in Oak. Anything that wasn't local was a myth or rumor at best, save for the one shrine she built with her father. This white marbled shrine was unknown to her and nothing more than a bedtime story.

Here, several elderly people bowed to the shrine in silence, while a single man sat on a bench facing his friends as they continued to pray.

"So you are the one." the only man spoke to Sekiya as she took a silent seat beside him. "You are the Manji who was born in Fiore." he would bow his head to her. Sekiya would be loss for words, wondering if in Oak, they had been doing it all wrong.

"How do you know I am a Manji?" she would ask the man, curious.

"Your fair skin and dark hair. You come here with candles instead of matches. You walk with familiarity with this shrine, even though we all know you have never been here before." the old man answered with a smile on his face. It was odd, but in a way, soothing to hear ins words.

"What does the Manji name mean you all of you here?" she asked, wanting to find an answer on this side of the country.

"The great Nameless God's father was a descendant of the founder of the Manji House. It was by his hand that these shrines were build long ago, and years after, tended to his descendants. His nameless child protected those that protected and tended to the shrine." He spoke like a history teacher, but Sekiya didn't mind. "The Manji name is as good as a god's name here. Our god may not have a name, but our god is a full bloodied Manji."

Sekiya would be more than pleased to find her answers for now. Perhaps she would return to this place once more at another time.

(exit to Crocus)

To pray at this shrine, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.

#2Namé Les 

on Fri May 04, 2018 11:39 am



How could anyone expect a rumor to be anything but a rumor? There was a degree that stated the materials used for each of their monuments. There was orders and methods to each of their steps to ensure perfection. She had seen it from a mile away, but she couldn't believe it even now, as she stood right before it.

She nodded her head in dissatisfaction. The candles were all extinguished. But why? She saw two monks not far from it, sitting on a fell tree, speaking to each other in high spirits.

Namé Les threw the plaque on the ground, as the base of the lantern, as well as her blade. One would hear the sound of the metal sword hitting the stone. He would stand from his seat and advance to the girl.

"You have come too late." he would speak with a smile. "You are far too late." he was holding his own hands, a necklace of beads clasped within them.

"What do you mean?" she asked, wondering what it could have all meant.

"She lives, she walks among us. Our god." he would give a smile, "The true crowned heir to the Manji. She has come to change our ways. She has come to show us of her own time."

She smiled, almost laughing, she turned away and begun to walk in the direction of the festival. "Then my work wasn't in vain. She will finish what I have started."


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