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Syllas Banquet

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Before all of this, she saw some flier that was on call for some banquet. After a short wait, a man who looked to be a senior guard came to the gate to address the crowd. "For all magic users answering the flyers in town, can I have your attention. Anyone else is dismissed," he stated, waiting for the crowd to clear of people who just wanted to see what was going on. "As some of you may know, Lord of Marigold, Fernando de Syllas, is throwing a banquet this afternoon for some guests to the country. He and he assumes others, enjoy seeing new forms of magic and the magical arts. Therefore, he desires to employ you all as entertainment for the next few hours. You will be fed during your stay and after you have given your demonstration, you will be paid handsomely. For those of you who are interested, please form a single file line and follow me. The rest of you are dismissed and thank you for your time." he explained before turning away. 'Crap! I don't have magic... but the money...' she thought in a sulking manner. The guards at the gates offered the entrance to those who wanted. The crowd thinned in both directions as Cosmiare joined the group heading into the castle, while some others rejected the offer and headed back into town. Arriving at the castle doors, and still, in a single file line, another guard altogether had a quick word with each mage before he entered. As she came closer to the doors as she would power walk, she could make out what was being asked. Each wizard was being asked his name and magic, as well as whether they would need props of any kind to put on a great demonstration. The divulging of magic was a problem in Cosmi's mind. There were only a select few people that knew Cosmiare in general. She didn't have any magic abilities so it was difficult to think of how this will work. Her golden eyes would look left and right as she tried to think of a solution. There was a way right? 'Come on! You have to think of something...' she thought and then Cosmiare would just have to hope that her plan with saying nature magic would be a good enough answer. "Name, guild, and magic?" the guard inquired as she stepped up to him. "Cosmiare from Blue Pegasus, and I use.... '' she started as she then tried to think of a magic that was super easy to make up. 'What magic can I do that I can pretend to have?' she wondered as her eyes looked. 'Nature! I ... I use nature magic. Yep!'' she answered. It honestly took awhile as she would then The guard wrote her answers down in a notepad. "And will you need any props to put on a good demonstration?" he continued stoically. ''Some dirt and trees with some.. uh.. shading in the light. Yea!'' she just gestured and explained. "I'm sure we can arrange that. That will be all, Cosmiare, thank you.



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Down the hall and to the left is the waiting room. We'll come and get you all when the time comes." he instructed, to which Cosmiare nodded in return and went into the aforementioned room.

After about an hour of listening to other people discuss war stories and cracking jokes, she sampled some of the food that was offered, finding some things she liked and some she didn't. The doors would open suddenly and a guard entered, stating it was time to go on. The group of about some people followed him down the hallway and into a huge ballroom. Instructed to wait in an area next to the stage, the man on stage with flowing red hair and the fanciest suit Cosmiare had ever seen. "Welcome mages of Fiore! I am Lord Syllas. On behalf of my guests, thank you for agreeing to demonstrate your different magical abilities for us today." he spoke, prompting a round of applause from their audience. One by one, the Lord would call people by name using the notepad the guard from earlier was writing in. When it came to Cosmiare's turn, she would take the stage as Syllas spoke. "Cosmiare, everyone. A Nature mage from Blue Pegasus." She remembered that before she even came over here, she kind of stuffed some leaves in her long sleeves and perhaps some other things as she had to trick these guys somehow... The people saw that she was a kid in which they would do all their awe's and thinking how she was adorable. Her face blushed a little as she was afraid to really do anything and the fact that she could perhaps mess this all up. 'Oh no! What have I done...' she thought as she would then think of how to do this first. ''I... I will first make leafs appear. After that shall I turn them into flowers. Finally, I will create needles out of wood and fling them towards that target on... on the wall!'' she spoke so confident, or she at least tried to. Her eyes looked at the crowd and then saw where the shade was located. Her hand motioned up as the left would go down. Her hand pressed together to then make it glow due to some button stuck on her hand. Leafs would appear and flow everywhere. A man behind was blowing a quiet fan making it look like she was controlling it. Did that guy know? Phew. After that she would grab the leafs and close them in her palm, making flowers then slide out of her shirt, but with a bang of light, no one could see her switching the leafs and flowers. They clapped simply as they were more honestly thinking she was adorable more than watching the magic itself. Soon enough she would use a target to then form some wooden needles from her sleeves, fling them at the target and succeed. Soon finally after that she would get her reward and then leave.


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