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Feed The Fish [Mission]

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She smiled as she would twirl on about in her dress that she wore that one day when she played chess with that boy. She doesn't remember his name at the second as she started to walk, but she did remember his face. He was kind of cute, too bad it was some client that she probably won't really get to see again. Her lips somewhat frowned a little due to the fact there were barely any kids who did stuff like quests, adventure and such. She felt alone whens he honestly thought about it. Her dress-like outfit with pink flowers as the base color is light ocean blue. The waist line of the outfit was the obvious white as the shoulders were short and cuffed with white frills. Her shoes were white and sure enough she would look like one of those dressed up pretty kids. Her hair had a bow and it was forcefully brushed down so it wasn't really sticking up like usual. That's what she had on last time. Her eyes of golden oceans would stare at the sky as they would shine like gold itself. She wasn't highly sure on what was going to one hundred percent happen in this quest, but sure enough it had to do with fishes or so she thinks. She remembered going to the Oasis and feeling, swimming and feeding the fishes in her Country. It was rare for her to go there so she always tried to enjoy it at every moment that she possibly could. She would smile small as her golden eyes wandered about. Her eyes saw the beach in which she was passing by and remembered pretty much what happened over there. ''I'll use this for whatever then.'' she would say and grabbed it. ''Good cause you're going to need it short fry. I believe in you man.'' he spoke. 'Man? ...' she thought as she would then corner her eyes and then at him. ''Alright. Let's go!'' she would say as she would put the stand stool where he was going to lift. ''One.... two ... Three...'' he spoke as she would keep going up and down the stool and added more stuff. ''Alright now. Here we go!'' he spoke and lifted up a heavy amount of weights. He seemed trouble so she would get on top of the stool to help it down. Even though she was small looking, she was stronger than mostly anyone would think. As she would help, she'd get off the stool and look at him. ''Wow. You surprised me. Here you go kid. See yea.'' he spoke and gave her the reward. She would leave soon after. It didn't matter in the end since maybe she would get to see that guy again someday. Those weights were getting really heavy, but for now she has to worry about getting to the girl she was supposed to help today.

Finally at the warehouse she would knock softly and then harder. ''HELLO?!'' she yelled in her girl-like voice and knocked even harder. The door would open and sighed, fitting into the small space that was open. She would walk on the cement floor and looked around. ''It's all dusty in here. Geez. No one cleans?'' she spoke to herself and then looked to see a note that had 'Grab this and meet me here.' and had a name on it. ''OH that place.'' she spoke and then walked towards that direction. Her eyes looked around and saw the woman. ''Raina?'' she questioned and tilted her head. ''Oh yes. Over here.'' the woman spoke and smiled, grabbing the fish food. Cosmiare would sit next to her as she watched the fishes swim, waiting for the food. ''So cute! Fishy fishy fishy, you shall be my squishy.~'' she teased and kicked her feet a little. The water was down low enough so she couldnt kick the actual water. The two would talk a little as she would feed the fishes. Sometimes even getting up to follow. Finally it was getting darker as she would thank Cosmiare for helping. After that she would leave with the reward at hand.



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