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Feed the Fish [Quest|Victor]

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It was another sunny day in Hargeon and Victor was already up, walking down the familiar road to Raina’s lab. He had met the woman the other day during a mission to help her test out some water samples for salt and pollution. She hadn’t been too impressed by their first meeting but still asked for Victor to help her with some other things the next day. He wore black t shirt and a jacket along with dark grey jeans and black converse shoes. He had a cap on to protect him from the sun as well. Summers in Hargeon weren’t so forgiving. While it could be worse in other places, Victor still found them annoying.

He reached the lab a few minutes later to see Raina already packing some fish food in a bag. She noticed him when he knocked on the door, giving him a curt hello before going back to her packing. She gestured for him to do the same and he quickly grabbed another bag to pack all the fish food. This was going to be one long day to spend feeding fishes all by themselves. Gathering all the materials needed, Victor easily took all the bags as he followed Raina to the canal.

They took a small boat down the canal, Victor carefully placing the bag down and rowing them to the middle of it where Raina proceeded to feed the fish. He helped too, taking a bottle of fish food and slowly shaking it over the gathering fishes. They gathered, swishing and swirling around the surface of the water, eager to get their food.

Raina started making comments about how these lives should be protected again and Victor just stood to the side with no more comments to make. They spent the rest of the afternoon rowing across the canal and feeding more fishes. He even gathered a bunch of it on his hand and threw it around as to have the food reach a wider area.

“It is sad that the water pollution can kill these little things if they are not protected,” Raina began again, making Victor roll his eyes at the conversation all over again. But he kept quiet, busying himself by still throwing some fish food here and there. He wasn’t the big save the nature type of person and he probably understood where Raina was coming from too but that didn’t mean that he liked ranting about it anywhere and everywhere to anyone and everyone. He liked nature too, felt very comfortable in the middle of it, but he also knew that some things couldn’t be helped. A lot of things could be preached but that’s all that is there to it.

He wiped the remaining fish food on his hand with a small towel, finally done with feeding all the fishes. It was already getting very late and the sun was just about to set. Victor remembered that maybe Raina would remember his sister. “Hey, do you know an Evangeline?” he asked her, watching excitedly as her eyes widened in recognition. “You are her….?” She trailed off. “Little brother!” he said enthusiastically and for some reason, Raina looked very happy. “How nice that you have someone as capable as her as a sister,” Raina complimented Eva, making Victor scream a little in happiness inside. It was always nice to hear people talk about his sister. He heard that she was a seated knight now and went around Fiore busy with her modelling work and Rune Knight duties.

“Maybe you can drop by another day to help me with something else,” Raina told him as she handed him over the rewards of his hard work. They rowed back to the land where he accepted it happily and replied. “Of course. What do you need help with?” he asked her, getting off the boat. “I need someone to take care of my lab for a day. I’ll be busy and I have no one else to ask,” she answered as Victor tilted his head up in thought. He didn’t have much to do back at the guild. If it wasn’t this, he would most likely spend the day reading mystery novels. “Alright. I got it. I’ll be there”.


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