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Syllas Banquet [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:10 am

Phoebe had done some theatre work but she had not liked Alice and her big mouth about wanting to test Phoebe and how she was with an audience. She had no right! There was absolutely so much that she could handle but being tested for an audience on a stage! That was ridiculous no amount of job paid well enough for that and so Phoebe had decided that for now she wouldn’t take jobs anymore for the theatre. She was angry because of that and she didn’t like being angry because that would mean that she would lose control over her power and that was absolutely not the idea. She had accidentally put the blanket that the inn had given her in case it was cold at night, on fire. She had quickly thrown it in the sink and had saved it but she was taught how to act quick in this case and since it distracted her in a way that she wasn’t angry but panicking, which was most of the time a bad idea too but now it seemed fine, she was able to think fast, put the water on and it was now drying with only one black scorch mark as if someone put their cigarette out on it. She tried to calm down by folding her clothing into the wardrobe that was there because it would be nicer to use that instead of her bag all time and besides it was better for her clothing as well.

She would go on a new job. She just needed to find something that wasn’t related to the theatre and she wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t bump into anyone from there. The crowd wouldn’t recognize her as Romeo since she was a woman and her hair was loose again which was too long for people to understand she could be the same person. So she would make sure the plaid was fine before she headed out on her bright red heels, the ones that had never hurt her before and thus were a comfortable wear to walk. She was looking around town for places that offered jobs instead of at the quest board but in the end she just made her way over there to find some information. Again there were a lot of jobs also including jobs about the theatre where she absolutely wouldn’t go. Before this she was never interested at watching a play for the play, so why go now. She read them all and noticed one that asked for several mages to show their magic. That wasn’t so difficult. She continued to read and noticed that the address was that of the castle and it was the ruler of Marigold town. She quickly checked her reflection to see if it was good enough and apart from her demin jacket she looked rather pretty, that demin made it a bit too casual, but she wasn’t going to complain if they would allow her to perform some fire magic. This was why she trained her temper.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:00 pm

It was not a long walk up the hill to get to the castle where the banquet would be. It was a n ice walk and the path was smooth and good taken care off. She was sure the banquet had already started considering that the quest had been on the board since this morning. She thought about what spells she would be able to show around because she was using Fire she didn’t want to hurt someone, if she was using water for example, she could wet someone by accident not burn. But she was sure she would be fine as she had control for so far as she had trained. She frowned a little to herself as she entered the flat land where the perimeters of the castle started. A little nervous she took the steps on the porch and walked to one of the guards that was protecting the door. She had not taken the quest with her as she was sure there might be other mages that wanted to come. So how to proof she came for that. Well all she needed was a bit of luck. ”Hi, I’m Phoebe Rainsworth and I noticed the quest on the townsboard. I’m a Fire mage, is it possible for me to join?” The guard went inside to ask the man himself and would make sure there was another spot for her. He told her that she would have to go to the middle, underneath the chandelier when it was her turn. So she nodded and would wait for that. She didn’t even dare to eat, she didn’t want any crumbs on her shirt or so.

She stared at the nature mage that made flowers out of nowhere and it was really interesting to see and so different from hers. When it was her time she moved up to the middle and smiled to everyone. She brushed her raven black hair over her shoulder and looked up and first made her fire ring that would go up the chandelier and stopped before touching, showing how much she controlled it. She showed her fire ball and threw it into the air as well but away from the chandelier in case she couldn’t react too fast. After that she used the torch spell and everyone clapped for her as it was normal to do three spells apparently. So she bowed as a thank you and walked away. The Guard immediately came back to her to give her some jewels. Which was really nice and she took a few things to bite as that was apparently allowed and after that quickly left the banquet because she saw someone that she didn’t want to see: Alice Nightingale. Maybe she should leave this town for now because she didn’t want to be in the theatre anymore and Alice seemed to be everywhere. Rest in Hargeon before she would go on again. It sounded like a fine idea. So she headed back to the inn, stored her jewels and decided to leave.


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