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Hargeon to Orchidia

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#1Anton Lacroix 

Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:11 am

Anton had to get out of the city. That little theft he had committed on Maxwell's ex girlfriend was one thing, but it hadn't been long before the thief had pulled off yet another heist in the city, pilfering some funds from a Mage Travelling through the city. The Mage in question was relatively well off, and Anton had no doubt they would be trying to find the one responsible. Thankfully Anton himself wasn't too noticeable, so he could slip out of the city without causing a fuss. But where to go from here?

Well, as Hargeon was in the south, it only made sense for Anton to head north, to keep himself as far away from the town as possible until things died down. As who knows, maybe Anton could find more opportunities in the North. With the money Anton had collected, he was able to get himself passage out of Hargeon and up to Magnolia. The trip had been fairy straight forward. A private carriage that went by rather uneventfully. Which was good because Anton didn't want to have to deal with potential bandits or anything like that. Besides, less people were going to check a carriage leaving the city instead of a train.

Speaking of trains, that's what Anton would be having to take next. While the carriage was nice, Anton couldn't afford to keep taking one. The train was cheaper and now that he was out of Hargeon, he could be a bit more relaxed in his traveling. He spent the night in Magnolia and was on the next train out, going from Magnolia to Era. The train ride, once again, went by smoothly, no real problems to come about, and the further he got away from Hargeon, the more relaxed (well, as relaxed as Anton could possibly get) he felt. Besides, with such time passed, surely any search for a thief had to have died down by now.

Era proved to be a bit more...problematic than Anton had expected. There was some issues with the tracks going between Era and Crocus, which put the train out of commission for a couple of days. And unfortunately for Anton, he didn't really have the funds to keep himself in the city for very long, at least without having to commit another thief. And he wanted to put plenty of space between himself and Hargeon before he tried that again, it just made things harder for the authorities to track him. Thankfully, Anton was able to hitch a ride with some merchants traveling to Crocus. He just had to pass as a bodyguard, which thankfully ended up not coming into place.

Once in Crocus, Anton headed straight for the train station. Hs last stop was Orchida, and thankfully the tracks between the two towns were clear. So it wasn't long before Anton was on the train heading to Orchida. But this would be a boring trip if things went smoothly, now wouldn't it? Mid transit, there was an incident with the train. Some mechanism breaking or something, causing the train to roll to a stop. This resulted in Anton's train sitting in the middle of nowhere. Rare than wait an unknown amount of time for the repairs to be made, Anton opted to walks the rest of the way to Orchida. This would be a move that Anton would regret as several hours later the train, now repaired, would shoot right past him. The follies of impatience.

And that was the story of how Anton ended up walking to Orchida station, tired and barely able to stand.

Word Count: 599

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