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Decorative Party [Daikō]

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Daiko Flayme
Hyōen rarely noticed it in the beginning, but Magnolia Town was rather livelier than many places that he had been at. It was either a special day today, or perhaps people were trying to hold a party out of nowhere. The Fire Mage was just dashing around the roofs when he noticed the happy faces and the joyful laughter below from the people below. “Huh…” he sighed. Despite Magnolia to be lively as standard, this did catch his attention. People were talking about something major, and given by what he could hear up there, they all talked about the same, big event. Coda was airing her wings while he listened to them as discreetly as possible from the roof that he stood on, kneeling a little to get a better audio from them. When he did that, he got a better information of the situation; a lord among them, Medias, was holding the party. Hyōen had never heard of him before, but if he was holding such a huge party, then he must’ve been pretty famous. Their joyful reactions also indicated Medias’ influence in the city, in which things got interesting for the mage as he leapt down from the building that he rested on. There was a good amount of meters to the ground, but he quickly lashed out a string of fire from his fingertip to grab onto one of the other buildings’ edges. Assured that he wouldn’t start some random fire in the town, he swung himself a little further across the streets to try and listen to the other civilians below. A couple of dozens of meters away, Hyōen spotted a group decorating the street with tents, lights and screens of cloth above their heads. Given by the appearance of the weather, it would most likely start to rain later, but that didn’t stop their joyful hearts from throwing a party, in which Hyōen now wished to help. “… I should really find this Medias guy, he sounds like a really nice pal,” he mumbled a little during his swinging towards… well, towards wherever the man was. Apparantly, all that he needed was to follow the lines of people approaching him.

At the centre of the town, he was found. Medias Syrases, a very beloved man. Watching from the roof, Hyōen couldn’t see much due to the distance, so he decided to leap down from the building, only to find himself wrapped in a large piece of green cloth that was just hung up. The complaints afterwards attracted the lord as he approached the Fire Mage that was captured. “Oh… uhm, excuse you?” Medias softly greeted to him. At this point, it was moreover extremely awkward to meet him under these circumstances, but Hyōen had to reply sooner or later. Besides, people’s eyes were darting into him due to the interruption. “E-Ehhhm… hello there,” he replied back with an awkward laugh. Oh, how troublesome he felt; that wasn’t any way to want to help a guy like him…


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Daiko Flayme
After being helped out of the mess, Hyōen looked back at the man known as Medias. He was tall, lively, but something made him remind Hyōen of himself. Whatever that was, though, was mysterious. “Uhm… sorry for crashing in like that,” he apologized to Medias, “But I heard about your party and… well, let me help you out.” “Oh, really? I was just looking for someone to help me out with the screens-“ the other male replied, whilst holding his chin and looking up and down through the Fire Mage, “… You did fall from the roofs. Are you an experienced climber?” Without really thinking about it, Hyōen simply nodded back, hoping that Medias would accept. “Very well, it’s nice to have your help! I’ll offer you a payment if you can put up the screens around this street!” Hyōen quickly nodded and grabbed the screen that he pulled down himself, leaping up to the very same roof again and putting it back up nicely. He had to adjust his feet a little, though, as the roof was pretty far up in the air. He didn’t have to fall down and die today, otherwise he would miss the party later on. That and the screens were needed as it would most likely rain later. Hyōen quickly took a look above himself, noticing the clouds gathering. “I should hurry,” he reminded himself, looking back down at the cloth. He had to use a kind of hook to tie it to the roof’s edge at this point, in which he tied up the cloth around the metal stick and adjusted the hook part on the roof’s corner. When he finished that, he lashed out a flame from his finger that would swing him over to the other side of the roof. There, he would put the hook and tie up the other part of the cloth to that, before he disappeared and reappeared at the other edges, doing the same thing. When the screens were put up, Hyōen took a look at the work and smiled. Then, he looked down at Medias who admired the work. “Nice job, lad! Could you please help with the food as well?” he complimented Hyōen afterwards, “We need to bring food to the tables from this restaurant.” Hyōen quickly looked down at the paper that Medias was holding, noticing that the restaurant had bases in many places around the city. “Roger… by the way, who is this party for, anyway?” he finally asked, feeling that he kind of forgot that earlier. “Oh, it’s for my sweet, little daughter. She’s turning seven today!” He looked all happily up at Hyōen, but the Fire Mage understood it. Birthdays… those were symbolic, remarkable, and fun. He remembered his birthdays back at Worth Woodsea with his mother, all the stories that she told him and the necklace that he gained as a birthday present. If this Medias was a good guy, then it was more than worth it helping him to give his daughter the best day ever.


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Daiko Flayme
He quickly lashed the fire string up to another rooftop, before he pulled himself up to the tops and took off. With the name in mind, he moved across the roofs to search for the restaurant that he was specifically looking for. There were at least 5 places to visit giving by what he knew beforehand, so he made it quick and swung around like some superhero across Magnolia Streets. “Huh… I should try this more,” he mumbled to himself, while Coda followed up close from the side as she flew alongside him. The bird preferred to let the air guide her way, while Hyōen knew very well that he couldn’t fly on his own. It did remind him to learn that, though, as flight seemed like a huge strength. It could be neat to fly your way out of trouble once in a while- and just as he thought about that, the first location was right before him. Landing on the spot in front of the entrance, Hyōen quickly went in and saw that he had to move the wheeled tables on foot. Frankly, that was a little unsettling given the distance, but he started off soon in order to make it quick. He had at least four other places to arrive at, anyway.

While he moved those tables across the street with Coda resting on his shoulder, he noticed the look upwards. The screens would surely block all rain, refraining the foods from getting wet and sticky. However, that also did mean that they would have to light up places in order to let people have their sense of sight possible and available, because with the screens covering the sky, the streets were darkened. And that wouldn’t make the proper atmosphere for a seven-year old girl’s birthday party. Whilst moving the foods to their respected tables, Hyōen noticed that some of the torches weren’t lit yet. It was perfect! His magic would do great in lighting up a few torches on his way back to the other restaurants. The street floor looked smooth enough, so all of a sudden, Hyōen charged across the road on the wheeled table and quickly passed the torch, lighting it up using another spell of his. A delicate flame was manifested above his hand as he stroked it past the torch, while he kept doing that as he passed 4 more. Efficient work, or so he thought. It wouldn’t take long until he reached the other restaurant, leaping off the table and going in to get the other meals out as well. Meanwhile, the streets were lighting up like some kind of cap atmosphere that settled the mood sufficiently for a birthday party. Coda wasn’t enjoying it too much, though, as she was used to the free air and the vast space outside. Hyōen had to nuzzle her forehead a little in order to calm her down again, because an unsettled Coda would just make things worse. It had already done so many times in the past.


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Daiko Flayme
Once that the meals were put up, combined with a couple of greetings to other mages who helped out to set up the party, Hyōen met up with Medias. The time had nearly come, and the joyful event was about to begin. “I must thank you so, so, so, so much!” Medias thanked, hugging Hyōen from side to side in happiness, “I mean, look at this! My daughter’s going to get much better now!” His seven-year old daughter did have an upset face when she woke up and realized that the rain would potentially ruin her birthday party that her father had promised her, but now that they helped out each other, the party would still hold place. It stood 1 - 0 to the humans against the weather today. “Hehe… by the way, where is your daughter? She should be seeing all-“ Hyōen was about to say, but the other male was ready with an answer before he was finished. “Oh, yeah, she’s already over at the bouncing castle. She simply couldn’t wait, so… yeah, the surprise thing kind of blew off. Hahahaa…” Medias quickly replied with an awkward laughter in the end. It only made Hyōen sweat a single drop off his face. “… So! Here’s your payment! You deserved it..!” Medias continued and gave the Fire Mage a bag of jewels one-handed. He quickly accepted the payment and walked off, feeling a little lighter now that he moved around the ground. It was as if everything went… a little faster than normal. It wasn’t fast enough to completely convince him, though, so he shrugged and looked back to the party. “Huh…” he hummed, noticing the festivities and food- “Who am I trying to kid?” He dashed right back into the tent parties and enjoyed searching for a specific food that he moved all the way to a specific point. You should be aware of his tastes, so obviously he sought the few stores that actually let him buy raw meat. It took him a few moments, though, as he couldn’t swing around under the screens, but back around a corner, the shop was open. Obviously, he slammed his jewels on the table and ordered: “SHEEP LEG!” He did astonish a lot of people around him with that statement, though, but an entire day’s work made him hungry for meat.

After eating his way to satisfaction, Hyōen looked around the tent. Nearby, the birthday kid was having the fun of her life. Medias was having fun too, despite him having to host all of this. He really was a funny guy, after all. “… Oh well, I guess that we can enjoy the party a little more,” he mumbled to himself. He was stuffed and all, so he thought of trying one of those bouncing castles nearby. Yes, despite the screens above them all, there were still bouncing castles and lots of other festivities that would give joy to any classic kid.


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